Many thanks and appreciation to Mr. Byron Rowlee, who compiled and recorded this cemetery, for making this list available online to us. Mr. Rowlee tells me," I was town historian for several years before retiring, and was also the town clerk of Volney, which gave me access to records that most people are not subject to review and consequently there is extra information, as well as having access to my grandfather's diaries that were kept for nearly 40 years, and that also gave extra information. I have always been willing to share my information and try to answer all inquires as far as possible as one never knows what someone out there might be able to share with you and shed light on the local history." Sincerly, Byron Rowlee Sr.

*Note: Mr. Rowlee has spent many years of work and much time visiting all of the cemeteries in the town, as well as reviewing the records for a good many of the cemeteries. They contain much information that usually is not found on cemetery lists and provides detailed resources for further research. He certainly deserves the recognition for all his time and hard work. 

Many thanks also to Dianne Thomas, Volney Town Editor, for transcribing this list, and who luckily, likes long and detailed projects. Dianne also volunteers her time transcribing for several other websites, and enjoys being involved in genealogy. 

**This cemetery is also known as Volney Rural Cemetery in Volney. For further information on any of the names, please contact the local Town Historians / Historical Societies.

HALEY Flora A.   Dec 23, 1879 aged 34y,8m,6d; wife of G.W.; listed on back of stone of Noble P. BASSETT  
HALLENBECK Rachel   Feb 22, 1853 aged 12y,8m,18d; dau of Peter & Sarah  
HOLLISTER Lemon B.   Jan 20, 1828 aged 11y; son of Philamon & Laura  
HOLLISTER Lemon B.   June 12, 18?? son of Philamon & Laura  
INGALL Edson D.   May 11, 1830 aged 7m; son of William & Esther  
INGALL Egbert N.   July 27, 1828 aged 11m; son of William & Esther  
INGALL Esther   Aug 29, 1879 aged 87y,5m; wife of William  
INGALL Isaac N.   Aug 11, 1827 aged 2y; son of William & Esther  
INGALL Lydia A.     see Lydia A. (INGELL) CARRIER  
INGALL Mary C.     see Mary C. (INGELL) CHESBRO  
INGALL William   June 19, 1873 aged 80y,9m; husb of Esther  
JUDD Ann Mariah   Aug 22, 1847 aged 33y; wife of Lyman C.  
KEELER Warner Henry M.D.   July 27, 1853 aged 25y; monument erected by members of H� & Ft. Brewerton Lodges F.&A.M.  
KLINE Jacob 1813 1880 husb of Margaret  
KLINE Margaret 1825 1881 wife of Jacob  
KNIGHT David M.W.   May 7, 1845 aged 39y  
LAMB Sallie     see Sallie (LAMB) TAYLOR  
LIMBECK Elizabeth 1810 1881 wife of Philip  
LIMBECK George Germany Dec 18, 1886 aged 61y,3m Vital Records Fulton
LIMBECK Joseph   May 17, 1867 aged 19y; son of Philip & Elizabeth  
LIMBECK Philip 1800 1875 husb of Elizabeth  
MAYNARD Harriet   Oct 9, 1837 aged 18y,10m  
MAYNARD Wealtha   Dec 13, 1845 aged 18y,6m; dau of Solmon & Phila  
MERRY Candace     see Candace (MERRY) BREED  
MERRY Edmund   Dec 27, 1820 aged 16y; son of Samuel & Wealthy (COSSETT) MERRY  
MOORE Edward   July 5, 1880 aged 44y; Civil War Vet, Co.K, 184th Reg, NY Vol  
MOORE Wyman   Mar 30, 1869 aged 25y,8m,25d  
MOREHOUSE Alfred E. June 12, 1861 Mar 20, 1915 husb of (1) Rosalie THOMAS, (2) Elvira BLAKEMAN; son of Sherman & Emma (HARRINGTON) MOREHOUSE Vital Records Fulton
MOREHOUSE Elvira 1869 Oct 18, 1909 aged 40y,2m,5d; wife of Alfred; dau of William H. & Elizabeth A. (GATES) BLAKEMAN Vital Records Fulton
MOREHOUSE M. Rosalie Volney, NY Jan 28, 1889 aged 28y; wife of Alfred; dau of G.W. & Mary N. (BASSETT) THOMAS Vital Records Fulton
NELSON Catherine June 22, 1854 Nov 27, 1929 wife of Thomas; dau of Samuel & Catherine (HOLLENBECK) POTTER Vital Records Fulton
NEWTON Almyra P. 1803 Lennox, MA Apr 11, 1895 aged 91y,7m,4d; wife of Chauncey; dau of Zenas & Bethiah CLARK Vital Records Fulton
NEWTON Chauncey 1799 1883 husb of Almira CLARK  
NEWTON Ruby A. Fulton, NY Dec 17, 1884 aged 34d; dau of Robert I. & Bessie (PHILLIPS) NEWTON Vital Records Fulton
NICHOLSON Elizabeth   May 12, 1893 aged 79y,6m,17d; wife of (1) John SPARROW, (2) Stephen NICHOLSON; dau of Mr. EVERTON  
NICHOLSON Stephen 1809 Jan 24, 1881 aged 73y,2m; husb of Elizabeth (EVERTON) SPARROW  
NOBAL Francis   Jan 18, 1877 aged 81y,1m  
PAGE Mary Jane   Mar 8, 1851 aged 21y,8m; wife of Lemuel  
PARKER John Jr.   Feb 6, 1883 aged 42y; son of John & Mary (SANDERS) PARKER  
PARKER John Sr. 1800 1855 husb of Mary SANDERS  
PARKER Mary 1803 1893 wife of John Sr; dau of Mr. SANDERS  
PARKER Mary A. 1835 1854 dau of John Sr. & Mary (SANDERS) PARKER  
PARKER Philleta     see Philetta (PARKER) BRIGGS  
PIERCE Isaac N. Penabscott Cnty, ME Aug 21, 1884 aged 70y; husb of Martha CLARK ; son of Isaac Sr. PIERE Vital Records Fulton
PIERCE Martha 1837 1929 wife of Isaac K.  
PIERCE Mattison C.   July 9, 1882 son of L. & M.L. PIERCE  
PONNDORF William   Apr 24, 1868 aged 61y,3m  
POTTER Eliza A.     see Eliza A. (POTTER) CLARK  
PUTNAM Caroline G.     see Caroline G. (PUTNAM) BROCKWAY  
PUTNAM Clarinda   Nov 29, 1887 aged 85y; wife of Samuel Chesbro PUTNAM  
PUTNAM Jedediah   Jan 3, 1826 aged 57y; husb of Louise  
PUTNAM John   July 24, 1828 aged 26y; son of Jedediah & Louise  
PUTNAM Louise   Oct 11, 1851 aged 76y; wife of Jedediah  
PUTNAM Samuel Chesbro   Nov 27, 1869 aged 78y; husb of Clarinda  
RICHARDSON Phebe   Mar 9, 1848 aged 42y; wife of William  
ROCKFELLER Willie   Mar 5, 1868 aged 3y,5m; son of William & Philetta  
SANDERS Mary     see Mary (SANDERS) PARKER  
SANFORD Electa S.     see Electra S. (SANFORD) CLARK  
SANFORD Herman Leroy Warren, NY Jan 12, 1887 aged 77y,4m; hus of Phebe WARREN; per ceme records aged 77y,4m,11d; son of Joseph & Lydia (WIGHTMAN) SANFORD Vital Records Fulton
SANFORD Joseph CT Feb 12, 1869 aged 91y,4m; husb of Lydia WIGHTMAN  
SANFORD Lydia CT June 3, 1857 aged 71y,6m; wife of Joseph  
SANFORD Lydia M.     see Lydia M. (SANFORD) CRANDALL  
SANFORD Mary Ella Volney, NY Sept 21, 1910 aged 71y,1m,21d; unwed; dau of Herman & Phoebe (WARREN) SANFORD Vital Records Fulton
SANFORD Phebe   Mar 21, 1879 aged 69y,11m; wife of Herman L.; dau of Mr. WARREN  
SANFORD R. Monroe   Mar 13, 1905 aged 53y,5m Burial Permit
SEARS Anna   May 30, 1863 aged 54y,2m,4d; wife of Luther  
SEARS Luther   July 25, 1857 aged 83y; husb of Anna  
SEARS Maryette     see Maryette (SEARS) CARRIER  
SLAVER Mamie   Dec 27, 1889 aged 18y; dau of Lewis & Mary (BELL) SLAVER; per DAR she is buried in Bell Ceme, names Minnie Slaver Vital Records Fulton
SMITH Avery C. Volney, NY Apr 9, 1883 aged 51y,9m; son of Jonah & Polly Vital Records Fulton
SMITH Charlotte A.   Sept 15, 1848 aged 1y,1d; dau of Lucus & D.  
SMITH Clarissa   Sept 24, 1890 aged 70y; wife of Orren R.  
SMITH Eliza   May 22, 1835 aged 18y; dau of Jonah & Mary  
SMITH Emily A. 1833 Mar 12, 1894 aged 60y,5m; wife of Simon T.; dau of Herman or Heman & Olive BACON Vital Records Fulton
SMITH Jonah   Feb 19, 1848 aged 59y; husb of Mary  
SMITH Josiah 1785 1853 husb of (1) Mary, (2) Matilda  
SMITH Margaret May Fulton, NY Sept 9, 1889 aged 2m,2d; dau of James M. & Jennie M. SMITH Vital Records Fulton
SMITH Mary   Jan 15, 1815 or 1817 aged 27y; wife of Josiah  
SMITH Mary   Nov 17, 1864 aged 71y; wife of Jonah  
SMITH Matilda   Mar 9, 1829 aged 34y; wife of Josiah  
SMITH Michael Sept 29, 1782 Dec 16, 1847 husb of Polly S.  
SMITH Orren R. June 17, 1819 Aug 15, 1880 husb of Clarissa  
SMITH Polly S. Mar 12, 1781 Dec 14, 1868 wife of Michael  
SMITH Samuel   May 6, 1867 aged 69y,11m; wife of Herman L.; dau of Mr. WARREN  
SMITH Sarah     see Sarah (SMITH) CARRIER  
SMITH Sewell D.   Jan 19, 1849 aged 19 or 26y; son of Jonah & Mary  
SMITH Simon T. 1826 Apr 23, 1898 Phila. PA aged 72y; husb of Emily A. Burial Permit
SPARROW C.A. 1832   on back of stone with other children  
SPARROW Eliza A. 1837 July 29, 1838    
SPARROW Elizabeth     see Elizabeth (EVERTON) SPARROW NICHOLSON  
SPARROW John 1787 Jan 26, 1844 aged 53y or 54y,9m; husb of Elizabeth EVERTON  
SPARROW S. Maria   1834    
SPARROW W.E.   1831 or 1844    
STANTON Emily Amelia     see Emily Amelia (STANTON) DUNSMOOR  
STANTON Irena Y.   Sept 29, 1872 aged 65y,7m,27d; wife of Warren  
STANTON Warren   Apr 21, 1874 aged 71y,11m,4d; husb of Irena Y.  
STEVENS Rebecca   June 29, 1880 aged 82 or 83y, 6m; wife of Norman  
TAYLOR Sallie Brattleborough, VT Apr 7, 1888 aged 87y,2m,28d; dau of Isacc & Phoebe (KEY) LAMB Vital Records Fulton
THOMAS Cassandra   Oct 16, 1833 aged 33y; dau of Zadok & Chloe (TINKHAM) THOMAS  
THOMAS Chloe   Sept 20, 1828 aged 48y; wife of Zadok; dau of Mr. TINKHAM  
THOMAS George W. Windsor, MA Aug 26, 1894 aged 71y,8m; husb of Mary N. BASSETT; son of Zadok & Chloe (TINKHAM) (VRV) Vital Records Volney
THOMAS Mary N. Hinesburgh, VT Jan 26, 1899 aged 72y,11m; wife of George W.; dau of Seth & Polly (TOBEY) BASSETT Vital Records Fulton
THOMAS M. Rosalie     see M. Rosalie (THOMAS) MOREHOUSE  
THOMAS Zadok   Apr 24, 1848 aged 75y; husb of Chloe TINKHAM  
THOMPSON Emeline Westerly, RI Nov 3, 1899 aged 90y,5m,17d; dau of John & Bridget (BERRY) THOMPSON both of Westerly, RI Vital Records Fulton
Unknown Damon C.     stone is between Brockway and Limbeck  
Unknown Lydia G.     stone is between Brockway and Limbeck  
WARREN Phoebe     see Phebe (WARREN) SANFORD  
WATIER Harold A. Phila, PA Oct 29, 1896 Phila, PA   Burial Permit
WILBER Christopher   Jan 23, 1860    
WILSON Elizabeth   Mar 27, 1873 aged 84y; wife of Thomas  
WILSON Thomas   Apr 14, 1876 aged 79y,7m; husb of Elizabeth  
WILSON Thomas   June 5, 1840 aged 89y  
WOOD Lillie     see Lillie (WOOD) FRENCH  
WRIGHT Carrie A.   Mar 31, 1856 aged 3m,20d; dau of George & Helen Livonia (BRADLEY) WRIGHT  
WRIGHT Emory R.   Oct 6, 1859 aged 7y,7m,14d; son of George & Helen Livonia (BRADLEY) WRIGHT  
WRIGHT Frank L. Volney, NY Sept 9, 1890 aged 23y,9m; son of Geroge & Helen A. (BRADLEY) WRIGHT; unwed Vital Records Fulton
WRIGHT George May 11, 1817 Feb 3, 1901 husb of Helen Livonia BRADLEY; son of Isaac & Catherine (PLETS) WRIGHT  
WRIGHT Helen Livonia   Aug 27, 1886 aged 59y; wife of George; per Fulton VR: dod Aug 27, 1887, aged 60y; dau of Eli & Sally (LAMB) BRADLEY  
WRIGHT Hellen L.   Sept 30, 1859 aged 5y, 11m, 22d; dau of George & Helen Livonia (BRADLEY) WRIGHT  
WRIGHT Ida May June 7, 1864 Palermo, NY June 22, 1918 dau of George &H. Lovina (BRADLEY)WRIGHT; unwed Vital Records Fulton
WRIGHT Nellie E.   Sept 26, 1850 aged 2y,4m,13d; dau of George & Helen Livonia (BRADLEY) WRIGHT  

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