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Cemetery is located next to the Colosse Baptist Church (The oldest fundamental Baptist Church that began as a Bible study in 1802 & was organized in 1815). 

Contributed By Kathy Last
Contributed By Kathy Last

Contributed By Kathy Last
Contributed By Kathy Last

ACKLEY, Mary M.,  age 28,  died 1848, buried with 2 mo. old daughter.  Wife of Asey G. Ackley
ALLEN, Betsey, age 74, died 1829; wife of Perry Allen
ALLEN, Betsey, age 71, died 4/11/1859 or 1889, wife of Henry Allen
ALLEN, C. Fisk, born 1831, died 1912, son of Cyrus and Mary Morse Allen
ALLEN, Cyrus, born 8/8/1796, died 10/28/1889, husband to Mary Morse
ALLEN Eugene R., age 11 years, 8 months, died 1849, son of Cyrus and Mary Morse Allen
ALLEN, Frances, age 5 months, 11 days, died 1846, son of Cyrus and Mary Morse Allen
ALLEN, Henry, age 65, died 2/18/1836, husband of Betsey Allen
ALLEN, Mary Morse, age 78 years, died 8/31/1880, wife of Cyrus Allen
ALLEN, Mary Ann, age 19years, 3 months, 26 days, died 7/5/1857, daughter of Paul W. and Sally M. Allen
ALLEN, Paul, age 67,died 1878, husband of Sally M. Allen
ALLEN, Perry, age 65, died 1836, husband to Betsey Allen
ALLEN, Sarah Huntley, age 32, died 10/5/1822, wife of Comfort Allen (the first burial in Colosse Ceme)
ALLEN, William, age 12 years, 6 months, 18 days, died 1846, son of Paul and Sally M. Allen
ALLEN, William Henry, age 16 years, 4 months, son of Cyrus and Mary Allen
AYERS, Thomas W., born 1911, died 1917, son of Willard Gove and Betsey HOLUDAY Ayres

BARD, Alfred R., age 26 years, died 1836
BARD, Elisha, age 60, died 1831, husband of Elizabeth Bard
BARD, Elizabeth, age 68 years, 1 month, 7 days, died 1844, wife of Elisha Bard
BARD, Henry, age 10 months, died 1844
BARD, James C., age 50 years, 7 months, 3 days, died 1851, husband of Sutina Bard
BARD, Maria, age 1 year, died 1839
BARD, Sutina, age 78, died 1884, wife of James C. Bard
BARNES, Asa(h) L., aged 19 r, died 11/8/1850
BARNES, Gamaliel, aged 95yr, died 2/5/1853; husband of Hannah
BARNES, Hannah, aged 65yrs, died 11/1/1829
BARNS, Henry W., age 8 years, 9 months, 13 days, died 1846, son of S.H. and Hannah Barns
BARTEL, Mrs., born in France, died 1889
BATES, Philemon, died 1840
BELKNAP, Agnes Ann, age 2 years, died 1841 or 1844, daughter of Asa and Jane Belknap
BELKNAP, Alice L., age18 years, died 1857, daughter of Asa and Jane Belknap
BOIGEL, Catherine M., age 89, died 1888, born in France, daughter of Christofer Delphis
BOOTH, Gamaliel, age 25 years, died 1857
BRISTOL, Daniel M., age 61 years, 4 months, died 1850
BRISTOL, Daniel M., age 39 years, 4 months, died 1869

CALDWELL, K.A.J. (E.S. LIST),  age 3 weeks, Died 1877, daughter of James and Alice
CALDWELL, William M., age 72 years, 26 days, died 1880

CALKINS, Martha, age 66, died 1871 wife of Minor Calkins
CALKINS, Minor, age 89, died 1868, husband of Martha Calkins

CLARK, Dora, (see Hatch)

CONE, Gurdin, age 58 years, died 1828, husband of Lovina Cone
CONE, James, age 62, died 1858
CONE, Lovina, age 82 years, died 1817 or 1857, wife of Gurdin Cone
COOPER, Margaret  (See Smith plot)
CRAIG, John M., age 31 years, 5 months, died 1835

DANIELS, Frances, age 56 yers, died 1883, wife of A.T. Daniels
DANIELS, Thomas, age 64 years, died 1891, husband of O.C. House
DAVIDSON, Kziah C., age 51 years, 11 months, died 1848, wife of Isaac Davidson
DELPHIS, Catherine, (see Boigel)
DIAKE, David P., age 27 years 10 months and 7 days, died 1862, son of I. And C. Diake
DODMAN, Stephen, age 35 years, died 1857 (date not clear)
DOUGLAS, Franklin, born 1796, died 1845, husband of Phoebe Douglas
DOUGLAS, Phoebe, born 1801, died 1891, wife of Franklin Douglas
DRAKE, Louisa H. (see Huntley)

FAIRCHILD,  Harriet M., age 50 years, died 1866, wife of E. Fairchild
FELLOWS, Ruth M., age 70 years, died 1891
FORD, Pamelia, age 28years, died 1830, wife of Russell
FRANKLIN, Mary  (see LAW family)
FRARY, Almon, aged 88years, 5 months, 20 days, died 1872, husband to Dorcas
FRARY, Cephas H., aged 36 years, 6 months, died 1883, Civil War Veteran
FRARY, Chauncey S., aged 29 years, 10 months, died 1869
FRARY, Dorcus, aged 87 years, 8 months, 11 days, died 1872, wife of Almon
FRARY, Orange, January 1, 1812 –1879, husband to Minerva
FRARY, Minerva, aged 64 years, 8 months, 18 days, wife of Orange

GENEY, Susan, aged 42 years, died 1888, dau. of Frederick & Catherine Genery (O. C. House)

GEORGE, Anna,  1868-1872, dau. of Mathurin George
GEORGE, Anthony, died in 1902 in France
GEORGE, Mathurin, aged 79 years, died 1906, son of Joseph George (Mathurias)


GRESSARD, Catherine, aged 78 years, died 1833, wife of  Peter
GRESSARD, Catherine, died age 6 years, 1 month, dau. of John D & Margaret C.
GRESSARD, Catherine, died age 2 years, dau. of  John D. & Margaret C.
GRESSARD, John D., aged 33 years, 7 months, died 1835, husband to Margaret
GRESSARD, John D. Jr., died age 1 year, 15 days, son of John D. & Margaret
GRESSARD, Margaret, aged 69 years, died 1871, wife of John D.

HARVEY, Almira, aged 32 years, 1 month, died 1834, wife of Cyrus H.
HARVEY, Angeline, aged 29 years, 10 months, died 1842, wife of Cyrus H.
HARVEY, H. Clinton, aged 27 years, 11 months, 20 days, died 1855
HARVEY, Cyrus H.,1780-1840, born at Sarry, NH, husband to Lavina (note: wives Almira, Angelina & Lavina)
HARVEY, Lavina, aged 56 years, 5 months, 25 days, died 1870, wife of Cyrus H.

HATCH, Alice M., 1851-1860, dau. of Jarvis & Hannah Hatch
HATCH, Dora Clark, aged 35 years, died 1875, wife of William Miner HATCH
HATCH, Hannah S., 1810-1893, wife of Jarvis, dau of Peter SCHEMERHORN & Maria MILLER
HATCH, Henry, 1838-1839, son of Jarvis & Hannah
HATCH, Jarvis, 1807-1886, husband to Hannah
HATCH, Lester Stephen, 1832-1896, son of Jarvis & Hannah
HATCH, Morgiana E., 1846-1848, dau. of Jarvis & Hannah
HATCH, William Miner, age 45 years, 6 months, 3 days, died 1186, wife to Dora Clark

HOTCHKISS, David, aged 51 years, died 1858
HOTCHKISS, Harriet A., aged 19 years, 10 months, 21 days, died 1848
HOTCHKISS, Huldah, aged 89 years, died 1851(1864)
HOTCHKISS, Stephen, aged 79 years, died 1851

HOWARD, Benjamin, aged 80 years, died 1812 (E. S. list 1842), Revolutionary War soldier
HOWARD, Dexter, aged 81 years, 9 days, died 1871, husband to Rosina
HOWARD, unnamed dau.,  aged 28 days, died 1861., dau. of Dexter R. & H.A.
HOWARD, Rosina, aged 68 years (?), died 1861, wife of Dexter

HUNTLEY, male, aged 84 yr; died 1849
HUNTLEY, Alta C., aged 24y,5m; died 1880; wife of Adelbert WELLS; dau of  L.M. & E.P. Huntley
HUNTLEY, son, aged 2mo; died 1880; son of Alta & Adelbert
HUNTLEY, Hannah, aged 21 yrs; died 1811; wife of Wm. R. Huntly
HUNTLEY, Julia, aged 26yrs; died 1821; wife of Wm. R. Huntly
HUNTLEY, Judson, aged 3yrs, 11 mo, died 1862; son of A.E. & M.J.
HUNTLEY, Lorenzo, aged 61 yrs; died 1818
HUNTLEY, Louisa H., born 1828; died 1891; wife of Lyman M.; dau of Isreal & Cynthia DRAKE
HUNTLEY, Lyman A., born 1890; died 1906; son of H. L. & Nellie 
HUNTLEY, Lyman M., born 1814; died 1910; husb of Louisa H; son of Lorenzo & Charlotte 

JOHNSON, Charles M., aged 16yrs, 9mo; died 1860; son of O. N. & Lydia
JOHNSON, Jane Ann, aged 58yrs, 10mo; died 1876; wife of Philo G.
JOHNSON, Julia Ann, aged 24 yrs, 8mo; died 1839; wife of George Same Stone Alfred  9da???
JOHNSON, Lydia, aged 59yrs; died 1872; wife of Obadiah
JOHNSON, Mary, no dates; wife of Obadiah
JOHNSON, Obadiah, aged 77 yrs; died 1884; husb of Lydia & Mary
JOHNSON, Philo, age 60 yrs, 8 mo; died 1878; husb of Jane Ann

KELLER, Jane C., aged 34 yrs; died 1875; wife of Rufus

KENYON, Charles M., aged 2 mo; died 1813; son of George and Mary
KENYON, Hannah, aged 70 yrs; died 1848; 2nd wife of Lewis
KENYON, Hellen A., aged 1yr, 8mo; died1836; dau of Lewis & Pamelia (E.S. HELLEIT)
KENYON, Lewis, aged 84yrs; died 1859; husb of Permelia & Hannah
KENYON, Lewis Jr., aged 50 yrs; son of Lewis
KENYON, Mary S., no dates
KENYON, Permelia F., aged 34 yrs; died 1841; wife of Lewis; mother of Hellen A.
KENYON, Sarah, no dates; dau of Lewis & Permelia

LAM, Amy (WEIGHMAN), aged 89yrs; died 1846; wife of David LAM (E.S.  1846)
LAM, David, aged 83yrs; died 1838; Rev. War Soldier; husb of Amy
LAMB, Joseph, aged 47yrs; died 1837  (see E.S. List)
LAW, Mary, aged 82 yrs, 7mo; died 1898; widow; dau of Starred & Fanny FRANKLIN
LOUCKS, Elizabeth, aged 21 yrs, 9 mo; died 1834; wife of H. Loucks
LOUCKS, Jacob, aged 68 yrs; died 1841; husb of Martha
LOUCKS, Jason, aged 23 yrs; died 1831; son of J. & M.
LOUCKS, Jason, aged 13 yrs; died1849; son of H. & E.
LOUCKS, Martha, aged 62 yrs; died 1841; wife of Jacob
LUMIS, Millard, aged 58 yrs; died 1835

MC CLAYMAN, infant son; died 1837; son of Judrio & Judith
MC CLIMOND, Anna, aged 76 yrs; died 1864; wife of Bruce
MC CLIMOND, Bruce, aged 91 yrs; died 1868; husb of Anna
MC CLIMOND, Jenny; aged 97 yrs; died 1831
MARTIN, Caroline PIKE, aged 48yrs, 6mo, 9 day; died 1831; wife of James
MARTIN, Clarra, aged 79 yrs; died 1861; wife of Jesse
MARTIN, Platt, aged 41 yrs, 2da; died 1856
MARTIN, Smith, aged 27yrs, 7mo, 6 da; died 1838; husb of ???
MATTESON, David, aged58 yrs, 6mo, 5 da; died 1849; husb of Lucy
MATTESON, Elvira, aged 23 yrs, 2mo, 11 da; died 11813?;  dau of Obadiah & Lucy
MATTESON, Freeborn, aged 58 yrs; died 1837
MATTESON, Freelove, aged 15 yr, 7mo; died 1838; dau of Obadiah & Lucy
MATTESON, George, aged 9yrs, 3mo, 10da; died 1846; son of Obadiah & Lucy
MATTESON, Lucinda A., aged 27yr, 10 mo, 7 da;  died 1862
MATTESON, Lucy, aged 46 yrs, 6 mo; died 1846; wife of David
MATTESON, Lucy, aged 62 yr, 4mo; died 1855; wife of Obadiah
MAYBEE, Ephraim B., aged 8 yrs, 10 mo, 16 da; died 1851; son of Joseph & Maria
MAYBEE, Joseph, aged 68 yrs; died 1864
MAYBEE, Sarah, age 36 years, 3 months, 26 days, died 12/4/1834 or 1854, Consort of Joseph Maybee
MEAD, Emily, aged 25 yrs; died 1832; wife of Louis
MEAD, Fanny,  aged 31yrs; died 182?, wife of Louis MEAD (E.S. dod 1838)
MORSE. A.H., aged 73 yrs, 5mo, 2 da; died 1883; husb of Keziah
MORSE, aged 58 yrs, 3mo, 5 da; died 1871; wife of A.H.


NICKERSON, Mary, aged 73 yrs; died 1870; wife of Hiram
NILES, Charles S., aged 24 yrs; died 1839; son of Spencer & Nabby ?
NILES, Naboth B., aged 16 yrs; died 1838; son of Spencer & Nabby?
NILES, Spencer S., aged 51 yrs; died 1840; husb of Nabby?
NORCOTT, Phoebe  (see SHERMAN)
NORTHRUP, Cahterine M., aged 73 yrs; died 1871; wife of Richard

ORMSBEE, Elisha, no dates; served in Hitchcock's Rhode Island Militia during Rev. War

PALMER, Amanda, aged 23 yrs; died 1849; wife of Harvey
PALMER, Bethiah, aged 72 yrs; died 1854; wife of Deacon S.
PALMER, Betsey, aged 54 yrs; died 1840; wife of Denison D.
PALMER, Charles, aged 30 yrs; died 1849; husb of Clarissa
PALMER, Clarissa M. , aged 28 yrs; died 1847; wife of Charles
PALMER, Dennison B., aged 75 yrs; died 1863; husb of Betsey
PALMER, Ellen, infant dau of Charles & Clarissa M.
PALMER, Harvey W., died 1840; infant son of Harvey & Amanda 
PALMER, Sabray, aged 67 yrs; died 1851
PALMER, Stutely, aged 72 yrs; died 1858
PARKHURST, Hannah, aged  93 yrs; died 1863; wife of Josiah
PARKHURST, Henry L., aged 14 yrs, 11 mo; died 1849; son of John & Betsey D.
PARKHURST, Josiah, aged 72 yrs; died 1835; husb of Hannah
PARMENTIER, Charles, aged 70 yrs; died 1890; born in France; son of Charles Parmentier
PATRICK, Seeley T., aged 30 yrs; died 1839; husb of Angeline
PATRICK, William H., aged 2 yrs, 6 mo, 23da; died 1838; son of Seeley & Angeline
PICKENS, Cornelia C., aged 31 yrs; died 1865; wife of L.D.
PIKE, Caroline  (see MARTIN)
POWERS, Hannah, aged 76 yrs; died 1862 or 1863; wife of William
POWERS, William, aged 76 yrs; died 1854; husb of Hannah
PRODOLIET, Louis, aged 67 yrs; died 1895

RICHARDSON, Alvin, aged 83 yrs, 5 mo, 16 da; died 1884; husb of Nancy L.
RICHARDSON, Amanda, aged 8 yrs, 1 mo, 13da; died 1830; dau of Reuben & Laura
RICHARDSON, Catherine GIBSON; aged 57 yr, 6 mo, 24 da; died 1880; dau of Nancy & Alvin
RICHARDSON, Charles H., aged 56 yrs, 11 mo, 23da; died 1880
RICHARDSON, Cordelia, aged 27 yr, 10 mo, 3d, died 1853; (may be  F. Cordelia)
RICHARDSON, D. Webster, aged 16 yr, 5 mo, 1 da; died 1853; son of Nancy & Alvin
RICHARDSON, Edward G., aged 67 yrs, 11mo, 6 day; died 1873; husb of  Phebe
RICHARDSON, Eliza A., aged 2 yrs, 6 mo, 13d; dau of Alvin & Nancy
RICHARDSON, George W., aged 27 yrs, 10 mo, 3 da; died 1855
RICHARDSON, Jackson, aged 1 yr, 4mo; died 1822
RICHARDSON,  Jane L, aged 4 yrs; died 187?
RICHARDSON, Lucena, aged 82 yrs; died 1879; wife of Reuben
RICHARDSON, Matilda B., aged 35 yrs, 8 mo, 7 da; died 1858; dau of Oliver & Clarissa
RICHARDSON, Phebe, aged 60 yrs; died 1867; wife of Edward G.
RICHARDSON, Nancy L., aged 78 yrs, 11 mo, 3 da; died 1878; wife of Alvin
RICHARDSON, Reuben E., aged 52 yrs; died 1849; husb of Lucena
ROGERS, Rhoda NEWELL; wife of Samuel; buried in MI (see Rogers Gene. Folder)
ROGERS, Samuel,  died 1831; husb of Rhoda NEWELL
ROOD, Lewis H., aged 34 yrs; died 1878; son of Truman & Patty
ROOD, Patty M., aged 59 yrs; died 1864; wife of Truman
ROOD, Marshaline M., aged 22 yrs, died 1864; dau of Truman & Patty
ROOD, Truman, aged 77 yrs; died 1877; husb of Patty  (1st white child born in Mexico Twp 1799)

SCHERMERHORN, Mary HATCH, aged 90 years, 2 months; died 1863; wife of Peter
SHERMAN, Phoebe, age 90 years, 2 months; died 1891; widow; daughter of Ebenezer & Irene NORCOTT
SIMPLOT, John, age 54 years, died 1830
SMITH, Addison, age 46 years, died 5/1/1877, son of Seneca and Margaret Smith
SMITH, Charles H., age 6 months, 12 days, died 2/7/1861, son of W. & A. Smith
SMITH, Helen A., age 4 years, 2 months, died 9/28/1819 , daughter of Henry and Olive Smith
SMITH, Henry  , age 70 years, died 1870, husband of Olive Smith
SMITH , Henry W.,  age 29, died 10/18/1860
SMITH, James S., age 78 years, 1 month, 26 days; died 6/8/1858; husband of Sally 
SMITH, Margaret, age 88, died 3/25/1898, wife of Seneca Smith, (Nee: Cooper)
SMITH, Noah, age 71, died October 4, 1811 (note: his wife died age 68, but no name given)
SMITH, Olive, age 67 yrs; died 3/1/1868; wife of Henry 
SMITH, Sally, age 72 yrs; 11 months, 1 day, died 10/6/1859; wife of James 
SMITH, Seneca, age 66 yrs; died 3/16/1873 or 1878; husband of Margaret 
SOULE, Amos L., age 13 yrs; died 1853
STEVENS, Fred, age 40 years; died 1905; son of George and Mary Yeder Stevens

TAYLOR, Hannah, age 71 years, died 1853, wife of Stephen Taylor
TAYLOR, Hannah, age 49 years, 2 months, died 1860, wife of Harvey W. Taylor
TAYLOR, Polly, age 34 years, died 1849, daughter of Stephen and Hannah Taylor
TAYLOR, Stephen, age unknown, died 1854, husband of Hannah Taylor
TIFFANY, Althea H., age 30 years, 2 months, 4 days, died 1821 or 1831, Consort of Rufus Tiffany
TIFFANY, Althea H., age unknown, died unknown, daughter of Rufus and Althea H. Tiffany
TIFFANY, Julian, age 5 months, died 1826, son of Rufus and Althea H. Tiffany
TIFFANY Rufus W., age unknown, died 1822, son of Rufus and Althea H. Tiffany
TUDA or TUDO, Joseph, age 69 years, died 1891, born in France (Could be in St. Anne’s Ceme)

VAULT, Mary Ann, age 86 years, died 1900 born in France, may be widow of Nicholas(?)

WEIGHMAN, Amy,  (see Lam)
WELLS, Alta C. Huntly, age 24 years, 5 months; died 1880, wife of Adelbert Wells
WHIPPEL, Barnet, age 47 years, 7 months, 12 days; died 1818
WHIPPLE, Barner, Capt., age 58 years; died 1821
WHIPPLE, Catherine, age 59 years; died 1824
WHIPPLE, Celesta, age 61 years, 8 months, 6 days
WHITNEY, B_____, age 12 years; died 1835
WHITNEY, Fanny Julia, age 21 years, 3 days; died 1847; daughter of Benneigh and Rosina Whitney
WICKWIRE, Hester, age 81 years, 10 months; died 1835; wife of Jonas 
WIGHTMAN, Hannah, age 54, died 1843; wife of William 
WIGHTMAN, William, aged 73; died 1857; husb of Hannah 
WILDER, Clarissa L., age 15 years, 5 months; died 1855; daughter of V.M. and P. Wilder
WRIGHT, Angeline, age 18 years, 11 months; died 1857; daughter of Elias and Harriet Wright
WRIGHT, Harriet, age 69 years, 8 months; died 10/16/1875; wife of Elias Wright

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