Holmes Family Cemetery
Route 11 - 5 miles South of the Pulaski Jr. Sr. 
High School

Many thanks to Julie Robst and husband, an avid genealogist also, who recently took a reading of this cemetery, and has generously shared it with fellow researchers.  Julie says, "It was the bloodhound" in him that helped us to find the Holmes Family Cemetery in South Richland as no one in the Pulaski Historical Society knew where it was, and he was determined to find it.  To read the fascinating history of the Holmes Family and their settlement in the Town of Richland, see Account of the HOLMES Family.

Julie is researching the following surnames and would to hear from anyone on them:  Ball, Calkins, Cates, Litts, Manwarren, Pond, Price, Robst, Tollerton.  She can be contacted at:  KeeperOfTheTree@aol.com

**For more information on any of the names, please contact the local Historical Society, or town Historian.

Holmes Family Cemetry, Richland, NY
Holmes Family Cemetry, Richland, NY
Contributed by Kathy L. Last

Holmes Family Cemetry, Richland, NY
Holmes Family Cemetry, Richland, NY
Holme's Stone
Contributed by Kathy L. Last

Ann Eliza Holmes - died 1861 Age 13 Years
Eliza - wife of Isiah Holmes - died December 27, 1865 Age 50 Years
Isaiah Holmes - died June 23, 1870 Age 83 Years 3 Months 9 Days
Nathaniel Holmes - died March 1850 Age 90 Years
Mary - wife of Nathaniel Holmes - died August 5, 1846 Age 86 Years
Sally - wife of Isaiah Holmes - died July 8, 1843 Age 49 Years

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