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Many thanks and appreciation to Michael Umpherson for contributing this partial cemetery list which also includes names of his ancestors.  The list originally came from the Oswego Co. Records Center and contact information can be found on the TOWN HISTORIANS and HISTORICAL SOCIETIES, as they have many cemetery listings available.

Through your site, I  found the services of Barbara Dix at the County Records Center. She found a very important link in my family research- the burial site and dates of birth and death for my GGG Grandmother in Oswego. She is listed in the Riverside cemetery- WIEGENDS,  Mary C., etc.  There are numerous other people listed on the page she supplied me with- mostly by the surname WILBER (not my relations) .  Hopefully, this page on your website will benefit other genealogy researchers as well. I am planning a visit to Oswego this summer and hope to find more clues on the WIEGENDS/ WIGGINS/WEGENDS  family of Oswego City in the later half of the 19th Century- and hopefully living descendents.  Michael Umpherson

Here are directions for the web site to Riverside Cemetery in the Town of Scriba, Oswego Co., NY: This cemetery is located on the east side of County Road 57, a half mile south of the intersection of CR 57 and State Road 481 (Where the Oswego County Records Center is/was.).  That intersection is 2  miles south of the intersection of SR 481 and SR 104 is downtown Oswego, Oswego Co., NY.  Pete Pierce

Please Note:That this is a partial listing of the Riverside Cemetery. 
Additional names are always welcome.

WHITNEY, Thankful,  d. Apr. 2, 1840, age 85 yrs. Mother of Moses  *12-?
WHITNEY, Vesta M.   d. Oswego, N.Y., Nov. 6, 1899, age 2 yrs. 1 mo. 
      Par.--Orla  WHITNEY.    171-D
WHITTLESEY, Mrs. Mary D.  d. Feb. 26, 1889. Res. Cleveland, Ohio.     *3-Y
WIDRIG,  Sanford, B.  b. 1873;   d. R.R. wreck at Ricketts Corners, N.Y. 
     Sept. 22, 1906, age 28 yrs.    *173-T
WIEGENDS,  Mary C.,  b. Germany, Feb. 11, 1804; d. Oswego, N.Y. July 19, 1876.
     Par:  Herr  FAN  BECHEN.          24-Y
WIETFELT,  Ann Amelia, wife of ?  b. Whiteville, Durah Co., Fla. Dec. 17, 1840;
      d. Oswego, N.Y. , June 30, 1871. Par:  James & D.A. CONDON.       *10-C

WILBER, Ann (STEWART) b. Glasgow, Scotland, d. Oswego, N.Y. July 7, 1875.  28-E
WILBER, Ann Thomson, wife of Harmon L., b. Jan. 6, 1818,  d. May 18, 1879  *14-V
WILBER, Anna Felda. b. Oswego, N.Y. Oct. 10, 1852; d. Jan. 1, 1864. 
     Par.-- Joseph & Mary WILBER.                                                 *14-V
WILBER, Austin,  d. Apr. 30, 1841. Par.-- Joseph & Sally WILBER
       "         Child     d. 1841, age 3 mo.)    Rem. fr. 5th Ward Cem. Oct. 6, 1890   14-V
       "         Hellen   d. July 12, 1837, age 15 mos.)  "           "             "          " 
       "         Virginia, d. Oct. 5, 1869, age 13 yrs. )  Par.-- Joseph & Sally WILBER 14-V
WILBER, Benjamin F.  b. Peterborough, N.Y., Sept. 10, 1810;  d. Oswego, N.Y. 
Feb. 11, 1849. Par.-- B.H.  & Esther WILBER.  Rem. fr. 5th Ward 
        Cem. Oct., 1859             *13-V
WILBER, Benjamin H.  b. June 8, 1777, d. June 4, 1840.    *13-V
WILBER,  Benjamin  H. b. Oswego, N.Y.  Sept. 25, 1840;  d. Vernon, N.Y.   Mar. 1, 
   1850. Par.--Benjamin F. & Lucy WILBER. Rem. fr. 5th Ward Cem. Oct., 1857.     *13-V
WILBER,  Benjamin H.  b. Oswego, N.Y. Sept. 13, 1851; d. July 20, 1852. 
          Par: Henry L.  & C.E.  WILBER.  Rem. fr. 4th Ward Cem.  Apr. 20,1862.  4-V
WILBER,  Bernard H.  d. Oswego, N.Y. Sept. 8, 1906, age 3 mos.   19-R7-WSG
WILBER,  Darwin,   d. Oswego, N.Y.  Jan. 28, 1888.            14-V
WILBER,  Frank, b. Oswego, N.Y. Nov. 10, 1858;  d. Sept. 5, 1861. 
         Par:  Henry L. & Betsey Elizabeth WILBER.          14-V
WILBER,   Frankie  E.   b. Oswego, N.Y., 1859; d. Feb. 9, 1870. 
    Par:  Fanny WILBER.            14-V
WILBER,   Franklin H.  b. Oswego, N.Y., Oct. 13, 1854; d. Mar. 14, 1855 
     Par:  Henry L.  &  E.C. WILBER.  Rem. fr. 4th Ward Cem. 
    Apr. 20, 1862.    14-V
WILBER,   Gardner.  d. Sept. 22, 1868, age 54 yrs.    *14-V
WILBER,   George.  b. Oswego, N.Y.  Oct. 26, 1861;  d. July 7, 1863. 
           Par:  Gardner &  Hannah T. WILBER.     14-V
WILBER,   Hannah  (GRIGGS)  wife of Benjamin H., b. Union, Conn., July 14, 1779
                    d. Oswego, N.Y.  June 21, 1868.        *14-V
WILBER,   Hannah,  wife of Gardner,  b. Dec. 18, 1821; d. Oswego, N.Y. Dec. 5, 1905. *14-V
WILBER,   Harmon L.,  b. Peterborough, N.Y. Apr. 26, 1820; d. Oswego, N.Y. Jan. 20,
                    1867.  Par:  Benjamin H. & Hannah WILBER.    *14-V

WILBER,   Henry L.  &   E.C. , infant of  b.  &   d.  Nov. 20, 1864   14-V
WILBER,   James,  b. Oswego, N.Y. Nov. 26, 1848; d. Dec. 5, 1859. 
      Par:  Joseph & Mary Ann WILBER.             *14-V
WILBER,   Jerome H.  b. Oswego, N.Y., Feb. 7,  &  d. Sept. 21, 1848. 
      Par:  Henry L.  & E. C. WILBER.  Rem. fr. 4th Ward Cem. Apr. 20, 1862.*14-V
WILBER,   Joseph,  b. Jan. 17, 1803;  d. Apr. 19, 1879.          *14-V
WILBER,   Mary A.,  (2) wife of Joseph,  b. June 25, 1809;  d. Oswego, N.Y. June 12, 
       1900.         *14-V
WILBER,   Sally  (1)  wife of Joseph,  b. Oct. 29, 1804; d. July 6, 1842.  Rem. fr.  5th
                                     Ward Cem. Oct. 6, 1890.       *14-V
WILBER,   Miss________,    bur. Apr. 12, 1870.   14-V
WILBER,   Morris S.,  b. Nov. 2, 1828;  bur. Sept. 17, 1869.    *14-V
WILBER,   Thaddeus  S.,  b. June 26, 1831;   d. Oswego, N.Y.  May 11, 1884    *14-V
WILBER,   Virginia  M.  b. Oswego, N.Y. Nov. 18, 1856;  d. Oct. 5, 1869. 
       Par:  Harmon & Ann Miller  WILBER.         *14-V
WILCOX,   Abigail,  d. Mar. 31, 1881, age 62 yrs.    *345-0

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