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Old Map of Amboy, NY
An Old Map of Town of Amboy
Contributed by Albert M. Lewis
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1860 Gazeteer
1867 New Topographical Atlas of Oswego Co. , Amboy NY
1867 New Topographical Atlas of Oswego Co., Carterville
List of Names for Town of Amboy on the 1867 Atlas Map
1895 Landmark's Book History of Amboy

List of Citizens  - Lots of early names, with personal statistics
Amboy Town Officers -  town officers, and business owners

Amboy Center Cemetery
Butler Cemetery
Cemetery at Five Corners

Biography of John Jamieson
Biography of Charles Leigh 
Biographical Sketch of Lawrence H. Lewis, Crawford County, Missouri & West Amboy, NY

Civil War Soldiers

1832 Amboy Anti-Mason Committee



TOWN Historian
  Lucille Dunn
  2167 Co. Rt. 23
  Williamstown, NY  13493
  (315) 964-2415

Information was obtained from the Historical & Statistical Gazetteer of New York State, R. P. Smith, Publisher, Syr., 1860, by J. H. French.

AMBOY---- was formed from Williamstown, March 25, 1830.  It lies upon the E. border of the co., S. of the center.  The surface is rolling and has a general southerly inclination.  Its highest point is about 450 feet above Lake Ontario.  It is drained principally by Fish Creek and other small tributaries of Oneida Lake.  In the S. and W. parts are numerous small lakes and ponds, the principal of which are Painter Lake, North and South Ponds.  The N. half of the town is in the region of the gray sandstone, and the S. half in that of the red or Medina sandstone.  The soil is principally a sandy or gravelly loam.  Amboy Center (p. v.) contains 13 houses;  West Amboy (p. v.) 20; and Carterville (p. v.) 12. 

Joseph PERKINS, from Conn., was the first settler, in 1805. 

Other early settlers were David SMITH, in 1815; Wm. and Isaac CLAXTON and John DROUGHT, in 1818; Sage PARK, in 1821

Fist inn was kept by Joseph PERKINS, in 1805

First sawmill was built by Joseph MURPHY, in1822

First gristmill by Sage PARK, in 1828

First school taught by Cynthia STODDARD, in the summer of 1823

There are 2 churches in town, M. E. and Baptist, both located at Amboy Center

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