Biography of Luke Greenleaf, Hastings, NY

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 Edmund Greenleaf of Ipswich, Suffolk, England, born ca. 1590, wed Sara Moore.  In 1628 they had a son, Stephen, who traveled with them to America.  Stephen became a sea captain, marrying Elizabeth Coffin on 13 November 1651 at Newbury, MA.  Stephen died at sea off Cape Breton, Nova Scotia on 31 October 1690.

Stephen and Elizabeth also had a son, Stephen, born 15 August 1652 in Newbury.  He too became a sea captain and an Indian fighter because of the unsettled times.  On 17 September 1713, this Stephen wed Elizabeth Gerrish.  Their son, Daniel was born 10 February 1679/80.  Daniel married on 18 November 1701 at Cambridge, MA, Elizabeth Gooking.  They resided in Cambridge.
This couple’s son, Daniel, was born 7 November 1702.  He became a doctor.  This young Daniel was wed on 18 July 1726 at Higham, MA to Silence Nichols.  Together they had ten children.  On 29 March 1734 in Bolton, MA one of their sons, Israel Greenleaf was born.  

Israel became a farmer, but also a land speculator.  On 28 November 1754 at Bolton, he wed Prudence Whitcomb.  They had 14 children.  After her death, Israel wed again to Ursula Woods, who had many more children.

John Greenleaf, a son of Prudence, was born at Bolton, on 26 March 1760.  He became a farmer who married twice.  During the Revolutionary War he served as a private with the Bolton men who were mustered out in 1776 in Capt. Jonathan Houghton’s Company.

He had removed to New Hampshire by 1783.  His second wife was Anna Millington, daughter of David Millington and Molly Wright.  They resided in Cornish, Sullivan Co., NH, where they had five children.

Between 1800/05 they traveled west to Paris Township, Chadwick, Oneida Co., NY.  In 1805 they had another son, Luke Greenleaf.  The family lived in Paris to about 1824.  Then some of them moved to Volney, Oswego Co., NY where in 1827 John, the Revolutionary War veteran died.

  His son John, born 31 July 1794, in 1818 had married Susan Averill in Volney.  They had seven children: Lydia Jane, born 12 October 1820; William A., born 1823 who married Evalina; Lucy Bell, born 1824 who wed Michael Marlatt; Harriet who wed Henry Pulver; Charles W., born 1832 who married Ann; Martha, born 1837 who wed William Redfield; and Emily A. who wed James R. Cairns.

This family removed to Lenawee County, Michigan where in 1857, Susan died.  John lived to be nearly 78, dying on 18 May 1872 in Branch County, MI.

Luke and John’s brother, Abel, born 15 October 1800, became a Methodist minister.  On 16 March 1820 he wed Polly Lee Nichols.  They had five children.  Their oldest son, George, was born 14 January 1827 in Hastings, Oswego Co., NY.  Their next son, Joseph Henry Greenleaf was born in Mexico, Oswego Co., NY on 10 November 1828.  For the last two children, Jane Louise and Mary Lucy, they returned to Paris, where the oldest child had been born.  Later, Abel went to Wilkes-Barre, PA where he died in January 1876 at the beginning of the national bicentennial.

Luke Greenleaf married Susan Warner, from Volney.  They began to reside in Hastings.  Their first child, born in 1828, was Elizabeth.  She lived outside her parent’s home by 1850.  She wed Charles Clark, a farmer, born in 1827.  They had two children.

In the 1850 Hastings census, Luke, a farmer, age 46 and Susan, age 33, had two sons: John M., age 19, and James P., age 17.  Both sons worked as coopers.  On 29 August 1864 at age 33, John M. enlisted in Co. H of the 184th Infantry Regiment during the Civil War.  He was a musician who was mustered out on 29 June 1865 at City Point, VA.

 The family removed to Schroeppel.  In the 1870 census there the group was still together: Luke, age 63; Susan, age 54; John, age 40, and James, age 38.  John worked as a boatman on the Erie Canal.  James and his father both worked as hired men on farms.   Susan died before 1880.

 In the 1880 Hastings census Luke was residing with his daughter and son-in-law, Charles Clark.  The household enumeration showed:

 Clark, Charles   – 53- NY-farmer
 Clark, Elizabeth - 52-NY-wife
 Clark, Charles D.-14-NY-son
 Clark, Ida M.       - 8-NY-daughter
Greenleaf, Luke -  75-NY-father-in-law
In this record, Luke stated his parents were from Vermont.  He should have said New Hampshire.
James Greenleaf had wed Charlotte ______. James died between 1877/80 as Charlotte was then head of household in the Hastings 1880 census. The family were shown as: Charlott [sic], age 38; and five children: Hattie E., age 15; Edward W., age 13; Fred L., age 10; Grove, age 7; William H., age 3.  Living with them was James’ brother, John M., age 50, who worked as a carpenter.

On 9 October 1883 John was awarded a Civil War Pension #377,172.  Between 1880 and 1889 John married a woman, E______.  John died before 19 October 1889.  His widow, on that date applied for a widow’s pension.  Her application #362,271 never was approved, suggesting she also died.

Early in the 20th century the family had scattered from Hastings.  James’ sons were living in various towns.  Edward W. Greenleaf had wed Rosie and resided in Schroeppel.  The 1920 Schroeppel census listed: 

 Greenleaf, Edward -   53-NY-farmer
 Greenleaf, Rosie -      46-NY-wife
 Greenleaf, Fred A.-    17-NY-son
 Greenleaf, James W.-10-Ny-son
 Greenleaf, Bernard -   4-NY-son 
Edward and Rosie had two older sons who were living independent lives.  In the 1920 Fulton census, Clarence, age 29, worked as a packer in a woolen mill.  His wife was 25-year old, Rosebelle.  According to the Social Security records, Rosebelle was born 9 December 1894 and died at Mexico, NY in October 1975.

Son, Harry Greenleaf in the 1920 Oswego, NY census lived as a boarder on Bridge Street.  By 1930 Harry, age 34, had wed Florence, age 30.  They resided on a farm in Schroeppel.
Ten years later in the 1930 Schroeppel census, Edward’s household had changed:

 Greenleaf, Edward W. -  63 - NY - farmer
 Greenleaf, Rosie B.     -  56 - NY - wife
 Greenleaf, James W.   -  20 - NY - son
 Son, Fred A., had married Mabel A.  This couple lived in Palermo, Oswego Co., NY.  The 1930 Palermo census showed:
 Greenleaf, Fred A.    –27 - NY - farmer
 Greenleaf, Mabel A.  -20 - NY - wife
 Greenleaf, Rose E.   -18 mo. -NY-daughter
 Mabel A. Greenleaf, according to Social Security records, was born 28 April 1907. She died near Fulton, NY in September 1973.
 James and Charlotte’s next son, Fred L. married Edith B. Knapp.  Fred L. ran a grocery store in Salina, Onondaga co., NY according to the 1920 Salina census.  The enumeration gave this data: Greenleaf, Frederick, age 50, living with wife, Edith B., age 47, and Ned P., age 19.

By the 1930 Salina census, the household included Fred L., age 60, his wife Edith, age 57, and her sister, K. Sadie Ayres, age 46.  Both Edith and Fred died and were interred in the Liverpool Village Cemetery along with a child, Lois P. Greenleaf who died young in 1899.  The stone for Edith, which included her maiden name, said: “1872-1945”.  Fred’s stone read “1869-1955”.

 Their son, Ned P. Greenleaf, had become an electrical engineer who worked for the power company.  In the 1930 Fulton census he declared that he paid monthly rent of $40.  Ned was age 24.  He had wed a Canadian girl, Olivia P., age 30 who was naturalized in 1920.  

James and Charlotte’s son, Grove, born ca. 1873, lived in Syracuse, Onondaga Co., NY with his wife, Anna.  In the 1930 Syracuse ED#183 census they were noted as the following:

 Greenleaf, Grove        -46- NY - Dept. store salesman
 Greenleaf, Anna         -43- NY - wife
 Greenleaf, Lawrence  -19- NY - son
With the country sunk in the depression, Grove and Anna stayed in Syracuse according to the 1930 census.  He continued his job as a salesman in a department store.

Their son, Lawrence/Laurence had wed Arlene and had a 3-year old son named Lawrence, in the 1930 Syracuse ED #199 census.  He worked as a mechanic.  According to the Social Security records, Lawrence was born 12 June 1900 and died in September 1977 at Birmingham, AL.

The historians paid no attention to this family probably because they shifted from town to town.  They didn’t become part of a local group.  Being honest, hard-working people they caused no problems.  They represented the average ordinary farm dweller.  When economic conditions changed they left the soil and migrated into larger towns and into large urban Syracuse, becoming part of the most important trend of the 20th century.

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Biography of DENNIS JUDGE, 

Some families arrived in Oswego County and never left.  The names of their descendants fill the pages of 21st century telephone books. Others drove their families by the same sights and never hesitated nor really glanced at the countryside.  A few drifted into some homesite, but after a few winters in the harsh snows, decided to pack up and move westward.  There were all kind of reactions to the possibilities of the county, a place where some families struck it rich and others saw no opportunity for them.  The Dennis Judge family became one of the latter kind who saw little chance for them.   

Dennis Judge was born 1815 in the Tyrone area of Ireland. Dennis married Margaret Dawson in 1843.  She was the daughter or sister of John Dawson.  She was born 1825 in Ballina, County Mayo or in Ballinaugh, County Cavan.  The records conflict as to place.   

After the marriage the young couple left for Canada.  They were recorded in the 1845 Leeds/Emsley census in Ontario.  While there, their first son, James, was born in 1847.  

By 1850, this family resided at Volney, Oswego Co., NY.  They were enumerated in the 1850 Volney census.  Dennis’ age was noted as 24.  He was a laborer from Ireland.  Margaret, age 25, was also the mother of James, age 2, born in Canada plus a 4 month old Bridget, born in NY.  This census was the only New York official record for the family.

By the 1855, Wisconsin State Census at Germantown, Washington Co., WI, Dennis and his family were established there.  While there, two more children were born.  William was born on 23 December 1854.  The other child, was called Margaret.  In 1859 this family settled at Franklin, WI.

The 1870 Franklin census enumerated Dennis and Margaret plus these children: James, 23; John, 18, born in NY; William, 10; Margaret, 9; and Arthur, 6.  William through Arthur, were all born in Wisconsin. The child, Bridget probably died young.  Dennis worked as a farmer.

Dennis’ brother, Thomas Judge, widower, and his two daughters joined Dennis and Margaret, in Wisconsin.  The daughters were Bridget and Mary.  Thomas owned Land in WI, dying in 1892.    This Bridget married a ____ Collins.  For a time, she lived in Michigan, but she returned to WI.  

Dennis Judge died in 1872.  Margaret, a widow, age 55, ran the farm with the aid of her sons, James and William.  They remained at Franklin, WI where Margaret died in 1891.

James Judge, Dennis’ oldest son, wed Mary Robinson who was age 30 in the 1880 Calumet, WI census.  James, age 32, worked as a laborer.  They were enumerated with three children: Dennis, age 5; John, age 4; and Arthur, at four months.  All except James, were born in WI.  James died in 1887 while his children were still young. 

Brother, William Judge began residence in May 1880 in Florence, WI as one of the town’s first settlers.   He entered the lumber business by 1887.  In 1893, he wed Margaret Sullivan, a widow, from Scotland.  Margaret had one daughter, Anna, born in Indiana during 1884.  

William joined no political party preferring to remain independent.  He was sheriff of Florence County from 1890 to 1892.  In the logging season he employed as many as 75 men thus aiding the local economy.

A contemporary of William’s, described him as a citizen who “never shirks duty or responsibility, but will give of his money and time in the best interests of his adopted city and county.”

William and his wife, Margaret, continued their residence in Florence with the step-daughter, Anna who became a secretary.  William was age 72 in 1930 living from the proceeds of his hard work.  Margaret was 67.  For over 25 years they had provided a home for a niece and nephew.  He was a beloved Uncle Bill, to the rest of the family.

William’s sister, Margaret, wed Francis Dougherty and resided by 1896 in Omaha, NE.  Brother, John, lived in Milwaukee, WI.  He married Elleen O’Hara.

Dennis’ younger son, Arthur Judge, wed Nellie, who reported in the 1810 census for Raymond, ND that she had given birth to five children.  These children were listed as follows:  Alline, age 14; Lyle B., age 7; Eugene, age 5; Mary E., age 3; and Arthur E., 10 months old.  All the kids were born in ND.

By the 1920 census at Dayton, ND, Nellie was deceased. Arthur, age 53, was a widower.  Four children remained in the home:  Lyle B., age 16; Jean, age 13; Mary, age 13; and Bernard, age 10.

Lyle, born 26 March 1903, left ND and went to Bremerton, WA where he spent his life.  He married 4 April 1928 to Helen Bartlett, born 10 April 1903 in Kemmerer, WY.  She was the daughter of Marcus and Bernice (Smith) Bartlett.  Lyle worked as a clerk while Helen was engaged as a stenographer.  Lyle died about August 1972 at Bremerton.  

Many thanks are due to family researcher Pat/Art Judge for sharing research.  

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