Many sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr. Byron Rowlee, who compiled and recorded this cemetery, for making this list available online to us. Mr. Rowlee tells me," I was town historian for several years before retiring, and was also the town clerk of Volney, which gave me access to records that most people are not subject to review and consequently there is extra information, as well as having access to my grandfather's diaries that were kept for nearly 40 years, and that also gave extra information. I have always been willing to share my information and try to answer all inquires as far as possible as one never knows what someone out there might be able to share with you and shed light on the local history." 

Sincerely, Byron Rowlee Sr. [now deceased]

*Note: Mr. Rowlee has spent many years of work and much time visiting all of the cemeteries in the town, as well as reviewing the records for a good many of the cemeteries. They contain much information that usually is not found on cemetery lists and provides detailed resources for further research. He certainly deserves the recognition for all his time and hard work.

This cemetery was transcribed by our frequent volunteer Dianne Thomas, who luckily, likes long and detailed projects.  Dianne also volunteers her time transcribing for several other websites, and enjoys being involved in genealogy.  Many thanks and appreciation to you both. 

For further information on any of the names, please contact the local Historical Societies / Town Historians. Some of the names listed below have just a date or year, and the list does not indicate if that is when the individual was born or died.

VRV = Vital Records of Volney

S  -  Z

ST ONGE Edward - 1915;  Sec. F, Lot 11   

ST ONGE Grace -  b. Sept 25, 1918 (VRV) Sec. F, Lot 11
d. Jan 10, 1978  Pulaski, NY dau of Fred L. SIKES & Grace TOOLEY; wife of Edward St. Onge 

SALSBURY Howard Sec. O, Lot 5 1898  husb of Pearl A. 

SALSBURY Pearl A. Sec. O, Lot 5 1897  wife of Howard D. SALSBURY 

SAMPSON Fay E. Sec. K, Lot b. 9 Oct 5, 1937 d. June 10, 1973 dau of Hurlburt
CROUCH & Sarah SEATON; wife of unknown SAMPSON (divorced) Vital Records

SAMSON Mildred E. Sec. G, Lot 6   see Mildred E. (SAMSON)

SANFORD Emogene Sec. B, Lot 2   see Emogene (SANFORD) SIMONS 

SANFORD Floyd A. Sec. B, Lot 4 b. Jun 23, 1885 Mt. Pleasant, NY d. Mar 16,
1937 son of Henry L. SANFORD & Rhoda IVES; husb of Ida Mae JONES; WW I Vet -
Scriba Vital Records

SANFORD Ida Mae Sec. B, Lot 4 b. Aug 23, 1895  Scriba, NY d. Dec 18,
1949 dau of Almon JONES & Sarah WORT; wife of Floyd A. SANFORD - Vital Records Fulton

SCATTARRO Fannie Sec. E, Lot 11 -  see Fannie (HOWARD) SCATARRO, LAMPHERE 

SCHOOLCRAFT Alfred Byron Sec. E, Lot 8 b. July 4, 1916 d. Oct 19, 1971 husb
of Ethel LEYDEN; WW II Vet  Tec. 4 33Hq, 108 Ing. 

SCHOOLCRAFT Ethel Sec. E, Lot 8 1934  wife of Alfred B. Schoolcraft 

SCHUTTS Evelyn Sec. N, Lot 8   see Evelyn (SCHUTTS) WOODRUFF 

SEATON Eliza May. Sec. K, Lot 9 b. Aug 19, 1879 d. May 8, 1962 Mexico, NY dau of Christopher
KERFIEN & Sarah SHELDON; wife of Leo T. SEATON, m: 9/30/1905   - Burial Permit

SEATON Sarah E. Sec. K, Lot 9  see Sarah (SEATON) CROUCH, CAMPBELL 

SEELEY Cora Sec. F, Lot 7   see Cora (HUBBARD) OLDS 

SENKO Ann  Sec. L, Lot 18  Dec 5, 1915 - Dec 18, 1978  Syracuse, NY; dau of Nicholas 
SENKO & Helen SZUBELIAK; wife of Thomas H. IVES  [from ROWLEE Genealogy]

SHATRAU Louise Mae Sec. I, Lot 18  Dec 5, 1972 - Dec 15, 1972 Syracuse, NY  Burial Permit

SHAUT Emma Sophia Sec. E, Lot 4 B. Jan 30, 1899  dau of John L. IVES & Flora V. CROOKS;
wife of Dr. Frank Carpenter SHAUT, m: 4/10/1926 Fulton, NY 

SHEFFIELD Anita (RICHMOND) Sec. D,  1911  wife of George B. SHEFFIELD 

SHEFFIELD Carrie Josephine Sec. D, Lot 3 B. 1875 D. Jan 18, 1932 dau of Abram
POTTER & Caroline DODGE; wife of George A. SHEFFIELD; aged 56 yrs (VRV)
Vital Records Volney

SHEFFIELD Floyd  Sec. D,  B. Nov 1912 D. Nov 3, 1912 son of Burt King
SHEFFIELD & Lizzie HENDRICKS; aged 4 hours Scriba Vital Records

SHEFFIELD Frank Albert Sec. D,  b. Oct 5, 1869  New Haven, NY
D. Aug 14, 1940 son of George SHEFFIELD ( of Rhode Island) & Harriet HILL
(of Granby, NY); husb of Sarah STEWART Scriba Vital Records

SHEFFIELD George   Sec. D,  b. 1830  Rhode Island
D. May 20, 1904 son of Nathan SHEFFIELD; husb of Harriet A. HILL; Civil War Vet  
Co. C, 110th, NY Vol    Scriba Vital Records

SHEFFIELD George A. Sec. D, Lot 3 b. Jan 20, 1868  New Haven, NY
d. Sept 14, 1932 son of George SHEFFIELD (of CT) and Harriet HILL (of Minetto,
NY); husb of Carrie Josephine POTTER   Scriba Vital Records

SHEFFIELD George B. Sec. D, Lot 11 1910  husb of Anita RICHMOND 

SHEFFIELD Harriet A. Sec. D, Lot 4 b. July 27, 1842 Granby, NY d. Aug 7,
1926 dau of Aseph HILL & Maria BRIGGS; wife of George SHEFFIELD  Scriba Vital Records

SHEFFIELD Burt King Sec. D,  b. Jan 3, 1883 d. Jan 16, 1969 Oswego, NY son of George SHEFFIELD
& Harriet Amanda HILL; husb of Lizzie HENDRICK, m: 12/25/1907 (VRV) HILL Genealogy

SHEFFIELD Lizzie Sec. D, Lot 1 b. Mar 3, 1878 d. June 11, 1961 dau of Alonzo HENDRICK & 
Eliza BENSON; wife of Burt King SHEFFIELD, m: Dec 25, 1907  (VRV) Scriba Vital Records

SHEFFIELD Marjorie Sec. J. Lot 2 b. Nov. 22, 1910  dau of William
RATH & Amelia M. WATERSTREET; married 2X: Earl H. SHELDON, 1/27/1929
and Macel SHEFFIELD, 2/24/1973 Mt. Pleasant Church Records (of marriages)

SHEFFIELD Mildred    Sec. D, Lot 3   see Mildred (SHEFFIELD) THOMPSON 

SHEFFIELD Nellie E. Sec. C, Lot 8   see Nellie E. (SHEFFIELD) HOWARD 

SHEFFIELD Sarah Caroline  b. Apr 28, 1877 Volney, NY d. May 7, 1962; dau of Sylvanus
STEWART & Phoebe MC DOUGALL; wife of Frank A. SHEFFIELD   (Vital Records Fulton)

SHEFFIELD Sharon Sec. D, Lot 1 Premature Dec 27, 1955 from Scriba, NY;
aged 2 hours Burial Permit

SHELDON Dorothy Sec. J, Lot 2   see Dorothy (DOWD) SHELDON, GALLAGHER 

SHELDON Earl H. Sec. J, Lot 2 b. Jan 17, 1911 Scriba, NY d. Aug 18, 1956 Syracuse, NY; son of
Howard H. SHELDON & Elise Belle HUNN; husb of Marjorie RATH, m: 1/27/1929 (VRV) Burial Permit

SHELDON Elsie Belle Sec. J, Lot 1 b. Mar 1, 1888  Volney, NY d. July15, 1963 dau of W. Eugene 
HUNN & Alice E. TAYLOR; wife of Howard H. SHELDON, m: 1/6/1910 (VRV) 

SHELDON Fay E. Sec. P, Lot 1   see Fay (SHELDON) MARK 

SHELDON Howard Henry Sec. J, Lot ? b. Sept 29, 1886 (Militia Enroll) May 15, 1970 son of James
SHELDON & Carrie HALE: husb of Elsie Belle HUNN, m: 1/6/1910 (VRV) 

SHELDON Marjorie Sec J., Lot 2   see Marjorie (RATH) SHELDON, SHEFFIELD 

SHELDON William Howard Sec J., Lot 2,  Mar 2, 1932 - June 18, 1961 PA Hosp; son of Earl 
SHELDON & Marjorie RATH; married 2X: unknown MAC DOUGALL and Dorothy DOWD 

SHERMAN Mina M. Sec. K, Lot 7   see Mina M. (SHERMAN) GRAVES 

SHERMAN Samuel H. Sec. M, Lot 2 b. July 11, 1882 - d. Oct 31, 1976 son of Caswell
SHERMAN & Alice HOLBROOK); husb of Stella May PITCHER -  Vital Records Fulton

SHERMAN Serena Marie Sec. M, Lot 4   see Serena Marie (SHERMAN) DISTIN 

SHERMAN Shirley Edna Sec. N, Lot 3   see Shirley Edna (SHERMAN) OSBORNE 

SHERMAN Stanley G. Sec. M, Lot 2 b. 1912  Hannibal, NY d. June 26, 1976 Syracuse, NY; 
son of Samuel H. SHERMAN & Stella May PITCHER; WWII Vet: Tec. 5 US Army Burial Permit

SHERMAN Stella May Sec. M, Lot 2 b. Mar 26, 1885  Palermo, NY; d. May17, 1961; 
dau of Charles PITCHER & Delida BATES; wife of Samuel H. SHERMAN - Vital Records Fulton

SHORTT Stanley J. Sec. Q, Lot 3  d. Feb 24, 1979; husb of Ruth DEPUY (divorced);71 yrs 

SHUTTS Emma Sec. M, Lot 8 b. 1882 Germany d. Nov 23, 1969 New Haven, NY; wife of 
Henry SHUTTS; aged 87 yrs; burial permit

SHUTTS Henry Sec. M, Lot 8 b. Feb 22, 1876 Germany d. Mar 20, 1963; no parents listed; 
husb of Emma (VRF)

SIKES Blanche Sec. F, Lot 11   1896  wife of Friend SIKES 

SIKES Fred L. Sec. F, Lot 9 B. 1867 Pittsfield,MA; d. Feb 13, 1960; son of Abither SIKES & Julia 
IVES; husb of Grace L. HOWSER, m: 8/21/1895; aged 92yrs  - Burial Permit & VRV

SIKES Friend James Sec. F, Lot 11 Aug 14, 1896 (Militia Enroll); son of Fred L. SIKES & Grace L. 
HOWSER; husb of Blanche; School Reg. states: born 8/10/1896 

SIKES Florence J. Sec. F, Lot 9   see Florence J. (SIKES) WAGNER 

SIKES Grace L. or E. Sec. F, Lot 9 1876 d. Feb 15, 1968 Pulaski, NY  dau
of James HOWSER & Mary VINCENT; wife of Fred L. Sikes, m: 8/21/1895;
aged 91yrs (VRV) Vital Records Volney  burial permit

SIKES Grace Sec. F, Lot 11   see Grace (SIKES) St. ONGE 

SIMMONS Cora Sec. F, Lot 8   see Cora (SIMMONS) HUBBARD 

SIMMONS Emogene Lavinia    dau of Asa B. SANFORD & Mary J. WARD; wife of Fred Bertrand
SIMMONS, married 9/19/1901 

SIMMONS Fred Bertrand Sec. B, Lot 1  b. 1881 - d. Feb 5, 1920; cremated; son of Charles A. 
SIMMONS & Phoebe IVES; husb of Emogene Lavinia SANFORD, m: 9/19/1901; aged 38 yrs 

SIMONS Adelia A. Sec. F, Lot 6 b. Jan 6, 1845 d. Aug 4, 1915 dau of Andrus IVES & Sally Ann 
BARROTT; wife of Harley H. SIMONS - IVES Genealogy

SIMONS Carlton Everett Sec. B, Lot 11 b. Mar 2, 1895  (Militia Enroll) - d. June 8, 1978; son of 
Allen A. SIMONS & Sarah CALKINS (VRV); husb of Velma HOWARD, m: 2/12/1914(191?) 

SIMONS Emogene Sec. B, Lot 2 b. 1880 d. June 23, 1960 Hartford, CT wife of Fred B. 
SIMONS; aged 80 yrs; cremated at Troy, NY  - Cremation Certificate

SIMONS Elsie Celinda Sec. F, Lot 5 b. Oct 22, 1881 Volney, NY  - d. Oct 31, 1962; dau of
Eli Delose DISTIN & Eliza Jane HUDGIN; wife of Frank E. SIMONS, m: 12/1/1897 (DD) 

SIMONS Ernest Adelbert Sec. N, Lot 14 b. Feb 22, 1881 (Militia Enroll) - d. Mar 18, 1962 Oswego;
husb of Nina E. BALDWIN  - Burial Permit

SIMONS Esther D. Sec. H, Lot 13   see Esther A. (SIMONS) HUSS 

SIMONS Cora Sec. F, Lot 7   see Cora (SIMONS) HUBBARD 

SIMONS Fay Allison Sec. B, Lot 11 b. Apr 29, 1923  d. Apr 7, 1924;  dau of Carlton SIMONS & 
Velma HOWARD - Vital Records Fulton

SIMONS Frank E. Sec. F, Lot 5 b. Nov 25, 1876  d. June 24, 1947; son of Harley H. SIMONS &
Adelia A. IVES: husb of Elise Celinda DISTIN, m: 12/1/1897  (DD) (VRV) Vital Records Volney

SIMONS Freida Sec. F, Lot 6 b. May 25, 1906 d. Jan 14, 1983 dau of Arthur GARRISON & Lillian BURNETT; 
wife of Victor D. SIMONS, m: 11/26/1930 from ROWLEE Genealogy

SIMONS Harley H. Sec. F, Lot 6 b. Nov 7, 1836 d. Aug 20, 1918 son of Harley SIMONS & Mary KRELCHENE; 
husb of Adelia A. IVES    (VRV) Vital Records Volney

SIMONS Jennie Adelia Sec. F, Lot 5 b. 1911 d. Jan 16, 1912;no stone; dau of Frank SIMONS
& Elsie DISTIN; aged 3 months (VRV) Vital Records Volney

SIMONS Lillian Pearl Sec. I, Lot 14   see Lillian Pearl (SIMONS) SNYDER 

SIMONS Nina Evelina Sec. N, Lot 16 b. Sept 3, 1887  Volney, NY d. Oct 10, 1967 dau of Fowler BALDWIN
& Alma GREEN; wife of Ernest A. SIMONS    Vital Records Fulton

SIMONS Ruth Muriel Sec. D1, grave 26 1909  see Ruth Muriel (SIMONS) CROUCH 

SIMONS Velma Gladys Sec. B, Lot 11 June 23, 1898  dau of John E. HOWARD & Emma HALE; wife of
Carlton Everett SIMONS, m: 2/12/1916 

SIMONS Victor  D. Sec. F, Lot 6 b. Aug 26, 1900 d. Mar 24,  1976; son of Frank E. SIMONS & Elsie
C. DISTIN; husb of Freida GARRISON, m: 11/26/1930   Vital Records Fulton

SIMONS Virginia Esther Sec. E, Lot 17 b. June 30, 1906 d. May 2, 1971; dau of John M. COX & Mary E. 
HAMILTON; wife of Wray E. SIMONS, m: 12/19/1925 (Patriot news)   Vital Records Fulton

SIMONS Wray Eugene Sec. E, Lot 17 b. June 12, 1908 d. Aug 17, 1976 son of Lawrence G. SIMONS & 
Jessie B. GARRISON; husb of Virginia E. COX, m: 12/19/1925 (Patriot); WW II Vet (VRV) 
Vital Records Volney

SKEEL Amanda E. Sec. C, Lot 1   see Amanda E. (SKEEL) ROWLEE 

SMITH Charles Fay Sec. N, Lot 12  b. Oct 14, 1949 d. Oct 29,1949; son of Daniel SMITH Jr. & Eva 
COOPER ;  Vital Records Fulton

SMITH Cora G. Sec. N, Lot 11 b. 1915 Oneida, NY d. Feb 4, 1950 Syracuse, NY aged 34y, 5m, 8d;
Burial Permit

SMITH Daniel J. Sec. N, Lot 11 b. 1892 d. Feb 8, 1967 Oswego, NY husb of
Flossie HILTON; WWI Vet  (VFW) Burial Permit

SMITH Daniel J. Jr. Sec. N, Lot 12 b. Dec 6, 1923 d. Nov 13, 1975 son of Daniel J. SMITH & Flossie 
HILTON; husb of Eva N. COOPER; WW II Vet - PFC US Army - (VRV) Vital Records Volney

SMITH Eunice Sec. O, Lot 16 b. Oct 26, 1928 d. Nov 17, 1971; dau of Tracy WALLACE & Nora CRAW; 
wife of William SMITH  - Vital Records Fulton

SMITH Eva N. Sec. N, Lot 12 b. 1924 d. Apr 18, 1977 Syracuse, NY; dau of Leon COOPER & Ethel DOUGLAS; 
married 2X: Daniel J. SMITH Jr. and Harry SMITH      (VRV) Vital Records Volney

SMITH Florence M. Sec. N, Lot 14   see Florence M. (SMITH) ROBINSON 

SMITH Flossie Sec. N, Lot 11 b. 1893 d. Nov 15, 1981 (Syr. Post Std); wife of Daniel J. SMITH 

SNELL Constance M. Sec, N, Lot 8 b. 1900 d. Apr 1, 1961 Winston Salem, NC; aged 60yrs; married 2X: 
William Conklin BARRY and unknown SNELL 

SNOW Charles M.  Sec. E, Lot 10 b. 1848 d. Aug 30, 1910 son of Nathan M. SNOW & Jennett DUNBAR; 
husb of Eliza Jane CROOKS aged 62y, 6m, 4d (VRV) Vital Records Volney

SNOW Eliza Jane Sec. E, Lot 10  d. Nov 26, 1942 Throop, NY; wife of Charles M. SNOW; aged 88y, 2m, 12d
- Burial Permit

SNYDER Haynes Ernest Sec. I, Lot 14 b. Feb 13, 1890 (Militia Enroll) d. Mar21, 1971 Rochester, NY son of
Cassius North SNYDER & Arminda WRIGHT; husb of Lillian Pearl SIMONS, m: 6/8/1919 -Burial Permit

SNYDER Lillian Pearl Sec. I, Lot 14 b. 1897 Michigan d. Nov 18, 1968 Palermo, NY; dau of Allen A. SIMONS
& Sara E. CALKINS (VRV); wife of Haynes Ernest SNYDER, m:6/8/1919(age 23);aged 71 yrs -Burial
 Permit School Reg  b. Sept. 4,1897 

SOLON Arlene Marie Sec. Q, Lot 12 b. Mar 2, 1929 d. Jan 8, 1975 dau of Ernest VAN DE LINDER Sr. & 
Dorothy  GOODALE; wife of Lewis L. SOLON;   Vital Records Fulton

SPINK Florida L. Sec. L, Lot 1 1904  see Florida L. (SPINK) CLARK 

SPINK John Sec. K, Lot 11 b. May 19, 1951 d. May 19, 1951 son of Frederic L. SPINK Jr. & Elizabeth
SCHICKLING Fulton Death cert says B: 5/26/1951, D: 5/26/1951

SPRINGER Ida L. Sec. I, Lot 6;  see Ida L. (SPRINGER) DUTCHER 

STACY Ruth  Sec. B, Lot 10 b. Fulton, NY d. Feb 12, 1967 Minoa, NY aged 74yrs; no stone - Burial Permit

STEDMAN Linda K. Sec. N, Lot 14 b. 1946 d. Jan 30, 1952  Rome, NY aged 5y, 2m, 1d - Burial Permit

STEUL Gerrie Lee Sec. D1, grave 31 b. 1952 d. Mar 28, 1974 Syracuse, NY aged 22 yrs - Burial Permit

STEWART Sarah Caroline Sec. D, Lot 2   see Sarah Caroline (STEWART) SHEFFIELD 

STOCKS George A. Sec. H, Lot 9 b. 1892 St. Paul, MN d. Nov 6, 1952 Granby, NY husb of Pearl FOSTER; 
WWI Vet; dischg. Papers states born 8/28/1892 Burial Permit

STOCKS George B. Sec. H, Lot 9 b. Aug 29, 1928 Chicago, ILL d. June 14, 1936; son of George A. STOCKS
 & Pearl Amanda FOSTER (VRV) Vital Records Volney

STOCKS Pearl Amanda Sec. H, Lot 9 b. Nov 8, 1899  dau of Erle FOSTER & Grace Skeel ROWLEE; wife of 
George A. STOCKS;  from ROWLEE Genealogy

STOUGHTENGER Raymond P. Sec. F, Lot 10?  died Apr 22, 1979; husb of Hattie Loomis GRAVES 

STRATTON Albert Sec. N, Lot 5 b. 1891 d. Dec 8, 1978  Oswego, NY; married 2X: Enid DINGMAN and 
Blanche SMITH 

STRATTON Enid Sec. N, Lot 5 b. June 19, 1895 Constantia, NY d. Jan 5, 1946l dau of John DINGMAN and
Mary; wife of Albert STRATTON; Vital Records Fulton

SWICK Donald Walter Sec. P, Lot 2 b. Jan 22, 1925 d. Apr 27, 1968; husb of Charlotte Helen MC GINLEY; 
WW II Vet: US Coast Guard S2 

SYPHER Eva   Sec. K, Lot 16   see Eva (SYPHER) KINGSBURY 

SYPHER Lena M. Sec. L, Lot 2   see Lena M. (SYPHER)  BURDICK 

TAFT Beatrice P. Sec. J, Lot 9 b. Apr 6, 1892  dau of grant TILTON & Theresa HALL; wife of Ivan J. TAFT
m: June 2, 1928

TAFT Ivan J. Sec. J, Lot 9 b. Mar 7, 1897  (Militia Enroll); son of Gerard Foresman TAFT & Nellie Jane 
STEWART; husb of Beatrice P. TILTON, m: 6/2/1928 

TAFT Gertrude Bertha Sec. J, Lot 9 b. Apr 13, 1894  Gibson, IA d. Nov 20, 1959 dau of Grant TILTON &
Theresa HALL; wife of Orlon S. TAFT, m: 1920 Whatcheer, IA (VRV) Vital Records Volney

TAFT Melrose Sec. J, Lot 13   see Melrose (TAFT) PARSONS 

TAFT Olron Stewart Sec. J, Lot 9 b. Nov. 9, 1894 b. Nov 10, 1981 (Sry Post Std) son of Gerard Foresman
TAFT & Nellie Jane STEWART; husb of Gertrude Bertha TILTON, m: 1920 WhatCheer, IA; WWI Vet 
(VRV) - Vital Records Volney

TAYLOR Alice E. Sec. J, Lot 3 1860 - 1928 see Alice E. (TAYLOR) HUNN 

TAYLOR Clarence Sec. D, Lot 9 b. 1906 -Dec 3, 1906 son of Joseph TAYLOR & Mary DISHAW; 1m, 6d 
(VRV) - Vital Records Volney

TAYLOR Charles S. Sec. D, Lot 7?  b. Sept 25, 1861 Mt. Pleasant, NY d. Jan 9, 1942; son of Joseph TAYLOR
& unlisted; husband of May WAITE;   no marker - Vital Records Fulton

TAYLOR Freddie Sec. D, Lot 7  b. 1899 d. Aug 31, 1907; son of Charles S. TAYLOR &  Mae WAITE; 8 yrs 

TAYLOR Joseph Sec. D, Lot 7-9 b. Feb 12, 1859 d. Oct 16, 1916; son of Joseph TAYLOR & Hannah RUCH 
- (VRV)  - Vital Records Volney

TAYLOR Mary Caroline Sec. I, Lot 3   see Mary Caroline (TAYLOR) HOWARD 

TAYLOR Thelma Doris Sec. D, Lot 6   b. June 18, 1910 d. Apr 21, 1925; dau of Joseph TAYLOR & May 
DISHAW  - Vital Records Fulton

THOMAS Bertha M. Sec. L, Lot 10   see Bertha M. (THOMAS) BREWER, COON 

THOMAS Burton L. Sec. L, Lot 10 b. Dec 11, 1893 Onondaga Co., NY d. Aug 22, 196?; 3rd son of Le Grand
THOMAS & Mary E. WRIGHT; single

THOMPSON George Lee Sec. D, Lot 3 b. Nov 22, 1887 (Militia Enroll) d. Apr 21, 1956  Oswego, NY; son of 
James W. THOMPSON & Minal SPARKS; husb of Mildred SHEFFIELD, m: 3/28/1912 2 - Burial Permit & VRV

THOMPSON Mildred    Sec. D, Lot 3 b. 1892  Volney,NY d. June 8, 1964 Oswego, NY dau of George A. 
SHEFFIELD & Carrie POTTER; wife of George L THOMPSON, m: 3/28/1912; aged 71 yrs - Burial Permit

THORP Berthina Sec. H, Lot 12 b. Sept 27, 1897 d. July 16, 1974 dau of Morris COE & Fanny PLUFF; wife of
William M. THORP  - Vital Records Fulton

THORP William Marshall Sec. H, Lot 12 b. June 14, 1890 Maryland d. May 27,1974; son of Samuel THORP & 
Anna Florence BARKER; husb of Cora COE;  Vital Records Fulton

TILTON Beatrice P. Sec J, Lot 9   see Beatrice P. (TILTON) TAFT 

TILTON Gertrude Bertha Sec J, Lot 9   see Gertrude Bertha (TILTON) TAFT 

TOOLEY Mabel Sec. I, Lot 13   see Mabel (TOOLEY) ALLEN, FLEMING 

TRIMBLE Claire B. Sec. N, Lot 6 b. 1895 Pa. d. 9/4/1973 Palermo, NY 78 yrs, wife of Fred J. TRIMBLE 
Burial Permit    

TRIMBLE Fred J.  Sec. N, Lot 6 b. 1885 Palermo, NY d. 4/12/1959 Williamstown, NY;wife, Claire B.;  
Burial Permit  

TRIMBLE Gurden D. Sec. N, Lot 6 b. Jan 13, 1931 d. Feb 16, 1972 or 1976 [Syracuse marker states
1976; ceme records state 1972]  Vet of Korean War: Cpl 1428 Engineer Co; aged 41yrs

TRIMBLE Linda M. Sec. N, Lot 6 1931   

TRUELL Anna Pearl Sec. D, Lot 19 b. June 18, 1891 d. May 19, 1969 dau of George ANTHONY & Anna
SMITH; wife of Frank K. TRUELL Vital Records - Fulton

TRUELL Richard Sec. D, Lot 19 b. July 2, 1918  son of Frank TRUELL & Anna ANTHONY; husb of Grace 
NELSON, m: 7/2/1941 (VRV) Vital Records - Volney

TUCKER Emma Sec. I, Lot 8  d. Jan 28, 1980 (Syr Post Std); dau of Timothy T. HAYNES & Ida May GRANNIS;
married 2X:Raymond DECARE (12/5/1928) at Mt Pleasant church and Walter S. TUCKER (no marr. date)

URE Jerri Frances Sec. L, Lot 11-2   see Jerrie Frances (URE) FOSTER 

VAN BUREN unknown -  see unknown  HOWARD, WALTER, FRANK   

VAN BUREN Louise May Sec. O, Lot 9; see Louise May (VAN BUREN) IVES 

VAN BUREN Mary P.    per obit of Mary P. (BEARDSLEY)
VAN BUREN, said had a brother, Frederick VANT 

VANDERLINDER Arlene Marie Sec. Q, Lot 12   see Arlene Marie (VAN DE LINDER) SOLON 

VAN DE LINDER Doreen E.  1927  see Doreen E. (VAN DE LINDER) KERFIEN 

VAN DE LINDER Dorothy  1907  dau of  unknown GOODALE; wife of Ernest G. VAN DE LINDER 

VAN DE LINDER Ernest G.  1904  husb of Dorothy GOODALE 

VAN DE LINDER Ernest G. Jr.  1934  son of Erenst G. VAN DE LINDER & Dorothy GOODALE; husb of 
Arlene EBERLY 

VANDERLIP Samuel E. Sec. C, Lot 9 b. Jan 21, 1867  Troy, NY d. Nov. 17, 1958 parents unlisted; 
unmarried - (VRV) Vital Records Volney

VANDERPOOL Eliza Jane Sec. H, Lot 5   see Eliza (VANDERPOOL) PECKHAM 

VAN ORMAN Carole Lou Sec. F, Lot 10 b. 1934 d. Dec 1, 1942  Syracuse, NY; dau of Ernest N. VAN ORMAN
& Mary C. CONKLIN   - Burial Permit

VAN ORMAN Ernest N. Sec. F, Lot 12 b. 1898 d. May 26, 1967 S. Pasadena, FL husb of Mary CONKLIN; 
aged 68 yrs  - Burial Permit

VAN ORMAN Mary Sec. F, Lot 12 b. Dec 5, 1903 Volney Center, d. Jan. 21, 1956 NY; dau of Charles CONKLIN
 & Caroline HAWSER; wife of Ernest N. VAN ORMAN   (VRV) Vital Records Volney

VANT Abraham Lincoln  -Sec. A b. Nov 6, 1860 Illinois d. Feb 11, 1935; son of Fred VANT & Rachel Maria 
BEARDSLEY; unmarried Vital Records Fulton

VANT Don Henry  - Sec. H, Lot 2 b. Mar 17, 1890 d. Jan 6, 1965 son of Volkert V. VANT & Gertrude M. HILL;
husb of Edna Jean KELSEY (separated), m: 2/3/1915 (VRV) Vital Records Volney

VANT Dorothea L. Sec. A b. Aug 10, 1895  Volney, NY d. Dec 6, 1948; dau of Volkert V. VANT & Gertrude HILL; 
unmarried; Vital Records Fulton

VANT Frederick Sec. A b. 1823 d. Apr 12, 1902  husb of Rachael Maria BEARDSLEY, m: 9/7/1848;
aged 78 yrs;  marriage from BEARDSLEY Bible

VANT Gertrude Marion Sec. A b. 1860 d. Apr 9, 1927 dau of John C. HILL & Hepsebeth FARR; wife of
Volkart V. VANT, m: 10/5/1887; aged 67 yrs   (VRV) Vital Records Volney

VANT Kate Amelia Sec. A -  see Kate Ameila (VANT) WRIGHT 

VANT Marilyn Sec. A  - see Marilyn (VANT) DATZ 

VANT Mattie Sec. A b. May 20, 1871  Mt. Pleasant, NY d. July 19, 1947; dau of Frederick VANT & Rachael M.
BEARDSLEY; unmarried - Vital Records Fulton

VANT Max Sec. H, Lot 2 b. Aug 31, 1893  Volney, NY - d. Feb 10, 1966; son of Volkert V. VANT & 
Gertrude M. HILL; unmarried - Vital Records Fulton

VANT Rachael Marial Sec. A b. Nov 14, 1825 d. Aug 24, 1903 dau of Ephraim BEARDSLEY & Rachel or 
Lucene GOODSELL; wife of Frederick VANT, m: 9/7/1848  (BEARDSLEY Bible) 

VANT Richard Roland Sec. A b. July 25, 1891 d. Apr 26, 1975 son of Volkert V. VANT & Gertrude M. 
HILL; husb of Helen Eliza HOWARD, m: 6/24/1914; (divorced) Vital Records Fulton

VANT Thomas Sec. A 1852 1869  

VANT Volkert Van Buren Sec. A b. Aug 28, 1857  Palatine, Cook Co, IL  d. Feb 7, 1936; 
son of Frederick VANT & Rachael M. BEARDSLEY; husb of Gertrude M. HILL, m: 10/5/1887
Vital Records Fulton

VINCENT Mary H. Sec. F, Lot 1  see Mary H. (VINCENT) HOWSER 

WAGNER Daniel A. Sec. F, Lot 9  Apr 4, 1978 Longwood, FL son of William WAGNER & Carrie L. 
DANIELS; husb of Julia SIKES, m: 6/29/1932;  aged 74 yrs (VRV) Vital Records Volney

WAGNER Florence Julia Sec. F, Lot 9 b. Aug 19, 1907  dau of Fred SIKES & Grace L. HAUSER; 
wife of Daniel A. WAGNER, m: 6/29/1932    (VRV) Vital Records Volney

WAINMAN Maude Madeline Sec. O, Lot 17 b. July 16, 1904 d. Mar 20, 1973; dau of Sidney H. CLARKE &
Catherine PIQUET; wife of Walter E. WAINMAN    Vital Records Fulton

WAINMAN Walter E. Sec. O, Lot 17 b. June 7, 1907 d. Mar 28, 1977 son of Walter
E. WAINMAN & Alice CHAPPEL; husb of Maude M. CLARKE    Vital Records Fulton

WANMEN  or WONMER Emma Sec. G, Lot 11   see Emma W.(WANMEN) LANNING 

WALLACE Eunice Sec. O, Lot 16   see Eunice (WALLACE) SMITH 

WATERBURY Hannah A. Sec. L, Lot 3   see Hannah A. (WATERBURY) BALCOM 

WATERBURY William H. Sec. N, Lot 9 b. 1885 d. Mar 3, 1976 Oswego, NY; aged 91 yrs    Burial Permit

WATERS Erma Florence Sec. E, Lot 7 b. Aug 25, 1905 - ????; dau of Charles W. ROWLEE & Rhoda DISTIN;
married 2X: Samuel A. GUILLARD and Hugh WATERS from ROWLEE Genealogy

WATERSTREET Amelia - Sec. F, Lot 10   see Amelia A. (WATERSTREET) RATH 

WEBB Adeline Lily - Sec. E, Lot 19   see Adeline Lily (WEBB) MUCKEY 

WEBSTER Edith - Sec. M, Lot 1 b. Nov 18, 1880 d. Feb 9, 1974 Watertown, NY; dau of Hiram W. JENNINGS
& Emma CAREY; wife of Rev. Elmer O. WEBSTER; m: 6/30/1903 Church Conference Journal

WEBSTER Rev. Elmer Olney - Sec. M, Lot 1 b. June 21, 1878 Vermont d. Sept 22, 1954 New Haven, NY;
son of Rev. Harvey A. WEBSTER & Ellen MITCHELL; husb of Edith JENNINGS, m: 6/30/1903 Church
Conference Journal

WELCH Daniel -Sec. I, Lot 5 b. 1850 Ireland- d. Feb 21, 1941 Palermo, NY; husb of Inez; aged 90y,5m,12d  
Burial Permit

WELCH Edward C. - Sec. I, Lot 5 b. 1882 d. Aug 2, 1946 Hastings, NY believed to be son of Daniel WELCH 
& Inez;  aged 64y, 2m, 9d    Burial Permit

WELCH Inez - Sec. I, Lot 5 b. 1859 Pennellville, NY d. Jan 3, 1960 Hastings, NY wife of Daniel WELCH; 
aged 100 years    Burial Permit

WELCH Lyle - Sec. I, Lot 5 b. 1899 d. July 31, 1907 believed to be son of Daniel WELCH & Inez; aged  8y, 3m, 5d 

WHALON Bessie Edith - Sec. O, Lot 7 b. Apr 14, 1909; wife of Robert Emmett WHALON, m: 10/29/1927 
WHALON Robert Emmett Sec. O, Lot 7 b. June 6, 1906  son of Henry
WHALON & Anna EDWARDS; husb of Bessie Edith OSBORNE, m: 10/29/1927  [from ROWLEE Genealogy]

WHEELER Clara M. Sec. D, Lot 6 b. 1901 d. Aug 3, 1908 aged 6 yrs 

WHEELER Edna Sec. D, Lot 5   see Edna (WHEELER) WOODS 

WHEELER Elsie May Sec. D, Lot 6 b. Oct 7, 1904 d. Jan 24, 1905; dau of Carlton
A. WHEELER & Viola STOCKTON (VRV)     Vital Records Volney

WHEELER George Sec. D, Lot 6 b. 1841 d. Aug 2, 1922 husb of Rachel E. CARLTON;
died in Inverary, Ontario, Canada      Burial Permit

WHEELER Rachel E. Sec. D, Lot 6 b. Feb 1, 1843  Boston, MA d. Oct 21,1920; dau of William CARLETON
& Mary Ann GIBSON; wife of George WHEELER  -  Vital Records Fulton

WHITE Gloria Elaine  Sec. P, Lot 8   b. May 2, 1932; dau of Frank Harry BARTLETT & Aleta Pearl BELLINGER;
wife of Robert B. WHITE  

WHITE Robert B. Sec. P, Lot 8 b. 1935 d. June 11, 1977 Syracuse, NY; husb
of Gloria E. BARTLETT; aged 41 yrs      Burial Permit


WILLIAMS Estella D.  Sec. K, Lot 3 b. June 2, 1859 Volney, NY -  d. May 31, 1938; dau of William H. 
Williams & Sarah A. CROSS; unmarried     (VRV) Vital  Records Volney

WILLIAMS Lena Gertrude Sec. J, Lot 8   see Lena Gertrude (WILLIAMS) HASKINS 

WILLIAMS Sarah A. Sec. K, Lot 3 b. Oct 23, 1837 d. Jan 7, 1912; dau of Eleab CROSS & Margaretta HALL; 
wife of William H. WILLIAMS, m: 1854; aged 74y, 2m, 15d    (VRV) Vital Records Volney

WILLIAMS Shubael A. Sec. K, Lot 3 b. Dec 11, 1863 Constantia, NY d. Dec 29, 1942 son of William H.
WILLIAMS & Sarah A. CROSS; unmarried;  (VRV) Vital Records Volney

WILLIAMS William Henry Sec. K, Lot 3 b. Dec 14, 1831 d. Mar 28, 1914; son of John WILLIAMS of CT & 
Polly NYE of CT; husb of Sarah A. Cross, m: 1854 (VRV) Vital Records Volney

WILLIAMSON Frank Sec. O, Lot 3  d. Apr 4, 1963 Hannibal, NY; son of Wm. WILLIAMSON & Corneila GUPPY
(Patriot news); husb of Florence Bellinger (8/9/1908) remove 11/30/1965 & buried in Fairdale Cemetery;  
aged 80 yrs ; Burial Permit

WOOD Bernice Sec. J, Lot 6 b. May 21, 1880 N. Volney, NY - d. Nov 12, 1925; dau of William ALLEN & Mary
CLARK; wife of James M. WOOD (VRV) Vital Records Volney

WOOD Infant  b. 1913 d. Nov 6, 1913; child of James WOOD & Bernice; aged 2 hrs 

WOOD Ivan Clark Sec. N, Lot 9 -  b. Sept 13, 1905 d. Mar 14, 1959 Buffalo, NY; son of James WOOD & 
Bernice ALLEN; aged 53yrs, 11mo, 2d -  Burial Permit & VRV

WOOD James Merton-  Sec. J, Lot  6 -  b. Mar 1, 1876 Volney, NY  - d. July 17, 1961; 85y; son of George
WOOD & Samantha CLARK: husb of Bernice ALLEN   - Vital Records Fulton

WOOD Mary L. - unmarked grave  d. Feb 7, 1913; dau of James M. WOOD & Bernice L. ALLEN;
aged 3y, 5m, 27d  - Vital Records Fulton

WOODRUFF Evelyn -  Sec. N, Lot 8 - 1915  wife of Harold WOODRUFF 

WOODRUFF Fred Harrison-  Sec. L, Lot 4-  b. Sept 12, 1883 Mallory, NY  d. Mar 11, 1946; son of Fred S. 
WOODRUFF & Nellie GREGORY; husb of Louise DELONG  -  Vital Records Fulton

WOODRUFF Fred Sylvester Sec. L, Lot 4 b. Schroeppel, NY  d. Dec 27, 1943 Central Square, NY; husb of 
Nellie GREGORY; unmarked grave - Burial Permit

WOODRUFF George Sylvester Sec. L, Lot ?    d. July 31, 1981 Orange Ctiy, FL;  son of Fred H. WOODRUFF 
& Louise DELONG; husb of Arlene HOTALING, m: 8/3/1951 (Patriot news) 51 years

WOODRUFF Harold Raymond Sec. M, Lot 8 b. 1911 d. Apr 26, 1978 Marcellus,
NY husb of Evelyn SCHUTTS; aged 67 yrs Burial Permit

WOODRUFF Lanny Lee Sec. L, Lot 2 b. 1952  Oswego, NY d. May 3, 1963
New Haven, NY son of George S. WOODRUFF & Arlene HOTALING Burial Permit

WOODRUFF Larry Lee Sec. L, Lot 2 b. 1957 Oswego, NY d. May 3, 1963 New Haven,
NY son of George S. WOODRUFF & Arlene HOTALING 

WOODRUFF Evelyn Louise Sec. L, Lot 4  b. Oct 11, 1881 Fulton, NY d. Apr 15,
1927 dau of John DELONG & Elmira CARR; wife of Fred. H. WOODRUFF Vital
Records Fulton

WOODS Albert David Sec. D, Lot 5 b. Mar 29, 1914 Fulton, Ny d. June 9, 1960
son of David WOODS & Edna WHEELER; husb of Ruthaline HULETT (VRV) Vital
Records Volney

WOODS Edna    Sec. D, Lot 5 b. 1875 Ontario, Canada d. Apr
12, 1937 Marcy, NY dau of unknown WHEELER;  wife of David WOODS; aged
64y, 3m, 17d Burial Permit

WOODS George B. Sec. D, Lot 5 b. May 20, 1905 Canada d. Aug 20, 1977 son
of David WOODS & Edna WHEELER; no marker Vital Records Fulton

WOODSIDE Clara F. Sec. N, Lot 18 b. 1878 d. July 7, 1969 Williamstown, NY
wife of Herbert R. WOODSIDE (VRV); aged 91 yrs Burial Permit

WOODSIDE Claude L. Sec. N, Lot b. 18 Feb 18, 1907  son of Herbert
R. WOODSIDE & Clara LAWRENCE; husb of Nellie DUMONT, m: 8/8/1934 

WOODSIDE Nellie Sec. N, Lot 18 b. Apr 11, 1914  dau of Erwin DUMONT
& Mary WICKHAM; wife of Claude L. WOODSIDE, m: 8/8/1934 (VRV) Vital
Records Volney

WRIGHT Franklin I. Sec. A b. Oct 15, 1852 d. July 4, 1933 son of Aaron WRIGHT
of Herkimer Cnty, NY & Maryetta WILLIAMS; married 2X: Kate A. VANT (no date)and
Mary (WARD), HART, SWOPE, m: 6/29/1927 Scriba Vital Records & VRV for
marriage info

WRIGHT Joyce May Sec. M, Lot 4 b. Aug 28, 1930 d. May 26, 1976 Lowville,
NY dau of Delos Randall DISTIN & Serena Marie SHERMAN; wife of Elliott

WRIGHT Kate Amelia Sec. A b. Apr 25, 1855 d. Oct 8, 1921 dau of Frederick
VANT & Rachael M. BEARDSLEY; wife of Franklin I. WRIGHT (VRV) Vital
Records Volney

WRIGHT Mildred A. Sec. Q, Lot 2   see Mildred A. (WRIGHT)

WRIGHT Norris Sec. E, Lot 8 b. June 3, 1909 Lewis Co., NY d. June 21, 1963
son of Albert WRIGHT & unknown mother; husb of Margaret SHUTTS (VRV)
Vital Records Volney

YOUMANS Ellen Sec. P, Lot 1 1904  dau of Frank BIDWELL (Patriot
news); married 2X: Walter Lee SWICK (9/2/1922) and Leonard Amos YOUMANS 

YOUMANS Leonard Amos Sec. P, Lot 1 b. 1900 d. Feb 19, 1980  Fulton,
NY son of Frank YOUMANS (Patriot news) & Minnie; husb of Ellen (BIDWELL) SWICK 

YOUNGS Leta Sheffield Sec. C, Lot 8 b. Aug 9, 1900 d. May 18, 1979 dau of
Henry Samuel HOWARD & Nellie E. SHEFFIELD; wife of Walter J. YOUNGS,
m: 6/12/1930 

YOUNGS Walter J. Sec. C, Lot 8 b. Sept 19, 1899  son of Charles YOUNGS
& Anna; husb of Leta SHEFFIELD HOWARD, m: 6/12/1930 

ZAHLER Emma Sec. Q, Lot 11 1890   b. Switzerland  wife of John ZAHLER 

ZAHLER John Sec. Q, Lot 11 b. 1882 Switzerland d. Apr 12, 1964 Loxahatchee, FL; husb of Emma
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