Roster of the Private's

This is from a book about the history of the 81st NY, which includes a roster, dated 1866, by Bartholomew S. DeForest, titled "Random sketches and wondering thoughts; or what I saw in camp, on the march, the bivouac, the battle field etc.  Many thanks to contributor, Bill Young, who has been diligently working on this project and is transcribing the names of the privates.  This will be an ongoing project.  For easier browsing, the names are listed in alphabetical order.

For further information on any of the names, please contact the local Historical Society or Town Historian.  Military records can also be ordered from the National Archives.  For a history on the 81st NY, see the Regimental History page.

Note from Bill: The book was in very poor shape. The paper flaked and easily tore. Very unusual for a book of this nature to actually fall apart.  There are a few places where the paper flaked and could not be copied. This is shown by -? Marks, or in the name of the individual. 

Private's Names

Taff, Havey C. 
Taff, Rufus
Tanney, David 
Taylor, Andrew J.
Taylor, Ansel
Taylor, Edward
Taylor, Saxton
Teller, Isaac L.
Teller, Lewis B.
Terney, Andrew
Terney, Charles B.
Thayer, James J.
Thayer, Samuel
Theall, John B.
Thomas, Henry
Thomas, John S.
Thomas, John T.
Thompson, Allen
Thompson, Oscar
Thompson, William C.
Tillinghast, Charles E. 
Timmerman, Ransford C.
Tinker, Charles W.
Titus. Peter B.
Tobin, James
Todd, Robert
Toomy, Silvester
Toopimg, Edward
Torr, James
Towbridge, Bryon
Tower, Chancey
Town, Chancey
Town, Leverett 
Trask, Herman 
Tripp, Jeremiah 
Trotman, Joseph
Troy, Frank
Truckey, Henry
Tryon, Luke J.
Tschishart, Theobald
Tunbull, Hugh
Turngate, William
Tuttle, Chester B.
Tuttle, Equire M.
Tygh, Robert

Vader, Bishop 
Van Alstyne, Walter
Van Buren, Willis 
Vandee, Andrew, Jr.
Vandercook, Winslow 
Vanderwarken, Henry 
Vandusen, James 
Vandusen, R. Scott
Vank, Francis 
Van Natter, Lorenzo
Van Patten, Frederick
Van  Patten, William
Van Volkenburgh, Charles
Van Zandt, Henry
Vermilla, Silas
Vermilyes, Daniel
Virginia, Silas
Vorce, Charles

Wade, James H.
Wade, Charles B.
Walker, John
Walker, John
Walker, John H.
Wallace, Robert W
Wallace, Thomas
Walters, John
Walters, George
Ward. Alison
Ward, James
Warne, John
Warren, George G.
Warren, John
Warren, Martin
Washburn, John W.
Waters, Winslow, W.
Watley, Joseph
Wattenback, John
Webb, Job
Weed, Fayett. M.
Weed, Ira T.
Weeks, Joseph 
Welch, James
Wells, Albert
Wells, Henry C.
Wells, John P.
Webb, Martin L.
Wells, William
Westcott, Norman
West, Issac E.
Wetherly, Asa B. 
Wetmore, Frederick
Wever, Michael
Whalain, Andrew
Whalen, Andrew
Wheeler, John D. 
Wheeler, Merten E.
Whent, Calvin
White, Byron D.
White, David B.
White, J.E.
White, Joseph C. 
White, John
White, John 
White, Fredrick D. 
White, Oscar 
White, Otis 
Wiggens, John, H
Wilber, John
Wilbur, Christopher
Wilbur, John
Wilcox, J.D. James N.
Wilcox, James N.
Wildy, Harvey
Wilkes, Charles H.
Wilkinson, George
Willard, Samuel 
Willard, Samuel T.
Williams, George 
Williams, Henry
Williams, James
Williams. Lewis
Williams, Patrick
Williams. William
Willson, Justin   R.
Willson,  R.
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, Joseph
Wilson, Richard
Wilson, William H.
Wimple, Charles
Wimple, Edward D.
Wimple, John
Wing, Henry
Winn, John P.
Winnters, Peter  H.
Wiseman, Samuel
Witney, Alelber C.
Witney, Alstin
Witham, George
Wolcot, Henry R.
Worden, John  W.
Wood, B.F.
Wood, Elias A.
Wood, Henry.L.
Wood, Joseph
Wood, Mortimer
Wood, Parley
Wood, William
Woodrham, George
Woodridge Warren
Woodward Alonzo G.
Woodworth, William G.
Worden, John W.
Wornes, James
Wright, James
Wright, John P.
Wright, Henry E.
Wright , Martin
Wrightman, Elias B.

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