Oberlin College
Graduates and Non-Graduates
1833 - 1960

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1914 – 1917 NON-GRADUATE
LYBOLDT, MRS. LEIGH ROY (Ora Mae Lambert), 1914-1917.  Residence:  Rt. 6, Fulton, NY.

MATSON, SARA JANETTE, 1899-92, 1895-97. Residence: 251 W. 2nd St., Fulton, NY 


Class of 1938
Arts and Science
CREGO, MRS. ROBERT FREDERICK  (Ann Elizabeth West), A. B.; E. B., (Cincinnati)’39; A. M. (Syracuse) ’40. Homemaker, Residence: RD3, Oswego, NY. 

Class of 1914
Arts and Science
GLANN, MARY JANE, A. B. High School Teacher, Retired, Residence: 188 W. 2nd St., Oswego, NY.

HALLOCK, HOMAN FRITZ GREEN. Preparatory and The Academy. 1904 – 1906; B. M. E. (MICHIGAN)’10.  Chief Engineer, Retired:  Diamond Gardner Corp.; consulting engineer. Residence. 28 Montcalm St., Oswego, NY. 


WOOD, L. DORIS, 1912 – 1916 Residence: 1 Church St., Phoenix, NY.

Sandy Creek:

Class of 1941
Music School B
HASTINGS, MRS. ROBERT HAVEN (Helen Elizabeth Prescott), Homemaker, Residence:  East. lst St.,  Sandy Creek, NY.

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