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 Two Goodwin brothers, William and Ozias, came to America from England on the ship Lion which arrived in Boston 16 September 1632.  That William was a passenger there is no doubt, but Ozias’ presence is not clear.  He might have been on the same ship with his brother, but he was unnamed.  
 Ozias married in England Mary Woodward from Braintree, Essex County.  He was born in 1596.  Ozias was first noted in Hartford, CT in February 1639 when he was granted some property.  
 The next several generations all lived in Connecticut (Ozias1   William2   Nathaniel3    Abraham4  Nathaniel5.)  By 1755 this line resided in Litchfield, CT where Solomon6  Goodwin was born on 26 April 1755.  When Solomon learned of the Lexington Alarm on 19 April 1775, he joined the Army by enlisting in Capt. David Welch’s Company.   In May they marched to Fort Edward on the Hudson River where they stayed until September.  In the spring of 1776 he re-enlisted as a sergeant in Capt. Bezaleel Beebe’s Company.  This force went to New York City and New Jersey.  Solomon also served several other six-month enlistments.   
  Later Solomon wrote his autobiography in a manuscript.  This work included a description of his own ancestors plus his Revolutionary War experiences.  The manuscript was last with a descendant whose name is now  unknown.  
 On 29 November 1781 Solomon married Anna Waugh, daughter of Thomas and Rosina (Watson) Waugh of Litchfield.  She was born 11 March 1760.
 In August 1802 Solomon and Anna removed to an area then in Oneida County, NY about 31 miles east of Fort Ontario at Oswego, NY.  This wooded wilderness lay empty of human habitation.  Bears, wolves and other dangerous species roamed freely.  The Goodwins were one of the first families to settle in the place.  On 24 March 1804 the area became called Williamstown.  In 1816 the county of Oswego was created to include Williamstown.  Solomon farmed after he cleared the land, an awesome task without steel tools or horses.  Primarily the settlers used fire to burn away the trees.  For boulder removal they heated the stones to cause them to shatter apart.  In an area once covered by the ice age, plenty of alluvial stones remained even to this day.    Stone fences and stone buildings could be built even with primitive tools.  
 Solomon joined the Presbyterian Church as one of its first members.  In 1805 at the first town meeting he was elected an assessor and a fence-viewer.
 In spite of the growing settlement life remained very hard and isolated.  Before 1835 he moved into Rome, NY.  On 29 September 1835 he died.  Anna died in Rome on 22 October 1846.
 Children of Solomon and Anna:  (All born in Litchfield, CT.)

1. Angelina Goodwin b. 22 Aug. 1782; m. Ansel Lovejoy; d. 18 Jul 1846.  Issue: 8 children.
2. Heman Goodwin b. 1 May 1785; m. 22 Apr. 1813 Betsey Hyatt; d. 12 Nov. 1875.  Issue: 11 children.
3. Sylvia Goodwin b. 26 Dec. 1787; d. 8 Mar. 1790.
4. Rosanna Goodwin b. 16 Dec. 1790; m. 19 May 1811 Samuel Plumb; d. 26 Sept. 1876.  Issue: 6 children.
5. Nathaniel Goodwin b. 28 Oct. 1793; m. 12 Oct. 1820 Nancy E. Ensign; d. 3 Sept. 1855 Conneaut, OH.  Issue: 4 children.
6. Solomon Goodwin b. 4 June 1797; m. 28 Jan. 1824 Hannah Noble Hamlin; d. 22 June 1857.  Issue: 4 children.
  Angelina7  Goodwin, born 22 August 1782 in Litchfield, CT, traveled with her parents to Williamstown.  Another new family there were Obadiah and Tryphena (Waugh) Lovejoy also from Litchfield.   Angelina married before 1808 their son, Ansel Lovejoy, a farmer who died about 1863.  Angelina became the mother of 8 children, dying on 18 July 1846.
Children of Angelina and Ansel Lovejoy:  (All born in Williamstown, NY).
1.     Sylvia8   Lovejoy b. ca. 1808; m. Edward Roland.  In 1850 Williamstown census  3      children: James L Roland., age 13; Edward Roland, age 10; Sylvia Roland, age 6.
2. Leonard8  Lovejoy b. ca. 1809; Phebe/Phoebe Lovejoy; d. after 1880.  Occupation: laborer.   In 1850 Williamstown census children: Elizabeth Lovejoy, age 20; Edward H. Lovejoy, age 16; Andrew N. Lovejoy, age 14; Sarah A. Lovejoy, age 12; Mary A. Lovejoy, age 7; Manda M Lovejoy., age 5 who was not included in 1860 census.  Also in household father Ansel Lovejoy, age 67 and sister, Nancy E Lovejoy., age 29.  Net worth $100.   In 1860 Williamstown census:  parents with children Edward Lovejoy, age 26; Nelson Lovejoy, age 24 with his wife, Catharine, age 20; Alice Lovejoy, age 9; Chas. Lovejoy, age 5. [Nelson & Catherine were also enumerated in a  separate household as Andrew Lovejoy, age 24, day laborer, and Catharine, age 20.  Net worth $25.]    In 1880 Williamstown census: parents living with grandson, Nelson Lovejoy, age 10; and sister, Nancy E. Lovejoy, age 60.  [Son Andrew  N. using name Nelson Lovejoy, age 44, in separate household in Williamstown with his children: Martha J. Lovejoy, age 18; William W. Lovejoy, age 15; Francis J. Lovejoy, age 14; and John H. Lovejoy, age 7.]
3. Tryphena8 Lovejoy b. ca. 1810; m. Asa Lovejoy, Jr.  In 1850 Williamstown census children: George Lovejoy, age 13; and Anna J. Lovejoy, age 10.
4. Polly Lovejoy d. age 6.
5. Emily8 Anna Lovejoy b. ca. 1814; m. John W. Chase.  In 1850 Williamstown census children: George W. Chase, age 14; John H. Chase, age 10; Albert M.  Chase., age 4; and Mary J. Chase, age 2. 
6. Obed8 Lovejoy d. age 3 months.
7. Lucretia8 Lovejoy b. ca. 1821; m. Ansel? Lovejoy.  Unable to verify husband’s name.  In 1880 Annsville, Oneida Co., NY  census: Lucretia Lovejoy, age 59, living with daughter Hannah E. Rice, wife of Charles Rice born in PA of German parents and grandson Charles C. Rice, age 3.  May have been other issue.    
8. Nancy8 Elizabeth Lovejoy b. ca. 1820; d. after 1880.  Unmar.  Resided 1880 with brother Leonard.  

Heman7 Goodwin, born in Litchfield, CT 1 May 1785, arrived in Williamstown with his parents.  He married  Betsey Hyatt on 22 April 1813.  His wife, the daughter of Roger Hyatt, died 10 July 1864, age 78.  Heman remained in Williamstown as a farmer, living across the road from the Comstock family.  He died 12 November 1875.  Heman and Betsey both were buried in the Williamstown Cemetery.

  Children of Heman and Betsey: (All born in Williamstown, NY.)
1. Washington8 Goodwin b. 4 Mar. 1814; d. 28 Feb. 1815.
2. Eliza8 Goodwin b. 23 May 1815; m. 1 Dec. 1852 Edward M. Higbie; d. 16 Feb. 1864.  Res. West Camden, Oneida Co., NY.  Issue: 2 children who died young.
3. Matilda8 Goodwin b. 17 Apr. 1817; d. 20 Aug. 1821.
4. Solomon8 Goodwin b. 24 Feb. 1819; d. 4 Jul 1819.
5. Mary Ann8 Goodwin b. 20 July 1820; m. 24 Jan. 1858 Abraham Allen Van Vleck from Kinderhook, Columbia Co., NY; d. after 1891.  Res. Williamstown.  No issue.
6. James8 Goodwin b. 2 Aug. 1822; d. after 1880.  Res. Williamstown.  Unmar. Occupation: farmer.
7. Lucy8 Goodwin b. 24 Apr. 1824; m. 28 Sept. 1852 James H. Goodwin; d. 20 May 1875.  Res. Dodge Co., IL.  Issue: 2 children: Mariett [sic] Lovina Goodwin b. 6 May 1857; m. Eli Hart of Burnett, NE; and Orlando Wellington Goodwin b. 19 May 1859 Unmar.
8. George8 Goodwin b. 22 May 1826; m. _______; d. after 1880.  Res. 1880 Liberty, Cherokee Co., IA.  Occupation: farm laborer.  Wife died bef. Sept. 1873.  Issue 2 children:  Margaret Betsey Goodwin b. WI 25 Nov. 1866 and Mary Jane Goodwin b. 20 Aug. 1868.   Mary could not be found in 1880 census only Margaret Goodwin, age 14, a servant in Amherst, Cherokee Co., IA.
9. Heman8  Goodwin b. 27 May 1828; m. 29 Nov. 1865 Ursula Eliza Comstock of Florence, NY; d. after 1880.  Ursula died 12 Jul 1885.  Served Civil War Co. B, 32d Regt. NY.  Res. 1879-80 Roscoe, Winnebago Co., IL.  Res. by 1891 Beloit, WI.  Occupation: farmer.  Issue 3 children:  Edith W. Goodwin b. 14 Mar. 1868; m. 27 Jan. 1886 Frank De Groff.  Res. Ca. 1891 Roscoe, IL; Myrtle C. Goodwin b. 5 Mar. 1871; and Tileston Goodwin b. 16 Sept. 1872.
10. Jane8 Goodwin b. 18 Jul 1830; m. William Kendall; d. ca. 1876.  Res.  1870 Neosha, Dodge Co., WI; res. 1880 Rubicon, Dodge Co., IL.  Issue 1 child: Nelly Kendall b. June 1873.
11. Abraham8 Goodwin b. 12 July 1832; d. 30 May 1864.  Unmar.
Rosanna7 Goodwin, born in Litchfield, CT 16 Dec. 1790, accompanied her parents to Williamstown.  On 19 May 1811 she wed Samuel Plumb, son of Samuel and Sarah (Plumb) Plumb.  Samuel, Jr. also born in Litchfield on 5 July 1788, was a blacksmith, dying on 24 Jan. 1826.  Rosanna became the mother of 6 children.  She died 26 September 1876.  

Children of Rosanna and Samuel Plumb:  (All born in Williamstown, NY.)

1. Sarah8  Ann Plumb b. 1 Feb. 1813; m. William R. Potts, a leading citizen of         
Williamstown; d. after 1880.  In 1874 he was a Justice of Sessions; 1877, Elder of   Presbyterian Church.  Occupation: Carpenter & joiner.  Issue 3 children in 1880 Williamstown census: Minnie E. Potts, age 22; George R. Potts, age 12; and John W. Potts, age 10.
2. Catharine8  Plumb b. 25 June 1815; d. 2 Apr. 1836.
3. Alta8 Margaret Plumb b. 22 Aug. 1817; m. Elliott B. Comstock; d. 20 Jul 1891, age 73.  Comstock family the first settlers of Williamstown.  Living with family in 1880 census: Tillotsen Comstock, a brother.  Issue at home 1880:  Maggie Comstock, age 33.  Alta M., Elliott & daughter Anna L. Comstock, d. 1 Aug. 1862, age 8, buried in Williamstown Cemetery.  
4. Solomon8  Goodwin Plumb b. 30 Sept. 1820; m. Juliette Parker; d. bef. 1880.  Juliette res. 1880 with Vanranselor R. Potts, an in-law in Williamstown.
5. Samuel8 Ames Plumb b. 18 Jan. 1823; m. Huldah Gibbs; d. after 1880.  Res. 1880 5th Ward, Rome, NY.
6. Rosanna8 Jane Plumb b. 31 Aug. 1825; m. Hamilton Gifford; d.  1850/1.  Res. Florence, NY with his parents.  Issue 2 children: Electa D. Gifford, age 1; and Royal Gifford, age 1 month who d. bef. 1860.  Hamilton remarried widow Mary Crawford listed in 1850 census in this household.
Nathaniel7  Goodwin, born 28 Oct. 1793 in Litchfield, CT, went to Williamstown with his family.  On 12 October 1820 he wed Nancy Ensign, born 16 April 1797 in Litchfield. She was the daughter of Samuel and Abigail (Gibbs) Ensign.  In the 1820’s this couple had 4 children according to the 1830 Williamstown census.  Around 1834 Nathaniel removed to Conneaut, OH where he remained until his death on 3 September 1855.  His widow, Nancy, went to Tekamah, NE.  In 1880 she was age 83 living with the Samuel Baldwin family in Blair, NE. She became the mother of 4 children.

Children of Nathaniel and Nancy: (All born in Williamstown, NY.)

1.      Samuel8 Ensign Goodwin b. Aug. 1821; m. 15 Apr. 1850 Jane Browne McCarter.  Res.        Erie, PA.  Occupation: merchant.  No issue.
2. Solomon8 Goodwin.  Family seems to believe he lived in Los Angeles ca. 1875, but no documentary evidence located.  
3. Frederick8 Augustus Goodwin  m. 10 Apr. 1860 in New York City, NY Margaretta Clarissa Burdick; d. Mar. 1874 at Tekamah, NE.  Res. 1869 Fredonia, NY.  No issue?
4. Abigail Ann8 Goodwin b. June 1828; m. 4 Oct. 1855 Conneaut, OH Joseph E. Cochran; d. 15 Mar. 1875.  Marriage failed.  Res. with brother Tekamah, NE.  Issue: Frederick Goodwin Cochran b. ca. 1857 Conneaut, OH; d. ca. 1875/6.
Solomon7 Goodwin, born 4 June 1797 in Litchfield, CT, also came to Williamstown in 1802.  He married 28 Jan. 1824 Hannah Noble Hamlin, born in Paris, NY on 26 Dec. 1793.  Before 1820 he went to Rome, NY working there as an carpenter and builder.  He was a deacon of the Presbyterian Church.  He fathered four children, dying 22 June 1857.  Hannah died soon thereafter on 16 April 1858.

 Children of Solomon and Hannah:

1. Francis8 Dwight Goodwin b. 21 Jul 1828; d. 5 Jun 1831.
2. Henrietta8 Elizabeth Goodwin b. 15 Aug. 1832; m. 3 Oct. 1854 William Townsend; d. after 1891.  His occupation: hardware merchant.  Res. Rome, NY.  No issue.
3. Edward8 Payson Goodwin b. 31 Jul 1832; m. 27 Sept. 1869 at East Burke, VT Ellen Maria Chamberlain of Lyndon, VT; d. after 1883.  Grad. Amherst College 1856; Union Theological Seminary 1859; D.D. Western Reserve 1868.  Pastor First Congregational Church, Chicago, IL.  Issue 5 children:  Edward C. Goodwin 1865-66; Albert Payson Goodwin b. 3 Jan. 1867; Grace Goodwin 1870-1870; Margaret Goodwin b. 20 May 1876; Paul Goodwin b. 1 Sept. 1878
4. Albert8 Barnes Goodwin b. 4 Jan. 1836; d. 23 Nov. 1862.  Unmar.
By the Williamstown 1920 census no Goodwins were enumerated, but John H. Lovejoy, age 48, great grandson of Angelina Goodwin and great-great grandson of Solomon and Anna Goodwin, was still residing in the town.  He was unmarried living with his sister Martha J. Evans, age 57, a widow. She also was a great-great grandchild of Solomon and Anna who braved the wilderness to begin a new town and a new life in the just formed United States.  

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