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Daniel Norcutt arrived in American during 1632.  He returned to England on the ship Pied Coe, in August 1635.  The ship was lost at sea.  His wife, Anne and son, William, followed Daniel’s dream of America, arriving in 1636 as part of the entourage of Edward Johnson.  William married Sarah Chapman raising a family that remained for several generations in Plymouth County, MA.  Living as they did among the Mayflower passengers and their children some of the Norcutt descendants, married Mayflower descendants.
 Several of these lines remained in Plymouth County.  They usually called themselves Norcutt.  But William III moved his siblings to Connecticut.  Their descendants typically used Norcott.  However, once the family reached into New York State the records, carelessly made or transcribed, show most persons with their names spelled both ways in various documents. 
 No one had been able to establish a definitive genealogy for the Daniel Norcott/Norcutt family beyond the first few generations.  However, some things can be learned.  For New York researchers the key persons’ names are identifiable. 

John Norcott settled in Benton, Ontario Co., NY.  Winslow Norcutt resided in Greenbush, Rensselaer Co., NY.  Robert Norcutt lived at Brookhaven, Suffolk Co., NY. Tristan Norcott by 1830 was established at Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY.   Also in 1830, Zebina Norcutt lived in Warren Co., NY.  William Norcott stayed in remote Chautauqua Co., NY by 1830.  Reuben Norcutt lived in Cortland Co., NY by 1820.  In 1830 Oswego County had three Norcott/Norcutt pioneers, Bildad, Hiram and the family of Ebenezer.  In the 1820 census at Cobleskill, Schoharie Co., NY showed Ephraim Norcott a resident. 
 Could Ephraim Norcott in Cobleskill, play a role in the Oswego County families?  So far the names of his sons are not known.  Could he be a father of Bildad, Hiram or EbenezerHiram was born at Richmondville, Schoharie County on 22 February 1800.  But the 1820 census indicated that Ephraim was under 26-years old without sons of sufficient age. No help there. 
Hiram’s father was likely the first Justice of Peace for the Richmondville area.  Appointed in 1805, he died in 1809.  This notation was provided by William E. Roscoe in his History of Schoharie County in chapter 28.  Richmondville was not carved out of Cobleskill until 1845 which technically made Hiram born in Cobleskill, the same place as Ephraim.
Who exactly arrived first in Oswego County, probably cannot be established either.  By 1830 Ebenezer Norcott/Norcutt was deceased.  His widow, Irena, was head of household in the 1830 Mexico census.  All that is known for certain of them is the existence of their daughter, Phoebe, who married a Sherman.  Phoebe’s grave was placed in the Colosse Cemetery, Mexico, NY.  She died at age 90, in 1891.  She was born ca. 1801 suggesting that Ebenezer could have been born ca. 1780, making him old enough to be the father, not only of Phoebe but both Hiram, born 1800, and Bildad, born ca. 1806.  Tombstones are lacking for Ebenezer and Irena, but they may well be buried at Colosse (cemetery), in unmarked graves. 
Hiram Norcott/Norcutt arrived with his wife, Sophronia Smith, in Oswego County at Mexico before 1830, but an exact date is lacking.  Sophronia, born 1806 in Cobleskill, NY, was the daughter of William Smith, born 8 July 1777, in Columbia Co., NY and Axceny(?) Butler from Brooker Hollow, Richmondville,  Schoharie Co., NY.  Several of Sophronia’s relatives spent time in Oswego County during the 1820’s. They were Henry Smith, Harvey Smith, plus Rosebell Schermerhorn, who later lived in Ogle Co., IL.  Casson Smith, removed from Oswego County to ultimately Sparta, Monroe Co., WI by 1855.  All of the above was reported by Smith family researchers.  A nephew, Cassius Payne, moved from Schoharie County to Mexico (NY), also.
Hiram and Sophronia seemed to have had five children with only two surviving.  The 1830 Mexico census showed two children, a boy and a girl born before 1830 who received no further mention.  In the 1830’s family researchers report the birth of Curtis D., born ca. 1837/38 and Sophronia who died young. 
In 1835, Hiram and Sophronia sold land in Mexico to Russell Burlingame and his wife.  After the land sale they settled in Parish, NY.  The 1850 Parish census revealed the following:

 Norcott, Hiram  49 farmer $1,000 NY
 Sophronia         45 wife               “
 Hiram C.           12 son                “
 Harriet H.           8 daughter         “ 

Hiram C., became the man later cited as Curtis Norcott, age 27, in the 1865 Parish census.
In the Dutch Hill Road Cemetery at Parish, there are several Norcott graves.  The young Sophronia died 7 October 1845, age 11.  Hiram died 21 June 1858, age 58.  The mother, Sophronia, then lived with her son, Curtis, until her death on 24 November 1880, age 73.  She was buried at Dutch Hill also.  Pictures of these three graves were placed online at

 The name can be clearly read from the tombstones as Norcott.
By 1865, the New York State census showed the Norcott family had changed.  Curtis, married Margaret/Mary Ann Reed.  They had a child.  With Hiram deceased, Curtis was head of household.

 Norcott, Curtiss [sic] 27 farmer
 Margaret                   22 wife 
 Adria                          4 daughter
 Sophronia                 59 mother    b. Schoharie Co.
 Helen                        23 sister

Sometime before 1880, Curtis left Parish and began to farm in Cicero, Onondaga Co., NY.  The 1880 census there enumerated the family thusly:

 Norcott, Curtis             41 farmer          NY
 Mary Ann                      35 wife              “
 Adria                            15 daughter       “
 Roda [sic]                     11     “               “
 Sephrona [sic]              74 mother          “

Graves for Curtis and Mary Ann (Reed) Norcott were found at Cicero Cemetery on Route 11.  Mary Ann died on 28 April 1899.  Curtis H. died in 1917.  His stone said: 1837-1917.
The other Norcott/Norcutt line which appeared in the Oswego County records in 1840, was headed by Bildad Norcutt [sic] who was between 30 and 40 years old with a wife between 20 and 30, plus one boy 10 to 15 years old.  This family were more fully revealed in the 1850 Mexico census:

Norcott, Beldad [sic]            44 none listed NY
              Sophia                   40 wife          “
                  Alpheus                   7 son           “
              Huldah I.                 3 daughter    “
              Newell                     1  son           “
  Wilson  Harriet                   15 other         “

The name of the boy, cited in the 1840 census, remains unknown.
Before 1860 Bildad moved to West Monroe, NY.  The 1860 West Monroe census, showed Bildad and Hiram Norcott’s widow, living side by side which certainly suggests a relationship with Bildad taking on some sort of guardianship for Hiram’s family, left fatherless. 

 Norcott, Bildad      54           farmer $1100  NY
 Sophia                   49            wife             “
 Irena                     15            daughter       “
 Newell                   12            son             “

Norcott, Sophrona [sic]  55    widow $3500   “
Curtis                             22     son      

The daughter then called Irena, also cements the idea that Ebenezer and Irena were also close relatives. 
 Son Alpheus, at age 21, enlisted on 3 September 1864 into the Union Army as a private.  He served in Co. K, 184th Infantry Regiment NY.  He was mustered out on 29 June 1865 at City Point, VA.  Later in life on 9 July 1890 Alpheus received a Civil War pension certificate #S60353.
 After the war, Alpheus married Harriet D. Merrett, daughter of Stephen and Matilda Merrett.  They had two daughters. They settled at West Monroe also.

The 1870 West Monroe census stated:

  Norcott, Alpheus 27 farmer $1700  NY
  Harriet                 27  wife              “
  Cora                      2  daughter        “
  Nora                      5 mo.  “             “
 Norcott, Bildad 64 farmer $3093  NY
 Sophia               59 wife               “
 Newell               21 son                “

 Sometime after 1870, Bildad died.  His widow, Sophia then lived with son, Newell, who took over the family farm. Alpheus moved to Mexico.  The 1880 census indicated the following:
 Norcott, Alpheus  [sic] 37 farmer       NY

         Harriet          37 wife             “
         Cora             12 daughter      “
         Nora             10      “            “
Norcutt, Newell     32    farmer   NY
                Sophia     69    mother   “

Alpheus’s wife, Harriet, died in 1905.  Her tombstone in the Primitive Cemetery at Mexico said: 1843-1905.  Daughter, Cora, died in 1912.  Her tombstone read: 1867-1912.  Alpheus lived much longer.  By 1920, he was in frail health and resided in the New York State Soldiers and Sailors Home at Bath, NY.  He was 76.  He died in 1921.  He too, was interred at the Primitive Cemetery with a tombstone which stated: 1843-1921.  His grave was marked with a GAR [CW Vet] symbol.
In the 1920 Oswego County census, not a single surname of Norcott/Norcutt was enumerated.  In genealogy terms this line had “daughtered out.” 

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