This list was generously contributed by the West Monroe Historical Society, and transcribed by Mary Lou Guindon.  For further information on any of the names, contact the West Monroe Historical Society, or individual military records can be ordered from the National Archives.

Military Record Of West Monroe
ALLEMANN, Frederick,  enlisted Jan. 27, 1864; transferred to 189th Regt.

AMES, Russel M.   enlisted Feb. 25, 1865? in 149th Regt.; died in hospital at Louisville, KY., Jan 14, 1865

BOWMAN, Peter  enlisted Sept., 23, 1862 147th Regt.; promoted to corp.; transferred to 37th R. I. Cav.; discharged after 33 months in service upon the hospital surgeon's certificate

BROWN, Eugene  enlisted Feb. 26, 1864, Bat. K, 1st L. Art.

BRYANT, Ira B.  enlisted Sept. 3, 1864, 184th Regt.; pro. to sergt.

BRYANT, Miles  enlisted Sept. 3, 1864, 184th Regt.

BURGESS, Warren A.  enlisted Sept. 6, 1862, 147th Regt.; pro to corp.; wounded in action, dis. after 5 months. 

BURGER, Edwin N.  enlisted Sept. 21, 1864

BUSKIN, Anson  enlisted in Syracuse

BUTLER, Hector J.  enlisted Feb. 19, 1864; 149th Regt.; trans. to 162nd Regt.

CALDWELL, George W. enlisted Mar. 1, 1864, 149th Regt., killed in battle near new Hope Church, May 26, 1864

CALDWELL, Henry N. enlisted Apr. 16, 1862, 8th Michigan Regt.; pro to corp; wounded in action, dis. after 26 months service

CALDWELL, James G. enlisted Sept. 13, 1863, 20th Cav.; died at Portsmouth, VA hospital, Oct. 31, 1864

COUNTREMAN, James S. enlisted Feb. 1, 1865 149th Regt.; died in service, place unknown

DEVENDORF, Charles enlisted Sept. 14, 1864 188th Regt.;  pro to 1st serg.; wounded in left wrist by gun shot; dis upon expiration of term of enlistment

EMMONS, Leroy A.  enlisted Dec. 24, 1863, 22nd Cav.

EMMONS, Warren C. enlisted Sept. 5, 1864, 184th Regt.; pro to corp.; died at Harrison's Landing, VA  Jan. 30, 1865

FIX, Adolph J.   enlisted Sept. 18, 1862, 149th Regt; pro to 1st sergt.; wounded in the side by a musket ball.
GRAVES, William T.   enlisted Jan. 21, 1862, 100th  Regt.; dis due to gun-shot wound in forehead

GREENE, Henry P.  enlisted Sept. 27th, 1862, 110th Regt.; died in hospital at Washington D.C., July 3, 1864

GREYSON, George   enlisted Aug. 25, 1862, 110th Regt., pro. to sergt.

GILLEN, Lewis P.   enlisted Sept. 8, 1864, 189th Regt.; dis after 9 months of service

HAIGHT, William  enlisted Sept. 5, 1862, 147th Regt.; died at Belle Plain, VA, Feb. 17, 1863

HENN, Andrew  enlisted Feb. 8, 1864, 3rd Lt Art.

HENN, John   enlisted Jan. 26, 1864,  3rd Lt Art.

HENN, Dennis  enlisted Sept. 16, 1861, 3rd Lt Art.; re-enlisted Dec. 25, 1863;  wounded in arm and leg

HILIDAY, Ephraim  enlisted Feb; 15, 1865, 47th Regt.

HILIDAY, John  enlisted Dec. 1, 1864, 24th Cav., shot-gun wound in left side

HILIDAY, Reuben  enlisted Dec. 1, 1863, 24th Cav., gun-shot wound in thigh

HILIDAY, William  enlisted Dec. 4, 1861

HOLMES, George H.  enlisted Feb. 24, 1864, 149th Regt.

HOLMES, James  enlisted Aug. 31, 1861, 147th Regt.; pro to corp.

HOUDERLET, Xavier enlisted Sept.10, 1861, 1st Art.; dis Feb. 1, 1864

HOYT, Franklin B.   enlisted Jan. 2,  1863, 24th Regt.; pro to corp.; trans to 26th Bat.

INGASON, Adelbert P. enlisted Sept. 3, 1864, 184th Regt., musician

JEANDROT, Frederick enlisted Feb. 15, 1865, 147th Regt

JEANDROT, Frank  enlisted Oct. 11, 1862, 101st Regt.; died of sickness resulting from service, May 30, 1863

JOHNSON, Henry  enlisted Sept. 1, 1862, 147th Regt.; died of starvation as prisoner at Annapolis hospital, Dec. 29, 1864 (see below for information).
7/2003 Johnson, Henry:
     Hi,  I have researched the Johnson/Johnston line, and have a correction/clarification for the West Monroe page, which lists Civil War Soldiers.   
    I would like to offer you the facts as the records tell them.  Henry is realy David Henry Johnson/Johnston.  He was in fact enlisted in the 147th N.Y. Regt and was wounded in the battle of Gettysburg on July 1, 1863.  He survived his wounds and returned to duty.  He was captured in the battle of the Wilderness, Virginia on 5 May 1864.  He was a prisoner of war until he was released on 16 Dec 1864.  He was then hospitalized at the U.S. Army Hospital in Annapolas until he died on 29 Dec 1864.  He is buried at the National Cemetery at Annapolis Md.
    Just as a side note, Annapolis is known as the home of the Navy, however during the Civil Wasr it was a U.S. Army Hospital.  The Navy had moved to New Port, Rhode Island during the Civil War.  The web page for West Monroe makes it sound like he was a prisoner at Annapolis, which is not factual.  
Thank you, Harold D. Howe, Email me at: ( if there are any questions.

JOHNSON, James  enlisted Aug. 31, 1862, 147th Regt.; died at Belle Plain Landing, VA; Jan. 10, 1863

JOHNSON, Nelson  enlisted Sept. 1, 1864, 184th Regt

LANGWORTHY, Job  enlisted Sept. 15, 1864, 184th Regt.; dis without expiration of term of enlistment

LANGWORTHY, Sanford enlisted Jan. 1, 1864, 4th Ver't Regt

LORD, Edmund  enlisted Jan.1, 1864, 149th Regt.; died at Savannah hospital Mar.1865

LORD, John   enlisted Dec. 9, 1862, Bat. F, Art died at St. Augustine, FL, Oct. 20, 1864

LORD, Welton  enlisted Dec. 9, 1862, 110th Regt.

LYNCH, Lawrence  enlisted Sept. 1. 1864; 185th Regt

MARKS, Daniel  enlisted Aug. 8, 1864, 184th Regt

MANWARREN, Charles enlisted June 19, 1864; died of accidental wounds

MATHEWS, Abraham W. enlisted Sept. 16, 1861, died in W. Monroe, April 3, 1863 of  sickness resulting from service

MATHEWS, Charles C.  mustered in Sept. 9, 1862, 184th Regt., as 2nd Lieut.; dis upon surgeon's cert. of sickness

MEAD, LaFayette  enlisted Sept. 15, 1864, 185th Regt.; dis upon expiration of term of enlistment

MERCHANT, William H. enlisted Oct. 28, 1863, 2nd Bat.; died at Atlanta Hospital, Sept. 3, 1864 of sickness resulting from service

MEGNENY, James  enlisted Aug. 23, 1864, 16th Regt

MILLER, Adam   enlisted Aug 2, 1861, 97th Regt., discharged upon surgeon's certificate of illness

MILLER, James  K.P.  enlisted Aug. 21, 1862,  147th Regt.; died at Belle Plain, VA April 1, 1863

MILLER, WILLIAM  enlisted Aug 7, 44th Regt died at Malvern Hill, VA July 1, 1863

MORGAN, George  enlisted Jan. 4, 1864, 24th Cav

MORRISON, Thomas W. enlisted Dec. 19, 1863, 2nd H Art.; died at ity Point, Va, June 25, 1864 of sickness resulting from service

NARCOTT, Alpheus N. enlisted Sept. 3, 1864, 184th Regt

NATKINS, Henry J.  enlisted Oct. 4, 1861, 13th Regt

PHILLIPS, Martin P.  enlisted Aug. 1, 1861 in a Syracuse Regt.; dis upon a surgeon's certificate of illness after 16 months of service

PIERCE, Daniel  enlisted Sept. 5, 1864,184th Regt

PIGGY, Joseph  enlisted Jan. 15, 1863, 16th Regt.; died at Wilson's Landing, July 18, 1863

RICE, Constant  enlisted Aug. 12, 1862, 110th Regt.; died at New Orleans, Aug. 1,  1863

RICE, George N.  enlisted Sept. 5, 1864, 184th Regt

REINA, George H.  enlisted Jan. 23, 1864, 24th Cv.; died at Washington DC, July 3, 1864, of wounds received in battle

REINA, Solomon F.  enlisted Aug. 23, 1862, 149th Regt.; trans to 37th Cav.; dis upon Certificate of surgeon

ROSE, Amos K.  enlisted Sept. 16th, 1864, 184th Regt

ROSE, Daniel M.  enlisted June 27th, 1864, 2nd Art.; wounded in foot

ROSSELL, Myron  enlisted Sept. 1, 1863, in a Syracuse Regt.

SIMPSON, John P.  enlisted Aug. 12, 1862, 110th Regt.; died at Franklin City, LA Jan. 26, 1864 

SMITH, George   enlisted Sept. 1, 1861, 184th Regt; trans to 37th Regt

SNEADER, Manis  enlisted Jan. 26, 1863 at Syracuse

TABOR, Benjamin  enlisted Sept. 1, 1864, 1st Cav.; died at Salisbury, NC, Nov. 14, 1864, while a prisoner of war

TABOR, Oliver P.  enlisted Aug. 13, 1861, 14th Regt.; dis upon the expiration of his term of enlistment

TAYLOR, Adelbert  enlisted Dec. 19, 1863, 22nd Cav.

TRIMO, Abraham  enlisted Sept. 9, 1864, 184th Regt

VOLLEY, Levi  enlisted Sept. 5, 1864, in a Wis. Regt

WARNES, James  enlisted Dec. 10, 1861, 81st Regt.; died at Fair Oaks, VA., of  wounds received in battle

WATSON, B.N.   enlisted Feb. 1864, 13th H. Art.; pro to corp

YORK, William  enlisted Feb. 27, 1864, 1st Regt

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