By the Children of St. Paul's School
Oswego, NY

Holy Family Church Ball
March 28, 1934


The Master Edward Reilly
St. John Edward Callaghan
St. Peter Owen Vincent Finn
Judas Francis McLaughlin
St. James, the Greater James Donoghue
St. Bartholomew John Mahaney
St. Thomas Joseph Mattot
St. Andrew Howard Oskay
St. Matthew James Plunkitt
St. Simon Joseph Donovan
St. Thaddeus Francis Kraft
St. James, the Lesser Donald Keliher
St. Philip George Looney
Ezekiel, Priest of the Temple James Turner
Amilach, a Scribe Charles Callaghan
Caiaphas, High Priest Richard Mundy
Annas John Cullinan
Priests John Estridge, 
John Thomas, William Menter, George Rookey, John Burke, Frederick Garahan

Scribes Edward McAuliffe, John Collins, Edward McLaughlin, Raymond Sullivan,
John Finn, Robert Porter
Mary Magdalene Jean O'Brien
Philip Fleischman
Edward Kiley
George Bartholomew
St. John Mark Robert Collins
Mary Cleophas Mary Rose McNulty
Mother of Rebecca and Mariam Josephine Crisafulli
Mariam Winifred Farrell
Rebecca, Blind Girl Ruth O'Brien
Mary, of James Jane McCarthy
Salome Rita Sullivan
Angel of the Passion Mary Gadwood
Pontius Pilate James Gillen
Sergivus, the Major-Domo Francis Coughlin
Centurian Edward Fitzgerald
Soldiers William Cheney,
Robert Dofferty,
John Manfre,
Stephen Korojowo,
Michael Cerklivich
Servant Boy Richard Benz
Woman Barbara Gokey
Girl Mildred Smith
Romans Lawrence Donoghue,
Patricia Gallagher,
Mary Smith,
William Aiken,
Theresa Gallagher,
Dorothy Benzing,
Agnes Lockwood,
Joseph Alfred,
Frances Barry,
Mary Fitzgibbons
Claudia Procula Mary Louise Annals
Claudia, Daughter of Pontius Pilate and Claudia Geraldine Familo
Veronica Helen McGann
Blessed Virgin Rose Cavanaugh
Angel of the Resurrection Rita Murphy
Citizens Catherine Plunkett,
James Crisafulli,
William Schrader,
Robert Woods,
Catherine Donovan,
Mary Donovan,
Geraldine Landry,
William Fleischman,
John Daley,
Mary Fahey,
Edward Ford,
John Hill,
Arthur LaTulip,
Francis Heagerty,
Dorothy McGann,
Mary Donoghue,
William C. Aiken,
Kathryn Heagerty,
Catherine Menter,
Jane Ferris,
Pauline Rookey,
Ann Potter,
Veronica Cerklivich,
Marie Niles,
Ruth Borden,
John Landry
Cross Bearer Joseph Clancy
Leaders Kathryn Root,
James McGrath,
Nelson LaVere,
Katherine Delaney,
Thomas Elder,
Theresa Towille
Piano Mrs. Anna Middleton

Contributed by Martha Magill, Herkimer/Montgomery NYGenweb

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