Roster of the Private's

This is from a book about the history of the 81st NY, which includes a roster, dated 1866, by Bartholomew S. DeForest, titled "Random sketches and wondering thoughts; or what I saw in camp, on the march, the bivouac, the battle field etc.  Many thanks to contributor, Bill Young, who has been diligently working on this project and is now transcribing the names of the privates.  This will be an ongoing project.  For easier browsing, the names are listed in alphabetical order.

For further information on any of the names, please contact the local Historical Society or Town Historian.  Military records can also be ordered from the .  For a history on the 81st NY, see the Regimental History page.

Note from Bill: The book was in very poor shape. The paper flaked and easily tore. Very unusual for a book of this nature to actually fall apart.  There are a few places where the paper flaked and could not be copied. This is shown by -? Marks, or in the name of the individual. 

Private's Names

Abbott, Heweligan 
Abbott, Orain 
Adams, William
Aggs,  William 
Aldrich, David 
Allen, Henry
Allen, John T. 
Allen, Joseph W.S.
Anderson, A.W. 
Anthony, Edwin Jr
Anthony, George A. 
Archer, Robert 
Arlen, Alonzo 
Auringer, Lewis
Austin, Daniel H.
Austin, John W. 
Aylwood, Philip 
Aysworth, Ervin G.

Babcock, Gilbert B.
Bacon, Janes H. 
Bacon, Lester
Badgley, Alfred 
Badgley, Jeremiah A. 
Bailey, Marshall 
Bailey, Norman B. 
Bailey, William H  
Baker, Ebenezer 
Baker, Ely E.
Ballard, Benjamin
Ballard, Eugene
Ballard, Hiram P.
Ballard, Martin  
Ballard, Willard W.
Banks, Horatio 
Barker, Havey 
Barnard, Adelbert  
Barnehard, Earnest 
Barnes, Lorenzo
Barnes, William H.
Barry, James  
Bartlett, Devolson
Bartlett, Joseph  
Bass, Charles   
Bates, Nelson D. 
Baup, William 
Baxter, J. Mortimer
Beach, William
Beaumond, Porter W. 
Becker, Daniel E.W.
Becroft, Francis F. 
Beech, Charles
Beeles, Sanford
Beers, Charles
Bell, George 
Bellara, Lewis 
Benches, Jeffers
Benedic, Francis 
Benjamin, Amos A. 
Benjamin, Oscar A.
Bennett, Charles
Benny, James 
Benson, Samuel
Berry, James H. 
Berry, James H.    
Berton, John W. 
Best, William 
Biggs, John 
Biglow, John  
Biglow, Michael
Biglow, Michael 
Billard, Jules F.
Birch, John
Biron, John
Bishop, John T. 
Bishop, Serens L.
Bishop, William 
Blackman, Dennis
Blair, William 
Blosier, William 
Blowers, John
Boland, John M. 
Bone, John J.
Bone, Joseph F. 
Bonner, Ephraim
Bookman, Morris
Boothe, Henry
Bootle, William J. 
Borden, Lorenzo N. 
Borhans, Lewis 
Boucher, Jeff 
Bownes, Elijah
Boyne, Andrew B.
Boynton, John W.
Bracy, Hiram
Bradon, William
Bradt, Fred H.  
Braley, James 
Branshaw, Charles 
Braya, Samuel 
Brewster, Daniel D.
Brewster, David
Bridges, Thomas C. 
Bright, John W.  
Brink, Cicero 
Brinnan, John
Broan, George A.
Brockway, Jefferson W.
Bronshott, Charles
Brooks, George M.
Brower, Ezra
Brown, Allen G.P.
Brown, Anson
Brown, Charles
Brown, Francis G.
Brown, George  
Brown, John
Brown, Thomas
Brown, William
Brown, William
Brown. Wm. W. 
Bruen, George
Buch, Walter N.
Buck, Albert
Buckhart, James
Buckingham, Arthur
Bulock, Benjamin 
Bump, J.
Bunn, Casper
Burbanks, William H.
Burford, French
Burham, Charles H.
Burnett, Joseph I.
Burnett, Orvis E.
Burns, James
Burns, John
Burns, Ward A.
Burns. Patrick.
Burnside, William
Burrows, Edward
Burt,  Charles.
Burt, George W.
Burt, John W.
Burt, Lawrence
Butler, James J.
Button, Charles
Button, Henry
Button, Waren K.
Byam, Charles

Cady, Lucius H.
Calahan,  James 
Calkins, D.C.
Cameron, Augustus
Campbell, Timothy
Campbell, Van Buran
Carpenter, Charles
Carpenter, James M.
Carr, William
Carroll, Thomas
Carty, George W.
Cary, Norton
Casten, William
Champang, John
Champion, Peter
Chanteau, Gloud
Chapel, Dyer
Chapel, William
Chapell, Eugene
Chapin, Judson
Chappel, Wilfred M.
Chapson, Alexander
Charnick, George
Chase, Rensford
Cheadel, Rufus K.
Cheesman, William J.
Churchill, William H.
Churchill, William T.
Clark, Issac H.
Clark, John
Clark, Patrick
Clifford, James
Clouse, John 
Coats, George, P.
Coe, Jerome H.
Coffinger, Higgins
Cofinger, Francis, J.
Coger, Charles C.
Colborn, Henry C.
Colburn, Henry C.
Colby, Ernest B.
Cole, Francis M.
Cole, Ira 
Collett, William H.
Collins, George W.
Collins, Thomas H. 
Comstock, William.
Comwall, William
Comwall, William G.
Conklin, Aferd S.
Conklin, Caleb H.
Conklin, George W.
Conrad, Joseph 
Conrad, Nicholas W.
Conradt, Nicholas
Converse, Jerome
Conway, John
Cook, Chasper I.
Cook, Edward D.
Cook, George A.
Cook, George A.
Cook, George W.
Cook, James
Cook, James
Cook, Ziba
Coon, David 
Coon, Francis
Coon, Oscar
Coonradt, Philip A.
Coonradt, Thomas
Cooper, James C.
Corcoran, James
Corkins, Gillett
Cornish, George T.
Cornish, George T. 
Cornwall, William G.
Coroy, Peter
Covall, Charles C.
Covern, John
Coy, Henry W.
Coy, Roswell
Cradell, Benjamin
Crane Eli B.
Crawford, John B.
Crawford, John, B.
Cresier, David H.
Crocker, Adelbert 
Crosier, David
Cross, Charles J.
Crowley, Timothy
Crumb, George W.
Culen, James
Culver, Milton H.
Culver, William O.
Cummings, John
Cunningham, Andrew
Cusker, John M.

Daily, John
Dalby, Joseph
Dalton, James
Daly, John
Danforth, Mathew
Danforth, William
Daniels, James A.
Darling, Benjamin
Darling, Ezra
Darling, Geroge E.
Darling, John
Davenport, Issac
David, Edward A.
Davids, Charles
Davis, Charles
Davis, David A 
Davis, Edward A.
Davis, George
Davis, John C.
Davis, John T.
Davis, Napoleon B.
Dawley, Samuel E.
Dawson Thomas
Dawson, William
De Cleroy, Charles
De Forest, John T.
De Forest, M.J.
De Lancy, James
Dean, Nathan
Decory, Septus
Decutah, Areull
Delancy, Theodore
Deness, John
Dennee, Robert H.
Denson, Charles
Derby, Franklin M.
Desmond, John
Devoe, Martin
Dewey, Franklin W.
Dibble, Asel
Dikeman, Edward
Dillon, Michael
Dimond, Nathan
Dines, James 
Dines, Norwood R.
Disbrow, Benjamin F.
Diss, Leger Jim
Dodge, Milton
Dolby, Moses
Dooley, David 
Doolittle, James A.
Dooris, Alexander
Dormer, Henry
Doty, Newell
Drake, C.A.
Drake, Chester
Drake, David
Drein, John
Drew, Jacob W.
Dublois, George 
Dubois, Henry D. 
Duel, Eben
Duel, Harrison
Duffy, Franklin M.
Dugert, William
Duglas, George
Duly, Jushua
Dumble, Albert
Dunbar, Delany
Dunham, Samuel W.
Dunlop, George
Dunlop, Henry
Dunn, Charles
Dunn, Hugh
Dunn, John
Dunsmore, Deloss

Eason, Charles G.
Echuerd, Hugh R.
Ecker, William W.
Edie, Charles
Edwards, Bejamin W.
Edwards, E.
Edwards, H. Edwin
Edwards, Hugh
Egleston, Edward
Ellis, Russel
Ellsworth, Robert M.
Elsie, John.
Emlen, Nelson.
English, James
Enslow, Charles W.
Ensworth, Horace B.
Ernst, Herman
Este, Alfred A.
Estman, Edwin
Evans, Richard
Evans, Thomas J.
Evrts, Edwin

Fagan, Michael
Fagan, Thomas
Farley, George
Farr, George R
Farrar, Joseph S.
Fay, David H.
Feather;ly, David
Featherly, Charles
Featherly, George
Featherly, Henry
Featherly, John
Fellon, Edward
Fenton, John
Ferguson, Allen L.
Ferguson, William J.
Ferguson, William J.
Fero, George
Ferris, Dorance
Filer, George 
Finyland, George 
Fish, Otis S.
Fisher, Jacob E.
Fisk, George H.
Fitch, B.J.
Fitch, Orin J.
Fitzgerald, John
Fitzgerald, Michael W.
Fitzgibbon, Patrick
Fleming, William R.
Flowers, Marshall A. 
Ford, Charles H.
Fordham, Charles, H.
Fordred, Drayson
Fordred, Willim, Jr.
Foreman, William
Foster, Antrim
Foster, Harmon
Foster, Harrison H.
Foster, William D.
Francis, John W.
Francis, John W.
Francisco, Peter  J.
Frederick, Newman
Freeman, Milton
Fritzgerald, James
Fry, John S.
Fry, William
Fuller, George
Fuller, James M.
Furgeson, Abram A.
Furnia, Peter

Gage, Daniel G.
Galigar, Patric
Gang, Frank
Gard, James
Gardener, Benjamin Jr.
Garner, Henry 
Garnett, John
Gary, Frank
Gates, George W.
Gayer, C.
Gaylord, Perley M.
Gear, Clem
Geer, Elias
Geisel, Ludwig
Gem, George
George, J.
Gifford, Arthur
Gilbert, William
Gilbert, William 
Gilchrist, George
Gill, Frank
Gilman, John H.
Gilman, Levi L.
Glood, David
Glood, Joseph
Godden, Geroge
Goit, James A.
Gonion, Peter
Goodwin, Charles H.
Gordon, George
Gordon, John
Gordon, Morris T.
Gotham. Oscar
Gough, John D.
Gould, Abram
Gould, Joseph
Graves, A. S.
Graves, Francis. P.
Graves, James
Graves, Maurice A.
Graves, W.C.
Gray, Charles
Gray, Frederick
Gray, John
Greek, James
Green Hiram J.
Green, Charles E.
Green, James R.
Green, John C.
Green, Luther
Green, Nicholas F.
Green, Simon P.R.
Green, William
Greenia, F. H.
Greens, Wesley
Greenwood, Lewis
Gregoir, Jedediah
Gregoire, Joseph
Griffen, William
Griffith, David R.
Griffiths, John E.
Griggs, George G.
Grotus, Lewis J.
Guile, Daniel 
Guilfoll, William
Gulle, Orson
Gumm, Peter

Hackett, Charles E.
Hadlow, Henry
Hagenbouch, Aug.
Hagener, Theodore
Hagerty, John
Haley, George
Hall, Arthur L.
Hall, Charles C.
Hall, Joseph M.
Hall, Luther
Hall, Wilber F
Hall, William H..
Hallook, James
Halsey, Jesse C.
Hamilton, John
Hamlin, John
Hammel, Henry
Hammersly, Thomas
Hand, Thomas
Hanigan, John
Hannum, Warren D.
Happ, George L.
Hardcastle, Samuel E.
Hardendorf, Myron E.
Hardy, Henry R.
Harin, John F.
Harmon, Decatur
Harp, Allen
Harrigan, Jeremiah
Harrigan, John
Harris, Herman
Harter, Theodore
Hathway, Daniel
Harvey, John
Harvey, Michael
Havens, Charles C.
Hawks, John
Hawley, William
Hayes, Charles B.
Heenam, John
Hemstreet, Ebenezer
Hemstreet, John J 
Hendryt, Lemuel C.
Hermance, W.
Hermans, Alfred S.
Hesson, James
Hewitt, Adam
Higgins, Thomas
Hill, Charles E.
Hill, Henry
Hillman. Shadrack
Hills, Benjamin
Hills, Clark J.
Himdrelet, Joseph
Hindman, Jacob
Hine, James
Hines, Edmund V.
Hines, Joseph
Hinman, Jacob
Hinman, William C.
Hitchcock, Joseph
Hoag, George A.
Hoke, Nathias
Holang, Percy
Holiday, Levi F.
Holiday, Ruben
Hollenbeck, Jooper
Holly, Charles, H.
Holmes, David
Holsted, Cassius C.
Holt, George S.
Home, W.H.
Hone, Edgar
Hoose, George
Hoose, James
Horton, William.
Horter, Theodore
Hollenbeck, Jooper
House, George
Hovery, Oliver
Howell, James B.
Howell, Orlando J.
Howell, Robert
Howland, Edson
Hoy, James
Hubbard. Alvin
Hubbard, E.G.
Hubbard, Herman
Hubbard, Herman A.
Hubbard, Willard
Hubert, Alonzo 
Hughes, Joseph
Hughes, Thomas
Huguin, John S.
Humaston, George
Hummel, Windsalyin
Humphrey, Edward
Hunt, John
Hurd, W.W.
Hurd, William
Huson, Leonard
Hutchens, George
Hutchinson, John
Hutton, Neil
Hyatt, Willet L.
Hyde, Charles E. 
Hyde, Henry J.
Hydom, James  H.
Hydom, Philip
Hyer, Fredrick

Jackett, Alexander
Jackett, David
Jackson, James S.
Jacobs, George W.
Jacobs, John E.
James, A.
James, Channing M.
Jeffries, John
Jens, George
Jesse, John
Jewett, Melun E.
Johnson, Charles R.
Johnson, Florence
Johnson, Frederick D.
Johnson, William
Johnson, William G.
Jones, Charles H.
Jones, Charles H.
Jones, Edward
Jones, John J.
Jones, Joseph
Jones, Thomas J.
Judge, Patrick

Kane, John
Kay, John D.
Kelly, John
Kelly, Michael
Kendall, Charles N.
Kent, James R.
Kent, Robert, S.
Kenyon, Andrew F.
Kenyon, John E.
Kenyon, Lorenzo R.
Keogh, Henry
Kept, Robert, Jr.
Ketchum, Harry
Kibbe, Amos N.
Kilburn, Jacob
Kiles, Abraham
Kimline, Martin
Kimmey, Hanson
Kinbell, Edwin
King, Benjamin F.
King, George
King, Joseph B.
Kingman, Lyman L.
Kingsbury, John E.
Kinney, Hanson
Kinney, James M.
Klock, Harrison
Knapp, Luman
Knaps, George M.
Knight, Arthur
Knight, Hiram J.
Koen, Charles H.

La Buff, Joseph
La point, Valentine
Labere, John
Labolt, Chandler D.
Lacy, Martin
Laland, Joseph
Lampman, John C.
Lary, Joseph
Lathop, Charles D.
Lawrence, R.E.
Lawton, Thomas
Lawton, Thomas
Lawton, William H.
Layton, Charles
Leary, George
Lee, Frederick
Leffier, Adolph
Leonard, James
Leplant, Adolphus
Leroy, Frank
Leroy, Henry
Leroy, Louis
Leroy, Simon
Letson, Issac W
Letson, Peleg C.
Letson, Rhodes
Lewis, Bartholomew
Lewis, Charles S.
Lewis, James G.
Liddle, John
Lindsley, Charles W.
Litchfield, Silas W.
Lodely, Ambose
Loftis, Thomas
Long, Hirman
Looker, John W.
Looker, Justice
Looker, Manville C.
Loper, Thomas S.
Lord, Enoch
Loudin, Frank
Loungsly, Charles
Love, William
Lovejoy, Edward H.
Lovejoy, John F.
Low, James
Lukentally, Ira
Lynch, John
Lyndsay, William

Mabb, Charles 
Macomber, Henry 
Madden, Daniel 
Mahoney, Jerry 
Main, Alonzo O. 
Maloy, John 
Marble, Daniel 
Marden, William 
Markem, John. 
Marks, Ruben 
Marsh. Perry E. 
Marshall, Andrew 
Marshall, John 
Marshall, Joseph 
Martin, Albion P. 
Martin, Frank 
Martin, Henry 
Mason, Fredrick R. 
Mason, James 
Mason, Marcus 
Matteson, Charles A. 
Matteson. Marshall 
Mattice, Spencer 
Mattison, Benjamin 
Mattison, William 
Maurer. Charles 
Mauro, Andrew 
Maxen, Gorden 
Maxton, George M. 
May, William H. 
Maynard, Ezra 
McAmbly, Jesse 
McCatharine, John 
McClaggan, John 
McClintock, George 
McCormick, James
McCoy, James 
McCoy, Robert 
McCusker, ------? 
McDonald, John 
McDonald, Thomas 
McDumor, William 
McEroy, John A. 
McEroy, John J. 
McGrane, Henry 
McGrath, James 
McGraw, James 
McJanner, H. 
McKerrick, John 
McKoon, John E. 
McLaughlin, Hugh 
McLean, James A. 
McLean, William F. 
McManus, Thomas 
McMillen, George
McQuinney, Thomas 
McTye, Michael 
McVanner, Henry H. 
Mead, Joseph 
Mead, Sylvester 
Meigs, Edgar C. 
Mensoy, Sanford 
Merick, Warner
Michael, Harvey
Michere, John 
Miles, Stephen S.
Miller, Horace 
Miller, John F. 
Miller, Philip P. 
Miller, Phillip C. 
Miller, Smith 
Miller, William E. 
Mills, Samuel D. 
Mimmack, George 
Miner, Otis M. 
Miner, Willie H. 
Mitchel, Edward 
Mitchell, Patrick 
Mitchell, Truman W. 
Mitchell, William 
Moore, Charles 
Moore, Elijah 
Moore, George F. 
Moore, George F. 
Moore, John 
Morgan, Charles H. 
Morrell, Justin 
Morris, Byron B. 
Morris, Michael 
Morrison, Charles E. 
Morrison, Seth 
Morton, Daniel 
Morton, Harvy
Morton, William H. 
Moses, M.S.
Mosier, Josiah, W. 
Mulford, Charles J. 
Muroin, Gorsline
Murphy, Jefferson
Murphy, John
Murphy, Thomas
Murphy, William H. 
Murray, James
Myers, Charles H.
Myers, Charles H.
Myers, John
Myers. Peter
Mykel, Stephen 


*Note: D. C. Calkins.  I recently came across an article in the newsletter, "The Drumbeat",  published by The Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861 - 1865, Vol 15 Nu. 41, by Judy Brown, Tent #14, Dept. of Michigan, about an abandoned cemetery in Oscoda County, Michigan.  All the graves there were re-interred to a new cemetery about 1926, except for one grave, that of a civil war veteran, whose grave stone read, Artifr - D. C. Calkins - Co. D. 50 N.Y. Engrs.  No one really knows why he was the only one left there, and several local newspaper articles were written, in hopes that someone would be able to identify him.  A great granddaughter saw one of the articles, and contacted the editor of the paper, identifying him as Daniel C. Calkins, enlisted at age 21, in Elmira, Co. F of the 81st NY. Vol., and who was loaned out to the 50th NY Engineers for most of his enlistment.  Arrangements were subsequently made to have him reburied in a family plot with his son-in-law and two grandchildren in the "new" Elmer Township Cemetery near Mio, Michigan.  Almost 500 people attended the Civil War Ceremony on May 29, 1999, including members of the Michigan DUVCW, SUVCW, American Legion, and representatives from the New York Dept. SUVCW. Laura Perkins.

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