Roster of the Private's

This is from a book about the history of the 81st NY, which includes a roster, dated 1866, by Bartholomew S. DeForest, titled "Random sketches and wondering thoughts; or what I saw in camp, on the march, the bivouac, the battle field etc.  Many thanks to contributor, Bill Young, who has been diligently working on this project and is now transcribing the names of the privates.  This will be an ongoing project.  For easier browsing, the names are listed in alphabetical order.

For further information on any of the names, please contact the local Historical Society or Town Historian.  Military records can also be ordered from the National Archives.  For a history on the 81st NY, see the Regimental Historypage.

Note from Bill: The book was in very poor shape. The paper flaked and easily tore. Very unusual for a book of this nature to actually fall apart.  There are a few places where the paper flaked and could not be copied. This is shown by -? Marks, or in the name of the individual. 

Private's Names

Nary, John
Nearkern, John
Neill, Thomas P.
Nettleton, Elisha
Newton, John Jr.
Newton, Louis W.
Nichols, James
Nichols, John H.
Nichols, Samuel
Niek, Machael
Nolan, Patrick
Noonan, John
Northrop, Remond L.
Northrop, Lorenzo David
Nose, Charles
Nostrant, -----?
Noyes, William T.

O’Briene, John
O’connell, George T.
O’Leary, John
O’Neil, John
Ormsby, William
Osborn, Charles L.
Osborn, George W.
Ostrom, James
Oswald, John
Owen, George Leroy
Owens, John J.

Paddock, Richard J.
Page, Dewitt C.
Paine, Elias H.
Palmer, Harvey
Palmer, Hiram J.
Palmer, John
Palter, Albert
Pangburn, Martin, V.B.
Parker, Horace
Parker, Marshall E.
Parker, William L
Parkhurst, William C.
Patten, William H.
Patterson, Daniel
Patterson, Henry
Patterson, James
Patterson, John E.
Payne, Benjamin
Peck, Daniel M.
Peckham, James
Peckham, William C.
Peckhan, Wells
Peterson, John
Penfield, Chester
Penfield, James B.
Pepper, James
Perkins, Joseph
Perry, Jacob I.
Perry, Paul
Perry, Samuel H.
Perry, Thomas
Perry, William
Peters, Myron C.
Petrie, Joseph
Philips, James C.
Philips, Richard
Phillips, Benjamin E.
Phillips, Charles, H.
Phillips, George W.
Phillips, Henry
Phillips, Patrick
Pierce, Willard
Pierson, Nathan H.
Pitcher, Otis
Place, Albert
Planter, Stephen
Pluff, Alex
Poctor, Roselee
Poddock, William H.
Pollard, George H.
Polly, Edwin R.
Pooler, George
Premo, Anthony
Preston, Delayan M.
Proctor, Charles
Prosser, Henry
Prosser, James
Prucell, Michael
Pruyn, James
Puff, Francis
Purdy, Marshall D.

Quinlan , Charles J.

Ramsdell, Russell
Randall, Moses
Rathbone, Thomas 
Ravey, George
Reason, Thomas
Redfield, Henry G. 
Reed, Brantley G.
Reed, Charles
Reed, Giles B.
Reed, Levi
Reese, Ephraim
Reese, Orlando
Reese, William F. 
Regan Daniel
Reheenbart, Philip
Reinhart, Julius B.
Remington, Joseph
Remore, Andrew J. 
Remore, Benjamin F.
Remore, Chester W.
Remove, John
Reney, John W.
Res, Walter
Reynolds, Henry 
Rhady, Hugh
Rice, G.
Rice, George C.
Rich, Adelbert
Richards, Daniel
Richards, John
Richardson, Henry
Richardson, Ruben F.
Rider, John
Riker, Charles E.
Riley, W.M.S.
Ringwood, Edward
Roach, M.
Roberts, Edward P.
Robinson, Fay C.
Robinson, Fernando
Robinson, George, H.
Roch, Henry
Rodden, Robert
Rogers, Benjamin F.
Rollinson, Clinton
Rooker, Ira
Root, George
Ross, Samuel D.
Rowley, John O.
Rubert, Charles
Rudd, Alonzo C.
Rudd, Alvin S.
Rudy, Nelson
Rudy, William 
Rungan. Lyman
Russell, James O.
Russell, Levi
Russell, Moses
Ryan, John P.

Salkenback,  Paul
Sampson, George Leroy
Samson, Dexter
Sanford, Charles G.
Sanford, Henry H.
Sanford, Monroe
Sanford, Raphael G.
Sartwell, Irvin
Satterlee, Clark
Scanlon, James 
Schmeeder, Sebastian
Sclieneider, Albert
Scranum, William H
Sears, Charles
Sears, Charles H.
Servis, James B.
Sexton, Emory
Sexton, Wells 
Seymore, Anthony
Seymore, James B.
Sha David
Shafer, David 
Shaffer, Abram
Shagan, John
Shalkenback, Ernest
Sharple, John
Shaver, Jacob
Shaw, Freeman F.
Shay, William
Shean, William
Sheldon, Charles 
Sheldon, Curtis, W.
Shell, David
Shell, George W.
Shepard, John
Sherman, George R.
Sherman, James
Sherman, John A.
Sherman, John A.
Sherman, Samuel 
Shippy, John 
Simmond, John 
Simpson, James
Sisson, William H. 
Sizer, Franklin, J.
Sleves, Martin
Sly, Eli
Smith William H.
Smith, Allen
Smith, Almon B.
Smith, Alonzo
Smith, Biron G.
Smith, Bryon G.
Smith, Fayett W.
Smith, George
Smith, Harison
Smith, Henry
Smith, James
Smith, John 
Smith, John  K.
Smith, Thomas A.
Smith, Thomas W.
Smith, William
Smith, William
Smith, William A.
Smith. Mathew
Snell, Orvill H.
Snow, Ebenezer C.
Snow, Elisha
Snow, George B.
Snyder, Cassius N.
Snyder, George H.
Snyder, Walter
Soules, Perry W.
Sparks, Alphonso
Sparks, Benjamin
Sparks. Francis H.
Spencer, David W.
Spencer, Seymore
Spencer. George O.
Sprague, Wells O.
Springer, Aaron H.
Squires, Henry
Stackpool, Patrick
Stafford, Willam F.
Starkwether, Meritt
Steadman, George W.
Stearns  Haniel F.
Steele, Lawrence J.
Steeple, James H.
Stephen, John
Stephenson, Morris
Stetham, Robert  A.
Steven, Reuben C.A.
Steves, Seth, J.
Stewart, William J.
Stillick, William
Stocking, Charles A.
Stone, Celestine 
Stone, Charles
Stone, George H.
Stone, George W.
Stowell, Alvar
Stratton, Enos J.
Strebeck Willim
Strumatter, Michael
Sully, James
Sydman, Albert
Sydman, William
Sylvester, Charles

**6/5/01 Northrop, Lorenzo David
I would like to add the following to your list of members of the 81st Infantry Regiment, N.Y. Volunteers; Lorenzo David Northrop. Company "D" dates of service are 9-26-1861 to 8-31-1865. All service time was with the 81st. This is the great grandfather of my wife, so we have some of the records of his service. He was born in the City of Oswego 1-3-1834 and died in the City of Oswego 8-6-1914. I would like to see his name added to the roster of the 81st. I am sure that the roster of Company D which was in the Couty clerks 
office has him listed. Thank you and Bill for this wonderful information that you have made availiable to researchers.  Contributed by  Jacob (Jake) Moyer 


**3/03Pvt Seymour Spencer
Pvt Seymour Spencer
Contributed by Susie Martin-Rott 
   Here is a photograph of the burial marker of Pvt Seymour Spencer who served in the NY 81st Infantry Co A, and is listed on the website with this unit.  

    I am hoping someone can tell me if the other 3 Spencers in the unit 
(Sgt Nelson C., Pvt David W and Pvt George W. Spencer) are related to Seymour, who is my husbands ggg- grandfather.

Seymour Spencer is buried at Rest Vale Cemetery, Seneca Falls NY.

Contact her at:


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