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Civil War Pension of Albert Comstock

Many thanks to Eric Schultz for contributing this pension record.  Eric is researching the Comstock, Brooks, and Miller lines, and would love to share information.  The photograph is a copy from the National Archives, May 13, 1865.  See the descendants tree of the Comstock Family.

Albert Comstock
Albert Comstock
Albert Comstock enlisted March 3,  1862 at Richfield Springs, NY., in the 44th NY Vol.
He was "19", and since he was a minor, his guardian, Magan Ryan, gave permission for him to serve.

Source:  National Archives Pension Records

Albert Comstock, DPOB: December 1842, Parish, NY
Occupation: Farmer/Carpenter
Parents: Guy Daniel Comstock and Laura Loomis Sanford
Rank: Full Corporal

Casualty sheet
Company I, Regiment: 44, State: NY 
Place of casualty: Malaew(?), 
Nature of casualty: wounded; 
Date of casualty: July 1, 1862.
From what source was this information obtained:
Report of Killed, Wounded , and Missing of the 44 N.Y. Regiment
Butterfield's Brigade, Woulls(?)Division, --- Corps, Battle of Malvew(?), July 1, 1862.

Certificate of disability for discharge
Corpl. Albert Comstock of Captain Heustink(?), company "I" of the 44" Regiment of N.Y. was enlisted by Lt. Woodworth of the regiment of Richfield N.Y. on the 3rd day of March, 1862, to serve three years:
he was born in Parish in the State of N.Y., is (?)Forenth(?) years of age, five feet eight inches high, fair complexion, blue eyes, auburn hair, and by occupation was listed as a carpenter.
Station: Harewood Hospital
Date: april 9 1865

I certify, that I have carefully examined the said Corpl Albert Comstock of Captain "I" company, and find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of: gunshot wound of the right eye received in battle Sept 30 th 1864 near Petersburgh, VA.  Inconsequence of which he is totally disabled for the military service and for civil occupation one half. 
R.B.Boutecou Surgeon U.S. Vol

Discharged this 25" day of April, 1865 at Harewood Genl Hospital Washington, DC 
R.B.Boutecou Surgeon U.S. Vol Commanding the Hospital

Soldier desires to be addressed at Town: Parish  County: Oswego  State: N.Y. Oswego County

        Albert Comstock being duly sworn deposes and says that he is the identical corporal in Co. I 44th NY V in the war of SG1 That he is now receiving a pension of $4.00 per month and he wishes to get the same raised to a pension of $8.00.  He is getting said pension on account of a gun shot wound in the face or eye received at Pople grove Church VA.  30 Sept. 1864.   That his right eye is xxxily syhllep and the sight of my left eye is impaired.  There is now there mucus, where it discharges mother now and the right side of my
face is caved in.  I am unable to do any work at all lival but very little work of the lightest kind, that I am worth no property in land and have no personal property except $300, which is a part of my bounty - have no father or mother and no house.  I ask in part that my pension be raised to a full pension in such course and V.W. Vulting of Parish, NY  is my Atty. sworn and subscribed before me on this 8th Nov 1865
Albert Comstock    T. W. Shreiner  Surogate of Oswego Co NY

Oswego Co.

Harlow W. Severence and Lucius L. Comstock being duly sworn deposes and say they are personally acquainted with Albert Comstock who motxxx the obx offixxx & they know him to be what he there in
represents himself to be and his disability circumstances one as represented above the one described &
have no interest in this claim. Sworn and subscribed before me this 8th Nov 1865
 T. W. Shreiner  Surrogate of Oswego Co NY

More Information from Eric:
His injury occurred 30 Sept. 1864 near Petersburgh VA (Publes Farm).  A gunshot wound to the right eye.  He lost his eye and some of the medical reports are not optomistic.  One doctor states as a PS that the patient will soon die.  There is a note saying he was with Co. "A" 44th batallion NY vol during the battle.
There is another form from the Adjunct General's Office that reads in part:
On transfer Roll of 44 NYV to 14h (?146) NYV he is reported "wounded at Rpa, Stn, and on muster roll of Co H 14h (146?) NYV for Sept + Oct/64 (to which he was transferred) he is reported as "absent sick
since sept 30 /64.  A medical report from Washington says he was admitted 9 Nov 1863 for "V. S. Right leg" and discharged Dec 16th. 
Amos Comstock is buried at Dutch Hill Cemetary, Parish, Oswego CO, NY.

Additional Information from an online source:
           Promoted to Full Private (Reduced to ranks)
           Promoted to Full Corpl on 23 September 1864
           Served New York
           Transferred H Co. 146th Inf Reg. NY
           Transferred on 23 September 1864 from Company I to Company A
           Source: New York: Report of the Adjutant-General
           Abbreviation: NYRoster

Civil War Pension of Amos G. Brooks

Many thanks to Eric Schultz for contributing this pension record.  Eric is researching the Comstock, Brooks, and Miller lines, and would love to share information.  See the descendants tree of the Brooks Family.

I certify on honor that Amos G. Brooks a Private of Captain Henry W. Scott Company M of the 1st Regiment of Vet. Cavy N.Y.S. VOLUNTEERS, of the state of New York, born in Onondaga Co,. State of New York, age 26 years; 5 feet 8 inches high; light complexion grey eyes, light hair; and by occupation a
cooper, having joined the company on its original organization at Syracuse N.Y., and enrolled in it and was mustered into service  as a recruit by Lt. Henry C. Cook U.S.A. M+D office, at Geneva, on the nineteenth day of November 1863, to serve in the Regiment, for a term of three years: and having served HONESTLY and FAITHFULLY with his Company in 1st N.Y. Vet. Cavalry to the present date, is now entitled to a
DISCHARGE by reason of "Death", Dec 18 1864, Died in General Hospital No. 1 Annapolis Md (Paroled

        The said Amos G. Brooks was last paid by Paymaster Maj. Walker  to include the 30th day of April --, 1864, and ... (this form continues on but contains little other info).

Application for Army Pension, Act June 6, 1866

State of New York
County of Oswego

        On this 30th day of November A.D. 1867 personally appeared before the undersigned, (1)  surrogate of the (2) surrogate Court, a Court Record within and for the County and State aforesaid Martha M. Brooks aged 50 (fifty) years, and resident of the town of Parish in the State of New York (Oswego County), who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on her oath make the following declaration, in order to obtain benefits of the provision made by the 12th Section of the act of Congress approved June 6, 1866: 
That she is the mother of Amos G. Brooks deceased, who was a private in company "M" commanded by Captain Henry Scott in the 1st Regiment of (5) N.York Veteran Cavalry commanded by  a Colonel
unknown to her in the war of 1861, and who died (6) whilst in the service aforesaid, at Parole Camp
Annapolis in the State of Maryland on or about the 18th day of December A.D. 1864 from disease incurred in the service aforesaid and whilst in the line of duty (8) + she thinks by reason of exposure and starvation from having been a prisoner of Andersonville (?) prison.

        she further declares that said Amos G. Brooks upon whom she was wholly or in part dependent for support....; that she is not in receipt of a pension under the 2d section of 18th July 1862, nor any other act of Congress.  she is the wife of Peter G. Brooks.  Her maiden name was Martha M. Jordan, she was married to said Peter G. in October 1840, at Manlius, N. York.  She appoints James W. Fenton (?) of Pulaski, Oswego Co. N. York her attorney, with full power of substitution and revocation in her behalf, and authorizes him to receive the Pension Certificate when issued. 

Her Post Office is at Parish of County of Oswego and State of New York. That her domicile or place of abode is (9) Parish Oswego Co. N. York.

        The records also indicate that Amos was missing in action  May 15, 1864 and was paroled from Savannah, GA on November 26 1864.  He died 18 December 1864 in Annapolis, MD and is buried at 1206 Ash Grove US Cemetary, Annapolis, MD.

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