Albion Centre Cemetery
Town of Albion
Oswego County, New York

Albion Centre Cemetery, Albion, NY
Albion Centre Cemetery, Albion, NY
Contributed By Kathy L. Last

Albion Centre Cemetery, Albion, NY
Albion Centre Cemetery, Albion, NY
Contributed By Kathy L. Last

This cemetery is located on Tinker Tavern Road, Town of Albion NY -- next to the Albion Grange Hall. 

This cemetery list was generously contributed by LuAnn Austin, who took an actual reading of the cemetery, and says it is not a complete listing.   "Numerous stones were broken, and buried under wet leaves, and I did not get to all of them. "   LuAnn is researching the following surnames: NORTON, CLEMENT, SMITH, JACKSON, and others.  Please feel free to contact her at:




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Mary A. Bowen 1836 - 1887
Elizabeth Charles 4/21/1883       (59 yrs)
Henry Charles no dates
Frank B. Clary  CW Vet ? 1827 - 1863   died at Gettysburg 
Luther Clement 1831 - 1913
Samuel P. Clement no dates
Sophia A. Smith Clement 1853 - 1947
Willis J. Corwin  1885 - 1965
Annie Greenwood Dawley  1865 - 1909
Edward Dawley 1863
Flora A. Greenwood Dawley 1901 - 1901
Lucy A. Greenwood Dawley  1895 - 1918
Rosia Greenwood Dawley 1902 - 1902
Richard Hard 5/6/1886
Abbie H. Jackson 11/4/1856 - 4/25/1906
Andrew Jackson 4/8/1829 - 10/15/1891
Charity Jackson  8/6/1895           (84yrs 6 m 28 d)
Delancey Jackson 5/27/1852 - 5/17/1925
Edson M. Jackson 11/7/1863 - 5/12/1934
Hilance E. Jackson 10/14/1849 - 12/10/1931
Timothy S. Jackson 4/11/1893         (75y 18 d)
Tirzah L. Jackson 11/20/1829 - 5/26/1918
William S. Jackson 3/25/1890         (87 yrs 10 m 11 d)
Anne Leno  1836 - 1916
Frederick Leno  1835 - 1899
John Leno  1867 - 1891
Helen A. Jackson Morrison 1855 - 1882
James F. Morrison  1848 - 1930
Nettie Sheley Morrison 1864 - 1919
Alice F. Norton  5/6/1859 - 1/17/1911
Charlie B. Norton 1866 - 1941
Hiram Frisby Norton 10/7/1895         (75 yrs)
Martha Norton  8/2/1916           (86 yrs)
Nettie A. Jackson Norton  1876 - 1961
Julia Elizabeth Norton Smith 1862 - 1944
Lyman Beecher Smith 2/15/1902        (56 yrs)
Mary Norton Smith 4/26/1890        (37 yrs)
Elizabeth L. Rockwell 1865 - 1950
Frank Rockwell 1857 - 1944
Lancing Tanner  Co. F  184th NY Vol 1831 - 1911
Abminda Wright  1835 - 1860
Harriet S. Wright (Chapin) see 12/02 info 7/31/1853         49 years old
Harvey Wright (see below info 12/02) 4/28/1871         (69 yrs)
Mary E. Wright  8/18/1838         (1 yr 6 m)
Charles Young  1857 - 1924
Elizabeth Young  1850 - 1935

Note:     10/09/2001
Harriet S. Wright, my ancestor, who is buried in the Albion Centre Cemetery.  I'd like to get her age
corrected on the web sites that have listed it.  As I mentioned, her age should be listed as 49, not 19.  It really looks like 19 on the gravestone, but since I knew that was impossible, I've had someone closely examine the gravestone, and on close examination, it is actually 49, but the "arms" of the 4 are very fine and worn, so hard to make out. 
Harriet S., aka Sally Wright is my Great Great Grandmother, and is buried there with my GGG- Grandfather, Harvey Wright and one of their children, Mary E. Wright.  The other dates and ages are  correctly transcribed.  As far as I know, I am not related to the other Wright's who are buried nearby.

You can see that this is a family group (the stones are all together), and Mary is Harriet's daughter.  But... if you "do the math", you see that if Harriet had been 19 when she died in 1853, then she would have been born in 1834, just 3 or 4 years before her daughter Mary E. That's obviously is not right.  I also have census records from 1850 showing Harvey and his wife (she is listed  as "Sally H." in the census), and their ages in 1850 were 45 and 44.  This is consistent with her being around 49 when she died in 1853 (actually, it's still at least a few years off, even if the census was before her birthday, and her death after, but I've found such discrepancies common... Harvey's age is also off by a few years; 45+21=67, not 69).

I'm attaching the photo I took of the stone... you can see that it might be either 19 or 49 from this photo.  Only close examination of the stone shows that it is actually 49.

Harriet S. Wright, age 49
Harvey and his family remain somewhat of a mystery.  After his wife died, Harvey "disappeared".   I haven't been able to find him in any of the federal census records for 1860 or 1870.  Some old letters I have suggest that he was still nearby, at least during the Civil War, but I don't know where.  I also don't know where he was born, or who his parents were.  He shows up in Albion Township in the 1840 census, and is still there in 1850, along with his wife, his son (my GG Grandfather), and several daughters.  

I think I've identified the husband of one daughter, living on in Albion Township, and I've been able to track his Son, Jason, quite thoroughly, but Harvey remains elusive.  I don't know if you know of any resources that might help track him down after 1850.  Any help would be appreciated. 

Anyway, thanks again for your help with the gravestone transcription, 

Contributed by Steve Swales at:


12/2002  Since I wrote you, I've learned that Harriet's maiden name was Chapin, daughter of Josiah Chapin and Polly Chamney.  Harvey is almost certainly the son of Paul Wright.  The Wrights and Chapins lived in Sandy Creek, before Harvey and Harriet moved to Albion.  Harvey and his brother, William were born in Herkimer Co., though it seems Paul was not from there originally.  Josiah was from MA.
Contributed by Steve Swales at:

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