Obituary of Charles F. Mulvihill

Civil War Veteran Who Is Well Known To Many Romans

Source:  Utica NY Saturday Globe, dated February 11, 1911

Charles F. Mulvihill
Charles F. Mulvihill

Charles F. Mulvihill Tombstone at Happy Valley Cemetery in Williamstown, NY
Charles F. Mulvihill Tombstone at Happy Valley Cemetery in Williamstown, NY
He is connected to my Tanner family.
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Rome, Feb. 10---Charles F. Mulvihill, of this city, one of the civil war veterans included in the series now appearing in the Globe, which has created a great deal of interest among the veterans of Rome and vicinity, was born in Albion, Oswego County, May 20, 1941.  He lived in that vicinity till he enlisted at Williamstown August 6, 1862.  At that time he was employed in a saw mill at Kasoag.  He served throughout the war and was discharged August 28, 1865. 

Mr. Mulvihill came to Rome 24 years ago and later lived in Syracuse and other places, returning to this city 15 years ago.  Here he has since lived residing at 301 Williams Street, and holding the position of custodian of the Jay street school.  Mr. Mulvihill was twice married, the first time in Albion in 1865, soon after returning from the army, and the second time at New York Mills to Mrs.Harriet A. Mullen.  Mr. Mulvihill has six children living, among them being Daniel Mulvihill, who was for several years the boys' secretary of Rome YMCA, and who now holds a similarposition in a YMCA in one of the suburbs of Boston.

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