Roster of the Field, Staff,  Line Officers, and Musicians, Sergeants, Corporals


           The following presents a complete Roster of the Field, Staff and line officers of the Eighty-First Regiment, New York State Volunteer Infantry (Second Oswego Regiment) after its consolidation with the Mohawk Rife Regiment, on the 10th day of February, 1862 and as it left the barracks, at Albany, for the seat of war, on the 21st day of February following. Also, a complete Roster of all the enlisted men that ever belonged to the Regiment, as far as can be ascertained from the muster rolls, and enlistment papers now on file in the Adjutant General’s office. It is stated that some mustering officers neglected to forward their muster rolls and did not make returns to this office, as they should have done. In case any names of enlisted men who belonged to the Regiment should not appear on this Roster, the above, it is hoped, will be sufficient explanation for such omissions. It has been the Authors desire to furnish a complete muster of the officers and men, to be engrossed in the History of the Regiment, on which he has spent much time in research.
            Non commissioned Staff, Musicians, Sergeants and Corporals will be found under their respective heads, as far as the records show, and the Privates in alphabetical order.

Field and Staff Officers

                                        Rose, Edwin                                   Colonel
                                        DeForest, Jacob J.                          Lieutenant Colonel
                                        McAmbly, John                              Major
                                        Cook, Edward S.                           Adjutant
                                        Francis, Roger A.                           Quartermaster
                                        Rice, William H.                             Surgeon
                                        McFarlane,Carrington                    Assistant Surgeon
                                        McFarland, David                          Chaplain

                                                            Line  Officers

              Company A                                                                   Company F

Captain:                         Raulston, William C.  Captain:                       Dwight, T.
First Lieutenant              Littlefeld, Jr. Hamilton  First Lieutenant.            Cook,  Edward S.
Second Lieutenant:        Fish, Ellas A.  Second Lieutenant        Rix, D.C. 
- -
                  Company B
Company G
Captain:                     Bennett, Augustus G. Captain:                    Thompson, Henry C.
First Lieutenant:            Anderson, Hugh First Lieutenant:        Hamilton, Henry H.
Second Lieutnant:         DeForest, Martin J. Second Lieutenant:   Green, William F.
- -
           Company C
Company H
Captain:                        Hannahs, Franklin Captain:                    Raulston,  John B.
First Lieutenant:            Fitch, Orin J. First Lieutenant:        Olive, John, W.
Second Lieutenant:        Steves, Septh J Second Lieutenant     French, Peter
- -
                Company D
Company I
Captain:                        Adkins, Leverett D. Captain                     White, D.B.
First Lieutenant:            Phillips, John G. First Lieutenant          Ballard, Willard W.
Second Lieutenant:        Tyler, R.D.S. Second Lieutenant:     Tyler, R.D.S
- -
                Company E
Company K
Captain:                         Kingman, Lyman M. Captain                      Steele, J. Dorman
First Lieutenant:             Newberry, W.C. First Lieutenant          Berriman, Geo. W.
Second Lieutenant:         Harris, D.G. Second Lieutenat        Steele, Lawrence J.


Bechstadt, Charles McCulley, Robert
Boaner, Lewis B Shalkenbeck, Ernest
Chappel, Wilfred M Shalkenbeck, Paul
Chester, Richard Taylor, Charles A.
Coats, George P.  Warrne, George W.
Durant, Samuel Williams, William
Fordham, Charles C.  Wells, Albert
Hunt, Henry S. Van Buren, Willis
Newton, Cassius Vandish, Simson J. 

Non-Commissioned Officers


Beldon, James L.   Sergt. Major
Youngs, John F.     Q.M. Sergt
Gilbert, Newell H., Com. Sergt
Hart, Charles       Hosp. Steward
Winters, William S.   Drum Major


Anthony, William  Gregoir, Joseph  Perkins, Joseph V.
Bennett, William S.  Hanchett, Lafayette  Porter, Lewis B.
Blakely, Edward A.  Holden, Louis N.  Shepard, Jared L.
Bloodgood, Albert  Holly, George F.  Spencer, Nelson C.
Brehstett, Frederick  Horton, William H.  Slack, Edwin
Bolgal, John  Knowlton, Edwin C.  Smith, George C.
Chappel, Edward  Lafayette, Hanchett  Stewart, Gilbert
Copeland, Amos  Mallett, J. Edmond  Stimson, Edward A.
Crolins, James  Malony, Edwin  Sullivan, Miles 
Crumley, James  Miltz, Nicholas  Tidd, Maurice P.
Curry, Elijah B.  Mattison. Lucius, V.S.  Whitney, John J.
Danquier, Joseph  Moore, William  Willis, John
Dolbier, Samuel  Morrell, William F.  Willoughby, R.H.
Gilman, John  Nethaway, David  Wilson, John
Gilman, John H.V.  Ostrander, Philip  Wilson, Samuel
Gould, Alex.  Payne, Elijah B.  Wormer, Riley
Gregoir, Jedediah  Pelton, Mont  Zimmerman, Seward


Albring, Joseph Labare, John
Allen, Hezeksih Labere, John
Anderson, James Lawton, Thomas
Angell, William B Mason, Edwin, B
Appleby, William  Mily, Nicholas
Babcock, Vandsen D Miner, Freeman
Babcock, William Minor, Otis
Beckstedt, Fredrick Monette, Joseph
Blair, Levi Moses, M.S.
Bracket, William Patrick,Jr. Charles W.
Bracket, William Patrick,Jr. Charles W
Brown, William Perkins, Joseph G.
Bum, Edward  Prowly, Earl
Bunn, Issac  Redfield, Charles A. 
Burleight, Charles F.  Robinson, James
Champang, Alexander Rumill, Chauncey C.
Chesbro, Martin Reyonds, Waterman B.
Cooper, James H. Sears, David
Darling, George E. Snow, George R.
Dauker, Joseph  Stanton, Joseph B.
Dewey, Albert Sole, George C.
Dunham, William Sutton, William M.
Durrant. Robert  Tilton, Leon,
Edie Franklin  Titus, Benjamin
Foot, James G. Van Wagenham, William 
Halley, Michael Wade, James H.
Havena, James A.  West, Issac E.
Hill, Eben L Wormer, Henry
Hill, Ira  Wrighman, Elias B.
Hoey, Christopher  Wynans, Stephen 
Howe, William H. Yeomans, Arthur
Johnson, Henry M.  Youman, Alonzo H.
Knapp, Luman Young, Lewis
Zinger, Mathias

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This information was generously contributed by Bill Young, who proudly states that he has 2 g-uncles that served in the Civil War, one in the 81st NY, and the other in the 184th NY, both from Oswego County.  Bill has many ancestors from Oswego, and would love to share information.  He is researching the following surnames:  CHAPPELL, HARRIS, DION ( CANADA), YOUNG, MALLETTE / MALLET(CANADA), BRANAGAN. Bill has been trying, without success, to locate where his 2G-grandfather BRANAGAN was buried in Oswego, and if anyone has information on this, please contact him at Scout10520@aol.com

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