Many sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr. Byron Rowlee, who compiled and recorded this cemetery, for making this list available online to us. Mr. Rowlee tells me," I was town historian for several years before retiring, and was also the town clerk of Volney, which gave me access to records that most people are not subject to review and consequently there is extra information, as well as having access to my grandfather's diaries that were kept for nearly 40 years, and that also gave extra information. I have always been willing to share my information and try to answer all inquires as far as possible as one never knows what someone out there might be able to share with you and shed light on the local history." Sincerely, Byron Rowlee Sr

*Note: Mr. Rowlee has spent many years of work and much time visiting all of the cemeteries in the town, as well as reviewing the records for a good many of the cemeteries. They contain much information that usually is not found on cemetery lists and provides detailed resources for further research. He certainly deserves the recognition for all his time and hard work.

This cemetery was transcribed by our frequent volunteer, Dianne Thomas, who luckily, likes long and detailed projects. Dianne also volunteers her time transcribing for several other websites, and enjoys being involved in genealogy.  Many thanks and appreciation to you both. 

These cemetery lists provide much more information on the individuals than most cemetery lists, and the source of that information is usually listed, such as, Vital Records Volney, Vital Records Fulton, Burial Permit, etc.  It helps in being able to further document your information.  Some of the names listed below have just a date or year, and the list does not indicate if that is when the individual was born or died. 

Dianne tells me that "if reference is made to a Churchill, it is a Judge Churchill that wrote of local history & happenings.  Also, HJ is Syracuse Herald Journal, PS is the Syracuse Post Standard.  Some of the names are annotated with a DD, but not sure what it stands for; Dianne called Oswego and they didn't know of a paper that would have been DD, as a reference."   Thank you Dianne for the additional information. 

For further information on any of the names, please contact the local Historical Societies / Town Historians


M - R

MC CARTHY Eugene b. Volney, NY d. Dec 22, 1936
son of Job MC CARTHY & Lucy Ann HOWARD; unwed; aged 72y Vital Records
- Fulton

MC CARTHY James E.  d. Jan 24, 1936 Clyde,
NY aged 84y Burial Permit

MC CARTHY Job b. July 2, 1822  d. Dec 22, 1898 son of 
John MC CARTHY & Judith BRIGGS; husb of Lucy Ann HOWARD, m 2/14/1847;
aged 76y Vital Records - Fulton

MC CARTHY Lucy Ann  d. Aug 1, 1912 dau of Albert
HOWARD & Lucy KNICKERBOCKER (Howard genealogy); wife of Job MC CARTHY,
m: 2/14/1847 (Howard gene.); aged 84y,5m,7d 

MC DOUGALL David b. 1816 England d. Mar 18, 1903 son
of James Mc DOUGALL & Mary CHALSTON (both of England); husb of Elizabeth
HYDAM or MYDORN;  Civil War Vet Co. c 110th Reg NY; aged 87y Scriba
Vital Records

MC DOUGALL David b. 1880 d. Aug 25, 1903 (DD) son of
James MC DOUGALL & Harriett CLEMONS 

MC DOUGALL Elizabeth b. 1818 d. Nov 15, 1903 
wife of David MC DOUGALL; aged 85y; Son's death cert states her maiden
name as HYDAM, but ceme. stones says MYDORN Scriba Vital Records

MC DOUGALL Elizabeth 1855 1877 dau of David MC

MC DOUGALL Harriett b. Apr 29, 1846 d. Jan 13, 1929
dau of Samuel CLEMONS & Julie CASTER; wife of James MC DOUGALL (VRV)
Vital Records of Volney

MC DOUGALL James b. 1841 Morristown, St Law. Cnty, NY
d. Aug 29, 1894 son of David MC DOUGALL & Elizabeth HYDAM or MYDORN; husb
of Harriett CLEMONS; aged 52y,10m,14d Vital Records - Fulton


MC DOUGALL Phepe Jane  see Phebe Jane (MC DOUGALL) STEWART

MC ENOD George Brown   d. July 31, 1828 aged 59y DAR Records

MC EWEN Anna W. b. 1839 Volney, NY d. July 15, 1909
dau of L. SNOW; wife of Daniel; aged 70y,10m Vital Records - Fulton

MC EWEN Daniel  d. Dec 9, 1891 son of Eli MC
EWEN & Irena (both of Scotland); husb of Anna W. SNOW; aged 56y Vital
Records - Fulton

MC EWEN Irena  d. Feb 2, 1868 wife of Eli MCEWEN (of Scotland); aged 65y

MC EWEN Phebe A.   see Phebe A. (MCEWEN) PECKHAM

MANN Esther   see Esther (MANN) CONE 

MARKHAM Charles H.  d. June 6, 1836 aged 34y 

MARKHAM Charles O.  d. Mar 29, 1839 son of
Charles H. MARKHAM & Harriett; aged 5y 

MARKHAM Elizabeth P.  d. Feb 10, 1855 aged 69y,3m.

MARKHAM Emma L. b. Mar 29, 1844 d. Sept 10, 1861 dau
of Jason S. MARKHAM & Harriet S. RISLEY 

MARKHAM Harriet S. b. Jan 15, 1822 d. July 31, 1894
dau of S. RISLEY; wife of Jason S. MARKHAM Vital Records - Fulton

MARKHAM Ida May  d. Apr 15, 1885 dau of Charles
MARKHAM & Almary A. WAUGH; aged 14y 

MARKHAM Isaac  d. Apr 23, 1840 aged 28y 

MARKHAM Issac  d. Jan 9, 1857 or 1859 husband
of Susan HOWARD; aged 77y,4m;  Johnson's Cnty history says he died

MARKHAM Issac H. Jr.  d. June 5, 1840 son of
Isaac MARKHAM; aged 4m, 10d;  (mother can't be Susan HOWARD, as she
died 3/2/1832) 

MARKHAM Jason S. b. May 6, 1814 d. Feb 20, 1898 son
of Isaac MARKHAM & Susan HOWARD; husb of Harriet S. RISLEY 


MARKHAM S. Orville  d. Nov 5, 1853 aged 22y,4m,20d 

MARKHAM Susan H.  d. Mar 2, 1832 dau of Mr.
HOWARD; wife of Isaac MARKHAM; aged 56y, 9m 

MARSH Alice Isabelle b. 1855  Canada d. Oct 20,
1941 Syracuse, NY dau of Alfred A. HUDGIN & Mary WILMER 

MARSHALL Margaret b. 1860 d. Feb 13, 1833 Lysander,
NY aged 72y Burial Permit

MARVIN Elizabeth E. "Betty" 1794 - 1879 see Elizabeth

MASON Martha E.   see Martha E. (MASON)WISE

MAXWELL John S.  d. Oct 17, 1905 aged 77y,10m,15d 

MAY Harriet  d. Feb 8, 1965 Romulus, NY aged
88y,4m,10d Burial Permit

MEACHAM Sally M.  d. Mar 1, 1828 aged 22y   

MERRIAM Charles J.  d. Jan 16, 1876 husb of
Hannah; aged 76y 

MERRIAM Hannah  d. Jan 4, 1887 wife of Charles
J. MERRIAM; aged 87y 

MERRIAM John d. Aug 29, 1843 husb of Lucinda;
aged 68y,7d 

MERRIAM Lucinda  d. Mar 12, 1868 wife of John MERRIAM; aged 87y,4m

MERRITT Adalaide Lousia   see Adalaide

MERRITT Eliza Ann b. Nov 22, 1812 d. Feb 18, 1904 dau
of Jedediah FOSTER & Ruth STOCKING; wife of Emory MERRITT (VRV) Vital
Records of Volney

MERRITT Emory  b. July 10, 1816 Clinton, Oneida,
Cnty, NY d. Feb 25, 1888 son of Silas N. MERRITT &  Sophia WALTON;
husb of Eliza Ann FOSTER Vital Records - Fulton

MERTON Charles W.  d. Nov 28, 1855 son of James
MERTON & Jane WHITE; aged 12y,9m,22d 

MERTON James  d. Dec 4, 1881 husb of Jane
WHITE; aged 67y,10m,3d 

MERTON Jane  d. Jan 29, 1878 dau of Mr. WHITE;
wife of James MERTON; aged 61y,11m 

MERTON Mary Eva b. 1856 Volney, NY d. Jan 3, 1893 dau
of James MERTON & Jane WHITE; aged 36y,7m,9d 

MILLER Cornelia    see Cornelia (MILLER) LAMPHERE

MILLER Edna May b. Aug 15, 1917 d. Aug 13, 1978 Albany,
NY dau of Howard Jasper IVES & Maude May SHELDON; wife of Herbert Augustus
MILLER Rowlee Genealogy


MINNISH James 1844 - 1918 husb of Sarah LAMPHERE 

MINNISH Jesse M. b. 1875 d. Apr 18, 1876 son of James
MINNISH & Sarah LAMPHERE; aged 1y 

MINNISH Sarah b. 1844 d. Jan 24, 1901 Little Utica,
NY dau of Mr. LAMPHERE;  wife of James MINNISH Burial Permit

MOAK Lizzie R.  d. Feb 26, 1946 Syracuse, NY
aged 82y Burial Permit

MORGAN Carrie A. b. May 14, 1844 d. Jan 4, 1863 dau
of George Washington ROWLEE & Jane DEMOTT; wife of Alfred MORGAN; aged
18y,8m Rowlee Genealogy

MORSE Martha     see Martha (MORSE) LOOKER

MYERS Abby 1848 - 1913  

MYERS Edwin 1835 - 1907  

MYERS Ernest b. 1871 Scriba, NY d. Oct 31, 1938 Hannibal,
NY aged 67y,3m Burial Permit

MYERS Etta 1847 - 1908  

MYERS Lany L.   see Lany L. (MYERS)HOWARD

MYRICK Seth S.   Soldier of War of 1812

NARROW Josephine  d. Aug 29, 1944 aged 88y,4m,11d Burial Permit

NEWVINE Cordelia   see Cordelia (NEWVINE)VIEW BEACH

NICHOLS Clark W. b. 1845 d. Oct 15, 1903 (DD) husb
of Julia B. HUBBARD 

NICHOLS Julia B b. 1838 d. May, 1902 (DD) dau of Halsey
HUBBARD & Rachel HUGUNIN; wife of Clark W. NICHOLS ; buried 5/11/1902 

NYE Polly   see Polly (NYE) WILLIAMS 

O'REILLY Margaret H.   see Margaret

OSBORN Charles Wesley b. Aug 27, 1835 d. July 3, 1902
son of Wm. OSBORN & Harriet ROWLEE; husb of Lucy Lavantia BARTHOLOMEW
(VRV) Vital Records of Volney

OSBORN Eliza Priscilla   see Eliza Priscilla (OSBORN) SKEEL

OSBORN Lucy Lavantia b. Feb 18, 1845 Scriba, NY
d. Feb 12, 1937 dau of George BARTHOLOMEW & Lucy MITCHELL; wife of 
Charles Wesley OSBORN; (death cert lists father as Alfred)  

OSBORN Muriel Lillian b. Sept 4, 1894 Volney, NY
d. Sept 16, 1964 Syracuse, NY dau of Fred W. IVES & Flora Agnes KELLER;
wife of Erwin S. OSBORN, m: 6/14/1911 (YRC); aged 70y 

OSBORNE Allen Livingston b. Aug 19, 1872 d. Jan 24,
1965 son of Charles Wesley OSBORN & Lucy Lavantia BARTHOLOMEW; husb
of Lucy Bernice DISTIN (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

OSBORNE Bernice Carol   see Bernice

OSBORNE Lester W. b. June 13, 1911  son of
Allen Livingston OSBORNE & Lucy Bernice DISTIN; husb of Vera NEWCOMB,
m: 10/19/1929 (VRV), divorced Osborne Records

OSBORNE Lucy b. Sept 5, 1875 Volney, NY d. Sept 28,1963 
dau of Eli Delos DISTIN & Eliza Jane HUDGINS; wife of Allen Livingston
OSBORNE (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

OSBORNE Meade Clinton b. Aug 10, 1896 (Militia Enroll)d. Aug 2, 1929
Tarrytown, NY son of Allen Livingston OSBORNE & Lucy Bernice
DISTIN; aged 32y; unwed;  WWI Vet , Co. D  59th A.T.A.A. 

OSTRANDER Alta b. 1808 Saratoga Cnty, NY d. Jan 29,1891
dau of William BALDWIN & Anna FERGUSON; wife of ??? OSTRANDER;
aged 82y,2m,9d Vital Records - Fulton

OTIS Josephine b. 1821 d. Aug 23, 1900 son of Shubal
OTIS (of Norwich, CT) & Sarah (of Dalton, MA); husb of Olive BASS Scriba
Vital Records

OTIS Olive b. 1820 Wooster, MA d. Feb 19, 1906 dau
of Manley BASS & Cynthia RICH; wife of Joseph OTIS Scriba Vital Records

PAGE Esther P.   see Esther P. (PAGE)SPRINGER, SLOCUM

PAGE Margaret   see Margaret (PAGE)WALKER

PALMER Blance A. b. 1882 d. Sept 2, 1979 dau of Charles
LAWTON & Hattie HUBBARD (PS); wife of Seymour PALMER 

PALMER Seymour A. b. Sept 21, 1872 Granby, NY d. Apr
13, 1943 son of Horatio PALMER & Harriet CORNWALL; husb of Blanche
A. LAWTON Vital Records - Fulton

PARKER Amy  d. Aug 10, 1828 dau of James PARKER
& Rebekah; aged 3y,6m 

PARKER Ann Eliza   see Ann Eliza (PARKER)HUBBARD

PARKER Charles Henry b. Feb 7, 1878 Volney, NY d. Apr 11, 1963
son of Martin Addison PARKER & Mary Ruth GRANT; husb of (1)
Mable L. BUTLER, m: 4/3/1901, (2) Maude L. IVES, HOWARD Rowlee Genealogy


PARKER George A. b. Apr 9, 1868 Volney, NY d. Dec 23,1949
son of Martin Addison PARKER & Mary Ruth GRANT; husb of (1) Grace
E. SPENCER, m: 11/1/1891, (2) Jennie A. GREEN (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

PARKER Gertrude M.   see Gertrude M. (PARKER) WELDON

PARKER Glenda Marie b. Sept 14, 1939 d. Sept 17, 1939
dau of Glenn M. PARKER & Leila CHESBRO Vital Records - Fulton

PARKER Glenn Martin b. Apr 7, 1900  son of
George A. PARKER & Grace SPENCER; husb of (1) Leila CHESBRO m:2/19/1919
(VRV), (2) Florence FULLER (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

PARKER Grace E. b. 1871 d. Oct 18, 1902 dau of Orrin
SPENCER & Loura PERINE; wife of Geo. A. PARKER, m:11/1/1891 (VRV) Vital
Records of Volney

PARKER Jennie A. b. Sept 29, 1884 Volney, NY d. Nov 30, 1953
dau of Frank GREENE & Eliza DERBY; wife of George A. PARKER
Vital Records - Fulton

PARKER Leila b. Apr 14, 1901 d. May 3, 1977 dau of William R. CHESBRO &
Ella DELONG; wife of Glenn Martin PARKER, m: 2/19/1919
(VRV) Vital Records - Fulton

PARKER Mabel L. June 17, 1878 May 30, 1930 dau
of Sidney BUTLER & Hattie MATTHEWS; wife of Charles Henry PARKER, m:
4/3/1901 (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

PARKER Maria Catherine   see Maria

PARKER Martin b. Dec 22, 1845 d. Mar 26, 1920 son of
Addison PARKER & Mary LE MAY; husb of (1) Mary Ruth GRANT, m:2/19/1867,
(2) Phoebe GRANT, m: 7/31/1901; Co. E, 24th NY Cav.; prisioner in Libby
prison, Savannah, GA 

PARKER Mary Ruth b. Dec 24, 1850 d. Feb 11, 1901 dau
of Edward GRANT & Abigail BALDWIN; wife of Martin PARKER, m: 2/19/1867
(local paper) (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

PARKER Phoebe b. Jan 2, 1854 Volney, NY d. June 22,1953
dau of Edward GRANT & Abigail BALDWIN; wife of (1) Delos A. BUNN,
(2) Martin A. PARKER, m: 7/31/1901 

PARKER Samuel  d. May 27, 1871 husb of Vienna
HUBBARD; aged 87y 

PARKER Vienna  d. Oct 11, 1876 wife of Samuel PARKER; aged 79y

PEARSON Mary b. Aug 6, 1855 Volney, NY d. Oct 7, 1939
dau of Horace HITCHCOCK & Mary (or Almira or Elmira) WOOD; wife of
Orlando E. PEARSON Vital Records - Fulton

PEARSON Orlando E. b. 1847 Clay, NY d. Aug 1, 1909
son of Elias PEARSON & Julia A. WINTERS; husb of Mary HITCHCOCK; aged
61y,10m,17d Vital Records - Fulton

PECKHAM Charles 1819 Madison Cnty, NY June 24,1893 
son of Oliver PECKHAM & Samantha; aged 74y,2m,23d Vital Records
- Fulton

PECKHAM Eusebius b. Jan 7, 1814, New York, NY d. May 23, 1887 
son of Oliver PECKHAM & Lucinda BARKER; husb of Phebe A. MC
EWEN; death cert says buried in Ingalls Crossing Ceme, stone is in Mt.
Pleasant Ceme. Vital Records - Fulton

PECKHAM Giles  d. May 5, 1856 husb of Lena
KICKICKUBURKAN; aged 72y,1m; Vet of War of 1812 


PECKHAM Hattie Agnes   see Hattie Agnes (PECKHAM) GRANT

PECKHAM Job B. b. Aug 20, 1823 d. Mar 19, 1859 husb of Sophronia

PECKHAM Lavinia   see Lavinia (PECKHAM)SANFORD



PECKHAM Oliver  d. Mar 19, 1850 aged 63y,6m,23d  DAR Records

PECKHAM Phebe A. b. Dec 1, 1814 Madison Cnty, NY
d. Nov 28, 1893 dau of George MC EWEN & Mary BEACH; wife of Eusebius 
PECKHAM  Vital Records - Fulton

PECKHAM Sophronia b. Nov 19, 1825 d. Dec 5, 1884 wife

PELTON Anna E. b. Oct 9, 1875 Sandy Creek, NY d. Oct 15, 1843 
dau of George SHARP & Susannah SMITH; wife of George W. PELTON
Vital Records - Fulton

PELTON Carlos C. b. 1897 d. July 5, 1965 Oneida Cnty,
NY aged 68y Burial Permit

PELTON George W. b. Oct 25, 1872 Fulton, NY d. Feb 8, 1937
son of Oscar PELTON & Delia or Dordelia LAWS; husb of Anna
E. SHARP Vital Records - Fulton

PELTON Lucille A.   see Lucille A. (PELTON) PERCIVAL

PERCIVAL Betty Jean b. Aug 28m 1921 Fulton, NY d. July
18, 1930 dau of Glen PERCIVAL & Lucille PELTON Vital Records - Fulton

PERCIVAL female Feb 2, 1946 Feb 2, 1946 dau of
George PERCIVAL & Josephine MARQUART Vital Records - Fulton

PERCIVAL Florence E. b. 1874 Volney, NY d. Feb 24,1950
Marcy, NY dau of Augustus BECKER & Alice CHESBRO; wife of William
PERCIVAL, m:1/5/1893 (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

PERCIVAL Glen William b. Oct 15, 1895 Volney, NY
d. Nov 10, 1944 Long Lake son of William PERCIVAL & Florence E. BECKER;
husb of Lucille A. PELTON, m: 10/15/1920 (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

PERCIVAL Goldie F. b. 1897 Volney, NY d. Nov 8, 1899
child of William PERCIVAL & Florence E. BECKER; aged 2y,4d Vital Records
- Fulton

PERCIVAL Iona  d. Jan 10, 1907 dau of William
PERCIVAL & Florecne BECKER; aged 12y,10m, 17d (VRV) Vital Records of


PERCIVAL Lucille A. 1902  dau of George
PELTON & Anna SHARP (VRV); wife of Glenn W. PERCIVAL, m: 10/15/1920 

PERCIVAL Violet  d. May 23, 1905 dau of William
PERCIVAL & Florence E. BECKER; aged 8d 

PERCIVAL William  b. Feb 8, 1868 Volney, NY   d. Oct 12, 1930 
son of Chapman PERCIVAL & Saffina MYERS; husb of Florence
E. BECKER, m:1/5/1893 Vital Records - Fulton

PETTIS Charles O.  d. Oct 19, 1862 aged 23y,6m,26d 

PETTIS Daniel no dates  son of Leonard PETTIS
& Sybil DAR Records

PETTIS Joseph   b. May 27, 1772 d. Aug 21,1855 husb of Polly

PETTIS Henriette   see Henriette (PETTIS)VANT

PETTIS Isyble (Sybil) b. Aug 15, 1808 d. May 25, 1889
wife of Leonard P. PETTIS 

PETTIS Polly b. May 21, 1779 d. Jan 21, 1855 wife of
Joseph PETTIS 


PHILLIPS Grace L. b. June 14, 1883 Cato, NY d. Dec
9, 1944 dau of Frank BAKER; wife of Willard PHILLIPS 


PHILLIPS Melissa b. 1834 Herkimer, NY d. Sept 22, 1923
dau of Lyman WOOD & ?? WRIGHT; wife of Calvin C. PHILLIPS Scriba Vital

PHILLIPS Willard Henry b. Sept 6, 1888 (Militia
Enroll) d. Mar 8, 1959 Oswego, NY husb of Grace L. BAKER Burial Permit

PIPER Elizabeth   b. July 1, 1807 d. Aug 14, 1847 
wife of Jacob S. PIPER; aged 40y,1m,13d 

PIPER Elizabeth (WRIGHT)   Volney center ceme. also list an 
Elizabeth WRIGHT PIPER w/ same dates, along with Jacob's
other 2 wives. Since this is on WRIGHT plot, think possible this belongs
here in Mt. P. 

PLUFF Addie   see Addie (PLUFF) BALL 

PLUFF Annette b. 1881 Palermo, NY d. July 5, 1887 dau
of John PLUFF & Margaret GRANT; aged 6y Vital Records - Fulton

PLUFF Ester   see Ester (PLUFF) LA ROCK

PLUFF John b. 1831 d. Oct 16, 1905 son of John PLUFF
& Phina GORGA; husb of Margaret L. GRANT; aged 74y,5m,11d; Civil War
Co. I. 110th NY Inf. (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

PLUFF Louis Jr.  d. Oct 3, 1876 son of Louis
PLUFF & Victoria LA ROCK; aged 16y 

PLUFF Louis  b. June 30, 1834 d. Nov 5, 1923 son
of John PLUFF & Perlina GOKEY; husb of Victoria LA ROCK 

PLUFF Margaret b. May 8, 1839  d. Feb 23, 1914
dau of Joseph GRANT; wife of John PLUFF (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

PLUFF Mary Ann 1848 1904 wife of Alexander PLUFF 

PLUFF Mary J.   see Mary J. (PLUFF) TAYLOR

PLUFF Victoria b. 1824 Canada d. Jan 21, 1893 dau of
Oscar LA ROCK; wife of Louis PLUFF Sr. Vital Records - Fulton

PORTER Albert b. 1834 Scriba, NY d. Dec 1, 1904 son
of William PORTER & Sarah BURDICK; husb of Harriett SEARS; aged 70y 

PORTER Annette   see Annette (PORTER)BARTLETT

PORTER Harriett b. Apr 15, 1839 Volney, NY d. Feb 12,
1922 dau of Neson SEARS & Amanda COLES; wife of Albert PORTER Vital
Records - Fulton

POTTER Edward W. b. Feb 15, 1845 Scriba, NY d. Oct 24, 1931 
son of Henry POTTER & Nancy BURCHIM; husb of Sarah STONE Scriba
Vital Records

POTTER Emogene  d. Apr 30, 1876 dau of William
E. POTTER & Ida E.; aged 1y,26d 

POTTER Ida E.  d. Mar 28, 1876 wife of William
E. POTTER; aged 27y,8m,13d 

POTTER Lucinda C.   see Lucinda C. (POTTER) STEWART

PRATT Curtis L. 1860 - 1908 husb of Lucy A. 

PRATT Lucy A. b. 1861 d. Feb 13, 1927 Pulaski, NY wife
of Curtis L. PRATT; aged 65y Burial Permit

PRESTON Harvy R. b. May 16, 1841 d. Sept 14, 1883 husb
of Henrietta D. VANT 

PRESTON Henrietta D. b. Sept 9, 1844 d. Aug 13, 1882
dau of Mr. VANT; wife of Harvy R. PRESTON 

QUACKENBUSH Susan Elia b. Apr 2, 1837 d. June 30, 1923
dau of Clinton CLERK & Matilda HILDRETH; wife of (1) Adam BELLINGER,
(2) J.E. QUACKENBUSH, m: 9/8/1902 (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

QUACKENBUSH Sarah  d. Aug 8, 1938 Syracuse,
NY aged 70y Burial Permit

QUACKENBUSH Mr.  d. Aug 1926 buried Aug 9, 1926 Patriot papers

RANDALL Florence A.   see Florence A. (RANDALL) DISTIN

REAFEL Sarah Margaret b. 1872 Volney, NY d. June 14,
1953 Hastings, NY aged 81y,1m,29d Burial Permit

REAR Ethel Marie   see Ethel Marie (REAR) DISTIN

RECTOR Nancy   see Nancy (RECTOR) COOK 

REYNOLDS Caroline V.   see Caroline

RICE Claude Freeman b. Aug 11, 1908 Washington d. Feb
21, 1971 son of Edward C. RICE & Maude ASHBURN; husb of Doris CLARK,
m: 11/19/1929 (per Patriot) Vital Records - Fulton

RICE Doris Anna b. Oct 8, 1905  dau of Willis
CLARK & Franc Mae SNYDER; wife of Claude Freeman RICE, m: 11/19/1929 

RICHARDS George H. b. 1871 Boylston, NY d. Aug 5, 1937
Mexico, NY husb of Mary MINER; aged 65y,8m,26d 

RICHARDS George Henry b. June 9, 1894 Fulton, NY d. Feb 25, 1964
son of George RICHARDS & Mary MINER; husb of Iva DOLBEAR
Vital Records - Fulton

RICHARDS Iva b. Apr 6, 1896 Fulton, NY d. May 10, 1965
dau of Martin DOLBEAR & Stella; wife of George Henry RICHARDS (VRV)
Vital Records of Volney

RICHARDS Kyle Marcenus b. 1919 Fulton, NY d. Jan 27,
1936 Palermo, NY son of George RICHARDS & Iva DOLBEAR; aged 16y,4m,11d
Burial Permit


RISLEY Elezer b. 1788 d. Feb 2, 1858 aged 70y 

RISLEY Harriet S. b. Jan 15, 1822 Barry, NY d. July
31, 1894 dau of S. RISLEY;  wife of Jason S. MARKHAM; see Harriet
S. (RISLEY) MARKHAM Vital Records - Fulton

ROBERTS Purlina  d. Apr 10, 1882 80y 

ROBINSON Hattie    d. Sept 27, 1879
wife of J.R. ROBINSON; aged 26y,3m;  on the BARTLETT plot 

ROCKWOOD Alonzo  d. July 16, 1838 aged 22y 

ROCKWOOD Harmon Parker b. Dec 2, 1864 Volney, NY d. Apr 25, 1950
son of Rufus ROCKWOOD & Susan AUSTIN; husb of Ida M. FOSTER
Vital Records - Fulton

ROCKWOOD Ida M. b. June 2, 1870 d. Apr 29, 1949 dau
of Frederick FOSTER & Harriett SYKES; wife of Harmon P. ROCKWOOD 

ROCKWOOD Rufus H.  d. Aug 17, 1873 husb of
Susan AUSTIN; aged 50y 

ROCKWOOD Susan Elia  d. Dec 15, 1900 dau of Amos AUSTIN;
wife of Rufus H. ROCKWOOD; aged 76y,6m (VRV) Vital Records
of Volney

ROCKWOOD Warren D.  d. Oct 31, 1850 aged 69y;
Veteran of War of 1812 

ROOT Dora J.   see Dora J. (ROOT) BURDICK 

ROOT Elizabeth L.  d. Oct 4, 1851 dau of Mr.
GILBERT; wife of Samuel P. ROOT; aged 33y,11m DAR Records

ROOT Eunice L. b. Jan 30, 1828 Stockbridge, Madison Cnty, NY 
d. July 1, 1921 dau of Asher ALLEN & Mary DISTIN; wife of Samuel
P. ROOT, m: 1858 Vital Records - Fulton

ROOT Frances   see Frances (ROOT) WARE 

ROOT Harriett Jane  d. Oct 7, 1845 dau of John
H. ROOT & Lucinda A; aged 9y,9m 

ROOT Jonathan  d. Sept 1, 1850 husb of Lucretia
HUBBARD; aged 62y,2m 

ROOT John H.  d. Nov 6, 1856 son of Samuel
P. ROOT & Elizabeth GILBERT; aged 6y,3m 

ROOT John H. 1815 - 1878 son of Jonathan ROOT &
Lucretia HUBBARD; husb of Lucinda A. 

ROOT Lucinda A. b. 1817 d. Mar 25, 1875 wife of John
H. ROOT Ives Diary

ROOT Lucretia  Sept 24, 1876 wife of Johnathan
ROOT; aged 83y 

ROOT Phoebe Rosina  d. June 6, 1844 wife of
Samuel P. ROOT; aged 22y,6m 

ROOT Samuel P.  d. Jan 31, 1865 husb of (1)Elizabeth
L. GILBERT {per DAR records}, (2) Eunice ALLEN, m:1858; aged 44y,9m,12d 

ROOT Sucestice   see Sucestice (ROOT)ARNOLD

ROSE Bernice   see Bernice (ROSE) PHILLIPS, BUNN

ROWLEE Addie b. 1847 Jefferson Cnty, NY d. Dec 16,1884
dau of Jonathan BENTLEY & Rebecca HARRINGTON (both of Stevenstown,
NY); wife of Albert A. ROWLEE, m: 11/13/19??;aged 37y,2m,13d Vital Records
- Fulton

ROWLEE Albert A. b. Nov 18, 1845 Volney, NY d. Jan 7, 1911
son of Esqurie ROWLEE & Polly GRAHAM; husb of (1) Addie BENTLEY,
m:11/13/1867, (2)Addie BALL, m: 6/3/1891, (3) Estella (COLE) HAWKINS, m:
2/21/1900 Rowlee Genealogy

ROWLEE Anna H.  d. Sept 13, 1860 dau of Heman
ROWLEE & Janetta A. DUNSMOOR; aged 6y,8m 

ROWLEE Caroline L. b. 1812 d. Sept 24, 1888 dau of
Shubael HEWES; wife of John C. ROWLEE; aged 76y,6m,15d Vital Records -

ROWLEE Caroline V.  Mar 25, 1858 dau of
Bostwick REYNOLDS; wife of Shubael E. ROWLEE; aged 20y Rowlee Genealogy

ROWLEE Carrie A.   see Carrie A. (ROWLEE)MORGAN

ROWLEE Claude   b. Apr 17, 1883 Volney,
NY d. Aug 15, 1884 son of Virgil ROWLEE & Julia A. COLE (Vital Records
of Fulton) Rowlee Genealogy

ROWLEE Daughter stillborn Mar 13, 1948 Syracuse,
NY dau of Byron Lee ROWLEE Sr. & Ella Virginia HAMMOND Rowlee Genealogy

ROWLEE Delos Demott b. Dec 19, 1885 Volney, NY d. Aug
26, 1975 son of Jasper Newton ROWLEE & Sarah Cornelia DISTIN; husb
of (1) Jessie Eliza DUNSMOOR, (2) Mary "Mae" STAFFORD, BROWN (VRV) Vital
Records of Volney

ROWLEE Dorothy   see Dorothy (ROWLEE)ELMER

ROWLEE Dorothy b. Dec 21, 1783 Pine Isle, NY d. Jan
28, 1834 dau of John CARR & Amy ARMSTRONG; wife of Nathan ROWLEE; 1st
buried in Fulton Ceme; moved to Mt. Pleasant abt. 1870 Rowlee Genealogy

ROWLEE Earl Mar 20, 1876 (per death cert) Apr
18, 1943 birth is Nov 20, 1876 per Rowlee gene.; son of Virgil ROWLEE &
Julia COLE; husb of Nellie Mable DISTIN (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

ROWLEE Estella b. 1848 Ithaca, NY d. June 18, 1912
dau of Wm. D. COLE & Sarah SCHOONMAKER; wife of (1) Mr. HAWKINS, (2)
Albert A. ROWLEE, m: 2/21/1900; aged 64y,1m,12d Vital Records - Fulton

ROWLEE Eugene b. Apr 25, 1876 Volney, NY d. Jan 20,
1900 son of Jasper Newton ROWLEE & Sarah Cornelia DISTIN; husb of Jennie
Maud DEWEY; Veteran of Spanish American War Vital Records - Fulton

ROWLEE George Washington b. Mar 9, 1813 Orange Cnty,
NY d. Sept 22, 1884 son of Nathan ROWLEE & Dorothy CARR; husb of Jane
DEMOTT; Fulton Vitals says died 9/21/1884 

ROWLEE George Washington Jr. b. Sept 9, 1836 Volney,
NY d. Nov 5, 1862 son of Geo. Washington ROWLEE Sr. & Jane DEMOTT; husb
of Sarah Cornelia DISTIN, m: 12/28/1859 Rowlee Genealogy

ROWLEE Grace   b. Mar 14, 1913 d. June 9, 1974
dau fo Lawrence Leroy HUNTINGTON & Nettie May STEWART; wife of
Oran Jasper ROWLEE Rowlee Genealogy

ROWLEE Heman b. Jan 5, 1823 Groton, Tomp. Cnty,NY
d. Mar 29, 1899 son of Nathan ROWLEE & Dorothy CARR; husb of (1) Janett
A. DUNSMOOR, (2) Maria Emory BAKER, m: 11/16/18    
(Fulton Vitals) Rowlee Genealogy

ROWLEE Jane b. Dec 12, 1812 d. June 26, 1892 dau of
Jacob DEMOTT & Hannah; wife of Geo. Washington ROWLEE Sr. (Fulton Vital
Records) Rowlee Genealogy

ROWLEE Janett A. b. Jan 5, 1829 d. Apr 27, 1887 dau
of Alonzo DUNSMOOR & Harriet BEARDSLEY; wife of Heman ROWLEE 

ROWLEE Jasper Newton Jan 23, 1847 Volney, NY
Nov 15, 1932 son of Geo. Washington ROWLEE Sr. & Jane DEMOTT; husb
of Sarah Cornelia DISTIN Rowlee Genealogy

ROWLEE Jay O. b. Oct 17, 1861 Volney, NY d. Oct 9,1897
son of Heman ROWLEE & Jannett A. DUNSMOOR; husb of Nina JOHNSON,
m: 7/12/1888 (VRV) Vital Records - Fulton

ROWLEE Jennie Maud b. Dec 31, 1876 d. July 27, 1966
dau of Albert DEWEY & Mary E. LOVELAND; wife of (1) Eugene ROWLEE,
(2) George BUTTERWORTH  (VRV) Rowlee Genealogy

ROWLEE Jessie Eliza b. Sept 22, 1886 d. Mar 21, 1946
dau of Oron Lafayette DUNSMOOR & Nellie Marion WHITE; wife of Delos
Demott ROWLEE Vital Records - Fulton

ROWLEE John Carr b. May 15, 1805 Warwick, NY d. Sept
13, 1881 son of Nathan ROWLEE & Dorothy CARR; husb of Caroline HEWES
Rowlee Genealogy

ROWLEE Julia Ann b. 1849 d. July 2, 1911 dau of Joseph
COLE & Margaret BECKER; wife of Virgil ROWLEE; aged 62y,14d (VRV) Vital
Records of Volney

ROWLEE Lafayette  d. Mar 9, 1856 son of Heman
ROWLEE & Jannett A. DUNSMOOR; aged 9d 

ROWLEE Leitha Alice   see Leitha Alice (ROWLEE) VAN BUREN

ROWLEE Luna Adelaide   see Luna Adelaide (ROWLEE) WRIGHT

ROWLEE Malvina Josephine   see Malvina
Josephine (ROWLEE) IVES 

ROWLEE Malvina Josephine b. Sept 24, 1840 d. Feb 7,1861
dau of Geo. Washington ROWLEE Sr. & Jane DEMOTT; aged 20y,3m Rowlee

ROWLEE Mary b. 1829 Dryden, Tompkins cnty,NY d. Apr 19, 1899 
dau of Thomas DRAPER; wife of Nathan ROWLEE; aged 74y Vital Records
- Fulton

ROWLEE Nathan b. Apr 6, 1782 Warwick, Orange Cnty,NY d. Feb 15, 1839
son of Heman ROWLEE & Lydia SEELEY; husb of Dorothy CARR; was buried 
at Fulton ceme. abt 1870 moved to Mt Pleasant Rowlee Genealogy

ROWLEE Nathan b. 1817 d. Nov 14, 1893 son of Nathan
ROWLEE & Dorothy CARR; husb of Mary DRAPER Vital Records - Fulton

ROWLEE Nathan b. Jan 9, 1839 d. Dec 22, 1862 son of
Geo. Washington ROWLEE Sr. & Jane DEMOTT; Co. D, 147th Reg NY Vol;
died of dysntary at Georgetown Hosp, in D.C. Rowlee Genealogy

ROWLEE Nellie Mable b. May 7, 1878 Volney, NY d. Mar
10, 1922 dau of Eli Delos DISTIN & Eliza Jane HUDGIN; wife of Earl
ROWLEE (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

ROWLEE Paul Demott  d. Apr 3, 1890 son of George
Nathan ROWLEE & Mary Alice DEMOTT; aged 2m;  death cert stated
died Apr 2, 1890 Vital Records - Fulton

ROWLEE Sarah Cornelia b. Oct 22, 1842 d. Jan 16, 1914
dau of Eli DISTIN & Sarah Ann GREGG; wife of (1) Geo Washington ROWLEE
Jr, (2) Jasper Newton ROWLEE (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

ROWLEE Sarah Jane  d. Jan 26, 1864 dau of Mr.
COLE; wife of Virgil ROWLEE; aged 23y,7m,17d 

ROWLEE Virgil b. Jan 3, 1839 d. Jan 5, 1920 son of
John Carr ROWLEE & Caroline HEWES; husb of (1) Sarah Jane COLE, (2)
Julia A. COLE; Co. A, 184th NY Inf (VRV) Rowlee Genealogy

ROWLEY Carl Andrew b. Oct 7, 1900 d. July 29, 1976
son of Homer E. ROWLEY & Hilda R. KANE; husb of Mary KELLER, m: 12/16/1922
Vital Records - Fulton

ROWLEY Mary Agnes b. Jan 8, 1898 Volney, NY d. Mar
16, 1964 dau of Edward T. KELLER & Emma B. PARKER; wife of Carl A.
ROWLEY, m 12/16/1922 Vital Records - Fulton

RUDE Lizzie L.   see Lizzie L. (RUDE)CHAFFEE

RUMRILL George W. b. Jan 28, 1914 d. Oct 21, 1914 son
of David H. RUMRILL & Lena B. CLARK (VRV) Vital Records of Volney

RUMSEY Murray P.  d. Dec 7, 1898 son of Samuel 
D. RUMSEY & Susan PROUD; aged 23y,1m,11d Vital Records Fulton
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