CIRCA  1876-1902

This list of marriages, gathered from local newspapers, were generously donated to the Oswego Co. NYGenWeb, from someone who wishes to remain anonymous. The names were copied many years ago from the books of Leafy Green Smith, with the idea that maybe others could be helped by them.  There were no identifiers like source, dates, pages, etc.  There are many more marriage notices, as well as obituary notices for vaious years coming soon. 
As always, for further information on any of individuals, please contact the local Town Historian or Historical Society.

Leafy Green Smith of Mexico, N. Y. liked to keep newspaper clippings.  In a copy of the Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture, year unknown, but about 1877, she pasted stories, poems and an assortment of vital records from local newspapers.  Time has treated the material badly, but some is still readable.  This clipping file is now owned by Mrs. Helen Smith Wilson of California, granddaughter of Leafy.


Elton W. Green m. 1 June 1876 Josie Pierce both of Mexico.

Herbert C. Adams of Mexico m. 30 July 1879 Leafy Patterson of New Haven.

Arthur I. Ponds of Mannsville m. 26 Aug. 1880 Ellen A. Emery, daughter of J.S. Emery of South Richland.  The couple went to live in Fairfield, Neb.

Arch G. Harter of Parish m. 18 June 1980 Laura E. House of Mexico.

________B. Porter of Mexico m.  4 Jan. 1882 Ella S. Bushnell of South Richland.

George F. Slater of Daysville m. 21 May 1882 Nina B. Spink of Texas, N.Y.

John W. Huntington m. 1 Oct. 1884 Mrs. D.E. Bard of Mexico.

Maggie J. Walters of Texas, N.Y. m. 25 Dec. 1884 Palmer A. Knight of Mexico.  She was the daughter of William Walters

William E. Mitchell of Chicago m. 4 Feb. 1885 Stella L. Salladin of Mexico.

Chas. S. Truss of Syracuse m. 15 Mar. 1886 Julia S. Knight of Mexico.

Clark Hall of Pulaski m. 24 Dec. 1887 Emma J. Norton of Texas, N.Y.

Warren C. Burch m. 16 Nov. 1887 Marion, an adopted daughter of Lyman Payne of Mexico.

Charles Grimm m. 5 Jan. 1887 Hattie Russell, both of Mexico.

J. W. Ladd  m. 16 Aug. 1888 Nellie E. Martin of Sandy Creek.

Chas. F. Whitney of Oswego m. 19 Feb. 1888 Mattie E. Davis of Scriba.

Elmer G. Adams m. 25 Oct. 1888 Flora E. Lee, both of New Haven.

Charlie A. Raymond m. 24 Oct. 1888 Cora E.Hopkins, both of Palermo.

Frank Rosebrook of Hoosick Falls m. 24 Oct. 1888 Julia Orvis of Mexico.

Geo. Menter m. 24 Oct. 1888 Florence Foster, both of Mexico.

Fred A. Thomas m. 8 Nov. 1888 Anna H. Taylor.

Norman Snell m. 7 Nov. 1888 Mrs. E. M. Hungerford both of Mexico.

M.D. Richardson m. 12 Nov. 1888 Amelia Dutcher, both of Mexico.

Wm. A. Cole of Howardsville m. 13 Nov. 1888 Louisa Rockfellow of Holmesville.

Frank H. Hollister in. 9 Feb. 1888 Della C. Goodell, both of Mexico.

Edward Gleason in. 8 Feb  1888 Rose Murphy, both of Mexico.

Frank E.Hotchkiss in. 2 Feb. 1888 Hattie Munson  both of Mexico.

Grant House of Mallory m. 29 Apr. 1888 Alice E. Myers of Mexico.

Nettie L. Brown m. 25 July 1888 John S. Keeler, both of Mexico.

Will O. Ball of Mexico m. 19 Mar. 1889 Effie McManwaren of Richland.

Seymour Patten of Governeur m. 21 July 1889 Mrs. Rhoda Jordan of Mexico.

Frederic R. Stone m. 31 Oct. 1889 Lillie A. Becker of Mexico.

George E. Tremain m. 16 Oct. 1889 Della I. Adams, both of New Haven. 

Jessie Bird m. 13 July 1889 Cora McDonald.

Wm. Miller m. 14 Mar. 1889 Alice E. Fraver, both of Mexico. 

Geo. Henderson m. 24 Dec. 1889 Edith Marsden.

Clarence Riggs of  Stockholm, St. Lawrence Co. m. 28 Dec. 1889 Mrs. Elsie Moe, daughter of E.E. Curtis.

Alfred N. Dibble of Texas, N.Y. m. 9 Jan. 1890 Grace Fitzgibbons of Mexico.

Alphonzo V. Vincent of Arthur m. 22 Feb. 1890 Nellie Henderson of Texas, N.Y.

Danford M. Clark m. 18 Jan. 1890 Lidy Je Mo.

James A. Ensworth m. 5 Jan. 1890 Ida L. Abbott, both of New Haven.

John Walters of Texas, N.Y. m. 11 Mar. 1890 Minnie E. Dawley of Mexico. 

Walter Benton m. 19 Mar. 1890 Clara E. Ball  both of Mexico.

Mrs. Clarisa Bellenger m. 23 Feb. 1890 Rile Everts

Will Stiles m. 3 July 1890 Belle Keller of Vermillion.

Fred J. Parkhurst of Oswego m. 28 May 1890 Lillian Seeley of New Haven.

John Manwaring m. 30 June 1891 Maud Parker.

Ward E.Burdick m. 29 Jan. 1891 Jessie E. Porter of Mexico.

Dexter W. Thomas of Mexico m. 24 Jan. 1891 Delilah M. Hilliker of Sandy Creek.

Mary Burgess m. 2 Sept. 1891 Albert C. Moore of Oswego. Her father was John Burgess.

Frank Henderson m. 7 Mar. 1891 Nellie Wilcox, both of Texas, N.Y.

George J. M. Cole m. 12 Mar. 1891 Hattie A. Smith, both of Mexico.

Marion Dolph  m. 26 Nov. 1891 Jessie Everts, both of Mexico.

Henry A. Orsen m. 2 Sept. 1891 Florence L. Austin, both of Mexico.

Orla Hager m.3 Sept. 1891 Susie Bomgardner.

Geo. A. Gile of New Haven m. 28 Dec. 1892 Nettie A. Beebe of Mexico.

Chester W. Button m. 27 Dec. 1892 Sadie L. Smith, daughter of Seymour W. Smith, both of Palermo.

Frederick P. Stewart of Vermillion m. 28 Dec.1892 Louella G. Allen of Pratham, daughter of Frank E. Allen.

Robert B. Gardner m. 21 July 1892 Mary L. Midlam, both of Oswego.

Murten Gero of Palermo m. 27 Aug. 1892 Maud M. Guile of New Haven.

Lyman D. Bardin of Kimball, S.D. m. 16 Jan. 1892 Hattie O. Guile of New Haven.

William Frederic Gardiner of Brooklyn m. 18 Aug. 1892 Mary Theresa French of Mexico.

Cortland E. Hare m. 21 June 1893 Mary D. Aldrich, both of Mexico.

Alice Barry of  Cazenovia m. 20 June 1893 William S. Phelps of  Canastota.

Avery Warner Skinner m. 28 Aug. 1893 N. Brownie Bates, daughter of H.S. Bates.

Walter Fraver of Mexico m. 1 Mar. 1893 Flora Lucilla Hall of New Haven.

Edwin Midlam m. 20 Sept. 1894 Lelia Henderson, both of Mexico.

Forest T. Gibbs m. 16 Sept. 1894 Mary C. Cirtwill, both of Mexico.

Fred.D. Howard of Syracuse m. 19 June 1895 Hattie D. Robinson of New Berlin.

Ralph C. Thomas  m. 6 Nov. 1895 Robert C. McLymond.??

Royal N. Whitney of Pulaski m. 6 Nov. l895 Mrs. Ella A. Whitney of Mexico.

William C. Oliver of Andes m. 16 Oct. 1895 Mary S. Wilcox of Mexico.

E. Fayette Gardner of New Haven m. 15 Oct.1895  Alice M. Purington of Mexico.

G. W. Dawley of Albion m. 28 Feb. 1896 F. J. Weed of Mexico.

Myron W. Collins m. 18 Oct. 1896 Josie C. Simth.

Byron W. Pond m. 10 Mar.1896 Mrs. Louisa Pratt.

John Slater m. 11 Nov. 1896 Anna Turner.

Charles L. Bates of Mexico m. 21 Apr. 1897 Frankie E. Tudo of Hastings.

Charles Marsh of Texas, N.Y. m. 14 Feb. 1897 Lena Watson of New Haven.

Ernest Augustus Stone of Dolgeville m. 13 Sept. 1897 Jessie Pauline Drew of Meridan.

Hiriam Stoddard m. 14 Sept. 1897 Mrs. Mertie Stone, both of New Haven.

W. H. Penfield m. 1 Dec. 1897 Nora Dundon, both of Mexico.

Freeman Cole of New Haven m. 3 Nov. 1898 Annie Newon of Mexico.

George Midlam of Texas, N.Y. m. 29 June 1898 Mrs. Nellie Duffy Bronson of Oswego.

Seward May m. 5 Oct. 1898 Nell Ely.

Wm. Riley Olcott of Bridgeport m. 15 Jan. 1898 Mrs. Mary J. Porter of Mexico.

William Alonzo Payne m. 14 Apr. 1898 Grace Francis Buck, both of Mexico.

James Gray m. 30 June 1898 Mannie Turk, both of Mexico.

David William Pritchard m. 7 Feb. 1899 Helen Lydia Severance.  Married at Remsen, N.Y.

Jennie Barkhoff of West Charlton m. l8 Jan. 1899 Elmer Clark.

Wilber Rose m. 25 May 1899 Agnes L. Mason, both of Texas, N.Y.

Geo. M. Brown m. 24 Oct. 1900 Edna M. Langshore, both of Mexico.

Delos Nichols of Mexico m. 7 Nov. 1900 Laura  F. Richardson of Arthur.

Tom Tusk of Demster m. 20 Oct. 1900 Myrtie Wing of Richland.

Carl P. Taylor m. 18 Sept. 1900 Ada May Rathbun,  both of Mexico.

Melvin Mason m. 2 Sept. 1900 Lillian Moore, both of  New Haven.

Clayton L. Sherman of Mexico m. 15 Nov. 1900 Carrie S. Newstead of Scriba.

Ward A. Rose of Mexico m. 18 Nov. 1900 Coral Bourdiette of Arthur.

William  Henry Osborn m. 27 June 1900 L. May Ingersol, both of Mexico.

Chas. J. Sisson of Pulaski m. 29 Aug. 1900 Myra J., only daughter of D.C. Simmons.

Clayton I. Miller m. 18 Apr. 1900 Alice M. Bard, both of Mexico.

Lona Johnson m. Feb. 1900 Claude Tillapaugh.

Robert Hardy of Richland m. 25 July 1900 Mrs. Ellen King of Vermillion.

Edwin H. Stevens of Mannsville m. 25 July 1900 Anna R. Langshore of Adams.

William Stevens Ramsey of Texas, N.Y. m. 30 Jan. 1900 Lena Oliva Wilkenson of North Mexico.  She was the daughter of Levi Wilkenson.

Fred Biddlecome of Butterfly m. 5 Sept. 1901 Mrs. Fannie Petingill of Texas, N. Y.

Edwin S. Kenyon m. 26 Dec. 1901 Sarah Carney, both of Palermo.

Ella M. Dyke of Texas, N.Y. m. 27 Jan. 1901 Frank Fowler of  Mexico.  She was the daughter of Almon Dyke. The groom came from Canada.

Fred J. Tutcher m. 27 Nov. 1901 Helen S. Wabey.

William J. Bogue of Fulton m. 4 June 1901 Edna Brewer of Mexico.

Lora S. Burgess of  Mexico m. 24 Mar. 1902  Floyd Paul Jones of Butterfly.

Spencer B. Hall of New York m. 19 Feb. 1902 Anna Louisa Haydon of Mexico.

Lucy M. Grace of Arthur m. 19 Feb. 1902 Fred R. Mandigo from Pulaski.

William J. Dick m. 27 Apr. 1902 Agnes M. Dunk, both of  Scriba.

John R.Turner of New Haven m. 25 Apr. 1902  Myra A. Sheldon of Demster.

Dr. John W. Riley m. Apr. 1902 C.A. Sheldon.  He was the son of Mrs. Margaret Riley.

Laura Aird m. 8 Jan. 1902 Kirk S. Dean of Jackson, Mich.  She was the daughter of Robert Aird.

Ray Edward Buck m. 23 Apr. 1902 Florence Matty.

Jennie E. Clark m. 11 June 1902 George D. Gass.  She was the daughter of Luther J. Clark.

Morris E. Mason m. 29 Mar. 1902 Helen M. Maxam, both of New Haven.

Frederick D. Stone m. 11 June 1902 Edith Cora Ure, both of Mexico.  Her father was W.S. Lansing.

Carrie Louise Hibbard of Pulaski m. 10 Oct. 1902. Dr. Clarence Albert Potter of Orwell.  Her father was Charles B. Hibbard.

Anna Pearl Smith of Parish m. 22 July 1902 Lewis Leroy Tryon of Sandy Creek.  Her mother was Mrs. Rose Smith.

Rolland W. Tilton m. 1 Oct. 1902 Florence J. Bateman, both of Mexico.

Marion Blanche Earle of Syracuse m. 30 Sept. 1902 Sidney Jay Kelly.  Her father was Frank M. Earle of New York.

Clarence R. Hubbard m. 10 July 1902 Bertha E. Powers, both of Wellwood.

George W. Paddock of Butterfly m. 16 July 1902 Eva E. Kiblin of Orwell.

Mrs. Susan Adrienne Hurd m. 23 July 1902.Arthur Henry Norton.  Her mother was Mrs. Susan Perlet.

Dr. George W.E. Goodell of Bridgeport, Madison Co. m. 16 July 1902 Florence E. Cady of East Chatham, Columbia Co.

Cora Vekmer Potter m. 3l Dec. 1902  Frank Ernest Oxner.

James D. Howlett of Waterville, Me. m. 17 Dec. 1902 Edith Leonore Knight of Mexico.

Lulu A. Huntington m. 18 June 1902 Dr. Louis D. Pulsifer of DeRuyter.  Her father was E. L. Huntington.

Howell  Taylor of Little Falls m. 29 Oct. 1902. Josephine Armour of Mexico.

Julia B. Mowry of North Mexico m. 19 Dec. 1902 Grant G. Edick.  Her father was Oliver B. Mowery. He was the only son of George Edick of Fernwood.

Bertha A. Tollerton of Fernwood m. 25 June 1902 Morgan E. Howard of Pulaski.  Her father Charles Tollerton.

Jennie MacGonegal  m. 17 Nov. 1902 Charles S. Ward of Scriba.  His father was Rev. George M. Ward.

Leona Morris m. June 1902  Jess Stone.

DeForest Bellinger of Mt. Pleasant m. 4 Dec. 1902 Lulu May Fleming of South New Haven.

W. H. Rood of Parish m. 5 Oct. 1902 Addie L. Hubbard of Mexico.

Dr. Herbert W. Whitney m. 6 Aug. 1902 Mary M. Sandhovel, both of Mexico.

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