OSWEGO CO., N.Y. 1833 - 1835

Source:  This list was extracted from the "Oswego, NY Palladium", for various years, of Oswego County N.Y. Death and Marriages, and were compiled and presented to the Syracuse Public Library, by the Fort Oswego Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, National Society, in 1940.  For further information on any of the names, please contact the local Historical Societies or Town Historian.


Married: Union Square, Dec. 25, 1832 by Hon. AVERY SKINNER, Mr. CHARLES WORKS, merchant of the firm of  Sklnner and Works, to Miss MARY KELLOGG of Cazenovia.

Married: Hannibal, Dec. 23, 1832  by J. Eastman, Esq., Mr. JOHN W. BUCK, TO Miss DELIA ANN LEWIS.

Married: Hannibal, by Elder Wooden, Mr. TITUS to Miss Lovinia DUDLEY, dau. of Asa Dudley, of Hannibal.

Married:  Oswego, Jan. 1 by E. W. Clark, Esq., Mr. JOSHUA CONKLIN to Miss RACHEL KNAPP, dau. of Mr. Stephen KNAPP.

Married:  Oswego, Jan. 2, by Rev. Mr. Condict, Mr. HORATIO J. CAREY to Miss HANNAH SUMNER, all of Oswego.

Married: Oswego, Jan. 14 by Rev. Mr. Whiston, Mr. DAVID JONES to Miss SARAH  ANN HIMES, both of Oswego.

Married:  Camden, Oneida County, Dec. 25, 1832 by the Rev. John Gray, Mr. ASHER GURLEY, merchant of Albion, to Miss HANNAH ROUNDS of Camden.

Died: Sandy Creek, Dec. 22, 1832, LYMAN K. REYNOLDS, aged 23 years, son of Hon. JOHN REYNOLDS of Orwell.

Married: Oswego, Jan. 15, by Rev. Mr. McCarty, DR. LUCIUS VAN SCHAACK to MISS SARAH L. HAWLEY, all of Oswego.

Married: Oswego, by Rev. Mr. McCarty, Jan. 20, Mr. N. SNYDER to DIANA CROUCH.

Married: Oswego Feb. 4, by Rev. Mr. Armstrong, Mr. JOHN BUEL, aged 48 years to MISS LUNA ELIZABETH NELSON aged 18 years.

Married: Oswego, Feb. 20 by Rev. C. WHISTON, Mr. ALFRED BENTLEY to MISS SARAH E. CAASE both of Baldwinsville, Onond. County.

Died: Union, U. C. Feb. 23, Mr. MOSES N. GRISWOLD, aged 29 formerly of Oswego.

Died: Oswego, Body of ISAAC JEFFERS taken from 0swego river here.  He drowned last Fall at Fulton.

Married: Vienna, Oneida County, April 13 by Rev. Mr. McCarty JAMES BROWN, Esq. to MISS ELIZABETH CRAMP all of Oswego.

Married: Vienna, April 13, by Rev. Mr. McCarty, Mr. THOMAS NOWRES, to MISS DECIMA FOSTER all of Vienna.

Married: Denmark, Lewis Co., May 8 by Rev. Mr. MONROE, MR. LUTHER W. GUITEAU of Ann Arbor, Mich to MISS JANE HOWE formerly of 0swego.

Married: New York, May 23 by Rev. WILLIAM G. MILLERL, MR. SEBASTIAN J. CROLIUS of Oswego to Miss ELIZA, daughter of  Mr. JOEL LOVERIDGE of New York.

Died: Wilkesboro,  N. C., THEODORE FRELINGHUYSEN ROMEYNE, Esq., Attorney at Law, formerly of Oswego, aged 32 years.

Died: Union Square, July 16 very suddenly Mrs. ELIZABETH L. wife of HON. AVERY SKINNER in the 31st year of her age. Left her husband and two small children.

Died:  Oswego, July 23, a daughter of Mr. George DENISON, aged about 13 mos.

Married:  Watertown, July 29, by rev. Mr. Boardman, LLEWELLYN JONES, Esq., Teller of the Cayuga County Bank, to Miss CATHERINE HUTCHINSON, ward of Hon. PERLEY KEYES.

Died: Oswego, Aug. 12,  Mr. CHARLES KNAPP, son of Mr. DAVID C. KNAPP, aged about 21 years.

Died: Oswego, Aug. 12, infant of MR. M. W. BARNES of Oswego, aged 6 mos.

Died: Syracuse, Aug. 9, PHILO HOLTON of Volney, crushed by the falling of a sandbank.

Died: Oswego, Aug. 19 infant child of Mr. ASA  PENFIELD,  aged about 2 months.

Died: Oswego Aug. 23, D. RODMAN, son of Mr. W. J. PARDEE, aged 15 months.

Died: Oswego, Aug. 31, HORACE, son of Dr. H. K. THURBER, aged about 17 months.

Died: Oneida village, Aug. 11, Rev. HEZIKAH N. WOODRUFF aged 71 years.

Died: Oswego Sept. 25, GEORGE BRYON, son of Cap' t WILLIAM J. KNIFFIN aged 3 months.

Died: Penfield, Monroe County, Sept. 27, Mrs. MARIA, wife of Cap't Charles HOWARD of Oswego.

Died: Sacketts Harbor, Oct. 3, very suddenly, being found dead in bed, Hon. WILLIAM D. FORD, lawyer, aged 55 years, Native of Herkimer County.

Married: Oswego, Oct. 12 by Rev. 0. WHIST0N, Mr. STEPHEN TAYLOR of Conn. to MRS. RACHEL DEWOLF of Oswego.

Married: Granby, Oct. 13, by Rev. Mr. LYON, MR. JAMES LENT, to Miss LAVINA , daughter of Mr. GEORGE STEPHENS.

Married: Salina, Oct. 16 by Rev. Mr. Foot, MR. SETH H. STARR of Fulton to Miss EMMA BLAKESLEY, daughter of the late ENOS BLAKESLEY, of Salina.

Married: Oswego Oct. 24, by the Rev. Mr. Condit, Mr. EDWARD D. GRIFFING, of the firm of Aspinwall & Griffing, to Miss JULIA, daughter of MATTHEW MCNAIR, Esq., all of Oswego.

Married:  Oswego, Oct. 26, by the Rev. O. Whiston, Mr. NEHEMIAH MERRIT to Mrs. ELIZABETH ANN WAITS, both of Oswego.

Died:  Hamilton, Oneida County, Oct. 19, by rev. John Freeman, clergyman, of the Universalist denomination, aged 33 yrs.

Married:  Albion, Nov. 10 by the Hon. Avery Skinner, Mr. NOAH SMITH, Jr., of Mexico to Miss ELIZABETH MORE of Albion.

Died: Oswego Nov. 29, Mrs. SYLVIA, wife of Mr. JOHN FILKINS, aged about 22  years.


Died: Oswego, Jan. 3, after an illness of several weeks, Mr. AMASA  STOWELL, aged 72 years.

Married: Oswego, Jan. 8, by the Rev. Mr. WHISTON, Mr. HENRY VERDER to Miss COLUMBIA BURROUGHS.

Died: Granby, Dec. 17, MARY, daughter of  Mr. DANIEL STONE, aged about 9 years.

Died: Catskill, Jan. 13, at the home of her father, REV. JOSEPH PRENTISS, Pastor of St  Luke's Church, Catskill, MRS. ANN V. B. SMITH, wife of Gen. SMITH of Oswego, in the 24th year of her age.

Married: Mexico Jan. 14, by ORLA H. WHITNEY, Esq., MR. GEORGE WHEELER, to MISS MARY ANN, daughter of Mr. JAMES LAM all of Mexico.

Married: Oswego, Feb. 19, by the Rev. Mr. Condit, Cap't. CYRUS PHILLIPS, of Granby, to MISS ANN BURT, daughter of Mr. BRADNOR BURT of Oswego.

Married: Union Square, Feb. 10 by the Hon. AVERY SKINNER, Mr. CALEB HALSEY to  Miss PHILENA TYLER, both of Mexico.

Died: Oswego, Feb. 15, CALVIN SHELDON, Esq. formerly of Vermont, aged about 55 years.

Married: Herkimer, Feb. 19, by the Rev. J  P. SPINNER, MR. JAMES C. LAWTON to MISS HARRIET E. FERRILL, daughter ot the late Dr. ANDREW FERRILL, all of that village.

Died: Oswego, April 13, MR. JOHN TURNER, aged about 60 years.

Married:  Oswego, April 22, by the Rev. Mr. Condie, JAMES MCFARLAND, Esq., of the Kingston Chronicle to Miss ISURA, daughter of Mr. ELISHA CARRINGTON, of Oswego.

Died:  Montreal, P. ?., April 18, Hon. HORATIO GATES, member of the Legislature Council of the Province, native of Barre, Mass. aged 54 yrs.

Died:  Oswego, April 29, NATHAN SAGE, aged 82 years, one of the earliest settlers of Oswego, was Judge of County Courts of the Port and District of Oswego.

Died:  Oswego, April 29, Mrs. MARIA, wife of Mr. JAMES HAWKS of Oswego, and dau. of Mr. SELAH BRONSON, aged about 22 yrs.

Died:  Oswego, April 21, Mr. JOSHUA MINER Jr., aged about 35.

Died:  Oswego, April 30, LARKIN, a promising son of Mr. JAMES SLOAN of Oswego, aged about 5 yrs.

Married:  Mexico, May 4, by the Hon. AVERY SKINNER, Mr. GEORGE LOOMIS, to Miss HARRIET LAMB all of Mexico.

Married:  Granby, May 4, by Rev. Mr. Barnes, Mr. DAVID RICHARDS to Miss HANNAH WASHBURN.

Died:  Watertown, May 13, Hon. PERLEY KEYES, aged about 60 yrs., former member of the State Senate.

Died:  Oswego, May 23, ELIZABETH, dau. of the late NORMAN ORMSBY, aged about 10 yrs.

Died:  Oswego, May 27, Mrs. LOUISA, wife of Mr. JOHN ALLEN, aged about 28 yrs.

Married:  Weedsport, June 15, by Rev. Mr. Rundal, Mr. DAVENPORT ROOD of Oswego to Miss SARAH TURHUNE, dau. of Mr. RALPH TURHUNE of Weedsport.

Died:  New Orleans, June 1, Mr. DAVID LEWIS, formerly of Oswego.

Married:  Scriba, July 6, by Rev. A. Griffith, Mr. SIDNEY J. HAMMOND to Miss CYNTHA PARKHURST.

Died:  New York, July 12, Mr. THOMAS WILLETT of the House of Walton & Willett of Oswego, aged 38 yrs.

Died:  Oswego, July  26, HENRY, only son of JOHN FAYETTE, aged about 1 year.

Died:  Oswego, July 26, ELIZABETH, dau. of Lt. R. C. SMEAD aged about 2 1/2 years.

Married: Oswego Aug.10, by Rev. Mr. Salisbury, MR. ALONZO D. CARTER of Champion, Jefferson County, to Miss ROENA WIGHTMAN of Oswego.

Married: 0swego, Aug. 18, by Rev. Mr. McCarty, COL. JOHN WHITE to Miss JANE ANN RAYNOR, all of Oswego.

Died: Scriba Aug.31, AMELIA ANN HINMAN, second daughter of Mr. NATHAN HINMAN, aged 22 years.

Married:  Watertown, Sept. 1, by REV. PITT MORSE, HON. AVERY SKINNER of Mexico to Miss CHARLOTTE P. STEBBINS of Watertown.

Married: Granby, Sept.22 by Rev. Mr. Barns, MR. E. BIBBINS of Scriba to MISS SALLY MARIA SCOTT of Oswego.

Married: Oswego, Sept. 18, MR. WILLLIAM BURTCH to MISS CAROLINE M. CALLEY both of oswego.

Married:  New York Sept. 14, by the Rev. WILLIAM G. MILLER, Mr. JAMES M. CROLIUS of Oswego, to Miss SARAH, daughter of WILLIAM CROCKETT of New York.

Married: Oswego, Oct. 12 by I. ELSWORTH, Esq., MR. DAVID STEVENS to MISS SARAH, daughter of BENJAMIN LEWIS.

Married: Marcelius Oct. 1, by the Rev. M. Clark, MR. RALPH D. CURTIS of Oswego to MISS ALICE A. WOOD of Marcellus.

Married: Oswego Oct 21 by the Rev. Mr. WHEELER, MR. THOMAS AUSTIN to MISS HELEN MAE KENNEDY both of Oswego.

Married: Oswego, Oct. 27 in Christ Church by Rev. JOHN MCCARTY, ERIE POOR, Esq., to MISS SUSAN MARKLEY.

Married:  New Haven, Oct. 30 by Rev. Mr. SMITH, Mr. B. J. HALE to MISS JULIA NORTON, all of New Haven.

Married: Oswego Nov. 5, by Rev. Mr. SAVAGE, CAP'T. JAMES CLARK, to Miss HARRIET DUNLAP, all of Oswego.

Married: Oswego, November 25 by Rev. Mr. CONDIT, MR. JOHN C. HUGUNIN to MISS MARY H. ABBEY, all of Oswego.

Died: Oswego, Nov. 3, Mrs. MARY, wife of MR. ERASTUS WATKINS, aged about 34 years.

Married: Mexico Nov.20, by ORLA H. WHITNEY, ESQ., MR. IRA A. JOHNSON to MISS MALINDA MAY, daughter of EZRA MAY all of Mexico.

Died: Trenton, Oneida County, Nov. 5, MISS MARIA HOVEY, aged about 16 years, daughter of MR. ENOCH HOVEY.

Married:  Rochester, N.Y. Dec. 10, by Rev. Mr. Constock, Cap't CHARLES HOWARD of Oswego to Miss MARGARET VOSBURGH of Rochester.

Died:  Albany, Dec. 14, JACOB J. EVERTSEN, in the 31st year of his age.

Married:  Oswego, Dec. 18, by Rev. Mr. Salisbury, Mr. GEORGE MOSTOW to Miss MARIA MAKEPEACE, both of Oswego.

Died:  Oswego, Nov. 30, Mr. JARED MAYNARD, son of WINDSOR MAYNARD, Esq., aged 37 yrs., leaving wife, parents, brother.

Died:  Oswego, Dec. 30, Mr. DONALD MCPHERSON, Esq., aged about 35 years.


Married:  Oswego, Jan. 1, by Rev. Mr. Salisbury, MR. GEORGE CLARK, TO MISS ADELINE SABIN, both of Oswego.

Married:  Oswego, Jan. 1, by Rev. Mr. Savage, Mr. THOMAS COLWELL to Miss CAROLINE FARWELL, both of Oswego.

Married:  Sacketts Harbor, Jan. 1, by Rev. Mr. Irvin, THOMAS COLLINS, Jr., of Oswego to Miss MARY ODES of Sacketts Harbor.

Married:  Oswego (no date) by Rev. Mr. Salisbury, Cap't. NICHOLAS STANDLY of Beverly, Mass. to Miss DEBORAH JANE HADDEN.

Married:  Oswego Jan. 13, by J. I. Fort, Esq. Mr. JOSEPH JARDEE to Miss CATHERINE JOHNER, both of Oswego.

Died:  Oswego, Jan. 8, Mrs. MATHILDA THALIMER, aged 72 years.

Died:  Jan. 29, Mrs. CUMMINGS, widow, aged about 60y, burned to death.

Married:  Oswego, Feb. 2, by Rev. Mr. McCarthy, Mr. BENJAMIN ISSAACS, Jr., of New York to Miss MARY SOPHIA, dau. of WILLIAM HAWLEY, of Oswego.

Married:  Oswego, Jan. 31, by J.I. Fort, Mr. SAMUEL HUTCHINS to Miss MARY ANN ANDERSON, all of Oswego.

Died:  Oswego, Jan. 29 Mrs. MARY MILES, aged 73y.

Died:  Oswego, Jan. 30, Mr. CHARLES MORSE, of Lowville, aged 73y.

Died:  Oswego, Feb. (no day) WILLIAM TURPEN, formerly of Charleston, S. C. and for the last nine years a resident of Oswego, aged 81y.

Died:  Oswego, March 1, ESTHER, dau. of FRANKLIN WATKINS, aged 2 1/2 years.

Married:  Union Square, March 10, by Hon. Avery Skinner, Mr. DAVID PATTERSON of Mexico. to Miss MERCY ANN LINDALL of Scriba.

Died:  Oswego, April 4, Mrs. ALMIRA SLOCUM, wife of P. S. SLOCUM.

Married:  Volney, March 26, by Rev. Mr. Bowdish, Mr. JOHN H. ROOT to Miss LUCINDA ANN MERRIMAN, all of Volney.

Died:  Granby, March 17, Mrs. ELEANOR COLBY, wife of WILLIAM COLBY, in the 73rd year of her age.

Died:  Scriba, April 8, VICTOR P., son of Mr. PORTIUS F. PARSONS, in the 5th year of his age, drowned.

Married:  Oswego, April 23, by Rev. Salisbury, Mr. DANIEL AYER to Miss CAROLINE LYON, all of this place.

Married:  Oswego, April 26, by rev. Mr. Salisbury, FOSTER SPRAGUE to Miss ALVIRA WADSWORTH, both of Coburg, U. C.

Married:  Oswego, May 3, by J. H. Lord, Esq. Mr. WILLIAM MOREHOUSE to Miss PURCIS HURLBUT, all of Oswego.

Married:  Scriba, May 21, by Rev. Mr. Salisbury, Mr. BENJAMIN F. WILBUR, to Miss LUCY MATTESON, both of Scriba.

Married:  Oswego, June 6, by Rev. Mr. Condit, Mr. ROBERT ROBINSON of Oswego to Miss HELLEN JOHNSTON, of Kingston, U. C.

Married:  Pulaski, June 11 by rev. Mr. McCarty, of Oswego, Mr. HENRY PADDOCK, merchant of Liverpool, Onondaga County, to Miss HENRIETTA MOLTHER of Pulaski.

Married:  Oswego, June 25 by Rev. Mr. Condit, Mr. FREDERICK KNICKERBOCKER, to Miss WELTHY ANN LOOMIS, of Cicero, N. Y.

Married:  Oswego, July 11 by Rev. Mr. Salisbury, Mr. JOSEPH P. WHITNEY of Fulton, to Miss FRANCES LAWRENCE, dau. of SAMUEL T. LAWRENCE, Esq. of Oswego.

Died:  Oswego, July 10, HIRAM CLARK, of Oswego, aged about 30y, buried at Loraine, Jefferson County.

Died:  Cleveland, Ohio, recently Mr. WILLIAM L. BEEBE, formerly merchant of Oswego.

Died:  Ernestown, U. C. July 22, Mrs. SOPHIA SLINGERLAND, wife of JACOB SLINGERLAND, formerly of Parish, Oswego County, native of Schoharie.

Died:  Hannibal, July 27, Mrs. LUCINDA CONSORT of HIRAM RIGGS, aged 21y.

Died:  Mexico, Aug. 11, Mrs. EUNICE KILLAM, consort of Mr. AARON KILLAM, aged 61y.

Married:  Oswego, Aug. 25, by Rev. Mr. Condit, Mr. THEODORE RHODES to Miss MARY BISHOP.

Died:  Constantia, Aug. 27, GUSTAVUS JEWELL, Esq. aged about 65y.

Married:  Oswego, Sept. 23 by Rev. Mr. Condit, Mr. ZINA D. STEVENS to Miss ALETHA M. WOODS, both of Oswego.

Married:  Oswego, Oct. 11, by Rev. Mr. Condit, Mr. SMITH BRACKETT to Miss MARY ?. GIBBS, both of Oswego.

Died:  Texas, July 10, Dr. SETH ORVILLE THOMSON, in the 28th year of his age, son of JAMES THOMPSON of Oswego. 

Died:  Oswego, July 2 WILLIS AURILLIS, son of PORTIUS F. PARSONS, aged one year.

Married:  Oswego, Oct. 9, by Rev. Mr. McCarty, Mr. STEPHEN REID of Canadagua to Miss MARGARET M. MARKLEY of Oswego.

Died:  Oswego, Oct. 8, Mrs. MARY DEZENG in the 71st year of her age.

Died:  Detroit, Michigan Terr. Sept. 17, GEORGE CASEY, Esq. in the 63rd year of his age, formerly a resident of Oswego.

Died:  Oswego, Oct. 8, Mrs. NANCY, wife of Mr. S. H. WORDEN in the 19th year of her age.

Married:  Scheneateles, Sept. 11, by the Rev. Mr. Clark, Dr. D. P. STRYKER, of Hannibal, Oswego County, to Miss MARY, dau. of THOMAS YATES of Scheneateles.

Married:  Hastings, Oct. 20 by Elder Warren, Mr. ENOCH B. DOUGLAS to Miss CORDELIA CURTISS.

Died:  Oswego, Oct. 23, LLEWELLYN A., son of Mr. ANSON JONES, aged 10 months?

Married:  Albany, Nov. 24 by Rev. James Osborn, Mr. MOSES HAYS of Oswego to Miss JANE C. CROLIUS, dau. of JOHN CROLIUS, Jr., of Oswego.

Died:  Alexandria, Jefferson County, Nov. 28, Dr. WILLIAM G. ADKINS, late of Oswego, aged 40y.

Died:  Oswego, Dec. 15, MARY, infant child of Mr. WILLIAM WILKINS, of Oswego, aged about 9 months.

Married:  Mexico, Dec. 6, by Hon. Avery Skinner, Mr. LYSANDER KEELER, to Miss ALMA JANE BROWN.

Married:  Volney, Dec. 6, by Rev. Mr. Bowdish, Mr. IRA GONDSELL to Miss POLLY HIBBARD, all of Volney.

Married:  Oswego, Dec. 15, by Rev. Mr. Peck, Mr. DANIEL H. GREGORY to Miss ELIZA DUNLAP, both of Oswego.

Died:  Oneida, Dec. 27, AUGUSTUS A. BABCOCK, aged about 23y, and SALLY VARNDELL aged 25, murdered by EDWARD VARNELL, her husband, an Englishman, aged about 30, who then committed suicide.

Married:  Oswego, Dec. 25 by J. I. Fort, Esq. Mr. EDWIN NICHOLS to Miss POLLY MATTERSON, both of Oswego.

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