Mainly concerning Richland families
Many thanks to Shirley Schiess who collected the following newspaper clippings over a period of years.  They are given here that the information might be of use to researchers of Oswego County, New York. Shirley is researching the lines of Bohannon and Lord in Richland and surrounding areas.

“Pulaski Democrat” 
30 Sep 1852
Married in this village (Pulaski), this morning, by Rev. L. Muzzy, Mr. ALBERT BOHANAN and Miss HARRIET L. CLARK, all of Richland (Town of Richland.)

“Oswego Press”  from Oswego, Oswego, New York
Date Aug 1871; notice ran for six weeks.

In the matter of the Administrator’s sale of the real estate of THOMAS BOHANNAN, deceased, intestate, for the payment of his debts, by virtue of the order of the Surrogate of the county of Oswego we shall sell at public auction to the highest bidder at the house of JOHN W. BOHANNAN in the town of Oswego, in the county of Oswego and State of New York, on the 30th day of September, 1871, at twelve o’clock at noon, the following described premises:  All that certain tract or parcel of land on Lot No. 36, town of Oswego, (formerly Hannibal) bounded as follows – beginning at the NW corner of lands owned by BENJAMIN BURT on said lot No. 36 in the center of the highway, running thence westerly along said highway 13 chains 51 links: thence south, one degree 45’ west, 25 chains 90 links to a stake and stones; thence easterly parallel to the north line of said lot, 13 chains 51 links to a stake and stones; thence, north 1 degree 45’ east, 25 chains 90 links to the place of beginning, containing thirty-five acres of land excepting and reserving from the above described premises twenty acres of land as conveyed by THOMAS BONAHHAN to JOHN W. BOHANNAN and five acres of land as conveyed by THOMAS BOHANNAN to DANIEL SCOTT.

Upon the above premises are a house and barn.


- - - - - -

“Pulaski Democrat” 
For a number of years, Mrs. Herbert (Sylvia) Kinney (now deceased) of Pulaski copied items of family interest for me from the local papers.  Following are copies of what she sent to me, although the newspaper names are not always given.

23 Apr 1871
A new firm has lately been instituted, Mr. A. BOHANON having sold a half interest in his grocery business to Mr. GEORGE PRATT. They have largely increased their stock in trade and now offer new goods just bought for cash at correspondingly low prices. 

4 Aug 1871
 G. W. PRATT has purchased the interest of Mr. A. BOHANON in the firm of BOHANON & PRATT.

19 Mar 1874
Married:  15 Mar, JONES-BEHUNIN  at the residence of WARREN WALWORTH of Port Ontario. (George Egbert JONES and JOSEPHINE E. BOHANON. George was son of ERASTUS CHAUNCEY JONES and BETSEY WALWORTH; Josephine was daughter of ALPHEUS BOHANON and MARY ANN CORBIN.)

5 Mar 1891 Port Ontario
GEORGE BOHANNON has moved into the lighthouse.

5 Mar 1891 Port Ontario
Miss SARAH BOHANNAN gave a party recently. Dancing was in order.

7 May 1891 Port Ontario
CHARLES HALSEY has been appointed to keep and live in the lighthouse.  GEORGE BOHANON had moved his family in after Mr. COLE, who had lived there so long, had moved out and now George seems loath to give up possession, and thereby some little trouble is being felt by both parties.

21 May 1891 Port Ontario
GEORGE BOHANON has moved in the MCCHESNEY house.

19 May 1892
Mrs. JAMES EATON is at Fulton at the bedside of her sister, Mrs. P. C. BETTENGER, (PAMELIA BOHANON) who is seriously ill. 

18 Aug 1892 Pulaski
Died, in Syracuse, New York, 6 August 1892, very suddenly, Mary C., wife of WILLIAM E. DECATUR, aged 35 years and 10 days.  Mrs. DECATUR was born in Pulaski, New York.  Her parents were ALBERT and HELEN BOHANNON.  She attended school in Pulaski.  She was married 10 Oct. 1877 to Mr. DECATUR.  Survived by her husband and three children, Pearl, Edna and Master Commodore.  Burial in Pulaski cemetery.

29 Sep 1892
FRED BOHANON, riding with CHARLES NELSON, was hurt when Mr. Nelson’s horse ran away.

14 Jan 1892
BENNIE BOHANON has been visiting relatives in Syracuse

31 Mar 1892 Daysville News
FRANKIE BOHANON of New Haven has been visiting his mother (Mrs. BRADNER) of Daysville.

21 Apr 1892 Selkirk News
Mrs. SUSAN KING of Texas visited her daughter Mrs. GEORGE BOHANON last Wednesday.

9 Feb 1893 Port Ontario News
GEORGE BOHANON and wife are in Syracuse in attendance on a sick relative.

23 Feb 1893 Pulaski
FRED D. BOHANON, formerly of Pulaski, has charge of the harness department of the Cortland Wagon Co. with headquarters in Cortland.

23 Feb 1893 Daysville News
BENNIE BOHANON gave a very pleasant party to a number of his friends last Monday evening to celebrate his 10th birthday (he was born 20 February 1883).

13 Apr 1893 Daysville News
FRED BOHANON of Port Ontario has been visiting his cousin, Bennie.

20 Apr 1893 Selkirk News
GEORGE BOHANON was in Syracuse on Sunday.

1 Jun1893 Selkirk News
Miss MAUDE CASTOR called on her friend, Miss SADIE BOHANON, on Sunday.

15 Jun 1893 Selkirk News
GEORGE BOHANON caught 20 black bass Monday morning in 2 hours.

22 Jun 1893
SARAH BOHANON had visitors.

17 Aug 1893 Daysville News
Miss MAY BOHANON of Syracuse is spending several weeks with friends here.

7 Sep 1893
Miss MAY BOHANON of Syracuse visited at W. NELSON’S and GEORGE BOHANON’S recently. (Note: CHARLES NELSON and BERT NELSON were brothers.  Capt. Albert D. NELSON was “Bert”.   Their mother’s name was Alice and father’s name was WILLIAM NELSON.)

July 1896 Port Ontario
Married 1 July 1896 Miss SADA BOHANON and ED BARNARD of Holmesville by Rev. C. H. Guile.

19 Jan 1897
Married WILLIAM C. MILLER and Miss CORA T. EATON by Rev. D. Judson Bailey.

11 Nov 1911 Pulaski
FRED BOHANON is painting houses in neighborhood.

20 Dec 1922 
Mr. and Mrs. JAMES EATON have gone to New York and will spend the winter with their daughters, Miss Carrie EATON in New York and Mrs. WILLIAM MILLER in Sherwood Park, New Jersey.

20 Aug 1912 Pulaski
Mrs. BENJAMIN BOHANON of Pulaski was a guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. HILTON.

17 Apr 1912 Pulaski
Veteran FRED BOHANON of the Spanish American War has received $120 back pay and a pension of $10 per month.

1 May 1912 Pulaski
BENJAMIN BOHANON has moved into H. D. PIERCE’s house

17 Jul 1912 Pulaski
FRED and BENJAMIN BOHANON painted ceiling of Bethel Church.

4 Sep 1912 Pulaski
Mr. and Mrs. JAMES EATON celebrate golden wedding.  They have two daughters, Miss CARRIE EATON of New York and Mrs. WILLIAM MILLER, one son, AVERY EATON of Syracuse and two grandsons, Carl and James MILLER of New York.

9 Feb 1920 Mexico
Fred Bohannan, 40, died at four o’clock yesterday morning six hours after his wife, Mrs. MARY FOX BOHANNAN, 34 passed away.  Both were victims of pneumonia.  The oldest son, LENFIELD, is just recovering from influenza and his second son, EDWARD is ill.  A double funeral will be held at two o’clock tomorrow afternoon.

Mr. BOHANAN was a veteran of the Spanish-American war and was wounded in China.  He worked for the dry milk company.  During the war, he was captain of the home guards and was a member of the Odd Fellows.  The family moved here from Port Ontario three years ago.

Besides the two children afflicted with influenza, a daughter, Alice, aged 20 months, survives.  Mrs. BOHANAN is survived by a brother and two sisters.  Mr. BOHANAN leaves his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. CHARLES BOHANAN, and a brother.

3 Jun 1925 Selkirk 
Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE BOHANON and family spent Memorial Day at Parish, guests of Mr. and Mrs. DAVID CRIM.

3 Jun 1925 Selkirk
Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE BOHANON and family were dinner guests of Mrs. BOHANON’S brother, FRANK MOSHIER of South Albion, on Sunday.

3 Jun1925 Selkirk
Guests of  Mrs. OWEN MORTON for her birthday were Mrs. GEORGE BOHANON, Mrs. CLARA BOHANON and others.

- - - - - - 

1 Feb 1931 Selkirk
Mrs. MINNIE MOSHER BOHANNAN, wife of GEORGE BOHANNAN of Selkirk, died of pneumonia at her home Sunday morning.  She had been ill since Thursday.

Mrs.BOHANNAN was born 15 March, 1865, at Orwell, daughter of WILLIAM and LORETTA MOSHER.  Mr. and Mrs. Bohannan came to Selkirk in1916 from Syracuse.  She is survived by her husband, two sisters and two brothers, Mrs. FRED MCKENT OF Adams Center, Mrs. DAVID CRIMM of Parish, WILLIAM MOSHER, Watertown, and FRANK MOSHER of Parish.

Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at Bethel church with interment in Daysville cemetery.  Rev. JOHN W. WARREN, pastor of the Methodist Church, officiated.

- - - - - - -

In 1934, the following article was published in the “Pulaski Democrat”

MRS JAMES EATON, oldest resident of Pulaski, born opposite this resort 90 years ago last June, recalls the period when Selkirk was a busy fishing community and the Selkirk light, second oldest on Lake Ontario, guided into the Salmon River craft from every port on this inland sea.

SARAH EATON was the daughter of ALPHEUS BOHANNON.  She was born at Port Ontario, on the opposite shore of the Salmon River, but came to live at Selkirk when a young girl.  She retains her full memory, recollecting vividly the days of her childhood when she performed the tasks of a fresh-water fisherman.

“My father was a sailor on the lake” Mrs. Eaton began her recollection.  “Then he took up fishing for a living. He had a large family and was poor, but he earned enough for all of us.  I happened to be the oldest one in the family.  There were five girls before there were any boys.  I used to go fishing with father.”

“The Salmon River was well named.  It was full of salmon when I was a girl.  It was one of God’s beauty spots.  I have seen the salmon jump, showing slabs of silver, a beautiful sight.  I used to go on trips in the boat to haul the nets.

“I could row like a boy.  I used to hold the boat for father to haul the nets.  He taught me how to hold it so it would not move away from the net.  I used to be quite an oarsman.  There was a grocery store at the port and I used to row there to get groceries.  That was the way I became quite a water boy.

“I look today on Lake Ontario and love it.  Of course, it is treacherous and takes lives, but it is one of the beauty spots.

“We had no bathing suits, but we used to swim.  We were never allowed to bathe on the Selkirk side of the river.  There were holes there.  A few years ago a lady got into one of the holes and was drowned.  We used to wear an old dress to bathe.  If we had a wool dress, that was the one we used.

Where the Fitch collage is today is where the storehouse stood where they emptied the boats.  Great, three-masted schooners and large steamers came in.  We were always allowed to go on deck, but never to go into the cabins.  This side of the storehouse was what was known as the old Red Tavern.  That was a sort of black spot on the hamlet.  It has been in years before a place for sailors and fishermen to go in stress of weather, but it became a bad place.

“During the high water in the spring, a great number of logs floated down the river and were landed on what was called the island.  There is no island there now.  It was quite a sight to see them tow the logs to Oswego.

“The logs were made into rafts and tugs hitched onto them.  Many buildings in Oswego, I presume, are standing that were made from lumber taken from the logs.

“Where the cottages are on the Selkirk side was deep water then.  I was a very small child when we moved to Selkirk.  I was not ten years old.

“One of our great delights was to climb up the ladder to the light.  We used to go up to see the boats come in.  I saw many a wreck, but only ones where men were drowned.  I recollect that very distinctly.  I remember seeing the men in the rigging.  The ship was stranded and went to pieces.  It was a terrible storm. Several of us children, as well as some of the men, went up in the lantern to watch the wreck.

“There were no life boats and they could not get out with small boats.  I remember seeing the waves hide the boat as they rushed over it, and seeing the spars dip into the water with the men clinging to them.  I do not know the name of the ship.  I would say it was a Canada schooner and three masted.

“Canadian boats trafficked there a great deal.  We fished mainly for salmon, trout and white fish, and they were in great demand in New York.  I remember the two Browns and my father sending fish to New York.

“Wood gathering was another task.  Every family gathered wood. Our winter fuel was the driftwood we collected.  It came from mills and from wrecks.  We children would take the boat and row along the shore, gathering wood.

“Pulaski, Port Ontario and Selkirk would have been all one, but Congress did not see fit to keep the harbor open and shipping went to Oswego.  Selkirk would have been a better port. 

“The lighthouse was the second oldest on Lake Ontario, as I understood.  It should have stood there as a monument to the sailors it guided.  It was built long before I remember.

“I was not more than 16 when I came to Pulaski.  I have lived in Pulaski since, but was away two years after the Civil War.  Mr. EATON served in the Civil War with the 147th Infantry.”

- - - - - - -


Aug 1935
Highly Respected and Beloved Woman Passes
Mrs. Sarah Eaton, 91, Mourned by Many

With the death of MRS SARAH BOHANNON EATON, 91, at her home on Bridge St last Wednesday night, one of Pulaski’s most highly respected and best beloved citizens passes.  For some three weeks, Mrs. Eaton had been in failing health, but able to be about her home and receive her neighbors and friends who called.  She fell Sunday, August 4, suffering a dislocated shoulder and a fractured elbow and suffered greatly from shock.  This hastened her death.  Two years ago, she fell at her home sustaining a badly sprained wrist, but she recovered remarkably from this and was soon able to write and take care of her usual home duties.

MRS. EATON was born19 Jun 1844 at Port Ontario, a daughter of ALPHEOUS and MARY ANN CORBIN BOHANNON, pioneer residents of this section.  Many of Mrs. Eaton’s very early recollections were associated with activities in those far off days when she was a young girl, living at the Port and Selkirk. She recalled many of the stirring events in our early history.  She came to Pulaski when a girl of 18, and early became a member of the Baptist Church of this village.  Most of her life was active in home duties and church work wherein her nature and attitude toward life fitted so admirably.

MRS. EATON was a woman of splendid Christian character, with a quiet, serene nature, always thinking of and doing the things, which made life pleasanter for others.  For many, many years this community has been blessed by her presence in it and there are many who mourn her passing.  She was one of those saintly souls whose womanly grace and virtues were as natural to her as breathing.  Her home was a place where friends were always made welcome and greeted with a kindly, gracious courtesy that inspired their admiration and love.

She was united in marriage to the late JAMES EATON, a veteran of the Civil War who died in 1918. To this union were born four children: Cora (Mrs. W. C. Miller of Baltimore, Maryland), Carrie (for many years a teacher, who died in1925), Madge, who died in 1892, and H. AVERY EATON, now of Worchester, Massachusetts.

Surviving besides her daughter, Mrs. MILLER, and her son, H. AVERY EATON and two grandsons, KARL and JAMES MILLER, are several nephews and nieces:  Captain A.D. NELSON, CHARLES N. NELSON, MILO JONES of this village; BENJAMIN BOHANON of Orwell, FRANK BOHANON of East Syracuse, GEORGE BOHANON of Parish, FRANK JONES of Camden, Rev. E. A. ANSON of the Virgin Islands, Mrs. J. E. CHAWGO, Mrs. A. M. JONES of Pulaski; Mrs. EDWARD E. BARNARD of Theresa, New York, Mrs. MARION TURNBULL of Mapleview, Mrs. MATTIE SALISBURY of Camden; and Mrs. KIMBALL BOBBITT and Mrs. FLORIDA HARDING of Florida.

A simple funeral service was held at the home at ten o’clock last Saturday morning, with the Rev. Lee A. Howes, Pastor of the Baptist Church, officiating.  Burial was made in the family plot at the local cemetery.  The bearers were her two grandsons, KARL and JAMES MILLER, ELMER W. BABCOCK, HOWARD CARPENTER, FRED L. MCCHESNEY, and F. E. MCCHESNEY.  The profusion of beautiful floral tributes spoke of the love and esteem in which she was held by her many friends.

(Letter from Mrs. Sylvia Kinney of Pulaski to Shirley Schiess dated  13 Oct 1986 in which she writes:  
”I have talked with Mrs. J. E. CHAWGO, mentioned in the obituary.  She is a granddaughter of ALPHEUS BOHANNON.  She states that EDMUND BOHANNON was drowned while getting in nets for white fish.  EDMUND BOHANON left 3 children and one born after his death.  Their names were Sadie, May and Ben. Mrs. CHAWGO does not remember other names.  Sadie married EDWARD BARNARD.  Their daughter’s names were Mildred and Mabel.  One of them married a DR. BURGESS {dentist} from Mexico, New York.  As far as Mrs. Chawgo knows, all of the nieces and nephews mentioned in the obituary have passed away.  Mrs. EATON also had a daughter, Madge, who passed away before Mrs. Eaton died.  

“Pamelia BOHANNON (called Aunt Millie) by Mrs. CHAWGO married a man by the name of MOSHER. She had two sons by him, one ADELBERT MOSHER, a Presbyterian minister of Syracuse, New York, AND GEORGE MOSHER, head of the Hunter Arms Co. of Syracuse.  Her husband died and her second husband’s name was JOHN BETTINGER. He ran a hotel in East Syracuse, New York.  They had two children, WILLIAM BETTINGER and Grace.  She thinks GEORGE HENRY BOHANNON’S  wife’s name was Clara.  There was a son, George Jr., deceased.  Mrs. CHAWGO is Josephine BOHANNON’S daughter. 

- - - - - -

Newspaper unknown  Orwell
June, 1956
Miss JUDY DRAKE was guest of honor at a variety shower last Thursday evening given by Mrs. GRACE COMINS and Mrs. MINNIE PRATT at the home of Mrs. COMINS.  Games were enjoyed and ice cream and cake were served.  Miss DRAKE’S marriage to DAVID PORTER of Watertown will take place Sunday at 2.p.m. in the Orwell Union Church.

Miss Drake was also guest at a variety shower Saturday evening given by  Miss MARTHA POTTER and Miss LUCERNE STRAIGHT at Sandy Creek.  

Miss CAROL ARMSTRONG of Altmar is spending her Easter vacation with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. ROBERT ARMSTRONG.

THOMAS MCKENNA has been appointed our new postmaster.  HERBERT JEANES, who has been postmaster for the past 38 years, has retired.

Mr. And Mrs. DONALD MCCHESNEY and son, Joe, spent several days last week on a trip to Washington, D.C.

The Circle of Gleaners will meet Friday at the home of Mrs. EMMA GRAHAM.  Dinner will be served.

Mr. and Mrs. THOMAS L. SOULE and daughter, Karen, spent the weekend in Gloversville with their son, Mr. and Mrs. THOMAS SOULE, JR. and family.

Mr. and Mrs. E. G. HALLEY of Watertown were Sunday guests of Mrs. ALBERT BARKER.

DEBBIE BARKER of Altmar is spending the Easter vacation with her grandmother, Mrs. ALBERT BAKER and uncle, Carl.

Miss JUDY SANDERSON was guest of honor on her 11th birthday with a party at her home Saturday afternoon.  Easter decorations were used and ice cream and cake served. Guests were her schoolmates.

Mr. and Mrs. WHITING HILTON returned home Friday after spending the winter months in Lakeland, Florida, where they have built a new home.

Mrs. ALBERTHA GRVIN and three children have returned to their home here after spending the past two months in Lakeland, Florida.

S.P.3 ROBERT PRATT of Ft. Belvoir, Va. Spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. HAROLD PRATT.

Mrs. BEULAH GREENFIELD left Saturday for Corning where she will visit her sister, Mrs. L. D. SPRAGUE and Mr. SPRAGUE.  Mrs. SPRAGUE had the misfortune to slip and fracture her hip while in New York City.  She was confined to a New York hospital for some time but has now returned to her home in Corning.  Mrs. SPRAGUE recently returned from a trip abroad.

Miss ETHEL SMITH and Miss ROSE MARIE FINSTER left Monday morning with the senior class of Sandy Creek Central School for a trip to New York City.  They will return home Thursday night.

Mr. And Mrs. KEITH BOHANAN and son, TOMMIE of Richmond, Va., Mr. and Mrs. ERNEST FOX and two children of Lockport, and Mr. and Mrs. EDMUND BOHANAN of  Syracuse spent the weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. E. BOHANAN.

The Junior Girls, S.S. Class met at the home of CAROLYN POTTER March 24 for their first meeting with 11 present.  Officers were elected and their teacher, Mrs. JACK HILTON is to act as president, with  LINDA LATIMER as treasurer and DONNA CLEMONS secretary.  Refreshments were served by JUDY SANDERSON and DONNA CLEMONS.

Mr. and Mrs. RALPH POLLOCK and family of Chambersburg, Pa. Spent the weekend with his brother, Mr. and Mrs. OZZIE POLLOCK and family.

Mr. and Mrs. PUAL MILES, Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAM CLARK and Mr. and Mrs. HAROLD FRANKLIN left Lakeland, Florida, for their home in Pulaski.  We hear they arrived in a snowstorm.  Too bad, they have our sympathy.

Mr. and Mrs. HENRY BARNES and CHESTER DUNBAR were in St. Petersburg, Florida, last week.  While there they attended the Corning, NY picnic and were overnight guests of Mrs. FLOYD BROWN.  Mrs. BROWN has a summer home in Hannibal, NY and is a frequent visitor to the BARNES home in Richland.

Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE BARTLETT will Lakeland, Florida, for their home in Fulton on April 8.  Mrs. DEY FINSTER will accompany them on her way to visit her daughter and family in Pulaski for a few weeks.

From Lakeland, Florida:  our community was saddened Monday in the death of Mrs. ALBERT LAGAR, formerly of Angola, NY.  Mrs. LAGAR has been in poor health for the past four years.  She will be greatly missed by here many friends.

Mr. and Mrs. ARNOLD ARCHIBEE and children, who spent the winter in Lakeland, Florida, have returned to their home in Orwell.

From Lakeland, Florida: Mrs. W. H. LANE and daughter, Mrs. DOROTHY FLAWN of St. Petersburg, Florida, were calling in the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. EASON and Miss HARRIET LANE recently.

Mr. and Mrs. B. E. BOHANAN spent the weekend with their son-in-law and daughter in Lockport.  Miss KAREN FOX, who has spent the last three weeks with her grandparents, returned home.
June 1956, Pulaski news
Service has been the theme of the Pulaski Service Club the past year, as the report of the treasurer, RICHARD DARROHN, given at last Thursday’s meeting, indicated.  It revealed that a total of $1,179.75 had been spent on such projects.

Election of officers was also held at the meeting, which was presided over by retiring president, DR. R. L. FORTUNE.  JAMES L. WALKER was named the new president.

Other officers named were ANSEL BONNER, first vice president, JOHN MARTIN, second vice president; HARRY BUTLER, third vice president; WILLIAM S. BROWN, secretary; RICHARD DARROHN, treasurer.

Other news from the same source as above:
Mrs. ALBERT CLIFFORD of Mattydale spent last week with her mother, Mrs. JESSIE WAGGNONER.

Mr. and Mrs. ERNEST STEVENS of Watertown spent the weekend at their home here.

Mr. and Mrs. WHITING HILTON and some friends from Florida recently enjoyed a trip to Canada where they visited many historical places.

Mr. and Mrs. L. D. SPRAGUE of Corning recently spent the weekend with her sister, Mrs. ROBERT GREENFIELD.

Newspaper unknown  Sandy Creek
July 28, 1945
Announcement has been made of the marriage of Sgt. BENJAMIN KEITH BOHANNON, son of Mr. and Mrs. BENJAMIN BOHANNON of Orwell to Miss ANN CARROLL KENDLER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. LUTHER L. KENDLER of Richmond, Virginia, on July 28, 1946, at the Laurel Street Methodist Church in Richmond

Mrs. JAMES LIVINGSTON FORD of Philadelphia, Pa., was matron of honor and the bridesmaids were MILDRED BOHANNON, sister of the bridegroom, BETTY  SHELDON of Greensboro, North Carolina, Mrs. CARL R. EBERHARD and MARGARET E. HASKINS, both of Richmond.

Mr. FORD was best man. W. M. NEWTON, JR., JAMES R. MATHEWS, HENRY F.  BICKERSTAFF and THOMAS J. DOHERTY, all of Richmond, were ushers.

A large reception followed the ceremony at the home of Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE W. KENDLER, uncle and aunt of the bride.  Sgt. Bohanon recently returned to this country after spending 14 months overseas.

“Pulaski Democrat”  Orwell
5 Aug 1954
Mr. and Mrs. B. E. BOHANAN attended the reception which was held Saturday night at the home of Mr. And Mrs. MANFRED FOX for their son, Mr. and Mrs. DONALD FOX, newlyweds.

16 Feb 1956  Orwell
Mr. and Mrs. EDMUND BOHANON and grandson, DANNY LOHM of Syracuse, spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. E. BOHANON.  Sunday, B. E. BOHANON and his great-grandson, DANNY LOHM, celebrated their birthdays, which come on the same day.

6 Nov 1956 – Orwell
Mr. and Mrs. EDMUND BOHANAN of Syracuse spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. E. BOHANAN.

Unknown newspaper  Orwell
Jul 1959
Orwell:   Word was received here Tuesday morning, Jul 7, 1959, of the death in Peoples Hospital, Syracuse, of Mrs. SARAH BOHANNAN, wife of BENJAMIN BOHANNAN.  She is survived by her husband and one daughter, Mrs. ERNEST FOX of Lockport, two sons, EDMUND BOHANAN, JR. of Richmond, Virginia, (other son not named) and a sister, Mrs. AMY BARKER of  Parish, several grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Services were held in Orwell Union Church Thursday at 3 p.m.  The Rev. David Bundy, pastor of the church, officiated.  Interment was in Evergreen Cemetery.  

BENJAMIN BOHANON returned to the Veteran’s hospital in Syracuse on Saturday

Many members of the Orwell Rebekah Lodge attended a Memorial Service held at the Brown Funeral Home on Wednesday evening.

- - - - - - -

Unknown newspaper  Orwell

February 1, 1960

BENJAMIN E. BOHANAN, 77 a longtime resident of Orwell, died Monday night, February 1, 1960 in the Veterans Administration Hospital, Syracuse, after a long illness.

Mr. BOHANAN was a member of the Orwell Union Church and IOOF.  For a number of years he was the welfare officer for the Township of Orwell and self-employed in the painting and decorating business.

He is survived by two sons, EDMUND BOHANAN of Syracuse and KEITH BOHANAN of Richmond, Virginia, one daughter, Mrs. MILDRED FOX  of Lockport.
The funeral will be Thursday at 1 at the Orwell Union Church, preceded in prayer at the Brown Funeral home.  Rev. Robert Murphy, pastor, will officiate.  Burial will be in Evergreen Cemetery, Orwell.  Military Services will be conducted by the ROBERT EDWARDS Post 158 of Pulaski.  Contributions are requested be made to the Oswego County Health Association.

- - - - - 

Unknown newspaper   Orwell

1 Feb 1960

BENJAMIN E. BOHANAN, 76, of Orwell, died Monday at the Veterans Hospital in Syracuse where he had been a patient the past year.

Funeral services will be held Thursday at 2 p.m. at the Orwell Union Church, preceded by a prayer at the Brown Funeral Home in Altmar at 1:15 p.m.  The Rev. ROBERT MURPHY, pastor, will officiate.  Burial will be in Evergreen Cemetery, Orwell.  Military services will be conducted by ROBERT EDWARDS Post 358, of Pulaski.  

Surviving are two sons, Edmund of Syracuse and Keith BOHANAON of Richmond, Virginia, a daughter, Mrs. ERNEST (MILDRED) FOX of Lockport; six grandchildren and six great grandchildren.  

Mr. BOHANAN was born at Texas, N.Y. 13 February 1883 and was the son of EDMUND and MARY MIDDLETON BOHANAN.  He was a Spanish American War veteran and a member of Welcome Lodge, IOOF of Orwell, and of the Orwell Union Church.  For a number of years he was welfare officer for the Town of Orwell, and was self-employed in the painting and paper hanging business. He lived in Orwell most of his life.

He was married to Miss SARAH HILTON of Orwell on Oct 14 1908, whose death occurred  July 7, 1956.

- - - - - - -

Unknown newspaper  Orwell
7 May 1956
Mr. and Mrs. JAY STOWELL of St. Petersburg, Florida, has been visiting friends here.

Mr. and Mrs. HAROLD CARPENTER and son, Harold, of Lakeland, Florida, arrived at their home here last Tuesday.

LESLIE EDICK, of Utica, and DAVID PICKETT of Ellisburg, spent last week with their aunt, Mrs. FRED WEBB and Mr. WEBB.

CHARLES DOANE, who has been very sick, is now feeling much better and is staying at the home of Mr. and Mrs. FRED WEBB.  Mr. DOANE was at a nursing home in Pulaski. 

Mrs. HATTIE GOODRICH, who has been staying with friends in Watertown since last August, fell last week and broke her hip.  She is a patient at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Watertown.  

JIMMY STINSON of Liverpool is spending a week with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. HENRY CARR.

Mr. and Mrs. LYDON MCCARTHY and daughter, Carol, of Newark, N. J., spent last week with Mrs. Mc McCarthy’s sister, Mrs. CHARLES SMITH and Mr. SMITH.  They also visited other relatives here.

Mrs. ETHEL DUNHAM is visiting her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. EDMUND BOHANAN, in Syracuse.  

Miss CAROLYN POTTER spent several days in Parish last week with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. LEO DUNHAM and family.


The Orwell W.C.T.U met at the home of Mrs. SADIE BOHANAN in Orwell with a good attendance.  We were glad to have Mrs. BLANCHE BARNES back with us.  Mrs. BARNES spent the winter months in Florida.  

Mr. and Mrs. CHARLES KENT, FLOYD KENT and Miss MARIE KENT called on Mr. and Mrs. HERBERT CARPENTER of Gouveneur Friday and also visited Mr. and Mrs. DEVOLSON GILLET of Spragueville and ARTHUR HARRINGTON of Edwards.

Mr. and Mrs. RALPH WESTON will be in Picton, Ontario, over the weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE CORSE called Friday evening on Mrs. FLOYD STEVENS of Bremerton, Washington, who has been visiting her sister, Miss MAME WARNER of Pulaski.  She will also spend sometime with her brother, E.R. WARNER and Mrs. Warner and will visit her daughter, Mrs. CYRIL C. MOSS and family in Hinsdale, New Hampshire.  CHALRES MILES left Saturday for his home in Bremerton.

Unknown newspaper  Pulaski
May 20, 1960
Funeral services for GEORGE BOHANAN,  78, of Pulaski, who died May 20, 1960, at the Oswego County Infirmary at Mexico, were held Monday afternoon at the Foster Funeral Home in Pulaski. 

Mr. BOHANAN was a paperhanger and painter and, at one time, operated a boat delivery at Sandy Pond.  He had been a patient at the Infirmary for two months.

Rev. EDWARD VANDER HEY, pastor of the Baptist Church, officiated.  Mr. BOHANAN was born July 9, 1881, in the town of Richland, son of GEORGE and ESTELLE BOHANNAN.  His wife, the former MINNIE MOSHER, died in ¬¬1931, and his only survivors are nieces and nephews.   (cemetery and census records give parents as GEORGE BOHANAN and CLARA LOUISE MCCHESNEY KING).

Unknown newspaper  Orwell
Sept. 1, 1963

HILTON EDMUND BOHANAN, 48, of West Monroe, died Sunday morning Sept. 1, 1963, after a long illness in Veterans Hospital, Syracuse. H was a native of Orwell and lived in West Monroe 30 years.  He was a member of Orwell Methodist Church and ROBERT EDWARDS Post of Pulaski.

Surviving are his wife, Mrs. ELIZABETH DUNHAM BOHANAN, a daughter, Mrs. SARAH LOHM, seven grandchildren, all of West Monroe, a sister, Mrs. ERNEST FOX of Lockport, a brother, KEITH BOHANAN of Richmond, Virginia, and several nieces and nephews.  

Military services were conducted by ROBERT EDWARDS Post at 2 p.m. Wednesday at Watson Funeral Home, the Rev. ROBERT MURPHY of Orwell Methodist Church officiating.  Burial was in West Monroe cemetery.

Sep. 1965 Pulaski
Mr. and Mrs. KIETH BOHANNAN of Richmond, Virginia, and ELIZABETH BOHANAN of West Monroe were in town Monday calling on friends and relatives.

“Post Standard” of Syracuse
21 Aug 1971
Oswego:  Ira W. BOHANNAN, 80, of 170 W. Fifth St. died early Friday at the Oswego hospital.

He was born in Minetto and was a member of the First United Methodist Church.  He retired in1955 from Niagara Mohawk Power Corp., where he had been an operator29 years.   He was a member of the 25 Year Club.

He was a veteran of World War I and a member of Lake City Lodge, 127, F&AM since April 2 1913, Oswego Lodge Elks BPOE, Scottish rites of Syracuse and 32nd degree Mason.

He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Laura BOHANNAN (Laura Wendell or Wedness), Two Daughters, Mrs. RICHARD SCHNEIDER and Mrs. RALPH PARE, both of Oswego, and two grandchildren.  

Services will be at 10:30 a.m. Monday at Scoville Funeral Home.  Burial will be Hillside Cemetery, Scriba.

Friends may call 7 to 9 p.m. Saturday and 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Sunday at the funeral home.

Another obituary, unknown date or paper (probably same as above)

Died:  20 Aug 1971
IRA W. BOHANNAN:  Funeral service conducted by the Rev. Russell Brown, was held at 10:30 a.m. at the Scoville Funeral Home for IRA W. BOHANNAN, 179 W. Fifth St, whose death occurred Friday at Oswego hospital.

The following Past Masters of Lake City Lodge 127 F&AM were bearers: IVAN WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM TULLY, FLOYD WEST, HARRY SNIDER, WILLIAM ALLEN and EDMOND VINCENT.

Burial was at Hillside Cemetery, Scriba.

“The Palladium Times”  Oswego, New York
Sat, July  1966
GOLDEN WEDDING:  Mr. and Mrs. IRA BOHANNAN of 170 W. Fifth St. celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Wednesday.  They were married June 1, 1916, in the Congregational Church by the late Rev. William Kettle.  The couple has two daughters, Mrs. RALPH (Ruth) PARE and Mrs. RICHARD (Dorothy) SCHNEIDER.  Mr. BOHANNAN is a retired employee of the Niagara Mohawk Power Corp.

“Pulaski Democrat” Pulaski
EDWARD L. BOHANAN, 89, of 112 Dewey Ave. DeWitt, died Tuesday, Dec. 28 at Iroquois Nursing Home.

A native of Pulaski, Mr. BOHANAN lived in DeWitt many years.  He retired from the former Continental Can Co. and later was employed with OD Blanchard in Syracuse.  His first wife, Loretta, died in 1955, and his second wife, Mary, died in1988.

Surviving are a daughter, ALICE MAE DAVID of West Monroe, a brother FREDERICK of Florida, a granddaughter, two great grandchildren and several nieces and nephews.

Services were private.  Burial will be in White Chapel Memory Gardens, DeWitt.  Contributions may be made to DeWitt Fire Department.  Eaton-Tubbs-Schepp Funeral Home, Fayetteville, had charge of arrangements.

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