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When the local historians, Johnson, Churchill and Simpson wrote about Oswego County, they never mentioned Amos Rider.  Instead, all the Mexico Rider references were about the colorful Henry C. Rider, a deaf mute. He published a well-received “The Deaf-Mutes Journal.”  Henry Rider and his wife, Helen Chandler, also a deaf mute, lived with Peter Chandler’s, another deaf mute family.  

Throughout the county were other unrelated Rider families.  None of these people were deaf mutes. Amos Rider seemed to appear out of no place, but there are two records to pin point his identity.  In the 1840’s Amos Rider of Mexico, NY received $50.00 from the State of New York as payment for a claim from the War of 1812. Family researchers have assumed that Amos fought in the war while he lived in Mexico.  But he did not live in Oswego County until after 1835.  The National Archives Service Record for Amos said that he joined Prior’s Regiment of the NY Militia.  Nearly all the Prior Regt. men were from Schoharie County, NY.     

In the 1820 U.S. census for Summit, Schoharie Co., NY there was an Amos Rider and a Philip Rider.  These men, who were in Prior’s Regt. during the 1812 War, were likely brothers.  Amos was 78 years old when he died in 1872.  This data was taken from his tombstone in the Primitive Cemetery at Mexico.  He was born ca. 1794.  Philip’s tombstone in the Old Cemetery at Summit, gave his date of birth as 15 Oct. 1790.

Checking for other Rider’s in Schoharie County revealed that in 1794 Benjamin Rider built the first inn at Summit according to the Town Historian, Beverly Radez. 

Considerably more research needs to be done on the Amos, Philip and Benjamin Rider relationship.  It is likely that Benjamin Rider fought in the Revolutionary War. [not proven, as yet] Unfortunately there were several men, named Benjamin Rider in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts American military units.

Philip Rider, married to Catherine, died 6 August 1827.  He left a will recorded in NY. Schoharie Co. - Wills, v. A2, p. 239.  He was buried at Old Summit Cemetery, Summit, NY.  He had one known son, Philip [Jr.], born near the time of his father’s death.  His tombstone in the same place, gave his death as 15 Oct. 1849, age 22.  The 1820 Summit census for Philip [Sr.] indicated the birth of 4 other children.

Amos Rider lived in Summit until 1835.  He was mentioned in the will of one Howland Sherman of Schoharie written in 1842.  The will said, “… of the farm I bought of Amos Rider in the year 1835.”

Amos married Hannah Near/Neer before 1822/23 when her eldest daughter, Elizabeth was born.  Hannah was 55 in the 1850 Mexico census and age 85 in the 1880 census Mexico census making her birth ca. 1795, in Massachusetts where both her parents were born according to her statements in the 1880 census.  She later died in 1882, age 87.  She was buried in Mexico’s Primitive Cemetery.

Hannah may be the daughter of Charles Near/Neer and Catherine Hedely.  Charles was listed in White’s Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pensions, p. 2474.  He served in Schuyler’s Regt. of NY Militia.  His widow, was awarded pension #W19913.   The couple had 11 children, one of whom was Hanna Neer [sic] born 4 December 1795.
All of Amos and Hannah’s children were likely born in Summit, NY except the youngest, David Henry Rider ,whose grave in the Primitive Cemetery showed dates 1836-1898.  The 1839 birth data agrees with the 1850 Mexico census which gave his age as 14.  

 In the 1850 census the full enumeration for the Amos Rider family:

Rider, Amos       56  Farmer $4500 NY
          Hannah    55                     MA
          Rachel L.  21                     NY
          Jane A.     18                     NY
          Elizabeth  27                     NY
          David H.   14                     NY
One family member alleged there was another son, Richard, born ca. 1827.  This idea seemed to be verified by the 1840 Mexico census which showed 3 males and 5 females.  A male between 10-15 could have been a child named, Richard, who died young.  There is also evidence of a female child, who also died young.  No grave markers for either child were located.
 Daughter Elizabeth, married Lawrence Stevens before 1854 when her son, Theo. Stevens was born.  He grew up to marry a Canadian, Maria _____.  By 1880, 85 year-old Hannah Rider lived in a four-generation household in Mexico with Elizabeth and Lawrence Stevens, their son’s family, Theo, Maria, Nora and Eva, a 10 month old.   Amos died in 1872, according to his tombstone at the Primitive CemeteryAmos’ will was recorded in NY.  Oswego Co. Record of Wills, v. K, p. 399.
 Daughter, Rachel, married Jackson Daniels of Mexico.  He was the son of Horatio and Almeria Daniels.  Rachel and Jackson were both buried in the Primitive Cemetery.  Rachel died in 1912; Jackson in 1898.  

 The other daughter, Jane A., married Jerome Daniels.  She died  in 1907; Jerome in 1915.  Both were also buried in the Primitive Cemetery.

The scarcity of data on Amos and Hannah suggests a quiet life of hard work on their farm.  They fared as well as their neighbors, but stayed clear of an active life in village or town affairs.  They raised successful, honest children who married into well-known and respected families. 

Their son, David Henry Rider wed Mary L. Hamilton.  Born in 1839, she was a daughter of Richard Hamilton and Agnes Beecher.  For more on this Hamilton family, see the Richard Hamilton Biography.  They had a long history in Mexico and the Riders fit right into their family life. 

David and Mary had 7 children.  In the 1880 Mexico census their family was enumerated:

Rider, David   43 laborer  NY
          Mary  42            “
          Lettie 13            “
          Chas. 11            “
          Richard  7          “
          Robert  5           “
          Orla     3            “
          Carl  10 mo.       “
Their daughter, Addie or Ada Louise, age 8, was visiting her mother’s relatives and was counted in the Dick Hamilton household, for the census.

Lettie M. Rider, David’s oldest daughter, who was born 21 Feb. 1867 in Mexico, died in 1894, still unmarried.  She was buried in the Primitive Cemetery.

The oldest son, Charles Edward Rider, who was born 9 September 1868 in Mexico, married _______.  By the 1920 Palermo, NY census, he called himself a widower, age 51.  He had a son, Kenneth, age 8, born in NY.  Charles worked as a day laborer.  By the 1930 Palermo census in District #48, Charles was living as a lodger without any family.  No record of his son was found.  Charles died in 1960 according to his tombstone at the Primitive Cemetery.

Ada Louise, born 24 April 1871 in Mexico, married George Duane.  They lived in Redfield, NY.  She died 17 March 1953.  She and her husband were both buried in St. Joseph’s Cemetery at Redfield.

Richard Amos Rider, born 8 March 1892 in Mexico, married Elizabeth E. _____.  In the 1920 Palermo census, the couple had 2 children: Robert J., age 14, and Harriet L., age 10.  Richard was a farmer, dying in 1942.  His wife, Elizabeth, expired in 1947.  They were both buried in the Primitive Cemetery.

Robert T. Rider, born 25 January 1875 in Mexico, died in 1913.  He was laid to rest in the Primitive Cemetery.
Born on 26 February 1877 in Mexico, Adelbert Orla Rider, married Ellen Marie Boucher, born in 1877.  Ellen was of French Catholic origin.  Her husband seemed to have converted for her.  Adelbert was usually called Bert, throughout his life.  In the 1910 Mexico census Bert and Ellen had been wed 13 years.  He was a dairy farmer living on the Wilcox portion of the Hamilton farm.  In the household were David, age 11; Mary, age 9; Clarke, age 4 and Thelma, age 2.  By the 1930 Mexico census, Bert worked as a wood worker in a lumber mill, married 22 years.  The family lived on Main Street.  Still at home were sons, Paul A., age 18 and John A., age 8.  Bert died in 1952.  He was buried at the Catholic St. Ann’s Cemetery, in Mexico.  His wife, Ellen, who died in 1943, was buried there also.  None of their children were interred there. 

 David’s son, Carl M. Rider, born 9 July 1879 in Mexico, married Mary F. King, ca. 1912. In the Mexico 1910 census Carl, then 30 and single, lived with his mother, Mary Rider, age 71.  Mary stated she had given birth to 7 children with 6 still living.  The dead child referred to Lettie.  By the 1920 Mexico census, Carl had been married for 8 years, but his wife was not listed.  He worked as a general machinist in a canning factory.  By the 1930 Mexico census Carl, age 50, with his wife, Mary F., age 41, lived with their son, Francis E., age 5 months and Francis King, age 66, the father-in-law, a laborer.  They resided together on Baker Road. Mary died in 1947, while Carl died in 1964.

In the 1930 Rome, NY census the family of Clarke Rider resided at 305 Oak.  Clarke worked for a mason.  Married 2 years to Evelyn, age 28, they had a daughter of one month, named Patricia.  Evelyn’s father was born in Berlin, Germany.
Bert’s son, Paul A., married Mila E. Trask, who died 19 September 1987.  Paul died later on 7 March 1998 while residing in Rome, NY.

Bert’s daughter, Thelma Rider, born in 1908 in Mexico, married Robert Edward Dewey from Saranac Lake, NY.  She died 7 April 1967 in Mattydale, NY.  Robert died in August 1972 near Syracuse, NY.

Special thanks are given to Brenda Neuhauset for her extensive research on the Near/Neer family.  Consult website.  See the Genealogy Report: Descendants of Frantz Ludwig Naeher.  Go to #42 for the trail to investigate on the background of Hannah Near Rider.


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