Officers from the 24th Brigade, and the 48th Regiment

Interior of Old Fort Ontario, Oswego, N.Y.
           Interior of Old Fort Ontario, Oswego, N.Y.

"This was an awe inspiring structure when I was a child. It must be that
I possessed imagination then. Sometimes it seems a loss to have become
so practical since. E. L.D." *

*(message written on backside of postcard) 

This information is from an Oswego City Directory, with the names of the Officers from the 24th Brigade, and the 48th Regiment.  For further information on any of the names, please contact the local Historical Society or Town Historian.  Military records can also be ordered from the National Archives.

Located at Fort Ontario.

Reference: Oswego City Directory Page 69  Dated 1860  

24th Brigade

      Headquarters: Brigadier General          T.C. Sullivan
                              Lieut.-Colonel             Edward A. Cookie
                              Majors:                       H.N. White
                                                                 R.C. Day
                                                                 C. MacFarlane
                                                                 G.N. Burt
                              Captains                      G.W. Goble
                                                                  J.T. Mott
                                                                  G.T. Lyon
                                                                  E.G. Baxter
                              First Lieut.                    J.F. Herrick

48th Regiment

                              Colonel:                        A.B. Randall
                              Lieut-Colonel                George Huginin
                              Major                           C.V. Houghton
                              Adjutant                        B. Hutcheson
                              Commissary                  David H. Judson
                              Surgeon                        A.S. Coe
                              Surgeon Mate               D.F.Acker
                              Quartermaster               Charles Penfield
                              Chaplain                       Amos Beach
                              Seg’t Major                  Orville Morse
                              Quartermaster Seg’t      A. Penfield
                              Com. Seg’t                   A.A. Sullivan
                              Band Leader                 Frank Schilling
                              Drum Major                  Byron D. Houghton
                              Seg’t st. Bearers            A.Wald
                                                                   H.C. Stillman

Company A:          Captain                         W. Yeckley
                              First Lieut:                    Hugh Harper Herron
                              Second Lieut:               William Sullivan

Company C:          Captain                         Jacob Fisher
                              First Lieut:                    Frank Berguer
                              Second Lieut:               P. Schilling

Company D:          Captain                          L. Johnson
                              First Lieut:                     S.  Shephard
                              Second Lieut:                ?    White 

Company E:          Captain                          E. Sayers
                             First Lieut:                      Benjamin Bailey
                             Second Lieut:                 C. Parkinson

Company F:            Captain                         John Edland
                               First Lieut                    Thomas H. Martin
                               Second Lieut:               Frank Baltes

Company G:           Captain                         T. Murrary
                               First Lieut.                    Miles Kehoe
                               Second Lieut:                ------------

Company H:           Captain                         Edward Gaines
                               First Lieut:                    M. Clark
                               Second Lieut:               J.H. Jacket

Company K:           Captain:                       A. Curtiss
                               First Lieut:                   T. Quirk
                               Second Lieut:              G. Marshall

Battery F, Third U.S. Artillery

                               Captain                        R.N. Scott
                               First Lieuts:                  H.B. Osgood
                                                                   H.C. Danes
                               Second Lieut:               C. A. Postly
                               Surgeon:                      Samuel A. Storrow         3/01/2005 Surgeon: Samuel A. Storrow, from his descendant, Eugene Leache, states that  Samuel Storrow  received his Army commission August 1861 and he was appointed to a position in Washington, D.C., serving at Fort Washington to July, 1862,  and  serving at other Washington-area hospitals to April, 1863. 

This information was generously contributed by Bill Young, who proudly states that he has 2 g-uncles that served in the Civil War, one in the 81st NY, and the other in the 184th NY, both from Oswego County. 
Bill has many ancestors from Oswego, and would love to share information.  He is researching the following surnames:  CHAPPELL, HARRIS, DION ( CANADA), YOUNG, MALLETTE / MALLET(CANADA), BRANAGAN.Bill has been trying, without success, to locate where his 2G-grandfather BRANAGAN was buried in Oswego, and if anyone has information on this, please contact him at

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