Many thanks to Esther Rancier for sharing her Bible and family information on the Sampson's.Esther is researching in Richland and Mexico the Soul/Soule, Brace and Daniel P. Smith families, and would appreciate hearing from anyone researching these surnames.  I do need help.  Esther Rancier at: 

     In Mary Lou Guindon's material on the Sampson Family she mentions a Bible belonging to Frank Sampson. Lewis Sampson's son Asa Lewis Sampson also left a Bible record, a copy of which is available at the Daughters of the American Revolution Library in Washington, D.C. The original Bible called An Illustrated Polyglot Family Bible, published in 1869, is still owned by a Mexico descendant, but is not available for public viewing. It differs in some respects from the Frank Sampson item.

     The lineage from the Mayflower's Henry Samson to the fourth generation's John Sampson, a Revolutionary Patriot, can be found in detail Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, V.20, Pt. 1, published in 2000 by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. Lewis Sampson, son of John Sampson mentioned above, was born 5 March 1783 in Duxbury, MA. He married Mary (Polly) Weston, daughter of Joseph Weston, a Revolutionary Patriot whose lineage includes a Mayflower line to George Soule. This couple married at Duxbury.  Sometime after 1810 they removed to Constantia and are included in the 1820 census at Constantia. More material on Lewis and other early Sampsons can be located in John Adams Vinton's The Giles Memorial, originally published in Boston, 1864. Lewis died at Constantia 5 June 1821 at age 68.  He was buried at the Mexico Primitive Cemetery in a plot with his wife who remarried to Jared Blount, buried in the same plot. Mary (called Polly) and Jared were recorded in the 1850 Mexico US census living in the household of William Augustus Davis and his wife, Lucy Sampson, a daughter of Lewis and Mary Sampson.

The exact transcription of the Sampson Bible follows: 

"children of Lewis Sampson and wife Polly Mary Weston"
Weston Sampson       b. Nov. 8, 1802
George      "              b. Feb.18, 1804
Joseph      "              b. Oct.20, 1806
Lewis        "              b. Aug.27, 1808
Lucy         "              b. Apr.22, 1810
Rebecca    "              b. May29, 1812
John         "              b. Mar 10, 1814
Martin       "              b. Mar 10, 1815
Elisha       "               b. Mar 12, 1817
Mary         "              b. June 4,1818
     "One Barbary Sampson (not in our direct line) dressed as a man and served as a soldier in the Rev. War. She was wounded twice and afterward received a pension from the gov't.  After the war she married and had 3 children."

     It has been possible to expand the information given in the Bible record using various sources like the following: "Grips", Historical Souvenir of Mexico, NY 1903; Moore, Edith Austin, "Tombstone Inscriptions of Primitive Cemetery in the Town of Mexico, Oswego Co., New York," Early Settlers ofNew York State, V.7, No.1 (July 1940)188; U.S. Census Oswego County, NY Township of Mexico for 1850, 1880 and 1900.; obituaries from Mexico Independent newspaper plus the papers of Mrs. Donald Rose, Gertrude Rose Dorsey, Grace Spoor, Leonora Davis Lyons, all of Mexico, N.Y.

     It is certain that George Sampson through Lucy Sampson were born in Duxbury, Ma. Birthplaces for the others are not known yet. Several may have died young as no records have surfaced in Mexico.

     I. George Sampson, b. 19 Feb. 1804 Duxbury, MA; married Lucy Davis; d. 9 Nov. 1889. Lucy was a sister of William Augustus Davis who married Lucy Sampson. This marriage of brother and sister to brother and sister knitted the Sampson/Davis families together unto the present time, although the modern descendants from the two marriages are now called Frey, Dorsey, Rose, Greene, Rancier and Roulstin.

The children of George and Lucy were the following;
1. Asa Lewis Sampson b. 13 Dec. 1828; married Elvira M. Porter; d. 10 Jan.1903.
i.   Arthur L. d.y.
ii.  Alfred P. d.y.
iii.  Ernest S. b. 31 Mar. 1856; m. Ruth Tompkins; d. after 1903. 
iv. William A. v. George Hayden b. 17 July 1869; m. (1) Hattie R. House; 2.  Minnie C. Crake; d. after 1903. 
vi.  Charles E. b. 27 July 1864; unmarried in 1903. 
vii.  Orville A. res. Troy, Pa. in 1903. 
viii.  Martha L. married _____Wilson. res. Shortsville, NY in 1903.
     2. William Augustus Sampson b. 31 Mar. 1859 at Mexico; m. Ann Elizabeth Davis, his cousin, a daughter of Lucy Sampson and William Augustus Davis. From 1920-1925 W.A. Sampson was the Village of Mexico President. He died in November 1936. Ann Eliza died 5 Oct.1908, highly respected.

      II.Lewis Sampson b. 27 Aug. 1808; married Rachel _____; d. 12 Mar. 1858. 

    Children: 1. Weston 2. Elvira 3. Eliza.

     III.Lucy Sampson b. 22 Apr. 1810 Duxbury, MA.; married William Augustus Davis 28 Mar. 1829; d. 4 Apr.1904 in the Mexico home of her daughter, Ann Elizabeth (Davis) Spoor Sampson. 
William A. was a trustee, deacon and elder of the Pratham Church. He became an elder in 1834. His parents were Asa Davis from Rutland, MA and Polly Herring from Dedham, MA. Both their fathers, Asa Davis and Benjamin Herring, were Minute Men on 19 April 1775 at Cambridge, MA. Asa, Jr. arrived in Mexico with his brother Phineas Davis in 1800. In 1812 Asa was Captain of Parkhurst's Battalion of Militia who fought at Sackett's Harbor.

Lucy and William A.'s children were all born in Mexico:
          1. Charles Herring Davis b. 20 Nov. 1831; married (1) Elvira Van Dressen Belding; (2) Lydia Hollister; d. 2 Nov.1906. Elvira was the daughter of Job Kelsey Belding and Rebecca Ferris. Rebecca's father was a popular local minister, Enoch Ferris. Both the Belding and Ferris families came from Connecticut via Canaan, Columbia Co., NY. 
Children: i. Leonora b. 18 June 1860; married twice. No issue.
                ii. May Theresa b. 14 Mar. 1863; m. Theodore Ray Greene 7 Feb. 1883; d. Apr.1914.
               iii. Lulu R. b. 13 Oct. 1865; married twice. No issue.

          2. Althea Davis b. 28 Mar. 1835; married Charles D. Porter 29 June 1854; d. 1 Feb. 1859. 
Children: i. Francis A. Porter b. 15 Dec. 1856; m. O. H. Churchill. 
                ii. Martha H. Porter b. 23 Mar. 1855.

          3. Ann Elizabeth Davis b. 9 June 1845; married (1) George Spoor; (2) William Augustus Sampson (see 1-2). She had two children by first marriage:
               i. Grace A. Spoor b. 27 Apr. 1872; d. 19 Jan.1942 unmarried. 
               ii. Jessie May Spoor b. 7 Sept. 1878; married Clarence Albion Rose; d. Mar.1954.

     IV.John Sampson b. 10 Mar. 1814; married (1) Evaline Anderson who d. 29 Mar. 1857; (2) Maria W. Wimple; d. 1895. Children: i. Amelia ii. Orvilla iii. James iv. Ellen v. Mary d.y.

    V. Martin Sampson b. 10 Mar. 1815; married Mary V. Evarts, daughter of Philo and Venera Carr Evarts; d. 23 Oct. 1896, age 81.

More infomation on further descendants can be found in Esther Rancier's "Bible Record of Lewis Sampson and Polly Mary Weston of Mexico, New York", The Colonial Genealogist, V. X, No.2 (1979), 75-84.


**Reference: Mary Lou Guindon's material on the Sampson Family.

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