C F Stone 1867 'New Topographical Atlas of Oswego Co.' 
                                         Cleveland N & S, Town of Constantia, NY

           Many thanks and appreciation to Mabry Benson for taking all these digital pictures of the 1867 map for the County of
          Oswego.  C F Stone publ 1867 'New topographical Atlas of Oswego Co'.  It has some nice drawings, and a 16" x 16" page
          maps of all the townships, maps of villages, and small towns like Colosse, houses indicated &  names of residents of

          Most of the pages I had to take in two shots in order to see the names, and then there are all the little villages.  I have
          cropped out most of the extra, and left some overlap in the towns.  The abreviations in the titles should be obvious -
          Twn, Vil, NSEW, C for city.  

                  For further information on any of the names, as always, please contact the local 
        Historical Societies and/or Town Historians.

Cleveland North:

Cleveland South:


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