Biography of JABIN WOOD, 
        Henry Wood, born ca. 1594 in County Surry, England, came to America before 1644 when he married Abigail Jenny from Leyden, Holland on 28 April 1644 in Plymouth, MA.  They became the parents of 12 children.  This Wood family began the Wood line that produced Jabin Wood.

        According to the IGI Jabin Wood was christened 28 September 1794 in the First Congregational Church at Westmoreland, Oneida Co., NY.  His father was said to be Joseph Wood.  In 1800 a Joseph Wood was included in the Oneida County census from the area including the towns of Westmoreland, Whitestown and Augusta.  A male child under 10 was included.

        There were several Joseph Woods of the right age, all descendants of Henry.  Some Josephs lived in Massachusetts, especially at Middleborough, MA.  This possibly centers on the use of one name – Clement.  Jabin had a son and grandson Clement, a rare name then and now.  It seems only one line from Henry had males named Clement.  It was a name which apparently was derived from Sarah Clemons who married 28 April 1738 in Freetown, MA John Wood of Middleborough.  Their son Clement Wood was born on 9 June 1740, one of seven children.  All the John/Sarah lines thereafter had descendants named Clement, including Jabin.  The name may form the only thread to Jabin’s ancestors.

         According to the Roster of Membership of the General Society of War of 1812, Jabin,.  a private, served one year in the company of Captain Alvin Smith.  He fought at the Battle of Sackett’s Harbor.  His service also was noted in the Index of Claims of Soldiers of the War of 1812.  He placed claims no. 3,734 for $34 and no. 3,311 for $26.

        After the war the family removed to Mexico, Oswego Co., NY.  He had two sisters(?) Fanny and Irene Wood who also came to Mexico from Westmoreland.

        By 1818 Jabin owned land in a deed for the east side of Salmon Creek.  His family became participants in the first church formed in Mexico.  It was nominally Congregational at first.  Soon the members became Presbyterians.  Quickly he established himself and in 1821 he was made an Elder,  a post he held until 1830.  In 1822 he was elected a Trustee.  Thereafter he was always called Deacon Wood.  Many church prayer meetings were held in his home as the church had no edifice.  Jabin was appointed to a committee to find a place to build, but the group failed to agree.
 In 1825 Jabin built a tannery at Mexico on his lot.  A tannery required the use of the bark of hemlock trees.  The entire area had a profusion of hemlocks growing along the Salmon Creek which were cut during the summer for lumber.  Then the bark was cut off and left to dry.  By winter sleighs of dried bark were sledded to the tanneries.  Hides were packed into layers of chopped bark then submerged in water.  It was a smelly, unpleasant job.

        Jabin used many of the prepared hides to make shoes.  Several of his sons were also shoemakers.  It was quite usual for a tanner to be a shoemaker.  Towns needed shoemakers.  Jabin eventually sold his business to Archibald Ross.

        Jabin married Melinda/Malinda.  There are suggestions in LDS files she was a Webster, but it is much more likely she was a Norton.  By 1850 Jabin and his sons lived in Richland, Oswego Co., NY. 

        Getting a complete list of his children has been impossible.  The 1830 Mexico Census enumerated 4 sons and 2 daughters.  The 1850 Richland census only listed the following:

 Wood, Jabin     55  Farmer  $1200 NY
          Malinda  57  wife              MA
          John      20  shoemaker     NY
        There were 9 Wood heads of household in Richland during 1850.   Five of the families had Vermont or Rhode Island roots.  Jabin and three sons appear to be the other heads given.  (The fourth son was living in his father’s household.)
 Wood, William F.    31 shoemaker  NY
           Elizabeth    32  wife          NY
     Charlott [sic] A.  4  daughter    NY

 Wood, Nathaniel 28 farmer  $3000 NY
              Louisa  29 wife             NY
      Martha  A.     1  daughter       NY

 Wood, Norton P. 23 farmer  $250 NY
          Elizabeth  21 wife             NY
        Gertrude G.  2 daughter       NY 

       Additionally the Mexico Presbyterian Church records reveal that Jabin and  Melinda Wood’s son Clement Fosdick/Furbush/Flavius (?) was baptized on 15 November 1828.  As no further records can be located on this child in Mexico or Richland, he probably died young. 

       By 1852 young John Wood married Esther Allen, probable daughter of Stephen and Catherine Allen.  The young couple set up residence next door to these Allens.  During 1859/60 John died.
By the 1860 Richland census the family records as given:

Wood, Jabin  65 shoemaker  NY
      Melinda  65 wife   NY

Wood, Norton P. 33 farmer ``` $75 NY
       Mary E  30 wife   NY
      Gertrude G. 1 5 daughter  NY
       Phebe Mason 64(?)   $1200 NY

Wood, Esther*  28 pauper   NY
        Catherine  8 daughter  NY
         Edward    6 son        NY
          Clement  1 son        NY
Next door:
Allen, Stephen  56 farmer   NY
        Catherine 59 wife     NY
           Charles     son      NY
         Salinda  18   daughter  NY
• widow of John Wood

In 1870 Richland census record:
Wood, Jabin  76         NY
       Melinda 76 wife   NY

Wood, Norton  44 retail  $900 NY
            Mary  40 wife          NY

       Later some of the family continued to reside in the county.  The 1880 Pulaski census included:
 Wood, William F. 63 Saloonkeeper NY
           Elizabeth 63 wife             NY
 In Mexico the 1880 census listed:
 Wood, Nathaniel 57 farmer  NY
       Lucy K.[sic] 44 wife     NY
        Clara        14 daughter NY
          Charlie    11 son        NY
               Mary   8 daughter NY
 Ladd, Julia  49 sister  NY

 The 1880 Richland census revealed:
 Wood, N. P.  53 farmer  NY
        Mary E. 50 wife     NY
         Jab.     86 father  NY*
*Indicated his parents were both born in MA.

        Melinda died 29 September 1875 at age 83.  Jabin followed her in death on 18 October 1893 at age 99.  They were buried in the Willis Cemetery, Fernwood, NY.  The stone for Melinda has been slightly eroded making it hard to read her first name which was transcribed by the DAR as Urelinda.

        Nathaniel Wood, born in 1823, died 1895 according to his tombstone in the Maple View Cemetery, Maple View, NY. His wife Lucy J. (Ladd) Wood, daughter of Denison and Sophia Edgerton (Eggleston) Ladd, was born in 1835 and died in 1904.  Their daughter Clara, born in 1866, died unmarried in 1932. Now interred near her parents.

       Charles Wood, son of Nathaniel, resided in Parish, Oswego Co., NY.  In the 1920 Parish census there was the following:

 Wood, Charles O. 51 farmer  NY 
  Bessie S. 45 wife  NY
  Donald S. 10 son  NY
  Robert C.  7 son   NY
        Bessie, born in 1876, died in 1955.  Charles, born in 1867, expired in 1958.  Son Robert, born in 1912, died in 1871.  Son Donald, born in 1910, died in 1973.  All of this family were buried in the Maple View Cemetery.  
        John Wood’s widow moved her family west.  Their son Edward A. Wood, at age 75 born in 1854, in 1930 census resided in Reading, Hillsdale Co., MI.   He was a widower who had been married for 24 years, then living alone.

        John and Esther’s next son, Clement H, in 1904 resided in River Forest, Cook Co. IL.  He married Andrea Hansen from Horsen, Denmark.  They had four children.  According to a family researcher, Ralph Walton Wood was born 24 August 1904 in River Forest, IL.  He died 24 August 1988 in Billings, MT.  He married Florence Geneva Atkinson born 17 March 1908 in Castle, ND.  She died on 20 April 1997 in Whitefish, MT.  They had three children.  In 1930 the couple resided in District 2, Sunburst, Toole Co., MT. Clement’s other children were Edward Allen Woods, born 24 January 1884; Lola Esthek Wood, born 10 December 1886 and Mabel Catherine Wood born 8 January 1888.
        The youngest son of John and Esther was called Carley as a child.  His full name was Carlton E. Wood.  In the 1930 census he resided in District 6, Camden, Hillsdale Co., MI.  A farmer, age 70, he had wed Anna B., age 69, born in Michigan.


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