Civil War Pension File 
Harrison Cassius  Stewart
Granby - Fulton, NY

Here is some info for the Military Page that might help someone. It would be cool if someone from Elijah Briggs or Mary Wright's family would be looking for them and find this. Thanks!  You can put my e-mail address as a source.  Theresa Dyer <> 
* Note:  Please also check out the Obituary of Peter R. Stewart and Biography of the Stewart Family,  Granby - Fulton, NY for more information on the family.

       This is from the Civil War pension file of Harrison Stewart, son of Peter Riply Stewart and wife Joanna Briggs Stewart.  To claim Harrison's pension, Joanna had to have affidavits from the neighbors stating that Peter was ill and unable to work and that their son Harrison had provided for the family until he had went off to war and died.  Also, (this is the Oswego Co. part) there were two affidavits from a brother and sister of Joanna to prove that she was indeed the mother of Harrison Stewart. 
       "I am the brother of Joannah Stewart above named and have been acquainted with her all my life.  The said Joanna is the wife of Peter R. Stewart above named. Said Joannah and Peter R. Stewart were married in the year 1844 or 1845 in Oswego County, State of New York. Said parties are now husband and wife and reside together in the town of Mapleton, Grand Travis(sic) County, Michigan.  There was one son, the issue of said marriage named Harrison C. Stewart.  I left the Western(?) states in the year 1858 and have never been back there since.  I learned from letters received from my sister Joannah Stewart above named that said Harrison C. Stewart was killed in battle during the rebellion and I believe such to be a fact."  
Post office address: Stockton, San Jouquin Co.,California.  Dated Dec. 12, 1881 Elijah Briggs listed as age 53.

Elijah can be found on the 1850 US Census, NY, Oswego Co., Palmero, ancestry image 30, p.39, 578/580 and then on the 1880 US Census, CA, San Joaquin Co., O'Neal, p.133B, ancestry image 38, 301/303.

Second, there is an affidavit from a sister living in Fulton, Oswego Co. NY:Affidavit, Oswego Co., NY dated Jan 21, 1882. 
       "Mary Wright of Fulton, County and State aforesaid being duly sworn says; I am the sister of Joanna Stewart who resides at "Grand Traverse" Michigan: said Joanna Stewart was married to one Peter Stewart in or near Fulton Oswego County N.Y. in the year 1844 and the month of September of that year  said Peter & Joanna Stewart moved to the state of Michigan in or about the year 1854. Deponent further says that of said marriage (three) 3 children were born to them before they went to the state of Michigan as aforesaid & 3 more since their residence there: that one son "Harrison Cassius Stewart" was one of the aforesaid three children which were born to said Peter and Joanna before they removed to the State of Michigan as aforesaid; that said "Harrison Cassius Stewart" was born in Granby Oswego Co. NY in 1845 July 6." 
       Deponent further says that she verily believes that said  "Harrison Cassius Stewart" went into the army of the United States of America in the year 1863; that he came to his death while fighting for the Union & his body never was found, he having been seen soon previous to his entering the engagement; this having been told her by friends and relatives of the said "Harrison Cassius Stewart" who were with him in the service. 
       Deponent further says that during the year 1863 & deponent thinks a part of 1864 she had letters from one "Harrison Cassius Stewart" which came from the Army according to their envelopes and post marks the names of which & places deponent has now forgotten;that the name signed to these several letters was "H.C. Stewart"; that deponent further says that she was acquainted with and knew the hand writing of "Harrison Cassius Stewart" son of Joanna Stewart aforesaid; and that the letter she received from the army signed "H.C. Stewart" was the same and she verily believes it to be in the hand writing of the said "Harrison Cassius Stewart" son of Joanna Stewart aforesaid." signed by Mary Wright.  

Possibly this may be the Mary Wright on the 1880 US Census, NY, Oswego Co., Volney, ancestry ED 273 image25, p.255A, 215/222, age 52 with husband Joel Wrightage 55?  The 1870 census shows that Volney has a Fulton P.O. and the affidavit shows that Mary was from Fulton.      

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