Oswego County NY Farm Directory 1917-1918

Source:  American Agriculturist Farm Directory and Reference Book of Oswego County NY, 1917-1918.  A Rural Directory and Reference Book including a Road Map of Oswego County.  Published by Orange Judd Company, Copyright 1917.  This is partial directory-more Soon.

These are ALL image files and as such they are not searchable for individual names.  You must check these pages for any surname you are looking for.  Due to time restraints, this is the best way for me to get this information online to researchers. Please allow time for images to load.

Oswego County NY Court House

  The information in this Directory is arranged as follows: 


1st,Last name of individual followed by first name and second name initial (if there is a second initial). 
2d, Wife's name (if married) in parentheses. 
3d, The number of children living at home. 
4th, Name of individual's farm, if it has a name. 
5th, The individual's business or occupation. 
6th, The chief crop or specialty.  (Example, grain, poultry, apples or potatoes, means that these are the specialties of the individuals to whom they refer.) 
7th, Crop or specialty which the individual has for sale. (Example, s fruit means has fruit to sell.) 8th, Refers to the property upon which individual has residence, 0 (figure a) designates number of acres in a farm owned. 0 H&L means owns house and lot. R (figure a) designates number of acres in farm for which money rent is paid. R H&L means rents house and lot. WOS (figure a) designates number of acres worked on shares. 
9th,Is the number of the rural delivery route or street address and postoffice from which mail is received 
10th, Is the name of the township in which individual lives. 
11th, Is telephone indicated by the letter T. 
12th, H (figures) designates the highway on which individual has residence (see map). Explanation: After the name Ackley, Wm. I. (Nell), 3ch, "Wm. Ackley Farm," farmer (milk and general), s milk O 400a, rd3, Camden P.O. Amboy tn, appears 10. Now refer to map and you will find that the road numbered 10 in Amboy township is the road upon which Mr. Ackley has his residence.  By this plan you can locate any farm included in this book. (Note:  Map is missing).


Acres A
Children ch
General Delivery Gen Del
Has to Sell s
Highway  H
House & Lot  H&L
Owns 0
Rents T or R
Rural Delivery rd
Telephone T
Township tn
Vegetables  Veg
Widow  Wid
Works on Shares  WOS


Abbey - Baldwin Baldwin - Black Blake - Buck Buckbee - Chamberlain Chamberlain - Coon Coon - Dayger
Dealing - Edgarton Edick - Frawley Frazier - Grennell Grey - Haven Gaven - House House - Jackson 
Jackson - Kirkland Kisselstein - Lombard Lonergan - Martinet Mason - Myres Naragon - Peas Peas - Priest
Prior - Rose Rose - Shattel Shattuck- Spafford Spafford - Tallman


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