OSWEGO CO., N.Y. 1830 - 1832

Source:  This list was extracted from the "Oswego, NY Palladium", for various years, of Oswego County N.Y. Death and Marriages, and were compiled and presented to the Syracuse Public Library, by the Fort Oswego Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, National Society, in 1940.  For further information on any of the names, please contact the local Historical Societies or Town Historian.


Died: Jan. 13, JOSEPH BISEY formerly of Tolland County, Conn., aged 99 years, died at Stark.

Married: March 4, by Rev. JOHN BRYSON , MR. JOHN C. MONTGOMERY cf Danville and MISS DEBRA KERR of Turbot Township, Pa. She was killed the next day when the horse upset the sleigh.

Died: Oswego, Feb. 18 MRS. ANN MARGARET, wife of J. D. SHUART, aged 32.

Died: Oswego, Feb. 27, JAMES BILL, Esq., formerly of Catskill aged 73 years.

Died: Oswego, July 12, MRS. HARRIETT, wife of COL. THEOPHILUS S. MORGAN, aged about 35 years.

Died: Butler, Wayne County, N. Y. EBENEZER FITCH aged about 47 years.

Died: Oswego, July 25, ELIZABETH JONES, only child of JOHN and SARAH L. CARPENTER, aged about 9 months.

Died: Oswego, August 7, MATILDA, daughter of MATTHEW MCNAIR, aged about 3 years.

Died: Oswego August 9, RUSSELL youngest child of Dr. SAMUEL HART aged about 10 months.

Married: Seneca Falls, Aug. 24, by Rev. Mr. Orton, WILLIAM H. ARNETT of Oswego to MISS CORNELIA P. CHAPMAN, dau. of SIMON CHAPMAN, Esq. of the former place.

Married:  Fulton, August 29, by Rev. MR. POWELL, ALBERT W. LOTHROP of that place to MISS SUSAN FURGASON of Whitestown, Oneida County.

Died: Oswego, MRS. ALPHENA GLOVER, wife of JAMES GLOVER, Esq. aged 52 years, member of the Presby. Church. (No date)

Died: Oswego, Sept. 16, RACHEL, wife of Mr. EDWARD WARNER in the 29th year of her age.

Died:  Oswego, Sept. 12, POLLY ANN, daugter of Mr. JOSIAH JENNISON, aged about 10 months.

Married: Oswego Sept. 30 by the Rev. Mr. SAYRE, AMOS HADDEN to MISS JANE DUTCHER all of this village.

Married: Osgego, October 25th by J. I. FORT, ESQ., MR. CHARLES RUMRILL to MISS ALMYRA FOX. 

Married.  Union Square, by J.W. HOUGHTON, MR. EDWARD MARTIN,son of JAMES MARTIN to MISS CHL0E HOPSON, daughter of SIMEON HOPSON, JR. all of Union Square.

Married: Scriba: Nov. 21, by AARON PARKHURST, Esq., Mr. DAVID FULTS to MISS ANGELINE PARKHURST, all of Scriba.

Married: Oswego, Nov. 24 by Rev. Mr. BRUCE, MR. JOHN A. WRIGHT to MISS MARY MALLORY, all of Oswego.

Married: Albion, Nov. 18th, by Rev. Mr. SWAZY, MR. JACOB POTTS of Williamstown to Miss. NANCY daughter of PETER HENDERSON, Esq. of the former place.

Married: Oswego, Dec. 6th by Rev. Mr. McCarthy, MR. PIERRE MATHIVET of Philadelphia to MISS MARY WENTWORTH, daughter of  MR. THOMAS H. WENTWORTH of Oswego.

Married: Batavia, Nov. 22 by Hon. SIMEON CUMMINGS, Mr. GEORGE
W. HARRIS to MRS. LUCINDA, widow of the late Cap't WILLIAM MORGAN.

Married: Scriba Nov. 26, by Rev. Mr. SAYRE, MR. WILLIAM G. HALL to MISS RACHEL HALL.

Married: Champion, Jefferson County, Dec. 21 by Rev. NATHANIEL DUTTON, HON. JOEL TURRILL, first Judge and Member of Assembly elect of this County and MARY SULLIVAN HUBBARD of Champion.


Married: Union Square, Jan. 1, by the Hon. AVERY SKINNER, MR. HIRAM SKINNER, merchant to MISS NORALLA BRUSIE all of that place.

Married: Oswego, Feb. 13, by the Rev. MR. Sayre, MR. ABEL PROUTY, JR. to MISS CYNTHIA GOSS all of this place.

Married: Mexico, Feb. 16, by the Hon. A. SKINNER, MR. ISAAC EDICT of Richland to MISS AMY LAMB of Mexico.

Married: Union Square, Feb. 17th by the Hon. A. SKINNER, MR. WILLIAM FULLER of Richland to MISS HARRIETT PITCHER of Union Square.

Married: Mexico, Feb. 17th by the Rev. D. R. NIXON, MR. WILLIAM AMES to MISS PHEBE GREGORY all of Mexico.

Died:  Oswego, March 18th MRS. BETSEY, wife of Mr. NORMAN HART, aged about 20 years.

Married:  Oswego April 19, by the Rev. Mr. Sayre, MR. WILLIAM MICKLES, to MISS EUNICE PROUTY, all of Oswego.

Married:  Greene, Chenango County, May 11th MR. NATHAN RANDALL, editor of the Pulaski Banner to MISS CATHERINE D., daughter of the HON. ROBERT MONELL of Chenango.

Married:  New York, May 16th JOSEPH HUNT, Esq., Counsellor at Law, of Oswego to MISS ANN D. MORTON, daughter of Mr. ELIHU MORTON of Elizabethtown, N.J.

Died:  Oswego, by drowning in the lake about one and a half miles west of Oswego, MR. JOHN GALLAGHAR, a native of Ireland, aged 24, son of THOMAS GALLAGHER, who with a respectable family left Ireland but ten weeks since.
(*Note:  difference in sp. of Gallagher.)

Married:  Oswego Sept. 15, by Rev. Lothrop, JEDEDIAH M. WALKER, to MISS LOVINA CALDWELL, all of Oswego.

Died:  Oswego, Sept. 17, WILLAM NEWTON, only son of MR. WILLIAM DICKESON, aged about 11 months.

Died:  Oswego, Sept. 24, DANIEL P. SKINNER, aged 44  formerly of Rochester.

Married:  Oswego Oct. 4, by Rev. Mr. Lothrop MR. DARIUS ELWELL of Sterling to MRS. ANN TOWNSEND of Oswego.

Died:  Oswego, Oct. 5 JULIUS, only son of MR. JOHN CLARK, merchant, aged 22 months.

Died:  East Oswego, Sept. 29, MRS. AMANDA HOUD, wife of MR. E. S. HOUD, aged 40 years.

Married:  East Oswego Oct. 18, by Rev. Mr. McCarthy, MR. STEPHEN FULKERSON of Ogdensburgh to MISS FRANCES WORTHINGHAM of Oswego.

Died:  Oswego, Oct. 16, CHARLOTTE HUTCHINSON, only daughter of MR. GEORGE DEMING, aged about 9 months.

Married:  Utica, Oct. 16 by Rev. Joseph Castle, MR. GEORGE DELONG of Oswego to MISS PAMELIA FARRINGTON of Utica.

Died:  Oswego, Dec. 13, MRS. MARY, wife of MR. SAMUEL WRIGHT, aged 55 years, Member of Protestant Episcopal Church. Funeral by Rev. McCarthy.


Married:  Oswego, Jan. 5, by Rev. Mr. Yates of Chittenango, A. J. YATES, ESQ. to MISS MATILDA H., daughter of HON. R. BUNNER of Oswego.

Married: Oswego, Jan. 4, by Rev. Mr. McCarty, STEPHEN GRGORY SEARS of DeRuyter, Madison County to MRS. SUSAN A. M. CURTIS, daughter of WILLIAM HAWLEY of Oswego.

Married: Mexico Jan. 6, by Rev. Mr. Dixon, MR. REUBEN G. WELLINGTON of Oswego to MISS LUCY MARTHERS, daughter of Mr. Edward Marthars of Mexico.
(*Note: sp. for Marthars).

Married: Trenton, Oneida County, Jan. 11 by Rev. Mr. Perry of Rome, MAJ. SAMUEL ALLEN of New Haven, to MISS SARAH A., daughter of Pascal C. J. DeANGELIS, Esq. of Trenton.

Married: Oswego, Jan. 17 by rev. Mr. Sayre, MR. ALEXANDER GASKILL to Miss MARY ANN LEMMA all of Oswego.

Married:  Sennet, Cayuga County, Dec. 22, by Elder Bucklin, Mr. HENRY H. SMOKE of Oswego to MISS THIRZA JANE LEE of Sennet.

Married: Volney, Jan. 17 JOEL  B. ALBEE, Esq. to MISS RACHEL JENNINGS, both of Volney.




Married: Palermo, March 13, by Rev. MR. NORTHRUP, MR. ELIJAH MUNGER to MISS LOVINA  MILLORD both of Palermo.

Married: Volney, March 21 by Rev. OLIVER EASTMAN, OTIS KENDALL, Esq. to MISS FANNY COOK.

Married: Volney, March 22 by Rev. 0. EASTMAN, Maj. RODNEY SEYMOUR to MISS ANNA PEABODY.

Died: Fulton, April 15 HON. JOSEPH EASTON, aged about 50. Was Judge of Common Pleas of 0swego County, and Justice of the Peace in the town of Volney.

Married: New Haven, Conn. April 26 in Trinity Church by Rev. Mr. CROSWELL, MR. MERRET W. BARNES of the firm of Barnes and Warner of 0swego to MISS MARTHA F. KIMBERLY, daughter of DAVID KIMBERLY, Esq. of New Haven, Conn.

Married: Little Falls, May 21 by the Rev. J. M. SNYDER, MR. WILBUR C. CHAMBERS of Oswego to MISS LOUISA, daughter of MOSES CHASE, Esq. of Little Falls.

Married: Rochester, June 6, by Rev. Mr. WATERHOUSE, MR. WALTER 
W. WHITE of Oswego to MISS CHRISTIANN MARCKLER of Rochester.

Died: Richland, June 13 MR. THOMAS JONES at the advanced age of 81 years.  He has left 109 descendants.  All his 9 children present at his burial, though they had been previously separated for 30 years.

Married:  Mexico JuLy 4 by Elder GOODWIN, MR. ANSON LEROY, to MISS SALLY MAXON all of that town.

Married: Youngstow.., Niagara County, Sept. 3  by Rev. Mr. Elliot, MR. TIMOTHY C. DWIGHT, of Oswego to MISS CATHERINE EDMONSON of York, U. C. 

Married: Oswego Sept. 8, by Elder LOTHROP, MR. J. H. JOSLIN to MISS ANTOINETTE KITTRIDGE of Oswego. 

Died:  Oswego Nov. 21 MRS. ORAN RILEY, murdered by her husband, ORAN RILEY.

Married:  Syracuse, Oct. 28, by Rev. Mr. ADAMS, CAPTAIN WILLIAM J. KNIFFIN to MISS MARY FREEMAN, both of Oswego.

Married: Central Square, Nov. 15 by Rev. Mr. McCarty of Oswego MR. RUSSELL FITCH, JR. formerly of Brattleboro, Vt, to MISS ROSSETTA ROOSEVELT both of Central Square.

Died: Havana, Oct. 17 MARK R. BURKLE, eldest son of C  J. BURKLE, Esq. of Oswego, in his 21st year.

Married: Oswego, by E. W. CLARK, MR. JOHN BESSEY, JR. to MISS MARIA LEONARD  (No date).

Married: Oswego, Nov. 22, by J. I. FORT, Esq. LT. JOHN HART to MISS SAMANTHY FOX, all of Oswego.

Died: Cleveland, Ohio, Oct. 25, CATHERINE AMELIA, youngest daughter of D. C  VANTINE, recently of Oswego, aged 10 years.

Died: Oswego, Dec. 5, ORAN RILEY, who murdered his wife on the 21st ult., died of self inflicted wounds.

Died: Oswego, JAMES B. THOMPSON, son of JAMES THOMPSON of 0swego, about 18 years old, drowned.

Married: Volney, Dec. 6, by Rev. Mr. Northrup, MR. GEORGE WASHINGTON WILLSON of Oswego to MARY ANN BERRY of Volney.

Died: Ripley, Ohio, MR. MATHEW BROCKWAY, aged 31 years, former resident and teacher of Oswego.

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