Volney, N.Y.
"Unmarked Graves"
(Unknown if Western or South)

Many sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr. Byron Rowlee, who compiled and recorded this cemetery, for making this list available online to us. Mr. Rowlee tells me," I was town historian for several years before retiring, and was also the town clerk of Volney, which gave me access to records that most people are not subject to review and consequently there is extra information, as well as having access to my grandfather's diaries that were kept for nearly 40 years, and that also gave extra information. I have always been willing to share my information and try to answer all inquires as far as possible as one never knows what someone out there might be able to share with you and shed light on the local history." Sincerely, Byron Rowlee Sr. at:

*Note: Mr. Rowlee has spent many years of work and much time visiting all of the cemeteries in the town, as well as reviewing the records for a good many of the cemeteries. They contain much information that usually is not found on cemetery lists and provides detailed resources for further research. He certainly deserves the recognition for all his time and hard work.

This cemetery was transcribed by our frequent volunteer Dianne Thomas, who luckily, likes long and detailed projects.  Dianne also volunteers her time transcribing for several other websites, and enjoys being involved in genealogy.  Many thanks and appreciation to you both. 

For further information on any of the names, please contact the local Historical Societies / Town Historians

Unmarked Graves

BAILEY Burt  d. Dec, 8, 1941 died in Onondaga, NY; aged 75 yrs Burial

BARTLETT female bb. Sept 19, 1961 d. Sept 19, 1961 dau of Franklin BARTLETT
& Gwendolyn BAKER Fulton Vital Records

BILLINGHAM Emma May 13, 1865 Mar 23, 1935 dau of Henry KING & Jane
HAMLIN; wife of Charles BILLINGHAM; Burial permit says N. Volney Volney
Vital Records

BROWN Frances   see Frances (BROWN) SMITH 

COLLISON William S. b. England d. Jan 1, 1937  died in Mexico, NY; aged
85y, 2m, 15d Burial Permit

DU BOIS Beverly Elain b. June 15, 1936 d. Oct 30, 1936 dau of Lewis DU BOIS
& Virginia CAMPBELL Volney Vital Records

DUELL Irvin  d. Apr 18, 1917  (DD)  

ECKARD Harry b. Jan. 1, 1882 Volney, NY d. Apr 23, 1944 son of Fred ECKARD & Effie
BUNDY; unmarried; aged 62y,3m,22d   Note" it would seem that
this s/b in Fairview Ceme, Bundyville 

FROST Leon   d. Jan 23, 1901 son of Adelbert FROST & Libbie;
aged 3m, 19d 

FULLER  Charlotte b. Belleville, NY d. Aug 19, 1892 dau of Stephen FULLER
& Caroline aged 22yrs (See HUBBARD) Scriba Vital Records

GOODROW Frank or Leon  d. July 15 or 18, 1918 (DD) WWI Vet: killed
in France 

GRAVES Harvey A. b. Nov 10, 1901 d. Apr 14, 1947 son of Sanford GRAVES &
Annie WILCOX  husb. of Hattie LOOMIS  Fulton Vital Records

GWEN Male Premature birth Mar 30, 1941 died in Fulton, NY Burial Permit

HINE Jane  D. Oct 12, 1912 dau of Joel HINE & Emily; aged 65
yrs Volney Vital Records

HOUSE Grace A.  d. Jan 3, 1901 dau  of David HOUSE and Ida May
WOOD; aged 3m, 16d Volney Vital Records

HUBBARD Charlotte b. Belleville, NY d. Aug 19, 1892 dau of Stephen FULLER
& Caroline aged 22yrs 

IVES Harry James  d. May 5, 1902 son of Henry L. IVES & Avis
M.   3y 4m 25da  Volney Vital Records

JONES  Margaret June  d. Jan 27, 1911 dau of Rev. R.E. JONES
& Mair LEWIS; aged 3m, 10d Volney Vital Records

LARRABEE Arthur Eugene  d. Sept 6, 1913 son of Jesse LARRABEE &
Mabel Alta OSBORN; aged 1m, 17d Volney Vital Records

LARRABEE Jesse  d. June 7, 1913 son of Henry LARRABEE & Mina
HODGES; husb of Mable Alta OSBORN; aged 31y, 6m Volney Vital Records

LUDDINGTON Sophronia  d. Dec 5, 1887 dau of Moses LUDDINGTON and
unknown LITTLE; aged 63yrs see Sophronia RHODES Scriba Vital Records

MARSHALL Raymond b. Mar 30, 1912 d. June 16, 1971 son of John MARSHALL &
Charlotte GREEN; husband of Edith Faye JETTY Fulton Vital Records

MAY Mary E.  d. Apr 26, 1930 died in Auburn, NY; aged 15yrs Burial

PLUFF Elic  b. Dec 6, 1929 died in Palermo, NY; aged 88 yrs Burial

PLUFF Jane  d. Oct 12, 1912 dau of Joel HINE & Emily; aged 65
yrs Volney Vital Records

POLLOCK Timothy b. Troy, NY d. Apr 9, 1944 aged 7m, 24d Burial Permit

RATHBUN Melinda   see Melinda  (RATHBUN) SHERMAN 

RHODES Sophronia   see Sophronia LUDDINGTON 

SHERMAN Melinda  d. July 7, 1912 dau of Wightman D. RATHBUN &
Anna BETTS; aged 84y, 9m, 11d 

SMITH Frances  d. May 22, 1920 dau of Reuben BROWN & Elnora EVERTS
per Patriot  Patriot

STOUTENBER Victor  d. Apr 24, 1904 son of Fred SIKES and Kittie BOUGH;
age 1m, 24d Volney Vital Records

SYKES Laura J.  d. May 30, 1922 Volney, NY aged 76 yrs Burial Permit

TAYLOR Burton S.  d. Mar 23, 1908 son of Lewis TAYLOR & Anna
WILLIAMS; aged 32y, 10m, 29d Volney Vital Records

UNIDENTIFIED Male  found May 13, 1950 Drowned; age approx. 60

WENMAN Charles Hayes  d. Feb 9, 1896 son of O. HAYES & Jennie
WENMAN (of Canada); aged 21 days 

WOOD Female  Stillborn Dec 28, 1938 dau of John WOOD & Mildred
ALLEN Fulton Vital Records
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