Joe Gould Post, No.145, G.A.R., 

Phoenix, New York

Joe Gould Post, No.145, G.A.R., Phoenix, New York
Joe Gould Post, No.145, G.A.R., Phoenix, New York

Members Pictured: ( Numbers below correspond with numbers on Photograph )

1.    A.B. Ross
2.    T. Barnard
3.    Otis Pitcher
4.    Charles Allen
5.    Issac Vischer
6.    John Darling
7.    George Henderson
8.    Henry Limbeck
9.    Joesph Tottenham
10.   George Hesselton
11.   Warren Williams
12.   T.C. Taggert
13.   Jesse Jones
14.   J.T. Seamans
15.   Martin Chesebro
16.   Frank H. Potter
17.   Oscar Lawrence
18.   James Decker
19.   Peter Lapoint
20.   W.E.Sparrow
21.   Charles Spencer


Joe Gould Post, No.145, G.A.R., Phoenix, New York

On Jan.15, 1880, at a meeting of honorably discharged soldiers and sailors, held in the office of Capt. James Barnes in Phoenix, Capt. S.O. Howard was elected chairman and H.A.Brainard, secretary…Mar.19,1880 pursuant of an order of the Department Commander, Comrade C.A. Weaver of Syracuse ( Post Lilly ), assisted by Comrade Fred Tallman, proceeded to muster in the Post…The following comrades were enrolled:

James Barnes, James Spaulding, Adelbert P. Hart, W.E. Sparrow, Henry A. Brainard, Peter Lapoint, E.L. Arnold, Wm. W. Osborne, Ira Burgess, Chas. W. Sherman, Oscar O. Howard, J.A.Henley, Milo Weller, George W. Howard, Austin Case, Rev. James Dean. One week later…the name of Joe Gould was adopted in honor of Joe Gould, the first soldier to be buried in Phoenix Cemetery. 

The following have served as commander: 

1880     James Barnes
1881     James Dean
1882     Adel P. Hart and J.A. Carrier
1883     T.C. Taggert
1884     W.E. Sparrow
1885     T.C. Taggert
1886     George Heselton
1887     H.L. Russ
1888     John Carrier
1889     T.C.Taggert
1890     D.Stewart
1891     W.S. Burks
1892     George Henderson
1893     D.W. Nelson
1894     T.C. Taggert
1895     J.A. Coville
1896     W.W. Sinclair
1897     George Henderson
1898     George Henderson
1899     J. Carrier
1900     G. Heselton
1901     W.E. Sparrow
1902     Wm. Blakeman


 The Tallest Man in the town of Schroeppel is George DeForest Henderson of Phoenix who is 6 feet 6 inches high and weighs 248 pounds.

Mr. Henderson is a veteran of the civil war and he appears in the group of Joe Gould Post, of which he is an ex-commander. He was born in Syracuse Aug. 27, 1845 and was 17 years old when he enlisted, Aug 9, 1862, serving three years to the day, being discharged Aug 9, 1865.  Participating in some of the bloodiest contests, he was at Antietam, Chancellorsville, South Mountain, second fight of Fredericksburgh ( Mary's Heights ), Gettysburgh, The Wilderness,Spottsylvania Court House, Cold Harbor,Winchester, Cedar Creek, Waynesboro, and Richmond ( Petersburgh campaign).

Notwithstanding his commanding stature, which one might suppose would have been an easy mark for the enemy, he was struck only once, then losing part of his foot, but not any of his height; and he returned home to subsequently become a resident of Phoenix where is has served the community faithfully as a constable, the position he now occupies and to which he was elected several times-in 1877 for three years; in 1894,  ' 96,' 98,1900 and 1902." 

Source:  "Grip's" Historical Souvenir of Phoenix & Vicinity Series No.14, 1902.   bbt2000

Many thanks to Berit Taggart, at:,  who contributed these articles and the photograph, from "Grips", 1902.  

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