Many thanks to Esther Rancier for researching and sharing her information on the Crossett family.   I try with all the families to include more than just begats.  People need to be viewed in the context of their world.  My goal is to really tell the many aspects of Oswego County history.  Eventually if one reads all my bios, a person will also learn the local history and cultural story of the area.  Esther.

Esther is researching in Richland and Mexico the Soul/Soule, Brace and Daniel P. Smith families, and would appreciate hearing from anyone researching these surnames.   Esther Rancier at: <>

The Worth family in America was derived from from William Worth, born 25 February 1641/42 in Plymouth, Devonshire, Eng;and.  The date is not always the same in the various sources.  He migrated to America in 1662.  After his arrival he joined Tristram Coffin’s colony on Nantucket Island off Massachusetts.  There on 11 April 1665 he wed Sarah Macy, born 1 August 1646 in Salisbury, MA.  She was the daughter of Thomas Macy and Sarah Hopscott.  The Macy had migrated from Chilmark, Wiltshire, England.  

Thomas and Sarah’s son John Worth was born 19 May 1666.  His mother Sarah died in 1701.  Two years later William remarried.  During his lifetime on Nantucket William worked as a blacksmith and a mariner.  He also served as a Clerk of the Court and a Justice.  He died 1 October 1724.

John on 22 September 1684 wed Miriam Gardiner also of Nantucket.  They had eight children.  After Miriam’s death John wed again to Ann Platts Sarson.  They had two more children.  Later still after Ann died, William married another, one Dorcas Smith who had four children.  John died soon after his father on 1 February 1731/32 at Edgartown, MA.  He was buried in the Town Hill Cemetery.

John and Miriam’s oldest son Jonathan Worth, born 31 October 1685, wed Mary Hussey on 17 June 1707.  They lived on beautiful Nantucket where they had five children.  

Their oldest son John, born 15 April 1713, wed on 6 February 1734/35 Mary Gardiner.  She became the mother of eleven children.  Their son, Jonathan, born 25 September 1745, moved to New York State on Long Island at Mattituck.  On 27 November 1771 he wed Mary Edwards there.  Mary, the daughter of John and Mary Edwards, had five children.  This family was recorded in a 1776 census for Suffolk Co., NY taken for Brookhaven.  

After the Revolutionary War the Indian lands in northern, central and western New York State were opened to settlement as the Indians had to cede their rights as set by the Peace Treaty.  Jonathan obtained property in what was then Oneida County in northern New York.  It remains unclear how Jonathan bought this land.  He likely never saw the farm.  But Historian John C. Churchill noted that in 1798 a tax assessment was levied on Jonathan in Redfield, NY.  Churchill also pointed out that not every person the assessment list actually had taken up residence until much later.  Jonathan died 12 February 1835 in Wading River, NY.  His wife Mary had died there on 14 February 1821.  Neither likely had visited Redfield, NY.

Jonathan’s son Thomas Richard Worth, born 15 October 1780 at Mattituck, took over the property at Redfield.  He wed in May 1803 Mary Bourne, the daughter of Nathaniel Bourne and Mehitable Toby.  She was born 22 May 1785 at Falmouth, MA.  Together they had 14 children at Redfield, several of whom died young.

In 1814 in a census of landowners at Redfield taken by Oneida County, Thomas R. Worth’s name was listed.  In 1816 this area was split off from Oneida County into what is now Oswego County.  Redfield is an area of hills in the northernmost part of Oswego County.  It was an area lightly settled even to modern times, although the soil made for excellent farming.

A family member, Mary Jean Armeson, visited Redfield in 1995.  She walked the Redfield Burying Ground.  She was able to tell who supplied the various dates in the family history.  Birth dates came from the notes of Mary Bourne Wiley.  Death dates from the tombstones.  There is also a handwritten index of burials at Redfield compiled by Eloise Jones and Phyllis Grant of Redfield.  

Armeson further noted that Thomas R. Worth left a will and an inventory of his property.  Thomas owned 34 cows and 6 silver spoons along with other items. The will can be found at the  County Courthouse in Oswego, NY in Probate Records, v. G, p. 577. 

Armeson owned a family keepsake herself, a small brass candlestick with an inscription on all four sides, “To Mary Bourne from Nathaniel Bourne, A.D. 1803, Redfield, N.Y.”  The inscription suggests it was a wedding gift from  father to daughter.  The family tradition has been to hand down the candlestick to the youngest Mary of each generation.  Armeson plans to pass it on to Cynthia Mary Phillips in Orlando, FL.  Armeson’s grandmother was Mary Bourne Wiley.

All of the above was preserved by William M. Worth on his website for John Worth which is included in the bibliography.  William has compiled an outstanding genealogy which he has shared with all.  To add data or corrections contact William <>.  

In the 1850 Redfield census there were three Worth households enumerated.  

Worth, Thomas R -69-farmer-NY-$5,000
Worth, Mary -65-wife-NY
Worth, Ammon [sic] -37-son-NY
Worth, Marcy [sic] -27-daughter-NY
Worth, Huldah -22-daughter-NY
Four of Thomas and Mary’s children died before 1850.  They were all laid to rest in the Redfield Burying Ground.  They were the following: Thomas R. Worth [Jr.], born May 1806 who died 20 July 1806; son, born July 1807 who died 20 July 1807; Orrin Worth, born 9 May 1812 who died 28 July 1812; and Thomas Worth, born September 1825 wno died 21 September 1836.  

Some children not listed in this census lived elsewhere. Son Jonathan Worth, born July 1804, lived in Wayland, Michigan.  He wed  Sally Ann ____ while still in NY where they and two children.  In the 1870 Wayland, Allegan County, MI census his two children were enumerated: Domm, age 32, and Ettie A., age 30. Jonathan was shown as age 55 working as a laborer with wife Sally Ann as age 62.   He died before 1880 in Anawan, MI.  His sister Mary Worth, born 30 April 1814, wed William Wilkenson.  She died after 1861 in Prophetstown, IL.  Sister Martha Worth, born 2 May 1816, wed _____  Daniels.  They supposedly lived in Haskins, O.  She died after 1861.Sister Aurelia Worth, born 24 April 1821, wed William D. Miller with whom she had three children: Lucy, Dwight and Dora as enumerated in the 1880 Leyden, Lewis Co., NY census.

After the census the following happened.  Amon, born 9 May 1812, died 6 October 1855.  Father Thomas R. died 15 June 1856 at Redfield.  He was buried at Redfield Burying Ground.  

Another 1850 Refield household was headed by David Worth.

Worth, David -41-farmer-NY-$2500
Worth, Louisa -38-wife-NY
Worth, Emily D. -13-daughter-NY
Worth, Sarah J -10-daughter-NY
Worth, Mary R -6-daughter-NY
Worth, Enoch D -3-son-NY
David’s wife was Louisa Mary Buffington of Trenton Falls, Oneida Co., NY.  David was born on 11 October 1808, son of Thomas R. And Mary Worth.  

The third Worth 1850 household was headed by Reuben.

Worth, Reuben -40-farmer-NY-$2000
Worth, Mary -32-wife-NY
Worth, Wilber -14-son-NY
Worth, Martha -12-daughter-NY
Worth, Jennett -9-daughter-NY
Worth, Leonard -5-son-NY
Worth, Dorliska -3-daughter-NY
Reuben’s wife’s last name remains unknown.  Reuben, born in July 1810, was the son of Thomas R. And Mary.

By the 1860 Redfield census only two Worth households remained.  One was for Mary Worth, age 75, a widow, born in NY and with a net value of $5850.  She lived next door to her son until her death on 21 March 1868.

Worth, David -51-farmer-NY-$11,830
Worth, Louisa -40-wife-NY
Worth, Emily D. -24-daughter-NY
Worth, Jane S. -20-daughter-NY
Worth, Mary R -15-daughter-NY
Worth, Enoch D. -12-son-NY
Worth, Harriett -9-daughter-NY
Worth, Louisa -5-daughter-NY
Daughter Sarah J. in 1850 census was called Jane S. in 1860 census.  
Sister Mercy Worth, born 20 March 1823, wed John Wilkenson.  She was called Marcy in the 1850 census.  The Wilkenson’s lived in Trenton, Oneida Co., NY.  She died after 1861 according to family records.

       Another sister Amana, born 14 February 1819, wed Henry Hedger.  They had three children.  She died 3 January 1879 in Wheaton, Dupage Co. IL  

Brother Reuben removed to Mayfield, Fulton Co., NY.  He was enumerated there in 1860.

Worth, Reuben -50-farmer-NY-$3450
Worth, Mary -41-wife-NY
Worth, Jennett -19-daughter-NY
Worth, Leonard -17-son-NY
Worth, Dorliska -15-daughter-NY
Worth, Watson -12-son-NY
Burnap, Edwin -26-Christian Clergy-NY-$500
David Worth also removed from Redfield.  His family migrated west to Haskins, Wood Co., O.   They were shown in the 1870 Haskins census.
Worth, David -42-R R agent-NY-$5200
Worth, Louisa -41-wife-NY
Worth, Emily D -32-daughter-NY
Worth, Louisa -15-daughter-NY
Worth, Dolly -7-daughter-NY
 Daughter Emily worked as a bookkeeper at this time.  In the 1860 census she taught school.  David’s daughter Mary R., born 14 June 1844, wed Samuel Reuben Hoobler of Middleton, O.  They had eight children.  There are living heirs.

  In the 1880 Haskins census David’s family had grown smaller.  

Worth, David -71-inn keeper -NY
Worth, Emily D -42-daughter-NY
Worth, Louisa -25-daughter-NY
Emmons, Mable -8-boarder-KS
Emily D. worked as a millner.  Louisa kept house for her father. 

Brother Reuben Worth also went further west to Delavan, Walworth Co., WI.  He was listed in the 1880 census there at age 72 with his wife Mary Anne, age 62.  

His son Watson Worth remained behind in Woods County, O. at Weston.  Watson was in 1880 age 33 and in the livery business.  He had married Mary E. _____, age 29, born in NY.  Also in this household was a servant and three boarders.

 Reuben’s daughter Jennett may have wed Jacob Ulniger, born in NY, but of Swiss parents.  In the 1880 Mayfield census Jacob was 36, a teamster, and Jennett was 38.  They were the parents of five children, age 1 to 16, No definiitive proof exists that this wife was Reuben’s daughter, but she might have been.

Reuben’s son Leonard Worth was enumerated in the 1875 and 1880 census at Reading, Schuyler Co., NY.  He may have been greatly influenced or taught by the Christian clergyman who lived with the family at Mayfield in 1860.  The 1875 New York State Census for Reading showed this description of the family:

Norton, Willis -73-head-b. Ontario Co.- married-farmer
Norton, Phebe -71-wife-b.CT-married
Worth, Leonard O. -31-son-in-law-b. Oswego Co.-married-Baptist preacher
Worth, Mary E. -29-daughter-b. Steuben Co.-married
Worth, Mary E. -4-granddaughter-b. Dutchess Co.
Worth, Francis E. -2-granddaughter-b. Schuyler Co.
Five years later in the US 1880 Reading census Leonard had taken over the farm becoming head of household.
Worth, Leonard -36-clergyman-NY
Worth, Elvira -34-wife-NY
Worth, Mary E -9-daughter-NY
Worth, Francis E -7-daughter-NY
Worth, Lloyd N -2-son-NY
Norton, Willis -77- boarder-NY
Norton, Phebe-76-boarder-CT
Leonard’s wife maiden name was Mary Elvira Norton. Her parents apparently called her Mary, but as an adult she was known as Elvira at home and in the community.  An obituary mentioning Elvira and daughter Mary E. Worth appeared in the Watkins Express newspaper between 1880/1900.  See the Rootsweb Schuyler Co., NY website for more information.

Two daughters of Reuben’s resettled near him at Delavan, WI.  Daughter Martha E. wed William H. Shimmins, born on the Isle of Man.  William was her second husband.  Her first husband appeared to be ____ Gilbert.  The 1880 Delavan census listed the name George Gilbert, age 23, born NY, as the stepson of William Shimmins.  He seemed to be Martha’s first son.  Her next son was William Shimmins, age 4, born in WI.  Also in this household was Dorliska Worth, age 32, Martha’s unmarried sister.  

Thomas R. and Mary’s youngest daughter Huldah Bourne Worth, born 13 October 1826 in Redfield, wed 5 January 1858 Nathaniel Bourne.  They had four children.  This family lived at Cedar Rapids, Linn Do., IA in 1900.  She died on 7 May 1913 at Cedar Rapids.

Huldah’s daughter Mary Worth Bourne, born 16 January 1861 in Peosta, Dubuque Co., IA, wed J.W. Wiley.  By 1900 they resided in Cedar Rapids having been married eight years.  One of Mary Bourne Wiley’s granddaughters visited Redfield in 1995 which was mentioned at the beginning of this sketch.   It is from this branch of the family that much genealogical research has been done.  There are living heirs.  


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