Biography of Thomas, Israel and Pliny Jones, 
Town of Richland, NY

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Thomas Jones, who was born 1598 in England was found living in Gloucester, MA by 1642.  This Thomas Jones began a huge family, who have spread across America.  By 1646, the first English settlement at New London, CT had been made.  Thomas went to New London probably about 1651.

Thomas Jones, born 1680, married Mary Meacham on 24 April 1708.  He died 4 November 1763.  His son, Israel, born 1718, wed in 1744 Jemina Clark.  He died 28 December 1798 having removed to Barkhamsted, CT becoming its second settler in 1759.

 The son of Thomas and Jemina, was another Thomas, born 1751, who married Susannah Adams.  He fought in the Revolutionary War as a sergeant for the town of Barkhamsted. In 1791 with his brother, William Clark Jones, he immigrated to Litchfield, Herkimer Co., NY.  In 1802 William C. pushed on to the Ohio Territory.

In 1804, Thomas and several other families traveled to the Salmon River near Lake Ontario.  At the time this area was in Oneida County and exceedingly sparsely settled.  People followed trails blazed on tree trunks, using oxen to move their sleds.  No inns were established.  To get out of the snow, a home had to be found where the travelers could shelter.  The journey was an ordeal never forgotten. Thomas and Susannah were accompanied by their five sons and three daughters.  Daughter, Orpha at 9 years old Thomas wrapped in a great coat to keep her warm.
At Richland, Thomas picked a crossroads spot later known as Jones Corners, located at what in 2003, is the intersection of U.S. 11 and County Route 41 Thomas and his sons cleared the forest to build a new home.

All but one of Thomas and Susannah’s children were born in Connecticut.  Their baptisms were recorded at the East Hartford Church.  The portion of Barkhamsted where the Jones’ resided, lay in the ecclesiastical district of East Hartland. The youngest child, Orpha, was probably born in Litchfield, NY.

 The children of Thomas and Susannah:
1. Israel Jones b. 20 June 1775; m. 6 Jan. 1799 Hartland, CT  Sabra Miner; d. 9 Sept. 1847.
2. Pliny Jones b. 31 Aug. 1777; m. 4 Feb. 1802 Olive Goff; d. 9 Sept. 1847.
3. Chauncey Jones b. 11 May 1780; m. 28 Aug. 1803 Vernon, OH, Ursula Crosby; d. 9 Mar. 1860.  
4. Rebecca Jones b. 7 July 1782; m. 3 Feb. 1803 Litchfield, NY Stephen Brace; d. 26 Mar. 1866 Greene, Erie Co., PA.
5. Clarissa Jones b. 7 Feb. 1784; m. 1806 Joseph Spaids; d. 24 Mar. 1870, age 86.   Issue: 7 children.
6. Horace Jones b. 11 Aug. 1786; m. (1) 11 Jan. 1809 Laura Underwood of Paris, NY who d. Pulaski, NY 5 Mar. 1833; (2) Rachel Patten; d. Mar. 1850.  Laura had 9 children; Rachel’s son, Howard Patten Jones b. 1840; m. Amelia W. Wilgus; d. 31 Aug. 1876 Pike, NY.
7. Jemina Jones b. 3 Mar. 1788; m. David Willson; d. 8 June 1860 Lima, WI.
8. Erastus Lyman Jones b. 3 May 1790; d. 15 Jan. 1854 Grant Co., WI.
9. Orpha Jones b. 12 Oct. 1795; m. 1811 Timothy Steele; d. 9 Nov. 1865 Crawford Co., WI.

Israel Jones’ bride, Sabra Miner, came from Hartland, CT. where she was born 3 October 1776.  Israel took her to Litchfield by 1799, when their oldest child was born.  Israel then settled permanently at what was then called Williamstown, NY.  He built the first sawmill that operated on Grindstone Creek.  On 5 March 1805 at the first Williamstown Town Meeting, Israel was elected tax collector and Sealer of Weights and Measures.  In 1806 his son, Uzel, was the first white child born in the portion of Williamstown which later became Richland, NY.  Israel lived to be 72 years old, dying in September 1847.  Sabra, born 3 October 1776, died at Richland 3 August 1837. 

 Children of Israel and Sabra:
1. Joel Miner Jones b. Litchfield, NY 15 Nov. 1799; m. Richland 10 Oct. 1824 Rebecca Hendrickson of Salem, NY; d. 6 Oct. 1843 Pulaski, NY.  She d. 30 Apr. 1851 at Elgin, IL.
2. Electa Jones b. Litchfield, NY 28 Oct. 1801; d. 1 July 1802.
3. Erastus Jones b. Williamstown, NY 12 Aug. 1804; d. 17 June 1805.
4. Uzel Jones b. Richland 14 Mar. 1806; m. 14 Mar. 1834 Maria Hough; d. 28 Feb. 1885.  Buried at Pulaski, NY.
5. Electa Jones b. Richland 4 Apr. 1808; d. 16 Sept. 1837.
6. Temperance Jones b. Richland 1 Jan. 1811; m. 20 Feb. 1844 Nathan Averill; d. 31 July 1854 Pulaski.
7.  Erastus Chauncey Jones b. Richland 31 Jan. 1813; m. 22 Jan. 1838 Betsey Walworth; d. 3 June 1854 Richland.
8. Susan C. Jones b. Richland 12 May 1815; m. 31 July 1837 Chauncey R. Jones; d. 2 Feb. 1884.
9. Milo M. Jones b. Richland 22 May 1817; d. 6 Jan. 1839.
10. Phebe Ann Jones b. Richland 26 Feb. 1820; d. 6 Dec. 1824.
Pliny Jones married Olive Goff of Hartland, CT.  She had been born 9 October 1781 at Granville, MA, dying 10 April 1849.  After his move to Richland, he built a tavern at Jones Corners one mile south of Richland.  One road was called the old Salt Road because salt was transported from Syracuse to Pulaski along it.  Pliny, was present at the first Richland Town Meeting where he was elected to collect taxes for Albion and Richland.  He also was a town constable.  In 1811 a Methodist Episcopal Church was organized which for lack of a building met in Pliny’s tavern. The church building wasn’t erected until 1832.  The question of alcoholic beverages being served during church services had to be resolved.  It became an unwritten rule not to dispense hard liquor during church.  Pliny himself protested as he made his living from the sale of distilled corn brew, but the deacon was adamant.

When Pliny built first at Jones’ Corners, his wife, Olive, found it inadequate.  She demanded and got a cabin with a door and two windows.  There also was a fireplace.  Many cabins were just piles of logs, airless in summer and freezing in winter.  

The tavern provided lodging for 6 cents per night.  A meal cost 15 cents, which included fresh bread made by Olive.  The Jones’ hospitality locally found great acceptance, although the tavern could only seat 10 at a time. 

Pliny built the first frame barn in Richland which was still standing in 1901 when it was used by J. S. Farmer.  Pliny’s family held the first wedding in the town for Joseph Spaids and Clara Jones.  Joseph had to go into Oswego for a preacher.  They came back by rowboat along Lake Ontario.  Then they had to trek four miles to the bride’s home.  

Children of Pliny and Olive:
1. Cornelia Jones b. Richfield, Otsego Co., NY 10 Aug. 1803; m. 14 Sept. 1823 John Ledyard; d. 25 Oct. 1894.  Buried at Pulaski.  Issue: 7 children.
2. Pliny Harlow Jones b. Bridgewater, NY 11 Aug. 1805; m. 8 Jan. 1827 Hannah Valentine; d. 15 Dec. 1891.
3. Lydia Jones b. Richland, NY 27 Sept. 1808; m. 25 Dec. 1827 Whitman Goit; d. 21 July 1870.
4. Emily Jones b. Richland 12 Sept. 1811; m. 31 Aug. 1836 William Easton; d. 22 June 1884 Three Oaks, MI.  
5. Chauncey Ransom Jones b. 20 July 1816; m. (1) 31 July 1837 Susan C. Jones who d. 2 Feb. 1884 at Pulaski; (2) 12 Jan. 1886, Mrs. Atlanta M. Frost of Troy, NY; d. 30 June 1901 Pulaski.  A merchant who ran a general store which was destroyed in the great Pulaski fire in 1881.  He re-opened his business in the Opera House block, but eventually he was ruined.  No issue who survived.
6. Anson Riley Jones b. 20 Sept. 1820; m. 14 Jan. 1845 Alty M. Ames of Mexico, NY; d. 4 Feb. 1894.  In 1853 he served as the Pulaski Union School Board.  Issue: 4 children.
When age 11, Chauncey Jones’ father, Thomas, left Barkhamsted for Litchfield.  When his Uncle William Clark Jones went further west to Ohio, Chauncey traveled with him to Vernon, Turnbull Co., OH.  There he met in 1803 and married Ursula Crosby, the daughter of a Methodist preacher.  In 1837 the couple removed further west to first La Harpe, Hancock Co., IL then on to Platteville, WI where he lived out his life.  His children were all born at Vernon, OH.  Chauncey died in 1859.  Ursula lived until 25 August 1876.  
Children of Chauncey and Ursula:
1. Sterling Jones b. 4 May 1804; died young
2. Chauncey Jones b. 19 Dec. 1807; m. 18 Feb. 1830 Elizabeth Brown; d. 19 Sept. 1853 Harrison, WI.
3. Obed Crosby Jones b. 23 Mar. 1810; m. Ursula A. Miner; d. 25 Aug. 1889. Residence: WI.  Issue: 11 children.
4. Clarissa Jones b. 15 Jan. 1812; m. Jesse Waldorf who d. 14 Apr. 1884
5. Horace Jones b. 9 Apr. 1818; d.y. 
[died young]
6. Jerusha Jones b. 2 May 1822; d.y.  
[died young]
7. Harvey Horace Jones b. 4 July 1825; m. Feb. 1851 Mrs. Eliza Jane (Smail) King.  Both were murdered by Klikitat Indians 28 Oct. 1855 near Seattle, WA.
8. Orpha Jones b. 10 July 1828; d.y.   
[died young]
Rebecca Jones, oldest daughter of Thomas, married Rev. Stephen Brace, a Methodist preacher.  Stephen, born in 1780 at Tolland, CT, was the son of Levi and Joanna (Cooley) Brace who lived later for some years in Cambridge, NY. Stephen went to Litchfield, NY where he married Rebecca in 1804.  This couple lived on the Salt Road in Richland near Jones Corners on lot number 36.  By the 1820 Williamstown census Stephen Brace was enumerated living there.  Despite living near many Joneses and Brace siblings, Levi Brace, Jr. and his sister Lucena (Brace) Soule, Stephen and his family removed to Greene, Erie Co., PA.
He became blind prior to his death, which happened before 1850.  Stephen and Rebecca were both buried in the Wales Cemetery at Greene, PA.  
 Children of Stephen and Rebecca Brace:
1. Harriet Brace b. 30 Mar. 1805; m. Lewis Chapin Clark as his first wife; d. 17 Nov. 1847 Richland.  No issue.
2. Solomon Billings Brace b. 18 Nov. 1806; d. 1838 Boston, Erie Co., PA.
3. Lucena Brace b. 4 Oct. 1807; m. 1827 at Pulaski, Rev. Erastus Kellogg; d. 10 May 1849 New Buffalo, Berrien Co., MI.
4. Stephen Jones Brace b. 1 Jan. 1810; m. 4 Sept. 1834 Eveline Gardner; d. 2 May 1869 at Greene, PA.  Buried in Wales Cemetery, Greene, PA.  Issue: Minerva Brace, b. PA ca. 1838 and John Brace, b. PA ca. 1833.
Joel Miner Jones, son of Israel, lived entirely in Richland.  He married Rebecca Hendrickson.  Together they had 4 children at Richland. Joel M. died 6 October 1843.  Afterwards Rebecca and 3 children went to Cook Co., IL and later to Elgin, IL where Rebecca died in 1851.
Children of Joel M. and Rebecca:
1. Joel M. Jones b. 15 Jan. 1826; m. 12 Feb. 1859 at Dundee, IL to Martha  Cockerton.
2. James A. Jones b. 15 July 1830; m. 9 Sept. 1857 at Red Wing, MN to Mary E. Libbey.
3. Rebecca Ann Jones b. 1 Sept. 1834; d. 20 Apr. 1854 Pulaski. Unmarried
4. Julius Anson Jones b. 8 Nov. 1836; d. 8 July 1850 Elgin, IL

The first white child born in Richland, Uzel Jones, spent his life as a farmer in Richland.  On 14 March 1834, Maria Hough wed Uzel.  They had three children.  He operated a cider mill and a sawmill on Grindstone Creek. He was a devout Methodist and was often elected a church trustee.  By 1880, Uzel lived with his daughter, Ellen and her family.  When Uzel died in 1885 he had become the oldest person born in Richland.  

Children of Uzel and Maria:
1. Ellen E. Jones b. 29 July 1839; m. 8 Jan. 1868 at Pulaski, Harvey Wright.  Issue: 6 children.
2. Frances Ann Jones b. 18 Oct. 1842; m. 3 Feb. 1872 Joseph Jones.  Resided: Camden, NY.  No issue.
3. Susie M. Jones b. 12 May 1853.  Unmarried.  Resided Syracuse, NY.
Temperance Jones married Nathan Averill of Pulaski.  They had two children. Children of Temperance and Nathan:
1. Susan Sabra Averill b. Pulaski 12 Jan. 1846; d. 6 Oct. 1900 Pulaski. Unmarried
2. Charles Nathan Averill b. Pulaski 6 Aug. 1847; m. 7 Mar. 1880 at Harrison, WI, Jessie E. McFall; d. 31 Jan. 1882 Odebolt, IA.
Erastus Chauncey Jones, son of Israel, worked as a farmer in spite of generally poor health.  He married Betsey Walworth of Hoosick, NY who died 26 June 1891 at Pulaski.  He died 3 June 1854 in Richland.
Children of Erastus C. and Betsey:
1. Milo M. Jones b. 27 Dec. 1838; m. 1863 Sarah A. Worden; d. 12 Apr. 1888.  A farmer.  Issue: Erastus M. Jones b. ca. 1865.
2. Caroline E. Jones b. 14 Mar. 1843; m. 18 Jan. 1872 Elisha L. Burr, a Civil War Veteran.  They lived in Pulaski.  Caroline acted as a family recorder, compiling much of this record.  They had 1 child: Helen Irene Burr b. 11 Feb. 1874; m. David P. Rogers.  In 1920, they had daughter, Constance B. Rogers, age 15.  Elisha Burr d. after 1920.
3. George E. Jones b. 24 Oct. 1847; m. 15 Mar. 1874 Josephine Bohanan; d. after 1920.  George in 1920, was residing with son, Milo Jones, age 36. Issue: 6 children.

Pliny Jones’ oldest daughter, Cornelia, wed John Ledyard.  They lived in Richland, having 7 children.

Pliny Harlow Jones married on 8 January 1827 Hannah Valentine who was born in Hudson, NY on 17 December 1808.  They lived along the road which led to Mexico, NY on a farm he later sold to his son, Charles H. Jones.  Then, Pliny H. and Hannah lived across from his father’s tavern on the Salt Road.  He died 15 December 1891 after Hannah had died 24 November 1887.  

Children of Pliny H. and Hannah:
1. Milton Alexander Jones b. 20 Sept. 1828; m. 3 Dec. 1857 Lavina Lighthall; d. after 1880.  A deaf-mute.  Res. Daysville, NY.   Issue: Nellie Jones b. ca. 1860 and Grace A. Jones b. ca. 1863.
2. Mary Jones b. 4 Apr. 1830; m. 24 Jan. 1849 James Suthard Farmer; d. 15 Oct. 1895.  He kept the tollgate at Jones Corner in 1853-54.  From 1868-78 he was elected Overseer of the Poor for Richland.  Issue: 9 children.
3. Lawrence Noble Jones b. 20 Dec. 1831; m. (1) 12 Sept. 1860 Emily Thorn born in Wales who d. 26 July 1877; (2) Ellen W. Evans; d. 12 Jan. 1884.  Res. Daysville, NY.  Deaf-mute with deaf-mute wife.  1878 they lived across from brother, Milton.   Issue: 3 children.
4. Elbridge Wardwell Jones b. Richland 1 Apr. 1838; m. 9 Sept. 1868 Frances D. Griffin who d. 18 Mar. 1878;  (2) 28 Dec. 1882  to Etta Johnson; d. after 1900.  Served as private, in 184th, during Civil War. Resided: New Haven, NY.  Issue: Avery Jones b. 17 Aug. 1872 and Floyd Jones b. 9 July 1875.
5. Charles Henry Jones b. 31 July 1840; m. 23 Mar. 1864 Lovina Brown; d. 28 Apr. 1898 Pulaski.  Lived on his father’s farm.  In 1885 built a large brick house.
6. Olive Loretta Jones b. 22 Aug. 1842; m.31 Jan. 1867, George W. Dodge; d. after 1900.  Resided: Richland on former farm of Stephen Brace.  Issue: Anna May Dodge d. unmarried and Martha Jennette Dodge b. 18 Sept. 1874.
7. Sarah Jones b. 4 Mar. 1845; d. 25 Dec. 1848.
The Jones family who played an important role in early Richland, continued to live there in secure comfort.  They strengthened the community via civic and religious activities.  Several served in the Civil War.  By World War I, no Joneses remained in Pulaski, but about ten households remained in Richland. Across America dozens of cousins enjoyed the American dream.

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