Cemetery at Five Corners in Amboy

Five Corners Cemetery in Amboy, NY
Five Corners Cemetery in Amboy, NY
Contributed by Kathy Last

Five Corners Cemetery in Amboy, NY
Five Corners Cemetery in Amboy, NY
Contributed by Kathy Last

The Cemetery at Five Corners is located on NY Route 69 and Turk Rd, and may be located on private property.  Its best to ask for permission from the owners first, before visiting any  cemeteries on private land.  This is not a complete list, and is thought to have as many as 100 burials here. 

Enumerated by MEP, MKP, and MW     18 Apr. 1980

Green     In memory of WANTON GREEN who died March 15, 1833,  AE 59 yr 10 mo 14 da

              Farewell my wife and children dear, I leave you all  behind
              The joys of life I leave with you Myself to God Resign
             *(note: lying on edge, against a sapling)

Many graves marked by fieldstones, mounds, etc....
I.R.  ??

PEIRCE  -   S. PEIRCE, JR.   d. Ju. 16 1831  A: 29    (deep carved fieldstone)

NICHOLAS -  HARRIET  Wife of GARRET NICHOLAS  died  June 26, 1847  AE 51 yrs.
?      - a piece of marble slab is lying against a nearby tree

MOWRY -  SALLY ANN  dau. of EPHRAIM & ACHSETH MOWRY, Died Aug. 20, 1825 in the 13 year of her age (stone is flat on ground)

TUTTLE - SEPTIMUS TUTTLE  Died Aug. 8, 1833  Aged 58 years.

KINNE - JESSE KINNE  Died march 21, 1851  AE 87 yrs.
- wife of JESSE KINNE who died Sept. 8, 1833 in the 70 year of her age
                (flat on ground behind J.K.)

KINNEY - TRUMAN M. KINNEY  Died Sept. 23, 1862   AE  73 yrs.
                   AURELA   wife of T. M. KINNEY  died June 2, 1850   AE 52 yrs.
                   ROSALTHA  dau. of T.M. & A. KINNEY  died  May 2, 1856 AE 20 yrs.

KINNE  -  ZERVIAH  wife of JABESH M. KINNE  died Sept. 27, 1870  AE 68 yrs.
KINNEY - JABISH M. KINNEY  died May 9, 1882  AE 85 yrs.

(Kinne and Kinney stones in one row) 

MC INTYRE - JULIA A.  dau. of AARON & _____   MC INTYRE   (flat on

?    -     CHESTER (CRANSON?)

MC INTYRE  -  AARON MC INTYRE  died ____ 1841  AE  66 yrs.
                    ( in outside row, west end of cemetery)

Many thanks to Kathleen Teague for contributing this list.  She would love to hear from others researching her family surnames:  Butler, Smith, Brodock, Knickerbocker, and many others from Oswego Co.

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