OSWEGO CO., N.Y. 1819 - 1825

Source:  This list was extracted from the "Oswego, NY Palladium", for various years, of Oswego County N.Y. Death and Marriages, and were compiled and presented to the Syracuse Public Library, by the Fort Oswego Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, National Society, in 1940.  For further information on any of the names, please contact the local Historical Societies or Town Historian.


Died:  Oswego, October 10, Cap't. ELEAZER PERRY aged 58 years, native or Hopkinton, Middlesex County, Mase.

Married: Richmond, Mass. Oct. 10, Dr. ERASTUC G. WRIGHT, late of this village to MARIA BETTS of Richmond, Mass.

Married: Granby, Dec. 4, DANIEL D. COLBY to ELIZABETH SINGER.


Married: Scriba, Jan. 6, LEVI B. BOWEN and MISS SALLY LEWIS, of Scriba.

Married: Cato, Feb. 23, ASA RICE of Oswego and Widow Mrs. COLTON of Gato.

Married: Watertown, Feb. 10, Dr. FRANKLIN BUTTERFIELD of Niagara County and Miss NANCY WOODWORTH.

Married: Mr. W. WOOD to MISS CYNTHIA KEYES. (Place and date not given.)

Died: Richland, March 12, Mrs. Z. SALLISBURY, wife of NATHANIEL SALLISBURY.

Married: New Haven, Elder REEDER and Miss ORRA COLT. (No date given.)

Married: Hannibal, March 12, ROSWELL SIMONS and MISS HARRIET COLTON.

Married: Hannibal March 12, JULIUS COLTON and MISS ABIGAIL BUNNEL.

Married: Potsdam, March 16, WILLIAM ELLIS and MISS MARY ANN SHEARMAN of Potsdam.

Died: Westmoreland, June 9, Cap't JOHN VAUGHAN aged 87 years, 8 mo. Married at age 20 to ANN BEBEE. Widow survives him. Had 14 children, 134 grand children, 226 great grandchildren, 8 great great grandchildren, total 382.  Was a Revolutionary Soldier.

Died: Plymouth, Chenango County, N. Y. Aug. 2, Mr. JOHN NASH.

Married: Mexico, July 27, 1820, SIMON TULLER and MISS MARY WICKWARE, both of Mexico.


Died: Volney,Aug. 6, a child of REUBEN WANE, aged 9 months.

Died: Volney, Aug. 12, REUBEN WANE aged 51 years.

Married: Oswego, Aug. 21, ANDREW O'KEEFE and MISS NANCY EADUS both of Oswego.

Died: Rice's Settlement, Sept. 5, MRS. LEWIS, aged about 56 yrs.

Died: Oswego, Sept. 9, Deaxon ABRAHAM CLARK in the 67th year of his age.

Married: Mexico, Sept. 10, EDWARD EDGERTON and MISS FANNY CONE.

Died: Oswego Falls, Sept. 19th JAMES HOLLAND in the 85th year of his age.

Died: Oswego, Oct. 2, JOSEPH HOOKER, merchant in the 33rd year of his age.  Left wife and 2 children, native of Farmington, Conn.

Died: Geddesburgh, Sept. 29, NORMAN TERRY, aged 32 years.

Married: New Haven, Oct. 15th, WILLIAM GUILE and MISS CATHERINE KELSEY, both of New Haven.

Married: Mexico, Sept. 26th, Austin CONE and MISS L. RODGERS, both of Mexico.

Married: Mexico, Oct. 17, ELIPHEZ ORVIS and MISS PATTY SAVAGE.


Married: Wethersfield, Conn. Roswell CURTIS of Auburn and MISS BETSEY WELLS.

Married: East Oswego, Oct. 31, DANIEL CARD and MISS JANE SHAPLEY, both of East Oswego.

Married: Rochester, N. Y. Cap't. SAMUEL CURRIER to MISS SALLY CLOUGH, his sixth wife. (No date given.)


Married: Volney, April 8, HIRAM HYDE and MISS FRANCES MCGREGOR. both of Volney.

Died: Oswego, April 19, WHITING TAPPING aged about 35 years.

Died: Scriba, May 5th, MRS. NANCY CLARKE, wife of DR. CLARKE, age 48 years.

Died: Watertown, Mrs.. CYNTHIA WOOD aged 19 years, wife of Mr.
W. WOOD and daughter of HON. PERLLEY KEYES.

Married: Oswego, Aug. 5, BENJAMIN C. LISCOMB and MRS. CLARISSA PEASE, both of Oswego.

Married: Volney, CHARLES MOONEY of Granby and MISS ANN CROSBY of Volney.

Died: Aug. 14, DUNCAN KERR, Master of the Schr. "Hunter"  of Oswego, drowned at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River, native of Scotland, aged about 24 years.

Died: Volney, Sept. 11, NOAH RUST aged about 56 years.

Died: Sept. 8, JOHN ROBBINS. (Place not given)

Died: New Haven, Conn. MISS BETSEY MILES former inhabitant of Oswego.

Married: Hartford, Conn, Nov. 19, JOHN FRANCIS, printer on the "Times"  and MISS ADELIA S. BOWLES.

Died: Vincennes, Ind. Oct. 11, JAMES I. BILL, Counsellor-at-law, eldest son of JAMES BILL of Oswego, in his 37th year.

Married: Scriba Dec. 23rd, WILLIAM CARTER and MISS NANCY BAKER both of Scriba.


Married: Pulaski, Feb. 11, MILTON HARMON, merchant and MISS LUCRETIA WALES.

Died: Oswego, Feb. 20, MRS. FANNY ROBINSON, wife of SELAH BRONSON

Married: Mexico March 14, THOMAS WEBB and MISS CAROLINE AMES both of Mexico.

Died: Rehoboth, R. I. March 24, CHRISTMAS HUNT in the 100th yr. of his age.  Born in Bristol (no state given), parents both African.

Married: Mexico March 27th DAVID GOIT and MISS LUCENA ALFRED daughter of SHUBALL ALFRED, all of Mexico.

Married: East Oswego, May 14, DANIEL LEWIS, a Revolutionary pensioner aged 61 years, and MRS. MARY HAMMOND, aged 51.

Married: Mexico June 9 AVERY SKINNER of Watertown and MISS ELIZABETH HUNTINGTON of Mexico.

Married: Hannibah, June 16, ETHAN TOPING and MISS EVA BOSS both of Hannibal.

Married: Sackett's Harbor, ROBERT HUGIN, Master of the Steam Boat "Ontario" and MISS ELEANOR WARINg. (No date).

Died: Williamson, Ontario Co. July 14 HON. SAMUEL FARNHAM, late Judge of Court of Common Pleas, Oswego County, age 34 years.

Married: Pulaski, Aug. 10th, THOMAS C. BAKER, merchant and MISS SYBIL S. WEED, both of Pulaski.

Married: Elbridge, Nov. 12, by G. WILCOXSON, ESQ., MR. FREDERICK A. MUNSON of Auburn to MISS HARRIET GARDNER.

Died: Scriba, Infant daughter or Mr. V. R. BILL. (no date).


Died: Oswego, January 16 MRS. AMELIA BAKER, wife of NATHAN BAKER, and daughter of Cap't. JOSIAH TRYON, aged 21 yrs.

Died: Lewiston, Me. Jan. 29, MRS. EUNICE BIXBY, wife of ROBERT BIXBY, aged 26  years, daughter or Cap't. JOSIAH TRYON of Oswego, and sister of Mrs. Baker above.

Died: Oswego, Feb. 20, Infant child of Mr. M. STEVENS.

Married: East Oswego March 14, DR. WILLIAM B. ADKINS and MISS ARABELLA ABBEY.

Married: Scriba, April 24, LYMAN PHILLIPS and MISS ADALINE WHITNEY, both of Scriba.

Died: Truxton, MRS. ELIZABETH H. BLANCHARD wife of DR. AZARIAL BLANCHARD, aged 31, sister of MRS. GUITEAU of Oswego.

Died: Brunswick, Me. GEN. JAMES W. RYAN aged 107 yrs. Officer in the Rev. Army, wife still living, but no children. (Date not given).

Died: Pelham, N. H. LT. PHINEAS COLE aged 78 years. Rev. Soldier. (Date not given).

Died: Bow, N. H. April 5, SAMUEL WELSH, the oldest man in that State, aged 112 years 7 months.

Died: Canaan, Columbia County, JONATHAN WARNER, aged 75 years, Rev. Soldier. (No date)

Died: Philadelphia (state not given) CAP'T FREDERICK BIRD aged 96, Rev. Soldier.

Died: Randolph, Mass., MAJOR ICHABOD HOLDEN, hero of the Rev. aged 75 years. (Date not given).

Died: Newark, N. J., LEVI HOLDEN aged 70 years, Rev. Sol. (Date not given)

Died: Bristol, Ontario County, CAP'T NATHANIEL GREEN aged 64, Rev. soldier. (No date given)

Died: Woodbridge, ABEL LINES, aged 66 years, Rev. Soldier. (No date given)

Died: New London (No state given) WILLIAM HURLBURT aged 79 yrs., Rev. Soldier. (Date not given).

Died: Hallowell, Me. ENOCH CALDWELL, Rev. Soldier, (No age or date given).

Died: Rochester (State not given) JESSE PECK aged 69 formerly of Berlin, Conn. Rev. Soldier. (Date not given).

Died: Scriba June 15 MR. FRANKLIN PERCIVAL aged 19 yrs, son of Dr. STEPHEN PERCIVAL.

Married: Onondaga, June 25 MR. GODDARD, printer of Virginia and MISS MARY MORSE.

Died: Oswego, July 5, DANIEL BURT, aged about 88 years.

Died: Hartford, Conn. June 27 MAJOR JOAN RIPLEY aged 85 yrs.

Married: Cicero, Dr. EZEKIEL ALLEN of Constantia and MISS ESTHER LYNCH of Cicero.

Died: Canandaigua, July l3, MAJOR WILLIAM SHEPARD aged 63.

Married: In St. Mary's County by the REV. MR. MONLEY, CHARLES MCGEE, an old soldier of the Rev. War now in his 84th year to MARY WALKER, only 14 years old.

Married: Sackett's Harbor, S. 0. AUCHMUTY to MISS SUSAN WOOLSEY, daughter of late Gen. WOOLSEY.

Married: Jefferson County, July 24, 1823 by REV. PITT MORSE, MR. LEWIS G. HOFFMAN, editor of the Black Rock Beacon to MISS CAROLINE JEWETT of Watertown.

Died: Orville, Onondaga County, REV. JOEL BRADLEY, aged 54 yrs.

Died: Oswego, August 10th, WARREN PEASE late of Oswego Falls.

Died: Oswego, MR. ISAAC HILTON. (No date).

Died: New Haven, August 20, DAVID EASTON aged 58 yrs 11 mo. Left wife and 10 children.

Died: Oswego Aug. 21 ASA RICE, one of the oldest settlers of this town.

Died: Oswego Sept. 6, THOMAS EVANS aged about 50 years.

Died: Brooklyn Heights Sept. 14, JOHN WELLS aged 52 years, lawyer, native of Otsego County.  In the Rev. War his entire family were massacred by the Indians, he being a boy away at school in Schenectady at the time, escaped.

Died: Sackett's Harbor, Sept. 1, WILLIAM WARING, aged about 47 years, born in London. Resided 18 years in Jefferson County.

Died: Marietta, Ohio, RUFUS PUTNAM aged about 60. Brigadier Gen. by brevet at the close of the war, and afterward a Brigadier under Wayne in the Western Army.  Formerly of Rutland, Mass.  The Marquis de la Fayette is now the solitary surviving Genera1 of the Am. Rev. War. (no date)

Died: Rochester, N. Y. CAP'T SAMUEL CURRIER.  His body was found in the Genesee river below Carthage Falls on Sept. 13, a suicide.  Had been the husband of 7 wives.  Six are buried at the mouth of the Genesee River.


Died: Onondaga, Jan. 15, DEA. JOSEPH FORMAN aged 71.

Married: Granby, Jan. 1 MR. WESTOVER of Onondaga to MISS PHOEBE MILLER, daughter of JOHN MILLER.

Married: Jan. 13 MR. NATHAN LEWIS to MISS MARY MANN, dau. of Dea. MANN. (Place not given)

Married: Jan. 13, MR. HAVENS to MISS AMANDA STEWART (Place not given)


Married: Sackett's Harbor, MR. STEPHEN CONGER to MISS MARY VAUGHAN (formerly a resident of this vi1lage) daughter of W. VAUGHAN, Esq.

Died: Auburn Jan. 17 WILLIAM KELLEY.

Married: Wil1iamsburg, Ill. Gen. JOHN EDGAR an officer of the Rev. aged 90 years to MISS ELIZA STEVENS aged 14.

Died: Hannibal, March 5, CAP'T WILLIAM BURROUGHS in the 59th year of his age.

Died: Oswego, March 21, MRS. MELISSANT REED aged 58 years.

Married: Oswego, April 19 MR. HENRY CLARK to MISS OLIVE HAWKS, daughter of EDMUND HAWKS.

Died: Oswego May 16, MRS. BURT, wife of MR. JAMES BURT, and daughter of JACOB RAYNOR.

Married: Hadley, Mass, May 12 GEORE FISHER, Esq. of Oswego to MISS ELIZABETH P. HUNTINGTON, daugter of Rev. DANIEL HUNTINGTON of Hadley.

Died: Potsdam, May 24, DR. ROBERT McCHESNEY, aged 36 years.

Died: Oswego Oct. 5, Mr. COOLEY aged about 60 years.

Died: Rome, N. Y. Nov. 5 MRS. ELIZABETH HATHAWAY, wife of JOSHUA HATHAWAY aged 58 years.

Died: Utica, N. Y. Nov. 16 MORRIS S. MILLER, first Judge of Oneida County, in his 45th year.

Died: Oswego, Dec. l9, MR. ORRIN MONTAGUE in his 31st year.


Married: Scriba, Jan. 13 MATTHEW DUBOIS to MRS. DORCAS HALL both of Scriba.

Married: Scriba Jan. 20 ALFRED MATTISON and POLLY DUBOIS.

Married: Scriba Jan. 20 JOHN COMSTOCK and MISS DUNHAM.

Died: Hartford, Conn. MR. GEORGE LORD aged 25 years, brother of the editor of the Palladium.

Died: Oswego March 5, MRS. SALLY LANDON, wife of MR. JOSEPH LANDON.

Died: Oswego, March 22, ROBERT MCNAIR, son of MATTHEW MCNAIR aged 5 years.

Married: Oswego MR. SELAH BRONSON to MRS. L. WHITNEY. (No date)

Married: Sackett's Harbor, DR. JONATHAN BURTON of Watertown to MISS ARATHOSA FARLIE, daughter of Dr. B. FARLIE. (No date).

Married: Warwick, Orange County, March 21, MR. JAMES BURT of Oswego and MISS PHOEBE COE of Warwick.

Married: Oswego April 14, MR. JOHN W. VROOMAN to MISS MARIA PEAK.

Died: Oswego April 19 ELIZUR BRACE, aged about 75 years, native of Conn.

Died: Oswego May 5, MARIA, daughter of Mr. D. H. SOUTHARD, aged about 11 years.

Died: Oswego May 3, MR. HEMAN DICKINSON, Soldier of the War of 1812.

Died: Volney, May 1 MR. THOMAS CANFIELD, aged about 50 years.

Married:  Oswego Falls, Mr. WILLIAM GROGAN and MISS SALLY TARBOX (no date).

Died:  Volney, May 4, Mr. Samuel Seley in the 63rd year of his age.

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