Many thanks to Dianne Thomas for generously sharing this information with us, on the Candee family.  Dianne has included pictures, as well as the biography of the Candee family of Volney, NY, from  the article, "Grips" Historical Souvenir of Phoenix,  printed in 1903.  Dianne has also included information from the Candee Bible, their marriages, births, deaths, cemeteries where the families are buried, as well as some misc. items on the Candee's Bible, Published by John B. Perry, New York 1849.  The Bible once owned by Asa Rand Candee, now the property of his great granddaughter, Dianne Thomas.


Asa R. Candee of Volney, Oswego Co. to Miss Lavinia Babcock of Palermo, Oswego Co., NY   May 7, 1856

Asa R. Candee of Volney, Oswego Co, NY to Miss Cynthia M. Lawrence of Manchester, Ontario Co., NY   November 3, 1864.

**Anna R. Candee of  Baldwinsville, NY married to Hervey G. Wright of Baldwinsville, NY   July16, 1878. 

*Jessie M. Candee  of Baldwinsville,  NY married Bertram Wright of Cast Wood Heights, NY on March 7, 1895.

Jessie M. Candee Wright

* Jessie M., born May 16, 1876, is the daughter to Asa CANDEE, from his 2nd marriage.
** "Anna" was named Rebecca Ann, born Feb. 1, 1857 in Volney, Oswego Co., NY, is the daughter to Asa from his first marriage.


Caleb L. Candee born January 19, 1820
Asa Rand Candee born March 23, 1824
Elisha Cande born September 13, 1826
Levi Candee born March 6, 1828
Leman Candee born January 24, 1832
(The above, are the children of Elisha and Rebecca Candee)

The children of Asa R. and Levina Candee:
Rebecca Ann Candee born first day of February 1857
David Candee born June 1st, 1859

Children of Cynthia Marie (Lawrence) Candee and Asa R. Candee
Gould L. Candee born April 7, 1867
Jessie M. Candee born May 16, 1877


Hervey L. Wright was born May 6, 1879.
Walter W. Wright was born Nov. 26, 1881
Maude M. and Minnie M. Wright were born Jan. 5, 1884.
Willard H. Wright was born Dec. 7th, 1885
(The above are the children of Anna and Hervey Wright)


Lavina Candee died January 26, 1861, 1st wife of Asa R. Candee, aged 32 years.
David Candee, son of Asa Rand and Lavina Candee, died June 1st, 1860, aged one year.
Asa Rand Candee died Nov. 30th, 1892, aged 68y, 8mo,10days.  [h/o Cynthia M. LAWRENCE]
Caleb L Candee died Jan 9th, 1876
Lana Candee, wife of Caleb L, died Jan. 3rd, 1893.
Cynthia Marie Candee died March 29, 1915 [w/o Asa Rand]
Levi Candee died Feb.27, 1917, age 89 years
Jessie May Wright, wife of Bertram Wright, died Feb. 23, 1919, age 42 yrs
Minnie M. Wright, daughter of Hervey G. and Anna R. Wright, died Aug. 26, 1885, aged 1 yr, 6 mo, 21 days
Hervey G. Wright died April 12, 1906, aged 53 yrs
Anna R. Wright died Oct 3, 1926, aged 69 yrs, 8mo, 2 days
Maude Marie Green died Sept 15, 1964m aged 80 yrs, 8 mo, 10 days

Burials of  CANDEE family members and some locations:

In the Volney Center Cemetery, Co. Rt. #3, Volney, Oswego Co., NY

· Amy  Andrus Cande, wife of Gideon Cande, died Oct. 2, 1828, age 73 yrs, Lot 86
· David Candee, died June 1, 1860, infant son of Asa and Lavinia, no marker, Lot 52
· Earl David Candee, died June 8, 1933, son of Harry & Mildred, buried in Rural Ceme.,
   Oswego Town
(Fulton Patriot)
· Egbert "Bert" Candee, died Oct. 14, 1903, age 33 yr, 1 mo, h/o Margaret Limbeck, Lot 52
· Elisha Candee died June 4, 1846, son of Caleb & Anna, Lot 52
· Emeline Finch Candee, died May 14, 1923 (from the  Fulton Patriot paper), 1st wife of Levi S.
· Emily Calkins Candee, died  May 2, 1879, wife of Levi S., Lot 52
· George Candee  died Aug 22, 1846, aged 51 yrs, husb. of Susan  Lot 116
· (Rev.) Gideon Cande, died September 10, 1819, age 70,  son of Caleb & Lois, Lot 86
· Huldah Candee died Aug 11, 1842, wife of Gideon SEYMOUR, Lot 101
· Lavinia Babcock Candee, died January 26, 1861, Lot 52, 1st w/o Asa Rand Candee
  [3 kids]
· Lyman Candee died Jan 23, 1898, age 64 yr, 11 mo, 24 days.  Unmarked grave  Lot 52
· Mary J. Candee died Nov. 11, 1838 age 18 yrs, 5 mo. (dau. of George & Susan) Lot 116
· Margaret Candee died May 24, 1931 age 87, wife of Leman, Lot 52
· Rebecca Richardson Candee  died  Jun 26, 1865, wife of Elisha, Lot 52
· Sarah Candee died Mar. 22, 1842 aged 52 yrs, 7 mo., wife of George  Lot 116
· William Elisha Candee, died August 1871, age 4 mo, son of Leman & Margaret, Lot 52

Misc Cemeteries:

· Barzil Candee, son of David Candee and Abigail Buckingham, died Aug 5, 1862, buried in the Phoenix Rural Cemetery.
· (Sgt) Charles W. Candee, son of Charles Candee and  Clara Ray, was killed in action in the Philippines, on February 14, 1945, aged 32, from Phoenix, NY, leaving behind his wife, Eleanor Sponenburg   (Fulton Patriot)
· Egbert Candee, died Oct 14, 1903, son of Leman & Margaret Limbeck Candee
· Levi S. Candee, died February 27, 1917, son of Elisha & Rebecca.   Buried in Mt. Adnah    Cemetery, Fulton, Oswego Co., NY  (wife,  Emeline C. Finch)
· Gay Candee, died July 6, 1918, Grandby, NY, buried in Phoenix Rural Ceme
· George R. Candee, died Nov. 20, 1945, Oswego, NY, son of Harry Candee  (Palladium Times)
· Gertrude E. Rath Candee, wife of Richard Norman, buried in Mt. Pleasant South, Sec. B. Lot 12
· Helen Ann Candee, died Apr 24, 1927, age 3 yr,  buried in Mt. Pleasant South, Sec B, Lot 12
· James R. Candee, died July 1, 1982, age 51, husb. of Virginia, son of Richard and Gertrude, buried in Mt. Pleasant South, Section Q, Lot 1
· Margaret Hart Candee died January 9, 1940, aged 67, Oswego, NY.  Wife of  George  Candee (from the Fulton Patriot)  no marker, North Volney Cemetery
· Margaret Limbeck Candee, died May 24, 1931, age 87, wife of Leman, North Volney Cemetery
· Martha Adelle Candee, died Sept 1904, dau. of Egbert & Grace


James R. Candee, (Post Standard Syracuse Paper, July 1, 1982)  FULTON - James R. Candee, 51, of 601 Cedar St, here, died Thursday at Upstate Medical Center after a short illness.  Services will be private.  Burial will be at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.  Calling hours will be 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 pm today at Foster Funeral Home, 910 Fay St., Fulton.
Candee was a life resident of Fulton.  He was a former auto salesman for Palmers Garage. 
He was a veteran of World War II.  He was a member of the Gull Brook Hunting Club and the National Rifle Association. 
He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church.
Surviving,  are his wife, the former Virginia ??, two daughters, Karen and Beth Ann, two sons, James R. Jr. and Richard L., his mother, Gertrude R, two sisters, Polly and Ann, and two grandchildren.


· Egbert Candee, son of  Leman Candee  & Margaret Limbeck, married Grace May Harding  (Dau. of Franklin Harding & Martha Underwood) on June 15, 1898    (Volney Vital Records)
· Charles M. Candee, son of Charles Candee  and Libby Boli, married Clara D. Ray on March 25, 1909  (Fulton Times)
· Gertrude Candee, dau. of Egbert Candee and Grace Harding, married Elon Kellog Rowlee, on November 23, 1917.   (Fulton Patriot)
· Harry Daniel Candee (age 18), son of  George R and Margaret Hart, married Hettie Duryea (dau. of Loren Littlefield and Augusta Pierce)  (age 19),  on January 18, 1911.  (Volney Vital Records)
· John Mitchell Candee, son of David Candee and Elizabeth Mitchell, married Harriet E. Mahar ( dau. of Thomas F. Mahar and Mary Bradley),  on June 11, 1894.  (Volney Vital Records)
· Richard Norman Candee, son of Egbert Candee and Grace Harding, married Gertrude E. Rath on May 1, 1923 (Volney Vital Records)

Other Tid bids on the CANDEE families:

· Charles W. Candee on the 1855 census for Schroeppel, listed 2 servants,  Joseph THOMAS, age 32 from England (only 4 months, listed as an alien) and William BACKUS, age 23 from Oswego, also listed as being with this Candee for a period of 4 months.

· Charles Wilson Candee celebrated his 97th birthday on September 19, 1914 (Fulton Times) 

· Leman Candee, who by trade was a farmer, built and managed the first post office addition in Fulton.

· Elisha Cande was born in Oxford, Ct where he married Rebecca Richardson (dau. of Asa Richardson of Scotland).  They moved to Volney, Oswego Co., around 1815.  In 1816, he created his own business and became the first merchant in the Volney (once known as Mentz). He was the town clerk from 1818-1822.

· Barzil Candee came to Oswego County in 1816 and was the Commissioner of Schools in Palermo in 1833 and later the  Town Supervisor in Mexico in 1840-1841. 

· Gideon Candee was a justice of the Peace in 1810.  In 1812, the Congregational Church of Volney was formed and Gideon was the first Deacon.

· Some of the businesses owned and operated by various Candee’s in the Oswego to Fulton areas, include the “N.S. Conde & Son Mfg'r of Knit Goods, located on Seneca and 5th streets in Oswego (1844) and the “Wills & Candee Paper Mill” (1881) owned by W.W. Candee.

*Note:  Sources are the copies of card from the Volney Town Hall on the Volney Cemetery and Articles from the Fulton Patriot.

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