A Letter Written by EDWARD WOOD,
From The 110TH NY Regiment
To The Family of Charles Strong, 
of the 116th Regiment, Company I,
Who Died From Wounds Received in 
The Battle at Fort Hudson in June 1863

I'm actually doing research in Erie co., NY.  Today, I was transcribing some military records for Charles Strong, of the 116th Regiment, Company I, who lived in Wales.  Unfortunately, Charles died from wounds received in the Battle at Fort Hudson in June, 1863.

Included in his military records was a letter written by EDWARD WOOD, 110th regiment, Co. C.  Edward was a nurse who attended Charles before he died.  Edward wrote a very beautiful letter to Charles' mother...(in fact I was tearing up as I typed the letter).  I did a little poking around and discovered that the 110th was mustered out of Oswego co., NY.

I want to send you a transcript of the letter for those in Oswego co., for those possibly researching WOOD.  Thanks, Sally S. Jankowski.

June 14, 1863
N. S. General Hospital

Mrs. Strong,

Your son CHARLES was wounded in the Battle of Fort Hudson and was sent down to this hospital on the thirtieth of May and I was nurse of the war that he was in and he requested me to write you a letter to inform you of his misfortune.

He was wounded by a rifle ball.  It entered the spinal of the back and past out of his hip. He suffered great pain but he withstood all with great patience until his death which was on the tenth of June seven o’clock in the evening.

I can truly say he died happy for he said he put all his trust in Jesus and he was willing to go when the Lord saw fit to take him from this world.

He didn’t want for good attention for I sat by his bed all day and one of the night nurses all night until he breathed his last.  He told me to tell some young lady that he died from his wound and I had so much on my mind that I have forgotten her name.  The last word I understood him to say was Mother.  I pinched a lock of his hair which I will enclose in this letter thinking you would like to receive it.  I asked him what he wanted me to tell his friends and he said to tell them that he wanted them to meet him in heaven.  His remains received a decent burial.  He was buried here in the soldier’s burying ground and he had a bead board put up to his grave with his name and age and regiment and company inscribed on it.

Thinking you might wish to make some inquiry about him.  I will send you my address. 
That is:

110 Regiment
Co C
New York Volunteers
New Orleans, LA
Barracks U. S. General Hospital



**Note:I was checking the ?What?s New? section of the Oswego Main Page, and found the listing for the Edward Wood Letter.  What a fantastic find! This Edward Wood, of the 110th Regiment, was the brother of my Gr-gr grandfather, Samuel Sherman Wood, both from Redfield.  We have done some research, including his military records, and ancestry. I would love to supplement the Edward Wood Letter page with this info, and hope to see a link to this page to the the Town of Redfield Page.  Hopefully the contributor of the Edward Wood letter, Sally S. Jankowski could contact me.  I would love to have a copy of this letter to supplement the information on have. Timothy Wood at: twood@suffolk.lib.ny.us

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