Revolutionary War Pension of Solomon WARING
Oswego Co., N.Y.

Many thanks to Jon Holcombe for generously sharing the Rev. War Pension of Solomon Waring.  Jon mentions that this is part of the pension record of Solomon Waring who served in CT, but later lived and died in Oswego County. He is mentioned in several places in Oswego County's history, including the History of the Town of Constantia.)

  "Solomon Waring received a Revolutionary War Pension S14787.  He enlisted 4/1777 for 9 months. Was a Private in Capt. Nathaniel Slawson's Company under Major John
Davenport in Conn. Militia and then served 6 months on duty for alarms on seaboard.  He was discharged "but
did not receive it in writing.  Sept. 24, 1832 appeared before Judges of Common Pleas, State of N.Y. Oswego Co. for declaration of Rev. War service in order to receive
   He was 72 years old.  Born in Norwalk, Conn. 1761, moved to Ballstown, N.Y. 1785 and then to Constantia, N.Y. in 1792.  Samuel Leonard, Clergyman of Town of Hastings and Benjamin Winch, Town of Richland were witnesses.  He moved to Town of Hastings in 1821, appeared Sept. 6, 1833 "to claim pension to Judge of Oswego Co. Court with Nicholas I Roosevelt and
Russell Fitch as witnesses. 
   He was inscribed on the roll of New York #24159 Conn. Line, Nov. 1833 and received $30 a year and $75 in arrears (since Mar. 4, 1831) recorded Book E Vol 4 Page 128. 
   Duplicate certificate issued Oct. 1840 to H. Fitch,  Central Square, Oswego Co. probably at time of death.  He received no land bounty.  I have copy of War Records from National Archives."

    Note:  Compiler obtained a copy of the pension file of Solomon Waring for his pension under File No. S14787, which confirmed all of the above,  In addition there was an affidavit that Solomon served in a 'detachment for guarding the seaboard in 1777 for the term of nine months. That he served said term faithfully at Norwalk Connecticut and was dismissed but obtained no regular discharge.
   That he was frequently called out on a draft or rallied by alarms as often as once or twice a weak [sic] for above six months and was often engaged in driving the Cow(?) boys from their hiding places or preventing them from taking property from citisens.  That he was born in Norwalk Connecticut in 1761;  that in 1785 he moved to Ballstown New York.  From thence to Constantia in said County of Oswego.'  The NARA record contains two spellings of the surname by including that alternate of
Warring, although his signature on the affidavit supporting his application clearly has a single r.

        [Note:  The move to Ballstown (probably Ballston near Saratoga) is not supported by any other record.  Since census records show Waring children in Oswego
County who were born in CT after 1785, either Solomon moved back to CT, or the information about Ballstown is in error.  A researcher from Saratoga County verified that some Warings had gone to that County in the late 1780's, but she did not find a Solomon. Perhaps he had lived there a short time and returned to Norwalk.]

  "In 1793 he was one of two settlers (the other Joshua Lynch) of Scriba's Patent, Rotterdam (Constantia).  In 1793 opened first tavern on site of present Lakeside House. Settlers of Rotterdam came from New England and near Albany.  In 1798 he was on assessment roll for
Town of Mexico, 1797 at first known town meeting of Mexico Solomon Waring listed assessor of Rotterdam, overseer of the poor and collector.  His second wife was an Ormand and he lived on the Wright Place near center of Caughdenoy.  He is buried in an unmarked grave in the old section of Caughdenoy Cemetery (1840). 
   Have a warranty deed record dated 3/16/1822 Nathaniel G. Vickery of Town of Constantia, N.Y. to Solomon Waring of same town, consideration $54 recorded 3/7/1823 "book C of Deeds, Oswego Co. Clerk records page 416 conveys II acres Town of Constantia, part of Lot 7, L'Homedieu Location.
  Solomon Waring listed in 1820 Census (Oswego Co.) I male 45 and upwards, 2 males of 16 and under 26, I between 16-18, 1 10 and under 16, I female of 45 and upwards, 1 10 and under 16, 1 under 10 with 4 engage< in agriculture.
  Aaron Snow, son in law of Solomon Waring (married Zilphia) was proprietor of Hastings Hotel.  In 1822 transferred his property from Rotterdam to Caughdenoy in a flat bottom boat, settled in L'Hommedieu Location.  Found sale for wheat $2.50 bu. and potatoes the same.  His son was Leonard Snow."   [Zilphia is found in Hastings census records, born in CT]

His pension S14787 is listed in Virgil White's Abstracts of Rev War Pensions, p. 3677.

Solomon's daughter Sarah married WilliamMarsden, s/o George.  William & Sarah (Waring) Marsden are buried in the Daysville Cemetery.

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