Butler Cemetery in Town of Amboy

Butler Cemetery, Amboy, NY
Butler Cemetery, Amboy, NY
Contributed by Kathy Last


Butler Cemetery, Amboy, NY
Butler Cemetery, Amboy, NY
Contributed by Kathy Last

The Butler Cemetery is located on Co. Rt. 183 (east side), Town of Amboy (mesh fence with gate).   Kathy Teague.

BUTLER John T. Jr.  Dec. 5 1852
              Mary A.  Sept. 11, 1853/ Aug. 30 1923
              They will rest in Mountain view cemetery, Pasadena, Cal.

LEWIS  Maude E. Lewis   1876 - 1968  (on Wilson "lot")

WILSON Anna L.  1852 - 1944
              Robert G.   1848 - 1930

BUTLER  B. E. Butler

BUTLER Eliza M. Butler died Mar. 7, 1871 AE 19 yr.. 10 m. 22 d.
             May we all be prepared to me our God in peace (open book)

             'O the Angels will come with their music
              Will come with their music, sweet music
             to welcome me home on the bright gates of cristal
             the sleeping ones will stand to sing me a welcome
             to our own native land'

(MERRETT) erected by Silas Merrett

BUTLER  Asahel D. Butler died Mar 28, 1868 AE 24 yr. 3 m. 27 d.
              (verse;  stone mended)    footstone  A.D.B.

BUTLER Catherine  wife of J. T. Butler  died June 9, 1867  AE 46 y. 11 m. 9 d.
              (verses) (M. M. = Mexico)
             J. T. Butler  died Mar. 15, 1881  AE 76 yr.
             William H. Butler  died Nov. 18, 1869  AE 57 yr
              Joseph Butler died July 7, 1842  AE 58 yr.
              Martha  his wife  died Jan. 6, 1869  AE 85 yr.     J. B. footstone

Our thanks go to Kathleen Teague for contributing this list.  She would love to hear from others researching her family surnames:  Butler, Smith, Brodock, Knickerbocker and others from Oswego Co.
**(Kathleen mentions that  - "This is all that appears for the cemetery. The initials at the top appear to be the people that enumerated the cemetery in 1980. None of these Butler's appear to match mine. I believe that these Butlers are descendants of Alexander Butler of CT.  His children spread out through NYS including the Cherry Valley area." Kathy Teague

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