Wells Family Cemetery, N. Church Road, Boylston

  This small family cemetery is located on the south side of N.Church Road in the northern part of
the Town of Boylston.  The cemetery is on private property and does not appear to be maintained . 
The current owner of the property is a descendant of this Wells family.  The tombstones were
copied by Kathleen L. Last & Viriginia Ackerman on October 3, 2002.

Many thanks and appreciation to Kathy Last and Virginia Ackerman for their dedication and hard work in transcribing these cemeteries as well as the beautiful photographs.

Wells Family Cemetery, Boylston, NY
Wells Family Cemetery, Boylston, NY
Contributed by Kathleen L. Last

Wells, Timothy died Feb. 9, 1853 age 32 yrs
Wells, Peter died July 18, 1854 age 66 yrs 11 mos (DAR plaque - no flag - Peter was in the War of 1812)
Wells, Eben March 7, 1810-April 28, 1883
Wells, Anna, wife of Eben Wells, died March 7, 1844 age 43 yrs
Wells, Speby, wife of Luke Wells, died July 9, 1845 age 24 yrs
Wells, Betsy, dau of Peter & Sally Wells, died Oct. 24, 1836 age 21 yrs
Wells, Lucy Ann, dau of Eben Wells, died Sep. 27, 1848 age 14 mos

both children on same stone, stone buried, parents names not visible:
  Wells, J. Gilson died Sept. 28, 1848 age 2 yrs 6 mos
  Wells, Phebe died Aug. 14, 1831 age 4 mos

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Copyright ©  Oct. 3, 2002 Kathleen L. Last and Virginia Ackerman 
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