Rev. Loren Arthur Davis, 
Bernhard's Bay, Town of Constantia, NY

Source: Page 36 of the "Century of the Annual Genesee Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church", by Mr. Allen, Publisher in Rochester, NY 1911.

Born Bernard's Bay, Oswego Co., N. Y.., Jan. 31,1869. 
Converted at age of 14. 
First licensed to preach 1890. 
Received on trial in Genesee 1894. 
Admitted into full membership in 1896.  
1890 Supplying Lock Berlin. 
1892 Supplying Belle Isle. 
1893-4 Round  Top, Pa., first year as supply. 
1895-96 Pulteney. 
1897-98 Clarkson.  
1899-1900 Pendleton Center. 
1901-02 Nelson, Pa. 
1905-06-07 Harrison Valley, Pa. 
1908-09 Lawrenceville, and Tompkins, Pa. 
1910 Custer City and Derrick  City,   Pa. Custer City, McKean Co., Pa."

 Contributed by  Claude and Merilee Freeman

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