Descendants Tree of WILLIAM and MARGARET GUY
Altmar, Town of Albion, N.Y.

The Descendants Tree of the GUY family, was generously contributed by 
Henry J. Murphy, who has background information on some of his ancestors that died in Altmar in the late 1890's, but would also like to hear from anyone that may have more information on them.  



William Guy  Born in Ireland Date unknown
                     Died Unknown
Margaret Donahue Guy   Born: date unknown
                                        Died: Rome date unknown


Mathew Guy    Born: 2 Jan 1813 Annaughbrack, Ireland
                       Died: 21 April 1898 Altmar, New York
Elizabeth Monahan Guy  Born: unknown
                                       Died: 2 Jan 1914 Altmar, N .Y.


 William J. Guy   Born: 23 Oct. 1855 in Romer, New York
                           Died: 2 Jan. 1911  in Altmar, New York
Margaret Guy     Born: 1859 Place Unknown
                           Died: Unknown
Alice Guy            Born: 15 Jun 1860 Place unknown
                           Died: 8 Sept 1922 Amsterdam, New York


Robert Guy          Born: 6 Jan 1817
                            Died: 21 Feb. 1890 Scranton, Pennsylvania
Bridget Mc Andrews   Born: Unknown
                                   Died: 22 Mar 1899 Place Unknown


Catherine Guy     Born: 1871 Unknown  (My Great Grandmother)
                           Died: 29 Jul 1948 Endicott, New York
James Larkin Sr. Spouse,  Born 1870 place Unknown
                                         Died 22 Jan 1945 Endicott, .Y.


Regina A. Larkin    Born: 1900 Scranton, Pennsylvania
                              Died: 27 Mar. 1991 Endicott, New York

Francis P. Larkin   Born: 25 Oct. 1901 Scranton, Pennsylvania
                              Died: 8 Jul 1991 Endicott, New York
Robert V. Larkin    Born: 23 Apr 1904 Scranton, Pennsylvania
                              Died: 18 Jun 1968 Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania
James J. Larkin Jr. Born: 1906 Scranton, Pennsylvania
                               Died: 1 Oct.1941 Endicott, New York
Mary Catherine Larkin Born 14 Jul 1912 Scranton, Pennsylvania  (My Mother)
                                    Died: 24 Sept. 1990 Puyallup, Washington


Bridget Guy      Born: 31 Dec. 1819
                         Died: 16 Sept 1882  in Rome, New York

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