Bibliography of Oswego County, New York

   This bibliography has been constructed item by item by the users of this site. Part of every
genealogical solution is knowing where to look. Please send in your annotated contributions in correct bibliographical form (follow the examples already on the site) to Laura Perkins. All titles added should contain the name of at least one Oswego County family and their location.

   Try your local library to obtain copies of these titles, if not available, ask about the Interlibrary loan service. If near an LDS Family History Center, use their services. The New England Historical and Genealogical Society in Boston, MA and The National Genealogical Society in Arlington, VA loan books to members. Each group has a site on the internet with information about borrowing their books.  Esther Rancier.


Brace, John Sherman. Brace Lineage. Id, Bloomsburg, Pa. ElweIl, 1927.
Brace families of Oswego & Richland

Greene, Frank L. Descendants of Joseph Greene of Westerly, RI Albany, Munsell, 1894.
Henry Knowles Greene family ofNew Haven & Jeffrey Greene of MIexico

"Grips" Historical Souevenir of Mexico, N. Y. 1903.
Compilation of Mexico local history with some family histories

Hungerford, Richard W., Jr. Deaths in the New York Reformer, 1850-1861. 1996.
Compilation of deaths which include Oswego County

Hungerford, Richard w., Jr. Marriages in the New York Reformer, 1850-1861. 1996.
Compilation of marriages which include Oswego County

Kellogg, Minnie L. Deaths & Marriages 1850-1860 from the Files of the Syracuse Chronicle, The Daily Standard & The Madison Observer. Mt. Airy, Md., Pipe Creek Pub., 1995.
Marriage & death compilation which includes Oswego County

Leavenworth, Elias Warner. A Genealogy of the Leavenworth Family in the United States. Syracuse, Hitchcock, 1873.
Brace family of Oswego

Oswego: a City for a Century 1848-1948. Oswego, Oswego Centennial Committee, 1948.
Local history and names of ministers

Peck, John and John Lawton. An Historical Sketch of the Baptist Missionary Convention of the State of NewYork. 1837. op.
Memoir of Rev. Enoch Ferris' career included

Rancier, Esther, "Beldings of Westbrook, CT and Canaan, NY." The Connecticut Nutmegger. 34 (2001): 2-9.
Early generations for some Nortons of Albion and all Beldings of Richland and Mexico

Rancier, Esther. "Bible Record of Lewis Sampson and Polly Mary Weston of Mexico N. Y." The Colonial Genealogist. X (1980): 76-84.
Sampson family of Mexico

Rancier, Esther. "More Notes on Descendants of John Ferris and His Wife, Hannah Mead, Pioneer Family of Connecticut and New York." The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. 110(1979): 207-210.
Rev. Enoch Ferris & Job Kelsey Belding families of Richland

 Ruddock, William T. "The Ancestry of Jonathan Case of Hoosick, New York
Who Died Before 5 March 1810," New York Genealogical & Biographical
Record 13 (2000): 193-209. 
Case families of Williamstown, Richland & Fulton, NY. 

Rancier, Esther. "Thomas Herring, Danish Pioneer of Dedharn, MA." 
The Colonial Genealogist. IX (1979):190-194.
Asa Davis family of Mexico included

Scofield, Harriet. "The Six Ferris Brothers and Their Families." The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. 98 (1967):65-76.
Rev. Enoch Ferris of Richland and other venues background

Shumway, Bonnie and others. Mexico Mexico, Mexico Historical Society, 1996. 
Compilation of Mexico family and local history including 20th century

Shumway, Bonnie and others. Mexico Memories. Mexico, Mexico Historical Society, 1997. Compilation of Mexico family and local history including 20th century

Simpson, Elizabeth M. Mexico, Mother of Towns. Buffalo, Clement, 1949. 
Compilation of Mexico family and local history

Slosek, Anthony M. Oswego, New York and the War of 1812. Oswego, 
Heritage Foundation of Oswego, 1989
Local history and pensioners of 1883

Soule, John E. and Milton E. Terry. George Soule. (Mayflower Families through Five Generations, v.3) Plymouth, General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1980.
Soul/Soule families of Richland

Terry, Milton E. "The Richland NY) Soules." Soule Kindred Newsletter V. 15, no.3
(July 1981), 73-74.
Soul/Soule families of Richland

Vinton, John Adams. The Giles Memorial Boston, Dutton, 1864.
Ralph & Ellenezer Weeks Robinson of New Haven & Richland. 
Lewis Sampson of Mexico

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