City Hall, Oswego, N. Y.

City Hall, Oswego, N.Y.

Information was obtained from the “History of Oswego County”, N. Y., 1789-1877, published by Everett & Ferriss, 1878.

Part I

State officers from Oswego County are as follows:

Henry FITZHUGH, of Oswego city, was elected canal commissioner in November, 1851, for three years, and re-elected in 1854, serving until Dec. 31, 1857.

Andrew H. CALHOUN, of Oswego city, was appointed canal appraiser by the governor and senate, July 1, 1850, and served until April 5, 1855.

William F. ALLEN, then of New York, but previously and subsequently of Oswego, was elected State comptroller in Nov, 1867, and held office from Jan. 1, 1868, till Jun 1870, when he was elected judge of the court of appeals.

John COCHRANE, formerly a resident of Oswego, served as attorney-general in 1864 and 1865.

Court of Appeals and Supreme Court:

Previous to the constitution of 1847, there had been no Supreme Court or circuit judges from Oswego County.  Under that constitution Oswego County was united with Jefferson, Lewis, Herkimer, Oneida, and Onondaga, to form the fifth judicial district, and elected four justices of the supreme court, __one to be chosen every two years, and those first elected to draw for terms. 

In June, 1847, William F. ALLEN, of Oswego city, was elected, and drew an eight years’ term.  In 1855 he was re-elected, and served till Dec. 31, 1863.

Henry A. FOSTER, of Oneida county (ex-congressman and ex-United States senator), was elected in his place, and soon afterwards removed to Oswego, where he lived throughout his term of office, which expired Dec. 31, 1871, and where he still resides.

By the judiciary amendment to the constitution, adopted in 1869, a new court of appeals of seven members was provided for, the judges to hold fourteen years.

William F. ALLEN, of Oswego, was elected one of the first judges of the new court in May 1870, and still holds that office.

Members of Congress ----By an act of the legislature passed in April, 1822, Oswego County was made a part of the twentieth congressional district, which also embraced Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence counties, and elected two members of Congress.  Previous to this the sections east and west of the Oswego River had been joined in representation respectively with Oneida and Onondaga counties, and no member had been a resident of the present territory of Oswego County.  At the election in 1824, Egbert Ten Eyck, of Jefferson county, received one of the certificates, but on contest his seat was awarded, in Dec., 1825, to General Daniel HUGUNIN, OF Oswego, who held till March, 1827.  He was succeeded by Rudolph BUNNER, oF Oswego, in the Congress of 1827-29.

George FISHER, of Oswego, received a certificate for next term (1829-31), but his seat, on contest, was awarded in Dec., 1829, to Silas WRIGHT, Jr., of St. Lawrence, who, however, declined to accept it, and another St. Lawrence county man was elected the next spring.  There was no one from Oswego County in the Congress of 1831-33.

By law of June 29, 1832, Oneida and Oswego counties formed the seventeenth congressional district, with two members.  Those from Oswego County were as follows:

Joel TURRILL, of Oswego, 1833-35, re-elected for 1835-37
Abraham P. GRANT, of Oswego, 1837-39
David P. BREWSTER, of Oswego, 1839-41.  Re-elected for 1841-43

By a law passed in Sept. 1842, Madison and Oswego counties formed the twenty-third congressional district, with one member.  Those counties have composed one district ever since, but in 1851 its number was changed to the twenty-second, and in 1871 it was changed back to the twenty-third.

The representatives have been as follows:

Orville ROBINSON, of Mexico, 1843-45
William J. HOUGH, of Madison county, 1845-47
William DUER, of Oswego, 1847-49; re-elected for 1849-51
Leander BABCOCK, of Oswego, 1851-53
Gerrit SMITH, of Madison county, 1853-54; resigned Nov. 1854
Henry C. GOODWIN, of Oswego, elected in place of SMITH, 1854-55
Andrew Z. McCARTY, of Pulaski, 1855-57
Henry C. GOODWIN, of Oswego, 1857-59
M. Lindley LEE, of Fulton, 1859-61
William E. LANSING, of Madison county, 1861-63
DeWitt C. LITTLEJOHN, of Oswego, 1863-65
Sidney T. HOLMES, of Madison county, 1865-67
John C. CHURCHILL, of Oswego, 1867-69; re-elected for 1869-71
William E. LANSING, of Madison county, 1871-73; re-elected for 1873-75
William H. BAKER, of Constantia, 1875-77, re-elected for 1877-79

Presidential Electors from Oswego County, with date of elections:

Theophilus S. MORGAN, of Oswego 1832
Peter PRATT, of Mexico 1840
Henry POTTS, of Williamstown 1844
Delos DeWOLF, of Oswego 1852
Daniel H. MARSH, of Oswego 1856
Thomas KINGSFORD, of Oswego 1864
Delos DeWOLF, of Oswego (elector at large), 1868
John E. LYON, of Oswego 1872
Bartholomew LYNCH, of Oswego 1876

First Judges of the Courts of Common Pleas, with date of appointment:

Barnet MOONEY, of Granby Mar 21, 1816
John GRANT, Jr., of Oswego, Jun 1, 1820
Joel TURRILL, of Oswego, Apr 2, 1828
David P. BREWSTER, of Oswego Apr 15, 1833
Samuel B. LUDLOW, of  Oswego May 11, 1841

County Judges elected for four years, with time of entering on office:

Orla H. WHITNEY, Mexico Jun1847
Ransom H. TYLER, Fulton Jan 1, 1852
Sylvester C. HUNTINGTON, Pulaski Jan 1, 1856
John C. CHURCHILL, Oswego Jan 1, 1860
Ransom H. TYLER, Fulton Jan 1, 1864
Cyrus WHITNEY, Mexico, Jan 1, 1868; elected for six years
Cyrus WHITNEY, Oswego Jan 1872

Special County Judges, elected for three years with time of entering on office:

Benjamin F. RHODES, of Pulaski Jan 1, 1855
Dennis D. McCOON, of Schroeppel Jan 1, 1858
De Witt C. PECK, of Mexico Jan 1, 1861
James W. FENTON, of Pulaski Jan 1, 1864; re-elected 1867
Andrew Z. McCARTY, of Pulaski Jan 1, 1870
John PRESTON, of Pulaski Jan 1, 1873
Henry A. BRAINARD, of Schroeppel Jan 1, 1876

Associate Judges of the Common Pleas, with years of service:

Peter D. HUGUNIN, Oswego, 1816 – 1826, inclusive
Edmund HAWKS, Oswego town, 1816 – 1818
Daniel HAWKS, Jr., Hannibal, 1816 – 1817
Smith DUNLAP, Sandy Creek, 1816 – 1819
Henry WILLIAMS, Williamstown, 1816 – 1817, 1821 – 1822, and 1824 – 1826
David EASTON, New Haven, 1816 – 1817
Orris HART, New Haven, 1817 – 1820
William HALE, Richland, 1817 –1819
David S. BATES, Constantia, 1820 – 1821
James BILL, Oswego, 1820 – 1821
John SEEBER, Richland, 1820 – 1821
Samuel FARNHAM, Hannibal, 1820 – 1821
John S. DAVIS, Richland, 1821 – 1822
Oliver BURDICK, Volney, 1821 – 1822
Chester HAYDEN, Richland, 1822 – 1823
Joseph EASTON, Volney, 1822 – 1830, inclusive
Hastings CURTISS, Hastings, 1823 – 1825, 1828 – 1829
Simeon MEACHAM, Richland, 1828 – 1831
Avery SKINNER, Mexico, 1828 – 1831, 1835 – 1838
John REYNOLDS, Orwell, 1829 – 1834, inclusive
Lovewell JOHNSON, Palermo, 1832 – 1836
Samuel FREEMAN, Williamstown, 1832 – 1842, inclusive
Hiram HUBBELL, Pulaski, 1835 – 1839
Enoch HIBBARD, Volney, 1837 – 1846, inclusive
Elias BREWSTER, Mexico, 1839 – 1843
Samuel B. LUDLOW, Oswego, 1840 – 1845, inclusive
Thomas B. MEACHAM, Sandy Creek, 1841 – 1845, inclusive
Huntington FITCH, Hastings, 1843 – 1847
Julian CARTER, Constantia, 1844 – 1847
Orla H. WHITNEY, Mexico 1846 – 1847
John M. WATSON, Pulaski, 1846 – 1847

Justices of Sessions, with years of service of each justice:

John M. CASEY, Oswego, 1848
L. THAYER, Parish, 1848 – 1850, 1861 - 1863
Norman ROWE, New Haven, 1849, 1856
Robert SIMPSON, Scriba, 1850, 1863,
John WART, Boylston, 1851, 1852
John B. HIGGINS, Mexico, 1851
Mason SALISBURY, Sandy Creek, 1852, 1855
Edward S. REED, Albion, 1853
Samuel A. COMSTOCK, Albion, 1853
Ezra GREEN, Palermo, 1854, 1856
John VANDENBURGH, Constantia, 1854
Edson WILDER, Sandy Creek, 1855
Lewis F. DEVENDORF, Hastings, 1857
Marcus PATTERSON, West Monroe, 1857
Benjamin N. HINMAN, 1858, 1860 –1862
Nelson J. WILLIAMS, Boylston, 1858
Caleb L. CARR, Williamstown, 1859 – 1860
Hiram M. STEVENS, Sandy Creek, 1859
Alvin RICHARDSON, Mexico, 1864
Fowler H. BERRY, Amboy, 1864
Alvin OSBORN, Oswego, 1865
Mars NEARING, Hastings, 1865
Henry M. BARRETT, Hannibal, 1866
John SHEPARD, Albion, 1866
William CONGDON, Scriba, 1867, 1873
Marcus PATTERSON, West Monroe, 1867
Levi BRACKETT, Hannibal, 1868
Jesse W. CROSS, Orwell, 1868
R. George BASSETT, Volney, 1869 – 1870
Andrew S. COEY, Redfield, 1869 – 1870, 1875
James G. CALDWELL, West Monroe, 1871
Joseph W. PHILLIPS, West Monroe, 1871
Abraham DAVID, Parish, 1872
Edmund POTTER, Parish, 1872, 1874, 1877
Noel A. GARDNER, Amboy, 1873
William R. POUS, Williamstown, 1874
F. W. SQUIRES, North Volney, 1875
Henry L. COLE, Mexico, 1876
Cornelius EDICK, Parish, 1876
Isaac R. PARKHURST, Scriba, 1877

Surrogates appointed, with date of appointment:

Elias BREWSTER, of Mexico, Mar 21, 1816
Abraham P. VOSBURGH, of Fulton, February 17, 1817
Orris HART, of New Haven, Apr 8, 1819
Chester HAYDEN, of Oswego, 1820
James A. DAVIS, of Pulaski, Mar 28, 1823
Joseph HELME, of Pulaski, Mar 27, 1826
Orville ROBINSON, of Mexico, Mar 5, 1830
Joseph TORREY, of Mexico, Feb 9, 1834
Joel TURRILL, of Oswego, Feb 8, 1843
Orris HART, of Oswego, Nov 3, 1845
William P. CURTIS, of Fulton, Oct 1, 1846
*county judge performed duties of surrogate from 1847 to 1852. 

Surrogates, elected for four years, with date of entering on office:

James BROWN, of Oswego, Jan 1, 1852
Amos G. HULL, of Fulton, Jan 1, 1856, re-elected
Timothy W. SKINNER, of Mexico, Jan 1, 1864
Henry L. HOWE, of Sandy Creek, Jan 1, 1868
Timothy W. SKINNER, of Mexico, Jan 1, 1872, elected for six years

Special Surrogates, elected for three years, with date of entry on office:

William SANDERS, of Cleveland, Jan 1, 1855
Joshua B. RANDALL,  of Hastings, Jan 1, 1858, re-elected
William W. SCRIBNER, of Oswego, Jan 1, 1864
Francis DAVID, of Schroeppel, Jan 1, 1867, re-elected
William H. KENYON, of Schroeppel, Jan 1, 1873
W. B. SMITH, of Pulaski, Jan 1, 1876

Part II

District Attorneys appointed, with date of appointment:

James F. Wright, Oswego, April 17,1820; 
Samuel B. Beach, Oswego, February 19,1821; 
David P. Brewster, Oswego, 1829 ; 
Abraham P. Grant, Oswego, 1836; 
Orville Robinson, Mexico, 1841; 
Leander Babcock, Oswego, 1843;
William Duer, Oswego, 1845.

Elected for terms of three years, with date of entrance on office:
Ransom H. Tyler, Fulton, June, 1847;
John B. Higgins, Oswego, January 1, 1851; 
Archibald N. Luddington, Fulton, January 1, 1854; 
John C. Churchill, Oswego, January 1, 1857; 
George G. French, Mexico, January 1,1860; 
William H. Baker, Constantia, January 1, 1863; 
Sylvanus C. Huntington, Pulaski, January 1, 1866; 
William H. Baker, Constantia, appointed (in place of Huntington, resigned) in the spring of 1866, elected for full term in the fall of 1866; 
Newton W. Nutting, Oswego, January 1, 1870; 
John J. Lamoree, Oswego, January 1, 1873, relected.

Sheriffs appointed, with date of appointment:

John S.Davis, Pulaski, March 21, 1816 ; 
Peter Pratt, Mexico, February 4, 1820; 
Orris Hart, New Haven, February 13, 1821.

Elected by the people for three years, with date of entering on the office:
Orris Hart, Oswego, January 1, 1823 
Asa Dudley, Oswego town, January 1, 1826; 
Hastings Curtiss, Hastings, January 1, 1829 ; 
William Hale, Pulaski, January 1, 1832; 
Jonathan Case, Fulton, January 1,1835; 
Jabez H. Gilbert, Orwell, January 1,1838; 
Norman Rowe, New Haven, January 1, 1841; 
Marinus W. Matthews, Pulaski, January 1, 1844; 
Horatio J. Carey, Oswego (appointed in place of Matthews, deceased), December 5,1844; 
Alvin Lawrence, Mexico, January 1, 1846; 
Norman Rowe, New Haven, January 1,1849; 
George W. Stillwell, Orwell, January 1,1852; 
Rufus Hawkins, Oswego, January 1, 1855; 
Charles A. Perkins, Constantia, January 1,1858; 
Sidney M. Tucker, Pulaski, January 1,1861; 
Robert D. Gillespie, Richland, January 1,1864; 
Sidney M. Tucker, Oswego, January 1, 1867; 
James Doyle, Oswego, January 1, 1870; 
Henry H. Lyman, Pulaski, January 1, 1873; 
Frank S. Low, Pulaski, January 1, 1876.

County Clerks Appointed, with date of appointment:

James Adams, Oswego town, March 1, 1816; 
Joseph Davis, Oswego, March 19, 1818; 
Smith Dunlap, Sandy Creek, February 19, 1821.

Elected by the people for terms of three years, with date of entering on the office:
Hiram Hubbell, Pulaski, January 1, 1823;
T. S. Morgan, Oswego, January 1,1826; 
Thomas C. Baker, Pulaski, January 1,1829 ; 
Erie Poor, Oswego, January 1, 1852; 
Marinus W. Matthews, Pulaski, January 1, 1835; 
Daniel H. Marsh, Oswego, January 1, 1838; 
Andrew Z. McCarty, Pulaski, January 1,1841; 
John Carpenter, Oswego, January 1, 1844; 
Jabez H. Gilbert, Pulaski, January 1,1847; 
Philander Rathbun, Oswego, January 1,1850; 
Edwin M. Hill, Pulaski, January 1, 1853; 
Henry S. Conde, Hastings, January 1,1856; 
Samuel R. Taylor, Oswego, January 1,1859; 
Edward N. Rathbun, Oswego, January 1, 1862; 
Bernice L. Doane, Pulaski, January 1, 1865; 
Manister Worts, Oswego, January 1, 1868; 
John J. Stephens, Oswego town, January 1,1871; 
Brainard Nelson, Oswego, January 1, 1874; 
Daniel E. Taylor, Granby, January 1,1877.

County Treasurers, appointed by the Council of Appointment: 

Peter Pratt, of Mexico, 1816; 
Elias Brewster, of Mexico, 1820.

Appointed by the Board of Supervisors under the Constitution of 1821:

Avery Skinner, of Mexico, 1827; 
Robert A. Stitt, 1839; 
Starr Clark, 1840; 
Robert A. Stitt, 1841;
Hiram Walker, 1846.

By the constitution of 1846, county treasurers were to be elected by the people for terms of three years. Those of Oswego County, with the respective dates of their entering on the office, have been Samuel H. Stone, of Mexico, January 1, 1849, re-elected; Henry C. Peek, of Mexico, January 1, 1855 ; Luther H. Conklin, of Mexico, January 1, 1858, re-elected each succeeding term; is now serving his seventh term.

State Senators.  There were no senators from Oswego until after the constitution of 1821.  By that instrument the State was divided into eight senatorial districts.  The fifth district included Oswego, with which were joined Jefferson, Lewis, Oneida, and Madison, also Herkimer until 1836, when it was transferred to the fourth district, and Otsego annexed to the fifth.  Each district elected four senators for four years, one each year; but on the first election they necessarily drew for terms.

In 1822, Alvin Bronson, of Oswego, was elected, and drew a two-years' term, serving in 1823-24.  No senator from Oswego County thereafter until 1830.  Alvin Bronson, of Oswego, 1830-33. No senator thereafter till 1838. Avery Skinner, of Mexico, 1838-41. No senator till 1845. Enoch B. Talcott, of Oswego, 1845-47, when his term was cut short by the new constitution.

By the constitution of 1846 the State is divided into thirty-two districts, from each of which a senator is elected. Under its provisions Madison and Oswego counties formed the twentieth senatorial district, which was represented as follows: Thomas H. Bond, of Oswego city, 1848-49; Asahel Stone, of Madison county, 1850; resigned, and Moses P. Hatch, of Oswego city, elected in his place, serving in 1851; James Platt, of Oswego city, 1852-53 ; Simon C. Hitchcock, of Madison county, 1854-55 ; M. Lindley Lee, of Fulton, 1856-57.

By the apportionment act of 1857 Oswego County alone became the twentieth senatorial district.  The following were the senators therefrom: 

Cheney Ames, of Oswego 1858-59; 
Andrew S. Warner, of Pulaski, 1860-61 
Richard K. Sanford, of Fulton, 1862-63; 
Cheney Ames, of Oswego, 1864-65; 
John J. Wolcott, of Volney, 1866-67

By the act of 1866 Oswego and Madison counties were again united as the twenty-first senatorial district, and so remain. The following gentlemen have represented that district in the senate: 

Abner C. Mattoon, of Oswego. 1868-69; 
William H. Brand, of Madison county, 1870-71 
William Foster, of Constantia, 1872-73 ; 
Charles Kellogg of Madison county, 1874-75; 
Benjamin Doolittle, of Oswego, 1876-77.

Members of Assembly elected for one year, with years of service:

Barnet Mooney, of Granby (then Hannibal), 1810 (elected from Onondaga county), 1812,1814; 
Theophilus S. Morgan, of Oswego, 1820 (district of Oneida and Oswego); 
William Root (?), 1821 (district of Oneida and Oswego); 
Peter Pratt, of Mexico, 1822 (district of Oneida and Oswego); 
Theophilus S. Morgan, of Oswego, 1823 (Oswego county alone) ; 
Hastings Curtis, of Hastings, 1824; 
Chester Hayden, of Oswego, 1825 ; 
Henry Williams, of Williamstown, 1826; 
Orris Hart, of New Haven, 1827-28; 
George F. Falley, of Fulton, 1829; 
Hiram Hubbell, of Richland, 1830 ; 
Joel Turrill, of Oswego, 1831; 
Avery Skinner, of Mexico, 1832-33; 
Orville Robinson., of Mexico, 1834; 
Jesse Crowell, of Albion, 1835-36.

By act passed in 1836, Oswego County was allowed two members of assembly, both elected for whole county: 
Orville Robinson, of Mexico, and Caleb Carr, of Williamstown, represented the county in 1837 ; 
Arvin Rice, of Hannibal. and John M. Richardson, of Mexico, 1838 ; 
Samuel Hawley, of Oswego, and Edward B. Judson, of Constantia, 1839; 
William Duer, of Oswego, and Peter Devendorf, of Hastings, 1840-41; 
Peter Devendorf, of Hastings, and Robert C. Kenyon, of Fulton, 1842; 
William F. Allen. of Oswego, and Alban Strong, of Orwell, 1843-44; 
Thomas Skelton, of Hannibal, and L. Thayer, of Parish, 1845; 
Thomas Skelton, of Hannibal, and Reuben Drake, of Redfield, 1846; 
Orrin R. Earl, of Sandy Creek, and M. Lindley Lee, of Fulton, 1847.

    Henceforth the county was divided into two assembly districts.  The first comprised Granby, Hannibal, Oswego city and town, New Haven, Schroeppel, Scriba, and Volney. The second embraced Albion, Amboy, Boylston, Mexico, New Haven, Orwell; Palermo, Parish, Redfield, Richland, Sandy Creek, West Monroe, and Williamstown. 
The names of members will be given in the order of their districts: 
M. Lindley Lee, of Fulton, and Andrew Z. McCarty, of Pulaski, 1848; 
Henry Fitzhugh, of Oswego, and Edward W. Fox, of Richland, 1849; 
William Lewis, Jr., of Oswego, and Luke D. Smith, of Mexico, 1850;
Moses P Hatch, of Oswego (resigned, and Wm. P. Curtis took his place), and Benjamin F. Lewis, of Redfield, 1851; 
Edwin C. Hart, of Oswego, and James T. Gibson, of Albion, 1852; 
De Witt C.  Littlejohn, of Oswego, and Charles A. Perkins, of Constantia, 1853;
De Witt C. Littlejohn, of Oswego and Azariah Wart, of Boylston, 1854; 
DeWitt C. Littlejohn, of Oswego, and Jacob M. Selden, of Williamstown (contested by Andrew S. Warner, of Pulaski, to whom seat was awarded), 1855; 
Orville Robinson, of Oswego (chosen speaker on the forty-seventh ballot), and Andrew Warner, of Pulaski, 1856; 
De Witt C. Littlejohn, of  Oswego, and Leonard Ames, of Mexico, 1857.

By an act passed in 1857, Oswego County was allotted three members of assembly, and the supervisors apportioned the districts as follows: 
First, Oswego city and town, Hannibal and Scriba; second, Constantia, Granby, Hastings, Palermo, Schroeppel,. Volney, West Monroe; third, Albion, Amboy, Boylston, Mexico, New Haven, Orwell, Parish, Redfield, Richland, Sandy Creek. 

William Baldwin, of Oswego, John J. Woolcott, of Fulton, and Chauncey S. Sage, of Williarnstown, represented the three districts, respectively, in 1858.
DeWitt C Littlejohn, of Oswego (elected speaker), James J. Coit, of Hastings, and Beman Brockway, of Pulaski, 1859;
DeWitt C. Littlejohn, of Oswego (re-elected speaker) William H. Carter, of Hastings, and Robert S. Kelsey, of New Haven, 1860; 
De Witt C. Littlejohn, of Oswego (re elected speaker), Richard K. Sanford, of Fulton, and Mason Salisbury, of Sandy Creek, 1861; 
Elias Root, of Oswego, Willard Johnson, of Fulton, and Benjamin E. Bowen, of Mexico, 1862 ; 
Abner C. Mattoon, of Oswego, Hiram W. Loomis, of Palermo, and Harvey Palmer, of Parish, 1863 and 1864 ; 
Elias Root, of Oswego, Richard K. Sanford, of Fulton, and Avery W. Severance, of New Haven, 1865; 
DeWitt C. Littlejohn, of Oswego, William H. Rice, of Hastings, and John Parker, of Orwell, 1866; 
De Witt C. Littlejohn, of Oswego, William H. Rice, of Hastings, and Charles McKinney, of Redfield, 1867; 
John A. Place, of Oswego, James D. Lasher, of Fulton, and Alvin R. Richardson, of Mexico, 1868; 
Benjamin Doolittle, of Oswego, James D. Lasher, of Fulton, and Nathan B. Smith, of Pulaski, 1869 ; 
DeWitt C. Littlejohn. of Oswego, Abraham Howe, of Fulton, and John Parker, of Orwell, 1870 ; 
De Witt C. Littlejohn, of Oswego, Abraham Howe, of Fulton, and Chauncey S. Sage, of Williamstown, 1871; 
Daniel G. Fort, of Oswego, Thos. W Green of Coughdenoy, and Chauncey S. Sage, of Williamstown, 1872; 
Daniel G. Fort, of Oswego, Willard Johnson of Fulton, and Justin L. Bulkley, of Sandy Creek, 1873; 
George B. Sloan, of Oswego, Willard Johnson, of Fulton, and Justin L. Bulkley, of Sandy Creek, 1874;
Alanson S. Page, of Oswego, Willard Johnson, of Fulton, and Henry J. Daggett, of New Haven, 1875;
George B. Sloan, of Oswego, Thos. W. Green, of Hastings, and John Preston, of Pulaski, 1876 ; 
George B. Sloan, of Oswego (elected speaker), George M. Case, of Fulton, and De Witt C. Peck, of Mexico, 1877;

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