Beebe Family Obituaries,
Cleveland, N.Y.

Henry J. Beebe--After an illness of three years, Henry J. Beebe, 65 yrs old, 
Cleveland Real Estate broker and former employee of the Globe Hotel, died at 
2:45 p.m., Thursday Oct 31, 1940 at his home in Lake Street.  Mr Beebe was born Sept 21,1875, in Montgomery County, the son of James H. and Cornelia 
Vantassel Beebe. He came to Cleveland at an early age and lived here all his 
life. Until 20 years ago, he owned the Globe hotel and has since been in the 
real estate business.
                He was a member of the St. James Episcopal Church and formerly associated with the Cleveland lodge of the Order of Maccabees.  Surviving are his ife, Mrs. Flora B Beebe of Cleveland and a nephew, James H. Beebe of Syracuse.  Funeral services will be conducted at the Lake Street home at 2 p.m. Saturday and at 2:30 p.m. in the St. James Episcopal Church. Rev. George MacNish, Rector, officiating. Burial will be in Cleveland.

Mrs. Christina Beebe-- Death has this week claimed another of our old 
residents, Mrs. Christina Beebe, who died Monday morning, December 11,1905, at the home of her son, James Beebe, at the Globe Hotel, at the advanced age of 91 years. Mrs. Beebe was born in the town of Lee, Oneida County, and came to this town when a young girl. About 70 years ago she was married to Galusha Beebe, who has been dead 22 years. Mrs. Beebe and her husband
were among the early settlers of this vicinity and helped clear up what is now known as Beebe-Town.  Besides her son, James, she leaves to mourn her loss, Alfred Beebe and Mrs. Eliza Tripp of Bernhards Bay, Richard Beebe of Covington, PA., and Mrs. Sarah Cramer of Malius. Funeral services were held
Tuesday afternoon at the home and conducted by friend Samuel Dickinson.
Interment in the village cemetery.

Alfred Beebe --The funeral of Alfred Beebe of Bernhards Bay was held at that place today, May 26, 1906, at 1 o'clock. Mr. Beebe was born at what is called Beebe-Town, just north of Bernhard's Bay about 55 years ago and spent his entire life in this vicinity. He leaves two brothers, James of this place and 
Albert of Wellsboro, PA., and two sisters, Mrs. Sarah Cramer of Minoa, and Mrs. Tripp of Bernhards Bay, 5 daughters, Mrs. Wm Coady of Bernhard's Bay, Mrs. Chas. Deverearaux of Elpis, Mrs. Martin Treen of Elpis, Mrs. Geo. Philo of Bernhard's Bay and one daughter unmarried.

James H. Beebe-- The popular and genial proprietor of the Globe Hotel of Cleveland, was born in Constantia, December 21, 1842, son of Glutia Beebe, also a native of Constantia, born in 1816, one of the fourteen children of Nathan Beebe, a native of Vermont, who was a lumberman and miller. He came to Constantia about 1795 and cleared a farm. During the early days of his residence here he had many thrilling adventures on the lake, and in the 
woods with wild animals. He was noted for his daring and bravery. 

      On one occassion, about 1806, while on his way from the mill one evening with his horses and homemade jumper sleigh, he was attacked by a small band of wolves. With his axe, he beat them off, but they would then get 
in front of his horse and stop it. This battle was renewed five times with the 
same results, until the wolves finally retreated with howls to gather 
reinforcements. Mr. Beebe knowing their nature made all possible haste towards home, and scarcely reached his destination when the wolves appeared in large numbers, but he was safe in his cabin home.

      On the evening of May 10, 1827, he with six other men started to paddle a flat boat loaded with lumber across Oneida Lake from Cleveland to South Bay, at midnight, when about half way across, a storm arose and the waves washed the lumber into the lake. He and a man by the name of Cummings were washed off on seven planks. It was a cold night and six inches of snow fell; their sufferings were intense. After struggling about hopelessly with the waves, Mr. Cummings became chilled and weak and Mr. Beebe, being a very large and powerful man of wonderful endurance and endowed by nature with great will power, succeeded in getting his comrade under one arm, while with the other he held the planks together. In this way he battled with the waves for their lives. At about  four o'clock in the morning, they drifted ashore, poor Cummings still grasped in the strong arm of Mr. Beebe, but not being able to withstand the extreme exposure had expired him an hour before.  Mr. Beebe died in 1834.  

      Glutia, the father of our subject, was a lumberman, boatman,and farmer. He died in 1844. His wife was Christina Phillips, and their children are: Mrs. Eliza Wiggins of Bernhard's Bay, James, Mrs. Susan Foster ( deceased), Mrs. Sarah Kramer of Manlius, Mrs. Rachel Greeley; Alfred, Nathan (deceased); and Richard. The mother now resides at Bernhard's Bay with her daughter.

     Our subject began life as a boatman at sixteen, and in 1866 he purchased a boat which he ran twelve years. In 1878, he purchased the Globe Hotel property, which he has since conducted. In connection with his hotel, he conducts a livery stable and keeps boats for his summer guests. In June 
1865, he married Cornelia, daughter of Henry Van Tassel of Redwood, formerly 
of Jefferson County, and they have three sons: Henry, William, and Archie.  
Mr. Beebe is a member of the Masonic order.

    ( The above taken from the book, "Landmarks of Oswego County" )
                ( Edited July 1, 1895 )

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