Many thanks and appreciation to Mr. Byron Rowlee, who compiled and recorded this cemetery, for making this list available online to us. Mr. Rowlee tells me," I was town historian for several years before retiring, and was also the town clerk of Volney, which gave me access to records that most people are not subject to review and consequently there is extra information, as well as having access to my grandfather's diaries that were kept for nearly 40 years, and that also gave extra information. I have always been willing to share my information and try to answer all inquires as far as possible as one never knows what someone out there might be able to share with you and shed light on the local history." Sincerly, Byron Rowlee Sr.

*Note: Mr. Rowlee has spent many years of work and much time visiting all of the cemeteries in the town, as well as reviewing the records for a good many of the cemeteries. They contain much information that usually is not found on cemetery lists and provides detailed resources for further research. He certainly deserves the recognition for all his time and hard work. 

Many thanks also to Dianne Thomas, Volney Town Editor, for transcribing this list, and who luckily, likes long and detailed projects. Dianne also volunteers her time transcribing for several other websites, and enjoys being involved in genealogy. 

**This cemetery is also known as Volney Rural Cemetery in Volney. For further information on any of the names, please contact the local Town Historians / Historical Societies.

BABCOCK Emeline May 17, 1807 Westerly, RI Nov 3, 1899 aged 90y,5m,17d; dau of John & Bridget (BERRY) THOMPSON of Westerly, RI Vital Records Fulton
BABCOCK Evaline 1809 1899 wife of Jesse (per paper, Patriot)  
BABCOCK Hannah Oct 24, 1768 Feb 24, 1851 aged 82y,4m; wife of Rev. Jesse; dau of Mr. THOMPSON  
BABCOCK Jesse July 31, 1806 Feb 12, 1860 husb of Emeline THOMPSON (per paper, Patriot)  
BABCOCK Jesse Rev. 1769 1844 husb of Hannah THOMPSON  
BABCOCK Mary W.     see Mary W. (BABCOCK) CARRIER  
BABCOCK Phoebe G.     see Phoeve G. (BABCOCK) CARRIER  
BABCOCK Weedie E.   Dec 8, 1863 aged 2y,9m; dau of Leemon B. and Harriet Vose BABCOCK  
BACON Emily A.     see Emily A. (BACON) SMITH  
BAHLEY Phillip Germany Aug 22, 1887 aged 85y Vital Records Fulton
BAILEY Ellen L.     see Ellen L. (BAILEY) BAKER  
BAKER Ellen L. Volney, NY July 18, 1895 aged 55y,10m; dau of John & Amanda BAILEY; (note states: think this belongs someplace else) Vital Records Fulton
BASSETT Maria C.   Feb 28, 1859 aged 25y; wife of Prof. Seth M.; (on back SB & PB on stone)  
BASSETT Mary N.     see Mary N. (BASSETT) THOMAS  
BASSETT Noble P.   Mar 7, 1864 aged 46y,8m,23d; husb of Zebiah W.  
BASSETT Polley   Feb 17, 1863 aged 73y; wife of Seth; (on same stone w/Seth)  
BASSETT Seth   Sept 9, 1841 aged 56y; husb of Polley  
BASSETT Seth N., Prof.   Feb 17, 1860 aged 23 or 27y; husb of Maria C.; (on back of Seth & Polley)  
BASSETT Zebiah W.   Nov 29,1878 aged 61y,7m,14d; wife of Noble P.; on stone w/ Noble; back of stone is listed Flora ????  
BAXTER Martha   Aug 31, 1829 aged 24y; wife of Edward  
BIRDSALL Lewis   Apr 15, 1881 aged 92y; no parents listed Vital Records Fulton
BLAKEMAN Elihu CT Oct 26, 1896 aged 90y,10m,26d; son of W.D. & Catherine Vital Records Fulton
BLAKEMAN Emilin L.   Dec 30, 1902 Schroeppel, NY aged 90y,11m; Burial Permit
BLAKEMAN Elvira     see Elviara (BLAKEMAN) MOREHOUSE  
BRADLEY Anna   July 23, 1829 aged 3y,7m; dau of Levi & Sybel  
BRADLEY Eli   Dec 12, 1860 aged 65y,3m  
BRADLEY Elihu 1756 Feb 1842 aged 86y; Rev War Soldier; plaque placed by Fulton DAR  
BRADLEY Eliza   ??? 21, 1841 dau of Eli & Sally  
BRADLEY Hannah   Mar 9, 1858 19y,1m; dau of Eli & Sally  
BRADLEY Helen Livonia     see Helen Livonia (BRADLEY) WRIGHT  
BRADLEY Mary   1842 stone is upsdie down; south of Elihu Bradley  
BRADLEY unknown   Dec 6, 1841 aged 17y  
BRADWAY Abby A.   Dec 11, 1827 aged 22y,5m,28d; wife of Hiram; dau of Mr. Babcock; per Babcock gene: b 6/21/1811, d 12/14,1853  
BREED ????   Aug 20, 1830 aged 69; wife of Oliver  
BREED Adin   Mar 16, 1850 aged 63y; husb of Nancy  
BREED Candace Aug 22, 1795 Litchfield,CT Mar 31,1889 wife of Oliver; dau of Samuel & Wealthy (COSSETT) MERRY Vital Records Fulton
BREED Eleanor Jan 15, 1783 Jan 4, 1845 aged 62y; wife of Henry, m: 6/10/1801 (Churchill); dau of Mr. FISH  
BREED Eleanor M.   Mar 8, 1843 aged 21y,3m; dau of Henry G. & Eleanor (FISH)  
BREED Henry G. Mar 10, 1791 (Churchill) July 2, 1828 aged 47y,3m,22d; husb of Eleanor FISH;  
BREED Lawrence M.   May 19, 1826 aged 1y,7m; son of Oliver & Candace (MERRY)  
BREED Nancy   June 10, 1830 aged 35y; wife of Adin  
BREED Oliver   July 18, 1834 aged 77y; Veteran American Rev. War  
BRIGGS Philleta   Mar 14, 1881 aged 42y,3m; dau of John & Mary (SANDERS) PARKER Vital Records Fulton
BROCKWAY Alfred   Aug 17, 1862 aged 8y  
BROCKWAY Caroline G. 1831 Oct 1913 Phoenix, NY wife of Russell; dau of Mr. PUTNAM  
BROCKWAY Charles O. 1864 1866 son of Russel C. & Caroline G. (PUTNAM)  
BROCKWAY Damon Clark Sept 4, 1821 Oct 28, 1864 Civil War Vet, 184th Reg, NY Vol; died at Harrison Landing, VA  
BROCKWAY Ervin   Nov 15, 1859 aged 3y,7m; dau of Levi & Sybel  
BROCKWAY Georgianna 1856 Gilbert Mills, NY Mar 8, 1895 aged 36y,2m,8d; unwed; dau of Russel C. & Caroline G. (PUTNAM) Vital Records Fulton
BROCKWAY Lydia L.   May 1913 Syracuse, NY   Burial Permit
BROCKWAY Oliver Nov 5, 1848 Aug 31, 1927 unwed; son of Damon & Lydia (GRIFFITH); Civil War Vet, 184th Reg, NY Inf. Vital Records Fulton
BROCKWAY Russell C. 1829 1919 husb of Caoline PUTNAM; Civil War Vet, Co.K, 184th Inf  
BURDICK Lydia   Feb 8, 1832 aged 23y,4d; wife of Oliver  
BURRIS Ezra   Feb 1834 aged 1y,3m,3d; son of Timothy & June P.  
BURRIS Phebea   Jan 28, 1835 aged 6m,7d; dau of Timothy & June P.  
BURTON       stone is betweein Inez BYER on the north, and Avery SMITH on the south  
BYER Inez A. July 31, 1865 July 22, 1890    
CARRIER Asahel B.   Apr 1, 1874 or 1891 aged 70y; husb of Lydia P. CLARK  
CARRIER Emily   May 10, 1833 aged 1y,2m; dau of Asahel & Lydia P. (CLARK)  
CARRIER Gilson D.,   Aug 4, 1896 Schroeppel, NY aged 69y Burial Permit
CARRIER Hannah     see Hannah (CARRIER) CONVERSE  
CARRIER Harvey Nov 16, 1800 Apr 30, 1887 husb of (1) Sarah SMITH, (2) Phoebe G. BABCOCK  
CARRIER Ira Aug 18, 1806, Lenox, MA May 26, 1886 husb of Maryette SEARS; son of Levi & Persis (MILLER), both of CT Vital Records Fulton
CARRIER Isreal   Nov 17, 1854 aged 54y; ( pencil note: I had P. dau of J & B Carrier, died 1857)  
CARRIER Leman   Sept 28, 1833 aged 38y; husb of Mary W. BABCOCK  
CARRIER Leman J. Dec 7, 1834 Mar 27, 1858 son of Harvey & Phoebe G. (BABCOCK)  
CARRIER Levi   Jan 29, 1851 or 1854 aged 85y,7m  
CARRIER Luther   Oct 22, 1872 aged 26y,1m,15d  
CARRIER Luther   Feb 15, 1845 aged 3m,10d; son of Ira & Maryette (SEARS)  
CARRIER Lydia A. 1833 Sept 1, 1902 Phoenix, NY aged 69y,3d; wife of Egbert N.  
CARRIER Lydia P. Lennox, MA Aug 18, 1887 aged 81y,2m; wife of Asahel B.; dau of Z. & Mathia CLARK Vital Records Fulton
CARRIER Maryette Aug 31, 1809 Lenox, MA Apr 18, 1896 wife of Ira; dau of Luther & Annie SEARS  
CARRIER Mary W.   Oct 14, 1885 aged 90y; wife of Leman; dau of Mr. BABCOCK  
CARRIER Phoebe G. Sept 3, 1802 June 3, 1852 wife of Harvey  
CARRIER Sarah Sept 24, 1809 Jan 27, 1887 wife of Harvey; dau of Mr. SMITH  
CHAPPELL Almira 1847 May 12, 1911 Schroeppel, NY aged 63y; wife of Erlend  
CHAPPELL Erlend 1833 Oct 28, 1918 Mexico, NY (DAR) husb of Almira  
CHESBRO Emmaranda   Dec 18, 1861 aged 22y,8m,18d; wife of Martin  
CHESBRO Iva Irene Volney, NY Aug 25, 1887 aged 9m; dau of William & Ella L. (DE LONG) Vital Records Fulton
CHESBRO James M.   June 15, 1893 aged 79y; husb of Mary C. INGELL Vital Records Fulton
CHESBRO Martha A.   Oct 1907 New Rochelle, NY   Burial Permit
CHESBRO Mary C.   Nov 2, 1894 aged 73y; wife of James M.; dau of Mr. INGELL  
CHESBROW Jennett M. Sheffield, MA June 15, 1893 aged 78y,9m; dau of Josehp & Betsy (BABCOCK) CHESBROW (same dod at James Chesbro above)  
CLARK A.B. 1839 1909 husb of Eliza A.  
CLARK Almira     see Almira (CLARK) NEWTON  
CLARK Anson W. Dec 30, 1811 Mar 14, 1901 husb of Sarah E.  
CLARK Bethia   Apr 28, 1868 aged 88y,6m,25d; wife of Zenas  
CLARK Bradley   Aug 19, 1909 Lysander, NY aged 70y; believe this to be the same as A.B. Clark Burial Permit
CLARK Cruson W.   Mar 14, 1901 aged 89y,2m,14d; son of Lucas & Sarah E. (DEWEY) CLARL; believe this the same as Anson W. Clark (VRV) Vital Records Volney
CLARK Electa S.   June 7, 1901 aged 57y,10m; dau of Herman L. & Phebe (WARREN) SANFORD or per VRV dau of LeRoy & Phoebe (WARREN) SANFORD (VRV) Vital Records Volney
CLARK Eliza A. 1841 Feb 5, 1922 Richland, NY aged 81y; wife of A.B.; dau of Mr. POTTER Burial Permit
CLARK James D.   Jan 15, 1848 aged 1y,5m,5d; son of Isaac & Julia A.  
CLARK Julia A.   Feb 8, 1856 wife of Isaac K.  
CLARK Lucinda     see Lucinda (CLARK) FRENCH  
CLARK Lydia P.     see Lydia P. (CLARK) CARRIER  
CLARK Martha     see Martha (CLARK) PIERCE  
CLARK Richard S.   June 20, 1852 aged 1y,1m; son of Isaac & Julia A.  
CLARK Sarah E.   Apr 12, 1879 aged 69y; wife of Anson W.  
CLARK Zenas   Nov 22, 1860 aged 83y,5m,18d; husb of Bethiah  
CONVERSE George Bennington, VT Jan 24, 1882 aged 83y; husb of Hannah CARRIER; son of Elias & Sally Vital Records Fulton
CONVERSE Hannah Lennox, MA Oct 16, 1881 aged 72y,9m; wife of George; dau of Levi & Percy CARRIER Vital Records Fulton
CRANDALL Lydia M. Nov 19, 1846 Feb 28, 1933 wife of Walter; dau of Monroe SANFORD Vital Records Fulton
CRANDALL Walter S. Feb 10, 1849 Parish, NY Feb 8, 1918 husb of Lydia M. SANFORD; son of Stephen Vital Records Fulton
DUNSMOOR Burr Clinton Mar 30, 1886 Aug 4, 1936 Marshall, NY husb of Laura FISK, m: 6/23/1907 (VRV); son of Eugene Willis & Emily Amelia (STANTON) DUNSMOOR (Dunsmoor records) Burial Permit
DUNSMOOR Clinton Burr Sept 21, 1908 Feb 13, 1971 husb of Elizabeth PIKE; son of Burr & Laura (FISK)  
DUNSMOOR Emily Amelia 1851 Feb 29, 1908 aged 57y, 8d; wife of Eugene Willis; dau of Warren & Ireney (LEWIS) STANTON (VRV) Vital Records Volney
DUNSMOOR Eugene Willis Feb 6, 1853 May 18, 1931 husb of E. Amelia STANTON, m: 9/4/1876; son of Orville Robert & Susanna A. (CALKINS) DUNSMOOR Dunsmoor family bible
DUNSMOOR Vera   Oct 25, 1913 Volney, NY aged 6hrs; dau of Burr C. & Lora E. (FISK), per Burial permit (VRV) Vital Records Volney
EAMES Willis D.   Jan 15, 1867 aged 12y; son of D.D. & L.S.  
EMORY Abigail   Aug 21, 1847 aged 80y; wife of Ebenezer  
EMORY Candace   Sept 1828 aged 1y,1m; dau of Benjamin & Eunice  
EMORY Ebenezer   May 14, 1863 aged 93y,5m,23d; husb of Abigail  
EMORY Esther   Sept 21, 1827 aged 36y; wife of Zadock  
EVERTON Anna   Aug 25, 1854 aged 69y,11m; wife of Aaron  
EVERTON Aaron   Oct 11, 1847 aged 56y,7m,19d OR 50y,6m,19d; husb of Ann  
EVERTON Elizabeth     see Elizabeth (EVERTON) SPARROW NICHOLSON  
EVERTS Martha L.   Feb 5, 1929 Clay, NY aged 91y Burial Permit
FARNHAM Dolly M.   Dec 1859 aged 36y,11d; wife of Lester; pencil note of Chester as husb?  
FISH Eleanor     see Eleanor (FISH) BREED  
FITCH Harriet   Feb 27, 1856 aged 6y; dau of Daniel & Harriet  
FITCH Herbert   Sept 13, 1857 aged 2m; son of Daniel & Harriet  
FRENCH David   Dec 27, 1885 aged 44y; son of Peter & Lucinda (CLARK) FRENCH Vital Records Fulton
FRENCH Lillie Fulton, NY Sept 25, 1895 aged 32y; dau of Albert & Mary WOOD Vital Records Fulton
FRENCH Lucinda   Aug 12, 1887 aged 65y; dau of Ambrose CLARK Vital Records Fulton
FRENCH Peter Amsterdam (NY?) July 7, 1894 aged 94y Vital Records Fulton
GRAVES Bessie F. Volney, NY Aug 18, 1887 aged 2y,6m; dau of Orville & Catherine (SICUPHINA) GRAVES Vital Records Fulton
GRAVES Joshua   Mar 14, 1832 son of Benjamin  
GRIFFIN Harvey   Mar 26, 1836 aged 35y; husb of Lydia  
GRIFFIN John S.   June 9, 1937 aged 2y; son of W.K.  
GRIFFIN Ophelia   June 28, 1849 aged 15y; dau of Harvey & Lydia  

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