Town of Amboy, N.Y.

Source:  – History of Oswego County, NY, 1789 – 1877, published by Everett & Ferriss, 1878. 

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John Jamieson was born near the city of Glasgow, Scotland, May 23, 1807.  In 1822, in company with his grandfather, he joined a party who were about to try their fortunes in America.  After an adventurous voyage of six weeks and four days they arrived in New York, but were not permitted to land, on account of the yellow fever then prevalent.  This circumstance shaped their destiny, particularly their locating in Oswego County.

Shut off by the epidemic from landing at New York city, they continued up the Hudson river to Albany.  At that point they met an agent representing the lands embraced in the Scriba patent, and were induced by him to purchase a farm in the town of Amboy.

They started for their purchase on foot through a wild and unbroken wilderness, and, after many fatigues and privations, reached their destination.  They located near the centre of the town, and commenced the erection of a rude but comfortable cabin.  The little clearing gradually increased in size under the sturdy blows of these pioneers, and within a few years a substantial frame dwelling was erected on the site of the old homestead.

In the year 1842, Mr. Jamieson married Margaret Hamilton, with whom he lived happily until her death, in 1849, leaving three children.  In 1852 he was again married, to Caroline Codner.  This alliance was blessed with six children, all of whom are now living.  

Mr. Jamieson has for many years occupied positions of trust, and fulfilled their duties with fidelity.  He still resides upon the old homestead, and, although seventy years of age, he is still in the full possession of his faculties, and is honored and respected by all.

                                          CHARLES   LEIGH

Charles Leigh, Amboy, N.Y.

The subject of this sketch was born in Argyle, Washington county, New York, December 25, 1913.

When twelve years of age, he removed with his father, to Sandy Creek, Oswego County.  His early life was spent upon the farm.

At the age of twenty-three he was married to Miss Maria Lee, of Mexico.  In the year 1839 he removed with his family to the town of Amboy, where he erected a saw-mill.  

His children have become respected citizens of this and other States.  Mr. Leigh held various offices of responsibility and trust, the duties of which were performed with credit to himself and to the entire satisfaction of his constituents.  He died August 18, 1874.

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