This wonderful biography of the Peacock Family, was kindly contributed by Sandy Sharp.  Sandy has contributed several family histories, including the Snooks Family, the biography of Burr Bradley Scott, and Chauncey A. Smith, a civil war veteran of the 111th NY, which includes his letters written to wife, Fanny, during the civil war.  These families are linked through marriage, so be sure to check them all out.

Descendants of Robert Peacock

Generation No. 1

1. ROBERT1 PEACOCK was born 1808 in Sheffield, England, and died August 29, 1884 in Phoenix, NY.
He married (1st) SARA (?).  He married (2nd) JANE REDHEAD.

Notes - Writings of Clair J. Chamberlain, originally written in 1982:

Clair Chamberlain, is the granddaughter of Eliza, a sister of Albert Peacock.

The family of Jack Peacock came from Sheffield, England to America in or on 1850, name of wife not
known to me, but the tiny babe in her arms that she was carrying, was my Grandmother, Eliza Mabel Peacock. On the
trip over the ocean, the baby came down with a rash of dark spots all over her face and upper body and
there was a terrible fight on board because the Captain and crew wanted to throw the babe off the ship,
believing the spots were smallpox, which was a common thing those days, but the mother of the babe
fought off the attempt and later discovered the "spots" were some kind of rash. This  was told to me, by my
grandmother, who died in 1912. 

The Jack Peacock family settled in town of Schroeppel, Oswego County on the Oneida river near the
east end of the "Big Bend Island" now called "Horseshoe Island". The house is still standing but in
need of repair, barn has fallen. Later the Peacock family moved to the old home on Sandridge. Florence
"Peacock" Parker
was last of real family to live there, died about 8 or 9 years ago. Buried at Cemetery
corner of Sand Ridge and Caughdenoy Rd.  I attended the rites. She was a very neat and gracious
person, I visited her many times, somewhere in house, I have her picture when my daughter, Carol and
myself visited her once.

Memories of Peacock Home on Sand Ridge

Stayed there a couple of weekends when my father visited them, I was about 8 and 10 yrs old, there was
"Aunt Catherine" rather a small active person, but Blind, she gathered eggs from barn, pumped water from
well, did housework etc. Uncle Al, was there and all were great workers, Al liked good horses and at the
family picnic at Three Rivers once, I remember there were two long tables, each table setting was at
least 40' long all the families were there, the Chamberlains, the Harrisons', etc. Uncle Al,  arrived late and
as he drove in with a team of sorrel horses, everybody called out.  "Here's Al", so uncle Al would go
down both sides of table slapping the men on the back, (When a Peacock slapped you on the back, you
knew it!!) then while the man was recovering, he'd kiss the lady!

A True Peacock - Robert Peacock was a large man and was known to have dug an acre of potatoes in a day, My father,
Ernest C., said that I resembled Robert Peacock, never saw him, I am 6' 3", 204lbs.

The Chamberlain family; Jonathan Palmer Chamberlain married Eliza Mabel Peacock, he was born on
Jackson Rd, town of Clay, close by Sand Ridge, sort of... his Children: Madora, Eliza, Ernest. The Chamberlains came to town of Clay in 1834.

Florence Peacock married Fred Parker; he died in a buzz saw accident. (note: In actuality, it was William Peacock, Jr. who died in the buzz saw accident.) Children were, Stanley and another brother, I think by the name of Wayne (Lansing)????? The Parker family are still present around Sand Ridge and Pennellville. 

More on Peacocks: Aunt Mary Fidler, lived back of Constantia NY,  Aunt Hattie Porter, lived at Caughdenoy near
the Dam; Daughter, Alma Jarvis, married and lived there also.  Alma died at Zephyr Hills, Fla., about 5
years ago.   We visited her about a month before, daughters Marion, lives at 504 Turtle street, Syracuse 13208.
Marion Jones & Jean, lived at Sun City, Ariz.  Jean Weary, 10625 Chisholm, Ct. 85373

The Peacock family grew lots of chestnuts, the sale of these usually paid the farm taxes. The chestnut
trees all died after a "BUG" hit them after WW I.

Fred Parker was my grandfather but died in 1938 of pneumonia. I remember his illness, death funeral etc.
It was Will Peacock who lived next door, who died in the buzz saw accident. I also remember when that
happened but can't tell you the date. I don't know where Georgia  (My grandmother called her "Georgie"), went after that.  The place must have been sold, because a family by the name of Trumble moved in and was there for some years.

The Peacock Family History

Written By Merrill Peacock

The following is an attempt to put in readable form the history of the Peacock family as related by Aunt
Hattie Parker, who seemed to be the only one of the family who had any interest in its progress in this
country.  It is unfortunate that we have no trace of the family before its getting to households in this
country. Records are carefully kept in England and the history could be found there. Little would be
passed however as the family was of very humble origin.

Grandfather Robert Peacock, was born in Cambridge England in or near the town of Welany on the
Thames River. The year of his birth was 1809 or 1808. For many years after coming to this country he
carried a 25 cent piece bearing the date 1808 which he said was the year of his birth: some other records
give it as 1809.

Grandfather's first wife died in England early in life. There were two children born of that union, a boy and a girl. The girl died in England. The boy, Jonathan (Uncle 'Jack', preceded the family to this country lived and died in Pennellville.)

Rose (?) Jane (?) Redhead - Three children were born to them in England before they took passage on a sailing ship sometime in April 1848. The children were Albert 7, Mary 6 and Eliza 3. On or about June 1st, after a rough six weeks passage, they landed in New York City.

Grandfather, had other brothers, one of whom went to Wisconsin, another to Australia, and a third
Jonathan, who lived and farmed in Cold springs, Clay township, near Baldwinsville. How I wish I had been
old enough to question him as to that memorable trip! How he loaded his wife and three young children
on a canal boat, was towed up the Hudson to Troy and Vienna (?) through the old Erie Canal to Syracuse where they were met by brother, Jonathan. No attempt was ever made to keep in touch with the other brothers, but undoubtedly their descendants are scattered in the areas where they settled. We are concerned only with Grandfather Robert and his family. 

The country was thinly settled at that time, land was cheap and he bought a tract, heavily wooded just above the Claud Hubbard farm on the Oneida River. Due to lack of railways much of inland transportation was handled on the rivers, small steam boats and tugs hauling canal boats. Ice then was not artificially made, but was cut and harvested from the lakes. Oneida lake was one great source at that time. The ice was cut in winter, stored in huge ice houses until spring and then boated to Syracuse and other cities. Most of the steamers burned wood. During the winter, Grandfather and others cut wood for these boats and piled it on the shore ready to sell them.

In England, grandfather was what was known as a 'yeoman'. The dictionary definition of a yeoman is "a small land owner"  Aunt Hattie appeared to think it meant an overseer of an Estate, so we'll leave it at that.

There is nothing in the record to show where he left the river farm and bought small acreage near Woodard Station a few miles from Liverpool. I suspect as the boys grew older and left home he found the place too large and moved to something smaller. This is only a guess.

Grandfather, could neither read or write. Under the system then current in England, there were no free public schools. Only those who had money to send their children to private schools could hope for a good education. However he had a good mind, as so often happens in such cases, he had a remarkable memory.

I do not know anything about his religious experience or when he made his stand and joined the church. Not being able to read was a serious hardship, but Aunt Jennie, his youngest daughter who became a teacher, lived at home and did not marry young, used to read the bible for morning worship. I can remember him as he knelt in front of that old Boston rocker and lifted his rugged face to heaven.
From the frequent readings his memory had grasped and clung to many beautiful passages of scripture and as he prayed these rolled off his tongue in beautiful eloquence. I was between 12 and 13 years old and I had never heard any praying like that! He seemed to be talking with or to God and I think he was.

He died August 29, 1884. At that time we were living on the Butts farm north of Phoenix. The funeral was held in the church to which he and grandmother belonged. It is a country church, just a short distance from where the home was at that time. 

Anyone who lived during that period will never forget how hot it could get in August and how the dust from those unpaved roads kicked up by the horse's feet would roll up into the open wagon nearly smothering the occupants!  Father and mother were up front somewhere in the procession which left me to drag along with the team at the tail end ... getting all the dust.

Hattie Fidler, was a plump girl about 2 years elder than I, at the time. Her mother being up front among the other brothers and sisters, it was left for Hattie to ride with me. I was too bashful to have her sit in the front seat with me, so with her on the back seat and I'm front, brought the rear end of the procession.
I add this only as a (?) an incident of those last days surrounding grandfather's passing. Grandmother died in Liverpool, at the home of her son, Robert, on June 26, 1896.

Both Robert and Jane are buried at Pine Plains Cemetery, Clay, Onondaga County, New York. 

There were 10 children, father being the oldest.

Albert, Born March 7, 1841 Died Jan 14, 1911

Mary, July 21, 1842 Oct 5, 1921

Eliza, Oct 8, 1844 Aug 28, 1914

Emily, July 21, 1848 Sept 18, 1924

Rosetta, May 16, 1850 July 8, 1858

Harriett, June 7, 1853 Feb 6, 1940

John, Nov 13, 1854 Mar 7, 1860

Orville, Aug 18, 1856 July 4, 1944

Jane, Feb 28, 1861 June 13, 1917

*Merrill, was a son of Albert Peacock and Catherine Sitts. He was brother of Florence and Jesse
The husband of (?) and the father, of Eldred Peacock, of Spokane, WA.

Town of Schroeppel 1850 Census Index

Sitts, Athema 549 3

Sitts, Catherine 549 4

Sitts, Charity 535 33

Sitts, Hannah 535 35

Sitts, Isaac 549 1

Sitts, Jacob A 549 6

Sitts, Lany A 549 2

Sitts, Lewis 535 32

Sitts, Mary E. 549 5

Sitts, Warren 535 34

309 344 Isaac Sitts 31 M Farmer 600 NY

Lany A. Sitts  36 F

Athema Sitts    9 F Attends school

Catherine Sitts 5 F

Mary E. Sitts   4 F

Jacob A. Sitts 2 M

Town of Schroeppel 1855 Census - First time Peacock's appear in Schroeppel.

MD Res -  Town

Peacock, Robert 47 M England 1 2 Farmer Alien Owner of Land

Peacock, Jane 40 F England 1 2 Wife Alien

Peacock, Albert 14 M England 2 Child Alien

Peacock, Mary A. 12 F England 2 Child Alien

Peacock, Eliza 10 F England 2 Child Alien

Peacock, Emily 9 F Onondaga 2 Child

Peacock, Rose 5 F Onondaga 2 Child

Peacock, Matthew 5 M Onondaga 2 Child 

Peacock, Harriet A. 2 F Oswego 2 Child

Peacock, John J 7/12 M Oswego 2 Child

Redhead, Wm. 26 M England 7/12 Laborer, Brother in law - Alien

Type House   Born MD   Yrs  Occu.  Res

130 25 140 Logged Sitts, I 41 M Montgomery 1 13 Farmer Land Owner

Sitts, LA 34? F Montgomery 1 13

Sitts, A 13 F Onondaga 13 

Sitts, C 11 F Oswego 11

Sitts, M E 9 F Oswego 9

Sitts, J A 7 M Oswego 7

Sitts, M R 5 M Oswego 5

Sitts, M F  5 Oswego 1

Town of Schroeppel 1860 Census

Occu R/E Per Born

Val Val  349 

349 Jacob Pickard 51 M Farmer 3750 1272, NY

Mary Pickard 49 F, NY

Catherine Sitts 15 F Domestic, NY

Peter A. Blowers 29 M Day Laborer, NY

Sarah Gibbs 20 F Day Laborer, Canada

Interesting enough, Peter Blowers is listed in the household of some of my Warner's as a laborer at the
same time!

498 483 Isaac Sitts 45 M Farmer 1125 333 NY

Lany A. Sitts 40 F 

Mary E. Sitts 13 F

Jacob A. Sitts 12 M 

Roda L. Sitts 9 F

Melvin Sitts 6 M

Harriet Sitts 3 F

Emma S. Sitts 1 F

Catherine Sitts18 F Domestic

553 535 Robert Peacock 52 M Farmer 7350 1459 England

Jane Peacock 44 F England

Albert Peacock 19 M England

Mary A. Peacock 17 F England

Eliza Peacock 15 F England

Emily Peacock 11 F NY

Nathan R.

Peacock 8 M NY

Harriet A. 

Peacock 5? F NY

John J. Peacock 5 M NY Orville Peacock 3 M NY
Children of Robert Peacock and Sara (?) are:

               2. i. JONATHAN2 PEACOCK, b. 1830, England; d. 1903, Pennellville, Oswego County, NY.

                  ii. (?) PEACOCK.

Children of Robert Peacock and Jane Redhead are:

              3. iii. ALBERT2 PEACOCK, b. March 07, 1841, England; d. January 14, 1911, Phoenix, NY.

                 iv. JOHN PEACOCK, b. November 13, 1854; d. March 07, 1860.

                 v. EMILY PEACOCK, b. July 21, 1848; d. September 18, 1924; m. (?) DUTCHER.

                vi. ORVILLE C. PEACOCK, b. August 18, 1856; d. July 04, 1944, Phoenix, NY.

               vii. MARY ANN PEACOCK, b. July 21, 1842; d. October 05, 1921; m. (?) RHINES.

               viii. ELIZA PEACOCK, b. October 08, 1844, England; d. August 28, 1914, Three Rivers Point, Oswego
               County, NY; m. JONATHAN R. CHAMBERLAIN.

               ix. JENNY PEACOCK, b. February 28, 1861; d. June 13, 1917; m. (?) MERRIAM.

               4. x. HATTIE PEACOCK, b. June 07, 1858; d. February 06, 1940.

               xi. ROSETTA PEACOCK, b. May 16, 1850; d. July 08, 1858. 

Generation No. 2

2. JONATHAN2 PEACOCK (ROBERT1) was born 1830 in England, and died 1903 in
Pennellville, Oswego County, NY. He married (1st) HARRIET SMITH. He married (2nd) MALVINA
ALVIGAM (?). He married (3) DELCENIA (?).


According to the 1865 Schroeppel Census, Jonathan was listed as a farmer by trade. It is unclear as to
whether or not Jonathan married Harriet in England or after he emigrated to the US. He did so prior to
1848 when his father, Robert came to the US. 

Jonathan was granted land by the trustees of the Methodist Church.

Jonathan is buried in the Pennellville Cemetery with his wives Harriet & Malvina. He rests very near the
Gregg's and Schroeppel's, who also resided in the area.

Children of Jonathan Peacock and Harriet Smith are:

               5. i. WILLIAM R.3 PEACOCK, SR., b. March 1856, Schroeppel, Oswego County, NY; d. June 30,
               1914, Pennellville, Oswego County, NY.

               6. ii. CHARLES A. PEACOCK, b. 1861, Pennellville, Oswego County, NY; d. Pennellville, Oswego
               County, NY.

               iii. SARAH A. PEACOCK, b. 1858; m. (?) RHINES.

               iv. EMMA PEACOCK, b. Aft 1861; m. (?) MARCELLES.

3. ALBERT2 PEACOCK (ROBERT1) was born March 07, 1841 in England, and died January
14, 1911 in Phoenix, NY.  He married CATHERINE SITTS July 13, 1862.

Children of Albert Peacock and Catherine Sitts are:

               i. MERRYL3 PEACOCK.

               ii. FLORENCE PEACOCK.

               iii. JESSE PEACOCK.

4. HATTIE2 PEACOCK (ROBERT1) was born June 07, 1858, and died February 06, 1940. She
married (?) PORTER.

Child of Hattie Peacock and (?) Porter is:

               i. ELMA MAY3 PORTER.
Generation No. 3

5. WILLIAM R.3 PEACOCK, SR. (JONATHAN2, ROBERT1) was born March 1856 in Schroeppel,
Oswego County, NY, and died June 30, 1914 in Pennellville, Oswego County, NY. He
married CHARLOTTE JANE SNOOK  Before 1876.


William R. Peacock died at his home on Sand Ridge, June 30, 1914 of arterial sclerosis, aged 60 years
and four months. Mr. Peacock was one of the oldest residents of that section, and was well known
through the town and respected by all his acquaintances.  He had been ill for the past two years
practically unable to look after his farm. He was a kind husband and devoted to his family, and will be
missed by his neighbors. Funeral services were held at the Sand Ridge School house Sunday
afternoon, Reverend McClain officiating and burial was made in Sand Ridge Cemetery. Besides his
widow, he is survived by a daughter and three sons, one of whom, Charles Peacock, resides in this

At the time of Jonathan's death, he was left the vacant lot in Pennellville, which the Temperance Hall
once stood on. According to land grants that I have found, it looks as though he sold that property
and apparently purchased the land on Oak Orchard Road which they lived on. He also inherited a horse
and rig.

They apparently originally lived in a log cabin on this property until a frame house was erected in front
of the cabin. The log cabin was then used for the horses and eventually was torn down. 

Children of William Peacock and Charlotte Snook are:

               7. i. CHRISTINA MAY4 PEACOCK, b. 1876, Clay, Onondaga County, NY; d. November 09, 1922,
               Syracuse, Onondaga County, NY.

               8. ii. CHARLES W. PEACOCK, b. December 21, 1879, Pennellville, Oswego County, NY; d. 1962,
               Pennellville, Oswego County, NY.

               9. iii. WILLIAM C. PEACOCK, b. 1881, Pennellville, Oswego County, NY; d. April 02, 1942,
               Pennellville, Oswego County, NY.

               10. iv. FREDERICK W. PEACOCK, b. December 1887, Pennellville, Oswego County, NY; d. 1959,
               Syracuse, Onondaga County, NY.

6. CHARLES A.3 PEACOCK (JONATHAN2, ROBERT1), was born 1861, in Pennellville, Oswego County, NY, and died in Pennellville, Oswego County, NY. He married MINNIE  "MINNA" PERRY, daughter of John Perry.

Child of Charles Peacock and Minnie Perry is:

               i. LULU4 PEACOCK, b. 1895; d. 1898, Pennellville, Oswego County, NY - Cemetery.

Generation No. 4

Onondaga County, NY, and died November 09, 1922 in Syracuse, Onondaga County, NY. She married STEPHEN JUDSON SHARP on June 18, 1893, in Gilbert's Mills, Oswego County, NY.


Known by her family as "Tina." She was said to have been born in Clay, Onondaga County, NY.    I find
it likely that she was born in Pennellville/Sandridge, Oswego Co., NY.

Christina first married Stephen Judson Sharp, and then William Rossberg after Stephen's untimely
death in 1908. 

From all information found, and family stories passed on, Christina lead a very hard life as an adult. She
first lost her husband, Stephen in 1908, leaving her with three children to care for, then she was stricken
early with poor health. She reportedly died in 1922, from a botched gynecological procedure, but from
post cards written in the early 1900's (1908-1910) it was evident that she was suffering then. 

Christina is buried in a single grave at the Woodlawn Cemetery in Syracuse, Onondaga County, NY

Children of Christina Peacock and Stephen Sharp are:

               i. LUTHER L.5 SHARP, b. December 31, 1896.

               ii. ARTHUR W. SHARP, b. September 03, 1894.

               iii. DONALD J. SHARP, b. 1906.

8. CHARLES W.4 PEACOCK (WILLIAM R.3, JONATHAN2, ROBERT1) was born December 21, 1879 in
Pennellville, Oswego County, NY, and died 1962 in Pennellville, Oswego County, NY.  He married CLARA H. RAWSON.

Notes:  Please note that the birth dates of Earl & Raymond are both 1902, I am uncertain as to whether or not
this is an error, or if they were twins ... or a quick conception!

The following was supplied by Mr. Peter Huntley of Schroeppel, NY:

Charles Peacock of RD#1 retired on January 1st, 1945, with pension under the retirement plan of the
Peter Caillor Kohler Swiss Chocolates Co.   Born December 21, 1879, near Pennellville, he began working
with the chocolate company 27 years ago, May 17, 1917. He has worked continuously in the milk
receiving department as a Babcock tester, for which he holds a license. Mr. Peacock has been
connected with the milk industry for over 46 years. For 18 years prior to coming to the chocolate
company he was employed in various cheese making mills in this vicinity. He and Mrs. Peacock live on
a small farm north of Fulton. He plans to operate this after retirement.

"Charley" is well known and liked by his fellow employees and the many farmers in this vicinity with
whom he has become acquainted through. Charles is buried at the Pennellville Cemetery.

Children of Charles Peacock and Clara Rawson are:

               i. EARL5 PEACOCK, b. 1902; d. 1906, Phoenix, NY.

               ii. EUGENE PEACOCK, b. 1906, Pennellville, Oswego County, NY; d. October 01, 1959, Pennellville,
               Oswego County, NY; m. MARJORIE.

               iii. RAYMOND E. PEACOCK, b. 1902; d. November 24, 1954, Pennellville, Oswego County, NY -
               Cemetery; m. LILLIAN WARNER.

9. WILLIAM C.4 PEACOCK (WILLIAM R.3, JONATHAN2, ROBERT1) was born 1881 in Pennellville,
Oswego County, NY, and died April 02, 1942 in Pennellville, Oswego County, NY. He married GEORGIA "EMMA" (?).

Notes - 1942

PHOENIX.- Struck by a fragment of shattered buzz saw flywheel, William Peacock, 61 of Pennellville Rd.,
died instantly, about 6:45 p.m. Friday as he was sawing wood.

With neighbors, Henry Bishop and Wesley Benton, Peacock had been working all day on the woodlot on his farm in the Sand Ridge section, five miles northeast of Phoenix.

Misses Benton  - Benton, who narrowly escaped Peacock's fate from the flying fragments, told Trooper William J. Lally of the Baldwinsville patrol he heard a report like a pistol shot and turned to see Peacock fall on the pile of sawed wood.

He ran to summon Dr. F. W. Manly, of Phoenix and the trooper, he said, Trooper Lally was taken to the scene by Elmer Phillips. A piece of flywheel shattered the upper half of the door of the car which was furnishing motive power for the saw. Another fragment was found one-eighth of a mile away from the scene, on a highway at the other side of the woodlot.

Arms torn off - Dr. Manly said that the velocity of the fragment was so great that it had gone entirely thru Peacock's chest, from left to right, taking off both arms and severing the heart and chest organs. District Attorney Floyd Spangle released the body to the Allanson funeral home, Phoenix.

Born in Pennellville, Peacock had lived for many years in Syracuse where he had been employed in the freight house of the DI&W railroad and later as a section hand for the NYO&W railroad. He returned to Pennellville, several years ago, and moved to his farm three years ago.

Survivors Listed - Surviving are his wife, two daughters living in Syracuse, and two brothers, Fred Peacock of Syracuse and Charles Peacock of Chase Road, Fulton RD.

It was the second such accident within a year, in which a flywheel on a buzz-saw powered by an automobile, has shattered.


Children of William Peacock and Georgia (?) are:

               i. (?)5 PEACOCK.

               ii. (?) PEACOCK.

10. FREDERICK W.4 PEACOCK (WILLIAM R.3, JONATHAN2, ROBERT1) was born December 1887 in
Pennellville, Oswego County, NY, and died 1959 in Syracuse, Onondaga County, NY.
He married MABEL PICKARD April 02 in Fulton, Oswego County, NY.


Miss Pickard  - Bride

Fulton, April 2, - Miss Mabel Charlotte Pickard and Fred W. Peacock, both of Phoenix, were married in
the First Baptist parsonage here tonight by Rev. AC Horsman. Mrs. Emma Pickard of Fulton was a
witness. The couple will make their home in this city.

The following, was the writings of Lesley E. Voorhees: August 5, 1959, Fred Peacock, 72 of 530 James
Street, Syracuse died suddenly. He was a native of Sandridge. He was a painter. Surviving is one
brother, Charles, of Fulton. 

Children of Frederick Peacock and Mabel Pickard are:

               i. MABEL5 PEACOCK.

               ii. HELEN PEACOCK.

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